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  • Tapism
    Religion about tape.
  • Time Honored Science of Toastology
    Delving into the mysteries of a well-known, but poorly understood divination tool: toast.
  • First Church of Wintermute
    Based on the works of William Gibson, we believe that the Internet will someday become sentient.
  • Madame Amoxicillin's Book of Shadows
    Guide to Wicca for novices.
  • Church of the Avocado
    Includes holy writings, members, and more.
  • Center for Duck Studies
    Find your inner Duck and discover the mysteries of duckism.
  • Religism
    A system of professed theological beliefs that doesn't quite qualify as a bona fide religion, yet gives one (possibly two or three) cause to think.
  • God's Own
    Believe it, kids.
  • Five Pound Note
    Offers philosophical rules and regulations for living a better life.
  • Sarian Way, Inc.
    Learn the path of the one true church. Come and grovel at our feet. Or, just send money, if you like.
  • Last-Chance Cathedral and Discount House of Worship
    Within these pages we attempt to answer the age-old whine, 'Is Nothing sacred any more?'. Also join the Poochian Order and become a Saint!
  • Reverend Hellshaw's Pearly Gates
    A kaleidescopamaline by-product of Hellshaw and Co., surrogate owl worriers.
  • First Church of Tiger Woods
    Dedicated to exploring the possibility that Tiger Woods may actually be God.

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