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  • DC Comics
    Official site of DC Comics, the comic book publisher of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Green Lantern, Jonah Hex, and many others. Features news and details about new issues and graphic novels.
  • Wikipedia: DC Comics
    User-created article about the huge comic book publisher DC Comics, with information about its history, logo, noteworthy creators, and links to other Wikipedia articles, including the DC Universe, characters, and movies.
  • Unofficial Guide to the DC Universe
    Encyclopedia of the DC Universe, including info on characters, places, and organizations, as well as issue-by-issue indexes and a detailed history of the Universe itself.
  • Annotated Crisis on Infinite Earths, The
    Explanations and amplifications for the 12 issue comic book maxi-series published in 1985 and 1986 in which DC Comics condensed their multiverse into a single universe.
  • Mike's Amazing World of DC Comics
    Providing indexes and information about Golden and Silver Age DC Comics.
  • Vertigo (2)
  • Unauthorized Chronology of the DC Universe
    Comprehensive and fully annotated timeline of the DC Comics Universe, based on canonical stories (not Secret Files).
  • Monitor Duty
    Independent online DC comics fan magazine. Monthly articles, artwork and fiction stories devoted to DC comics characters and comic books.
  • Wikipedia: The DC Multiverse
    Explains the continuity construct in which multiple fictional versions of the DC Universe existed in the same space, separated from each other by their vibrational resonances.
  • DC Kids
    Guide to DC comics, games, cartoons, and toys for kids.
  • DC Web List
    Connecting DC Comics fans with web sites devoted to their favorite DC Comics characters.
  • DC Comics Timeline
    Attempt to list significant events in the history of DC Comics in as chronological order as possible.
  • DC Western Characters
  • DC Live Action Stars
    Attempt to catalog the live action appearances of characters licensed from DC Comics.
  • DC's Timeline
  • Silver Lantern, The
    Featuring history and information about pre-Crisis DC comics.
  • DC Heroes Role Playing Game@
  • Who's Whose in the DC Universe
    Information about creators and their characters.

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