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  • Badger Badger Badger
    Hypnotic Flash movie featuring badgers, mushrooms, and a snake.
  • Harmonizing Horsies
    Click on each one to hear them croon.
  • MarryYourPet
    If you really love them and you're in this for life, isn't it time you married your pet?
  • Pets or Food
    Dedicated to bringing consumers healthy, certified organic animals at wholesale prices, from pet lizards to Doberman flank steaks and even freshly clubbed and frozen baby seals.
  • Beast Blender [pick] [read review]
    The Minnesota Association of Rogue Taxidermists invites you to create a being that has never existed, and then share it with your friends as an eCard.
  • Daily Squee
    Daily Squee, a photo blog featuring cute critters. Submit and vote on pictures of pets and animals.
  • Almost Naked Animals [pick] [read review]
    There's not much here besides animals wearing underpants.
  • Childhood Goat Trauma Foundation
    Satirical site appearing in the guise of an informal support group for people traumatized by childhood petting zoo experiences.
    Humor site making pets famous by posting photos and descriptions. Visitors can comment on the animal pictures and find jokes, eCards, cartoons, and screen savers.
  • Acting Like Animals
    Acting Like Animals, a blog about silly animals, shows funny animal fail photos. Check out the hilarious critters and submit a picture.
  • Animal Reviews
    The only web site in the world dedicated to reviewing animals.
  • Museum of Non Primate Art (MONPA)
    Aims to preserve the movements, marks, and sounds of non-primate species and consider them, without prejudice, as modes of aesthetic communication, in the hope of gaining new insights into our world.
  • First Birds' Inn: FBI Pigeons
    Have you hugged a pigeon today?
  • Gaping Maws
    A gallery of yawning creatures from the animal kingdom.
  • Urban Beast Project
    Documenting and exhibiting the almost extinct plight of wild and feral animals living in the midst of our urban areas.
  • Harold Reynolds Humour Collection
    Humor on pets.
    Hundreds of photos of funny, unusual, hybrid, and deformed animals.
  • Digital Deadpets: A Proper Sendoff
    Digital pet funeral parlor.
  • Animal Humor Videos
    Features funny cat, dog, and pet videos.
  • National Rhinophilic Association
    News and views from the rhinoceros perspective, including pointed movie reviews, personals for the large and gray, and a rhino exchange student program.

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