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  • D.L. Hughley Breaks the News (2)
    Find sites about CNN's news show D.L. Hugley Breaks the News. Show information, videos, and more.
  • D'Myna Leagues
    Features the adventures of Ebbet and his friends in the wacky world of D'Myna Leagues. Includes downloads, games, and more.
  • Da Ali G Show (7)
  • Da Vinci's Inquest
    Dramatic series set in Vancouver's marginal eastside, which follows the workings of a controversial Vancouver Coroner.
  • Dad's Army (2)
  • DAG (2)
  • Daily 10
    Official site of Daily 10, an entertainment news show on E! that recaps the top 10 stories of the day. Hosted by Debbie Matenopoulos, Catt Sadler, and Sal Masekela.
  • Daily Show With Jon Stewart, The (19)
    Read about The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, a talk show which satirizes news stories and interviews of celebrities and political figures. Sites feature crew info, videos, transcripts, and weblogs. Also read about Jon Stewart and correspondents of the show.
  • Daisy Does America (5)
  • Daisy of Love
    Official site of the TV show Daisy of Love, the reality dating series starring Daisy de la Hoya from Rock of Love.
  • Dallas (19)
    Find out about Dallas, one of the most popular American television soap operas on CBS network about the Ewings, a very wealthy oil family in Texas. Sites include episode guide, cast information, pictures, news, video clips, message forums, and reunion page.
  • Damages (7)
    Learn about the FX legal drama series Damages, starring Glenn Close. Sites include show summaries, episode guides, airdates, reviews, and discussion forums.
  • Damon Runyon Theatre
    Cast and crew information from the IMDb.
  • Dance War: Bruno vs. Carrie Ann (7)
  • Dancelife
    MTV reality TV show produced by Jennifer Lopez about six dancers trying to make it in Hollywood.
  • Dancing With the Stars@
    Learn about Dancing With the Stars, the reality show which pairs celebrities with professional ballroom dancers in live contests. Sites offer program overview, historical details, episode summaries, pictures, news, community reviews, and fan sites for the ABC reality show which now has similar shows in other countries across the world.
  • Danger Island
  • Danger Mouse (4)
    Enjoy the world of Danger Mouse, the animation super hero and secret agent created by Brian Cosgrove of Hall Productions. Sites offers background information, cast and crew credits, TV series, episode guide, and audio and video clips of the loose parody of British spy fiction like James Bond and Danger Man.
  • Daniel Hofverberg's Movies and Television Site
    About movies and TV in general, with episode guides, theme song lyrics, pictures, message boards, and more.
  • Danny Phantom (3)
  • Daria@
    Find sites about Daria, the animated television series aired on MTV. Sites provide bios, cast and crew, episode guide, and message board for the Beavis and Butt-head spin-off.
  • Dark Angel (13)
  • Dark Angel Fan Fiction Archive (DAFF)
  • Dark Blue
    Official site for Dark Blue on TNT, starring Dylan McDermott as the head of a covert team of police officers. Offers videos, photos, and message boards.
  • Dark Horizons
    News, previews, reviews of current movies, and more.
  • Dark Kingdom: The Dragon King (3)
    Find sites about Dark Kingdom: The Dragon King, also known as Ring of the Nibelungs. Find cast and credit information, photos, press releases, and more on the movie.
  • Dark Shadows@
  • Dark Skies (2)
  • Darkwing Duck (2)
  • Dastardly and Muttley in their Flying Machines (1)
  • Date With Design
    HGTV show where singles meet after the paint is dry and the wallpaper is hung.
  • Dateline NBC (1)
  • Dating Game, The
    Provides info on everything about the show.
  • Dating in the Dark
    Official site for Dating in the Dark on ABC. A reality dating show where three single men and three single women move into a house together, and get to know each other and form bonds in total darkness.
  • Dave Chalk's Computer Show
    Weekly TV and radio shows focus on new developments in computers and technology.
  • Davey and Goliath (3)
  • David, Larry@
  • Davies, Andrew@
  • Dawn Anna (3)
  • Dawson's Creek (25)
    Find out about Dawson's Creek, the American primetime television drama on The Warner Brothers network. Sites offer episode guides, cast listings, photos, video clips, music, spoilers, news, rumors, trivia, and transcripts.
  • Day Break (4)
    Find sites dedicated to the ABC action thriller Day Break, starring Taye Diggs, Adam Baldwin, Meta Golding, Moon Bloodgood, Ramon Rodriguez, and Victoria Pratt.
  • Day Britain Stopped, The
    Documentary-style drama, set in the future, that examines the fictional catastrophic events of December 19, 2003 that brought Britain to a standstill.
  • Day One
    Official site for Day One on NBC, a drama about the aftermath of a global event that devastates the world's infrastructures, and how a small band of survivors strives to rebuild society and unravel the mysteries of why the event took place. Site offers videos and photos.
  • Days of Our Lives (71)
  • De Laurentiis, Giada@
  • Dead Last (1)
  • Dead Like Me (9)
  • Dead Zone, The (5)
  • Deadliest Catch (4)
  • Deadwood (18)
    Find out about Deadwood, the western TV series set in the 1870s in Deadwood, Dakota Territory through sites featuring episode guides, video clips, photos, cast overview, reviews, and actor profiles from the television drama which charts the growth of Deadwood from a camp to a town.
  • Deal or No Deal (8)
    Find out about Deal or No Deal, the TV game show in which contestants must decide whether to accept cash deals or keep whatever dollar amount is in their chosen briefcase. Sites include video clips, photos, game information, contestant application form, and article about international versions of the game show.
  • Death in the Family, A
    Online companion to the Masterpiece Theatre production. Includes a teacher's guide, information about James Agee, character profiles, and an examination of the adaptation process.
  • Death of Tara, Fall of Willow
    Examines the Dead/Evil Lesbian Cliche.
  • Debbie Travis' Facelift
    Have a look at the episode guide, peruse the shopping pages, or "meet" the team.
  • Debbie Travis' Painted House
    Offers practical advice on interior design and painting techniques.
  • Decoding the Past: Doomsday 2012: The End of Days (2)
    Find sites dedicated to the History Channel's Decoding the Past edisode about the 2012 apocalypse, Doomsday 2012: The End of Days. Sites also include critical review.
  • Decorating Challenge
    Viewers can watch ordinary people become dynamic designers as they make over a room in each other's house.
  • Deen, Paula@
  • Deep End, The
    Official site for the ABC TV show The Deep End, starring Matt Long, Ben Lawson, Tina Majorino, Norbert Leo Butz, Leah Pipes, Billy Zane, Sherri Saum, and Clancy Brown as Hart Sterling.
  • Defenders, The
    Official site of CBS legal drama The Defenders. Jim Belushi and Jerry O'Connell star as charistmatic and unconventional Las Vegas defense attorneys looking out for the little guy.
  • Degrassi (4)
  • Deliver Me
    Official site of Deliver Me, Discovery Health's reality TV series about a trio of Los Angeles-based doctors juggling their busy OB/GYN practice and motherhood.
  • Dempsey and Makepeace (2)
  • Denise Richards: It's Complicated (4)
    Sites about the reality TV series Denise Richards: It's Complicated include episode recaps, message boards, reviews, photos, and show times.
  • Dennis Miller Live (4)
  • Dennis the Menace
    Dedicated to the 1950s sitcom.
  • Denver the Last Dinosaur (1)
  • Derren Brown: Mind Control
    Site from the BBC's Channel 4 about the U.K. show starring mentalist Derren Brown.
  • design inc.
    Show that takes viewers through the real elements of the interior design process from start to finish.
  • Design U
    Institute of higher learning for the design-challenged where important concepts of color, texture, scale, and style are taught.
  • Designers' Challenge
    Designers' Challenge follows one homeowner per episode through the decision-making process of selecting from among three designers' room renovation plans, created just for the homeowner.
  • Designing Women (6)
  • Desperate Housewives (38)
    Find out about Desperate Housewives, the Emmy and Golden Globe award-winning American television series on ABC starring Teri Hatcher, Marcia Cross, Felicity Huffman, and Eva Longoria as residents of Wisteria Lane seeking answers following the death of their neighbor, Mary Alice. Sites feature episode summaries, community reviews, cast and crew listings, trivia, spoilers, photo galleries, and videos.
  • Desperation (2)
  • Destination Mir (2)
  • Destination Truth
    Official site of Destination Truth, the Sci-Fi Channel series that follows international explorer Josh Gates as he travels the globe investigating stories of the unexplained and the supernatural.
  • Detective Conan@
  • Dexter (6)
    Check out the Showtime original crime series Dexter, starring Michael C. Hall as a Miami-Dade Police Department forensics expert by day, serial killer by night.
  • Dexter's Laboratory (4)
  • Dharma & Greg (6)
  • Di Gi Charat@
  • Diagnosis Murder (5)
  • Diary
    Official site from MTV.
  • Diceman, The
    Official site for Russell Harris, an Englishman who explores the world relying on the throw of a dice to make his traveling decisions.
  • Dick Van Dyke Show, The (12)
  • Diff'rent Strokes (9)
  • Digimon: Digital Monsters@
  • Dinner and a Movie
    Official site for the TBS series, Dinner and a Movie, which features a blockbuster movie paired with a menu themed to tie in with it.
  • Dinner for Five (3)
  • Dinner: Impossible
    Recipes from the chef host of Dinner: Impossible. Each week Robert Levine is thrown a new culinary challenge to solve before time runs out.,3151,FOOD_28496,00.html
  • Dinosaur Planet [pick] [read review]
    Discovery Channel recreates Earth at the height of dinosaur rule. Feaures include cretateous quiz, dinos in motion, dino gallery and database.
  • Dinotopia@
    Explore the sites for Dinotopia, the TV series based on a fictitious utopian place created by the author and illustrator James Gurney. Sites offer plot outline, character profiles, movie guide, and photos from the science fiction series.
  • Direct-TV
    Offers TV channels from several countries online, with a software download that allows users to record shows.
  • Dirt (4)
  • Dirty Jobs@
  • Dirty Pair Flash@
  • Dirty Sexy Money (8)
    Sites dedicated to ABC's comedy Dirty Sexy Money about a young, idealistic attorney working for a dysfunctional yet influential old money New York family.
  • Discover
    Discover South Australia with Peter Mitchell. Browse this week's stories and related stops.
  • Discovery Atlas
    Official site of the Discovery Channel series Discovery Atlas, which explores the geography and culture of a different country in each episode.
  • Discovery Channel
    Offers real life entertainment in shows such as American Chopper, Monster Garage, Unsolved History, and more.
  • Discovery Channel: Man vs. Wild
    Official site of the Discovery Channel television series Man vs Wild featuring English adventurer Bear Grylls dropped into inhospitable places, demonstrating survival techniques. Offers Episode guide, Videos and TV schedule.
  • Discovery Health
    Offers health news and in-depth features, show information, and health library.
  • Discovery Health: Organ Donation [pick] [read review]
    Raising awareness on the importance of organ donation, includes info on the TV show, how to become a donor, and more.
  • Dismissed
    Official site from MTV.
  • Disney Afternoon (4)
  • Disney Channel XD
    Stream full episodes of Disney Channel shows, exclusive interviews, music videos, and movie trailers and supplements.
  • Disney: Doug,bac...
  • Disney's TVplex
    Devoted to Disney Television series and special presentations.
  • DiSpirito, Rocco@
  • District, The (4)
  • Divine Wind Thief Jeanne@
  • Divorce Court
    Judge Mablean Ephriam, ESQ rules over the court.
  • DIY
    Learn how to "do it yourself" on the DIY Network, with shows covering auto repair, crafts, gardening, hobbies, home building, home improvement, living tips, and woodworking.
  • DNA 2@
  • Do Not Disturb (6)
    Find sites about FOX comedy series Do Not Disturb, and view photos, cast, episode recaps, and more. Directed by Jason Bateman and starring Jerry O'Connell.
  • Do Over (3)
  • Do You Speak American?
    Examines the state of American English, its rich regional variety, strong global impact, and cultural controversy.
  • Doc (3)
  • Doctor Who (69)
    Find out about Doctor Who, the popular British science fiction television program based on the adventures of a time traveler known as the Doctor who explores time and space with his companions, solving problems and righting wrongs. Sites feature actor profiles, episode guides, official pages, photos, reviews, and fan fiction.
  • Doctor Zhivago
    PBS companion to the 2003 adaptation of the Boris Pasternak novel, starring Keira Knightley, Hans Matheson, and Sam Neill.
  • Doctors, The
    Official site of the TV show The Doctors, the talk show in which four doctors discuss topics of medicine and health awareness in front of a live studio audience.
  • Dog Eat Dog (2)
  • Dog The Bounty Hunter (6)
    Learn about Dog the Bounty Hunter, a reality TV show chronicling the operations of the famous bounty hunter Duane "Dog" Chapman. Sites offer cast and characters, fan pages, photos, news, and episode summaries of the adventures which included captures such as that of the infamous Max Factor heir and convicted rapist, Andrew Luster.
  • Dog Whisperer (1)
  • Doggy Fizzle Televizzle
    Features The Doggfather aka Snoop Dogg performing dozens of characters, playing pranks, and acting in sketches. In da hizzle fo' shizzle.
  • Dogs With Jobs
    Episode guide and scrapbook for the TV series. Also features doggie job details, history of many breeds, canine quizzes, training tips, and more.
  • DogTV
    Magazine-style TV program offering education and information about dogs.
  • Dollhouse (8)
    Sites about the sci-fi series Dollhouse feature news, photos, cast bios, discussion boards, and spoilers.
  • Dominick Dunne's Power, Privilege, and Justice
    Court TV series in which Dominick Dunne chronicles notorious cases of high society.
  • Domo-Kun (3)
  • Donna Reed Show (4)
  • Doodlebops, The
    Includes music and video, games and activities, and information on the characters of this children's show.
  • Door To Door
    TNT movie starring William H. Macy as Bill Porter, a door to door salesman who was born with cerebral palsy.,5918,341694,00.html
  • Dora the Explorer (1)
  • Double Exposure
    Official site of Double Exposure, Bravo reality series about celebrity photographers Markus Klinko and Indrani and a behind the scenes look at high fashion photo shoots.
  • Double Or Nothing
    Reality show that follows one risk-taker who plans the gamble of a lifetime by selling everything he or she owns to make one epic bet on a roulette wheel's red or black.
  • Downer Channel, The (2)
  • Downfall
    Official preview site of ABC game show Downfall. Contestants must answer trivia questions and navigate adrenaline-pumping obstacles.
  • Dr Terrible's House of Horrible@
  • Dr. 90210
    Reality show that follows the lives of three cosmetic surgeons and meet the patients who rely on them.
  • Dr. Oz Show
    Official site of The Doctor Oz Show, with video and information on guests, topics, and health.
  • Dr. Phil (6)
    Learn about Dr. Phil, the American talk show hosted by Dr. Phil McGraw who offers life strategies from his experience as a clinical psychologist. Sites feature show details, episode guides, recaps, previews, clips, and spoofs of the self-help show tinged with humor and light-noted pranks.
  • Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman (4)
  • Dr. Steve-O
    Official site of Dr. Steve-O, the USA Network reality series that stars Steve-O of Jackass fame as he gives the life coach thing a try and tries to "de-wussify" nerdy, couch potato men.
  • Dr. Vegas (2)
  • Dracula: The Series (6)
  • Dragnet (5)
  • Dragon Ball Z@
    Read about Dragon Ball Z, the award-winning TV anime adaptation of the popular Japanese manga written by Akira Toriyama. Sites offer storyline, episode guides, pictures, downloads, reviews and analysis of key characters, fan art, animated GIFs, and original artwork from the sequel to the Dragon Ball anime series.
  • Dragons' Den (BBC) (9)
  • Drake & Josh (5)
  • Drawing Master, The
    Show following the final classes and first year of retirement of Paul Young, a teacher of drawing and perspective at the Ontario College of Art.
  • Drawn Together@
  • Dream Home (2)
  • Dream Team (1)
  • Drew Carey Show, The (9)
  • Drive (3)
  • Driven
    Official site for the show on VH1.
  • Driving Force
    Official site for the A&E series Driving Force, focusing on the John Force Racing drag racing team. Includes episode guide, videos, photo gallery, and profiles of the team members.
  • Droopy (2)
  • Drop Dead Diva
    Official site for Drop Dead Diva, Lifetime's comedic drama show centered around plus-size Jane Bingum coming to terms with a model wannabe inhabitating her body in the ultimate showdown between brains and beauty.
  • Drop The Beat
    Show about the challenges of producing a campus radio show and the tribulations of running a successful record label.
  • Drunken Master's Home Page
    Archive Jackie Chan fan page features lots of pics and interesting items including brief stories about Chan's fights with amateur challengers.
  • Duck Dodgers (2)
  • Duckman (1)
  • Dudley Do-Right
    Transcription of a complete epidosode with images.
  • Due South@
  • Duets
    Official site from MTV.
  • Dukes of Hazzard, The (27)
  • Dungeons & Dragons (2)
  • Dutch Oven & Camp Cooking
    Hosted by Cee Dubs. Features dutch oven and camp cooking.
  • Dynaman@
  • Dynasty (13)
    Find out about Dynasty, the American primetime television soap opera on ABC which revolved around the Carringtons, a wealthy oil family living in Denver, Colorado. Sites include episode guides, cast biographies, photo galleries, and tribute pages.
  • Dynomutt Dog Wonder and Blue Falcon (1)

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