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  • American Crusade 2001 Trading Cards
    Educational trading cards to help decide who's who in the battle of good vs. evil.
  • Betty Bowers is a Better Christian than You
    So close to Jesus, communion tastes like leftovers.
    Features an irreverant look at straight politics with a gay view.
  • Cannot Find Weapons of Mass Destruction
    "The weapons you are looking for are currently unavailable. The country might be experiencing technical difficulties, or you may need to adjust your weapons inspectors mandate."
  • China in Editorial Cartoons
    Political cartoons on China by Chappatte, published in Europe and the USA.
  • Editorial Haiku
    Always wanted to do editorial cartoons but couldn't draw? Think it's too much work to write news commentary? Well here's the perfect solution.
  • End of the World
    Flash animation about nukes and the end of the world.
  • Friendly Dictators Trading Cards
    Pictures and profiles featuring 36 of America's most embarrassing allies.
  • Fuck the South
    Enumerates the reasons for letting the region go independent.
  • Get Your War On [pick] [read review]
    Comic strips on the topics of terrorism and war.
  • Hoolinet, The
    Collection of political parodies on topics from bin Laden to Bush as well as issues such as Monty Python, Pedophile Priests, and the Mighty Gefilte Fish.
  • Ultimate Hottest U.S. Senator Not Counting Obama
    Contest to determine just who is the most smokin' member of the World's Oldest Deliberate Body.
  • World's Flags Given Letter Grades, The [pick] [read review]
    A humorous look at differences in quality between the flags of different countries.

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