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  • Talon News
    News company which covers political, national, and world news.
  • Greenwald, Glenn
    Blog by Glenn Greewald, a litigator in New York City specializing in First Amendment challenges, civil rights cases, and corporate and securities fraud matters.
  • Viking Pundit
    The justified anger of the only Conservative in Western Massachusetts.
  • Direland
    Political commentary from journalist Doug Ireland.
  • Tal G. in Jerusalem [pick] [read review]
    Daily dispatches from Israel.
  • Political Blog Directory
    Features a directory of political blogs covering all viewpoints.
  • Technorati: Election Watch 2004
    Monitoring politics in blogs for the 2004 election season.
  • Bloggermann
    Blog from journalist Keith Olbermann of MSNBC.
  • Seeing The Forest
    For the trees.
    Blog for people with a critically rational libertarian perspective.
  • kickAAS
    Campaign blog launched by the U.K.'s Guardian newspaper that wants to stop agricultural subsidies, thus helping the world's poorest world nations.
  • Electablog*
    Provides a daily slicing and dicing of the mad dash that is America's election cycle.
  • randomWalks
    Links and commentary on the world.
  • normblog
    International politics blog from Norman Geras.
  • RuminateThis
    News, views, activism, and a smattering of something else.
  • Watson, Tom
    Writing about life and politics.
  • Mystery Pollster
    A blog by Mark Blumenthal seeking to demystify the science and art of political polling.
    The sharp edge of the vital center.
  • Bull Moose
    Unofficial blog sponsored by the Democratic Leadership Council.
  • Best of the Web Today
    By James Taranto of OpinionJournal.

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