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  • Dilbert@
    Find out about Dilbert, the American comic strip written and drawn by Scott Adams where the title character, Dilbert is an engineer with satirical humor working in a white collar, micromanaged office. Sites feature daily strips, archives, games, merchandise, photo galleries, virtual tour, pretending-to-work games, and profile of Scott Adams.
  • Monty Python@
    Monty Python's Flying Circus, or Monty Python, is a BBC sketch comedy show which targets the idiosyncrasies of British professionals. Sites include cast biographies, scripts, picture gallery, sounds, and video clips of the BBC comedy show based on Terry Gilliam's animations. Also find sites for its cast members.
  • Acts of Gord
    Tells the story of a game-store owner's trials and tribulations.
  • Inner Geek
    Includes an extensive online geek test.
  • Dr. Demento@
    Find out about Dr. Demento (Barret Eugene Hansen), the American radio disc jockey specializing in novelty songs and pop music parodies from sites offering bio, discography, reviews, and frequently asked questions about the Comedy Music Hall of Famer.
  • Weird Al@
    Find out about Weird Al Yankovic (Alfred Matthew Yankovic), the Grammy-winning American pop satirist, musician, accordionist, and television producer from sites offering bio, news, photos, music downloads, videos, lyrics, and interviews.
  • Pathetic Geek Stories [pick] [read review]
    A comic strip version of your life.
    Offers humorous and twisted comic strips and animations.
  • Valley of the Geeks
    Satirical site of original humor essays on Silicon Valley.
  • IHTFP Online Hack Archive
    Interesting hacks to fascinate people. Includes an archive and photos of campus pranks.
  • How to Criticize Computer Scientists
    Humorous essay outlining how to effectively insult a computer scientist.
  • PC Weenies, The
    Comic for technology enthusiasts, engineers, IT, and software developers.
  • You Know You Watch Too Much Sailor Moon When ...
  • Nerd Songs
  • Geek of the Week
    Working to disspell the myth that all geeks are pencil-necked, language programming misfits by honoring them.
  • TCP/IP Drinking Game
    Find out what those wild, crazy, fun-lovin' computer programmers do on Friday nights.
  • Cute Geeky Boyz
  • Nerd Page, The
    News, photos, and forums for the inner-nerd in all of us.
  • Slashdot Story Generator
  • ACME Nerd Suppressant

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