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  • 100% Adult Sex Jokes Site
    Contains adult jokes that are funny, short, long, good, bad, sick, or nasty.
  • About Sex Humour Page
    Cartoons, Seinfeld sex dictionary, and more.
  • Adult Fun Site
    Includes free adult eCards, cartoons, funny pictures, Flash fun, sex jokes, anime, and more.
  • Adult Version of The Night Before Christmas
    X-rated version of the Christmas poem.
  • All Nude Teen Stick Figures
    All nude, all the time.
    Photographs, video clips, and news reports of sexual mishaps, and more.
  • Beastly Bonking: The Funny World of Animal Sex
    From A to Z of animals on the job.
  • brushpr0n
    A guide to the wonderful world of brush pornography
  • Camel Toe Report
    With pictures of the nefarious toe in action.
  • Chicken Lovers Chicken Fetish Website
    Fowl pictures, stories, toost cam, and robot chicken bondage.
  • Claire Swire@
    Sites addressing the origins of the embarrassing e-mail correspondence that began circulating on the Internet in mid-December 2000.
  • Complete Guide To Unlawful Carnal Knowledge For Fantasy Role-Playing Games
    Provides playing guides to various role playing games.
  • Consumption Junction
    Sick adult humor, tasteless (but way funny) dirty jokes, and free video clips that include shocking moments, brutal stupidity, and a healthy dose of hardcore sex and XXX porn.
  • Cook My Sock
    Contains explicit scenes of sock-cooking and is not intended for minors or those of a nervous disposition.
  • Crazy-Ass Sex Toys
    A collection of the most bizarre sex toys ever. What do they do? Who the hell would use them?
  • creamedpeas.
    Includes selections from the 1950s Illustrated Encyclopedia of Sex, complete with an amusing commentary.
    Offers opinions, videos, web cams, features, and more.
  • Cyberporn Jokes
  • Differences in the Male & Female Orgasm
  • Dirty Joke Post
    Offers a variety of jokes including, blonde, gross, political, and more.
  • Euphemism Generator
    Automatic generator of euphemisms for 'doing the dirty.'
  • Falaphilia
    A humorous look at Bill O'Reilly's possible abnormal fondness for being in the presence of Middle Eastern foods. Also called taboulehmania, hummulingus.
  • Flash Joke of the Day
    Daily adult jokes.
  • Forum Rejects
    How one man has submitted letters to Penthouse Forum for years - and never got them published.
  • Funny and Adult Dirty Jokes
    Includes blonde, dirty, and adult jokes.
  • Funny Pictures Gallery
    Funny comics and dirty cartoons.
  • Girls and Corpses
    A specialty magazine for lovers of sexy, scantily-clad babes posing with putrid, decomposing corpses.
    Exposing goofy porn pictures and videos.
  • Hoot Island
    Where sex meets silliness.
  • Horny Humor
    Features free funny adult pictures, cartoons, comics, animations, and movies.
    Site dedicated to drunk people humping objects all over the world.
  • Immediate Dissemination of Information
    Semen donor and related info.
  • Jerk Your Own Adventure
  • Joy of Sexual Physics, The
    Dr. John answers questions about the physics of sex.
  • Kama Sutra of Pooh
    Photographs of what really goes on in the Hundred Acre Wood.
  • Masturbate for Peace
    Using self-love to end conflict. Site includes masturbation for peace bumper stickers, petitions and poetry, and top 10 lists.
  • Masturbation Synonym Generator
    Creates random masturbation terms from 150,000 possible combinations.
  • Murphy's Law (Sex)
    Collection of platitudes.
  • Name That Sex Toy
    The Internet game that tests your knowledge of all things freaky.
  • Naughty Jokes
    Naughty sex jokes updated daily with RSS feeds. Categories include blondes, boobs, condoms, marriage, masturbation, and others.
  • Obscene Interiors [pick] [read review]
    Critiquing the decor of the homes featured in amateur porn photos. Nude figures are obscured.
  • Porn Bread
    Because yeast is cheaper than Viagra.
  • Porn Device
    Now you too can live out your most ardent fantasies on tape.
  • Pornalike Quiz
    Who's a porn star and who's a celebrity? See if you can tell the difference with this work-safe quiz by Rob Manuel of
  • Poseurs of Gor
  • Rated Toons
    X-rated cartoons, pictures, and jokes.
  • Rectaltronics Inc.
    Products include the Stereophonic Electronic Butt-Plug, a first-generation electronic buttplug featuring an RS-232 interface, and patented gyroscopic oscillation and reciprocation systems.
  • Rude Fun
    Collection of dirty adult pictures, cartoons, jokes, and greetings. Updated often with funny animals, sex jokes, men and women, holidays, and political humor.
  • Rules of Bedroom Golf
  • Scout Walker Kama Sutra
    Devising a number of sexual positions for the Scout Walker.
  • Sex Life of an Electron
  • Sex Thermometer
    Enter two names to find out how good, mediocre, or bad the couple's lovemaking is. Rumored to be created by scientists specialized in the area of erotica and sex.
  • Sexual Positions Free
    Educational site that uses figure-drawing mannequins to illustrate the many-splendored ways of doing the nasty.
  • Spreading Santorum
    Photographs of people molesting statues.
    Organization dedicated to stamping out clown pornography.
  • Technical
    Promotes anal sex as an alternative to abstinence for teens worried about unwanted pregnancy.
  • Underground Origami Page
    Presents erotic and "objectionable" origami, with diagrams.
  • Vikar's Rant
    Collection of personal rants about dieting, sport utility vehicles, cellphones, and more. Also contains dirty jokes.
  • World Sex Records
    A humourous look at superlatives in the world of sex.

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