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  • Argon Zark [*]
    A humor/adventure/weirdness comic strip by Charley Parker about being physically transported around the Web via "Personal Transport Protocol."
  • Dilbert@
    Find out about Dilbert, the American comic strip written and drawn by Scott Adams where the title character, Dilbert is an engineer with satirical humor working in a white collar, micromanaged office. Sites feature daily strips, archives, games, merchandise, photo galleries, virtual tour, pretending-to-work games, and profile of Scott Adams.
  • User Friendly
    Daily comic strip about Columbia Internet, the friendliest, hardest-working and most neurotic little Internet Service Provider in the world.
  • Kevin & Kell@
  • Unicorn Jelly
    A manga styled metaphoric comic about the nature of ideals and beliefs, starring a little monster that strives to become a Unicorn. Features new strips daily.
  • Helen, Sweetheart of the Internet
    A humor strip about the galmour of the information age.
  • Joy of Tech
    Daily cartoons for techno-geeks by Nitrozac and Snaggy.
    More evidence that you can find fun in other people's undies.
  • PC Weenies, The
    Comic for technology enthusiasts, engineers, IT, and software developers.
  • NetBoy
    By Stafford Huyler
  • off the mark computer cartoons
    Cartoons that deal with the joy and frustration of owning a computer.
  • Webhead's Web
    A webpage creator faces new challenges and adventures traveling on the Cybersuperhighway.
  • Cran and Lerma Cartoons
    Zany and topical 'Net-related comic strip.
  • Cyberfolks Comics
  • CPU Wars
  • Geeks!
    Weekly cartoon of Silicon Valley life, work, relationships, and sex (or lack thereof). By Julie Sigwart.
  • Magnet Boy
    Short cartoon strips of a superhero named Magnet Boy and his special magnetic powers.
  • Fifth Wave
    Comics about the computer industry.
  • Jake's Joint by Charles Andres
    As originally seen in Creative Computing magazine

Humor > Computer Cartoons

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