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  • Prison Break (14)
    Learn about Prison Break, the TV program that follows the lives of prisoners as they escape from prison. Sites feature plot overview, episode guides and synopses, cast information, reviews, and fan forums for the Fox drama thriller starring Dominic Purcell, Wentworth Miller, and Sarah Wayne Callies.
  • Dexter (6)
    Check out the Showtime original crime series Dexter, starring Michael C. Hall as a Miami-Dade Police Department forensics expert by day, serial killer by night.
  • Sopranos, The (39)
    Explore The Sopranos, the HBO series about a New Jersey mob boss struggling to balance the emotional and psychological pressures of family life. Starring James Gandolfini, Edie Falco, Lorraine Bracco, and Michael Imperioli. Created by David Chase.
  • Bad Girls (4)
    Learn about Bad Girls, the British television drama series set in a fictional women's prison. Sites offer episode guide, profiles, fan fiction, songs featured, downloads, discussion forums, and photos from the ITV1 show with a mixture of serious and light storylines about prisoners.
  • Sleeper Cell (3)
    Explore Sleeper Cell, the Showtime drama about an undercover FBI agent who goes undercover to join a terrorist group. Sites include synopses, episode guides, cast credits, background info, and downloads for the TV miniseries nominated for Emmy.
  • Oz (11)
    Explore Oz, the television drama on HBO set in a prison called 'The Oswald state correctional facility' to emphasize the rehabilitation of prisoners. Sites offer episode guides, character profiles, season-by-season synopsis, discussion forum, and sounds from the show created by Tom Fontana.
  • Breaking Bad (4)
    Watch trailers and find episode guides, cast biographies, and photos for AMC Originals TV series Breaking Bad.
  • Las Vegas (11)
    Find sites for Las Vegas, the TV drama about a team of people working in a Las Vegas casino. Sites cast and character bios, episode summaries, spoilers, slang dictionary, reviews, pictures, and message boards for the NBC series which explores the security operations at a casino.
  • Hustle (10)
    Find sites dedicated to the TV series Hustle, with previews, video clips, and episode summaries for the BBC crime drama following a group of London-based con artists as they grift money from exceptionally greedy marks. Starring Adrian Lester, Robert Vaughn, and Jaime Murray.
  • Black Donnellys, The (7)
    Sites about The Black Donnellys, the NBC drama about four working-class Irish brothers drawn into New York's crime scene. Includes episode guides, cast profiles, and fan pages.
  • Leverage
    Leverage follows a team of thieves, hackers, and grifters who act as modern-day Robin Hoods, taking revenge against those who use power and wealth to victimize others. Starring Timothy Hutton.
  • Castle
    Official site of ABC's comedic drama Castle about a detective and the wise-cracking mystery writer who shadows her for inspiration. Starring Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic.
  • Kidnapped (3)
    Sites about NBC's crime drama Kidnapped, which tells the story of a teenage boy's abduction and his family's efforts to get him back. Starring Jeremy Sisto, Delroy Lindo, Timothy Hutton, and Dana Delaney.
  • Human Trafficking@
    Explore Human Trafficking, a Lifetime television drama about an agent going undercover to stop an organization from trafficking human beings. Sites offer cast and crew credits, story synopsis, photo gallery, message boards, critical reviews, and trailers from the miniseries starring Mira Sorvino and Robert Carlyle.
  • Thief (8)
    Andre Braugher, Will Yun Lee, and Linda Hamilton star in Thief the FX crime drama chronicling the days leading up to the robbery of a national institution and the lives of three men connected to the heist.
  • Heist (5)
    Dougray Scott, Seymour Cassel, and Marika Dominczyk star in Heist, the crime drama TV series about a group of career criminals who assemble to rob three Beverly Hills jewelry stores at the same time. Created by Doug Liman.
  • Blackpool (3)
    Find sites for Blackpool, the BBC television drama about a murder in a Blackpool arcade and its effects on the people in the arcade. Sites include cast and crew credits, episode summaries, background info, news, and photos from the musical crime drama which is telecast in other countries too.
  • 'Til Death Do Us Part
    Official site of the Court TV series 'Til Death Do Us Part, a round up of doomed marriages that end up in spousal murder. Narrated by John Waters who stars as "The Groom Reaper."
  • Everything Dexter
    Features information about the television crime series, Dexter.
  • The Chicago Code (3)

Drama TV Shows > Crime

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