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  • Star Wars Series@
    Learn all about the Star Wars saga from sites on all six episodes, as well as the actors and characters. Also includes sites about the toys, books, and other related series.
  • Lucasfilm Ltd.@
    Find out more about Lucasfilm Ltd., the American film production company founded by George Lucas through sites providing an overview of the Lucas companies and films, employment opportunities, and the info on the subsidiaries of the establishment.
  • Wikipedia: George Lucas
    Hyperlinked biography of George Lucas, the filmmaker whose credits include the Star Wars movies, American Grafitti, and the Indiana Jones films.
  • Lucasfilm: George Lucas
    Official company profile of George Lucas, chairman of Lucasfilm and the creator of the Star Wars saga.
  • Inside Skywalker Ranch
    My tour of the creative home of George Lucas and his staff.
  • God of Filmmaking: George Lucas
    Offers brief reviews of all his movies.
  • George Lucas vs. Steven Spielberg Grudge Match
    Battle of the supermoguls.
  • IMDb: George Lucas
    Filmography, photos, and lots of facts about George Lucas, the director of the Star Wars films.
  • Wookieepedia: George Lucas
    Biography of George Lucas, the filmmaker and producer whose credits THX-1138, American Graffiti, the Indiana Jones movies, and most famously, the Star Wars saga.
  • American Masters: George Lucas
    Biography of filmmaker George Lucas, as well as a filmography and links.
  • Filmbug: George Lucas
    Biography and images.
  • Letters to George Lucas
    Send filmmaker George Lucas a fan letter, or read messages that other fans have sent.
  • Who2 Profile: George Lucas
    About the movie producer and director known for such films as American Graffiti, Star Wars, and Raiders of the Lost Ark.
  • How George Lucas Looks at Life
    Covers Lucas and the Star Wars universe.
  • Skywalker Ranch - The George?Lucas?Fanlisting
    Online gathering place for fans of George Lucas, the creator of Star Wars.
  • AFI 2005 Lifetime Achievement Award: George Lucas
    Tribute to the pioneering producer and director.
  • FilmMakers Magazine: George Lucas
    Biography on the filmmaking legend.
  • Destination Hollywood: George Lucas
    Features quotes, video clips, trivia, photos, and more.
  • Wired News: Archive - George Lucas
    Archive of older articles surrounding George Lucas and his empire, from 1993-1997.
  • - George Lucas: Mapping the mythology
    Lucas explains how Star Wars originated from myth.

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Film Producers > George Lucas

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