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  • English to 12-year Old AOLer Translator
    OMG, WTF??!!
    Converts web sites in English, Norwegian, or Danish into obscene language.
  • Spam Mimic
    Allows encryption of a short message into spam, and a decoder so that the recipient can read the secret message spam-free.
    Translates English phrases into Ali G, Geordie, Brummie, Yorkshire, Irish, Scottish, Scouse, Cockney Rhyming Slang, and posh dialects. Includes free SMS translator.
  • Dialectizer
    Convert English text to...well, you'll see.
  • Smurf the Web!
    Express the utter disgust you feel at the "Web Surfer" metaphor.
  • Chef/Jive/ValSpeak/Pig
    Type in text and the Encheferizer will translate it into Swedish Chef, Jive, ValSpeak, or Pig Latin.
  • Jar Jargonizer
    Change web pages into Jar Jar's language.
  • Shredder
  • Voices of Many, The
    Enter a website or some text to see the English version magically transform into, say, Pig Latin.
  • Spammorpher
    Tell it like it is.
  • Ali G Translator
    Turns phrases or web sites into the patois of the Staines massive.
  • ValleyURL
    Like, see how the web looks through, you know, the eyes of everyone's favorite 80s lady, the Valley girl.
  • Funnylizer
    Humorous website filter that converts English web sites into street slang. Enter the URL and hit the return button for some fun.
  • World Wide Wubbler
  • Lamerize
    NOw U can be A k3w|, e|it3 hack3r!

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