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  • Insultingly Stupid Movie Physics [pick] [read review]
    Discusses how movie scenes disregard the laws of physics.
  • Grindhouse Movie Posters [pick] [read review]
    Something Awful forum goons recreate many famous movie posters in the classy tradition of grindhouse cinema.
  • Wikipedia: List of Films Ordered by Uses of the Word "Fuck"
    User-created list of over 70 movies and stand-up comedy films that frequently use the naughty F-word, aka "fuck." Includes a number of fucks graph and per-minute usage count."fuck...
  • Plot-o-matic
    Write your own Hollywood screenplay!
  • Movie-A-Minute [pick] [read review]
    Why sit through all of a movie when you can get the same experience in a dozen or so lines of script?
    The Anti-Oscars. Jokes devoted to skewering last year's and upcoming Oscar ceremony, and the movies likely to be nominated.
  • Internet Movie Strip
    Zany daily movie comic with a philosophical edge.
  • 555-LIST
    A compilation of 555 telephone numbers used in movies and television.
  • Biology of B-Movie Monsters
    Offers a biologist perspective on the shrinking people and gigantic creatures of 1950s horror movies.
  • Plumbing the Depths
    An indepth and critical survey of plumbing in the movies.
  • I Know The
    Humorous and silly summaries of films, books, and plays.
  • Juicy Raoul
    From Northern Kentucky Public Access. Movies about gits, bear men, pregnant men, and more.
  • Oozeywood
    Read first hand accounts of life in the movies by the people who really make movies, who aren't directors, actors, or producers. Do you have any idea how great our lives are?
  • Filmmaker's Exam
    Stop making bad movies.
  • BoovieToons
    Funny cartoons, illustrated puns, and wordplays using movies and books.

Directory > Entertainment > Humor > Movies and Film

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