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Computer Operating Systems

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  • OS News
    Covering alternative computing environments and technology.
  • Lockergnome
    Offers a variety of daily newsletters regarding technology and computing.
  • YouOS
    An operating system that works entirely from your web browser so you can access it anywhere there's an Internet connection.
  • Menuet OS
    Downloadable OS written in assembly.
  • Operating System Sucks-Rules-O-Meter
    Searches the Web for positive of negative references to various operating systems and compiles them into a graph for easy comparisons.
    Goal is to create an extensible open source PC virtualization software program which will allow PC and workstation users to run multiple operating systems concurrently on the same machine.
  • OS Files, The
    Brief overview of the various operating systems available today.
  • Nemesis
    Design is geared to the support of time-sensitive applications requiring a consistent Quality of Service (QoS), such as those which use multimedia.
  • Operating System Comparison
  • Living Without Microsoft
    News, FAQs, and essays devoted to Open Source and proprietary alternatives to Microsoft products.
  • Multiuser DOS
    Information, software, patches, and support for the IMS Multiuser DOS real time operating system.
  • PetrOS
    32 bit operating system for PCs, from Trumpet Software.
    News, information, and discussion hub for software engineers and hobbyists interested in low-level systems programming and kernel development.
    A site for MVS and Linux systems programmers with industry news, tools, quotations, and job banks.
  • System Toolbox
    Dedicated to covering various server operating systems for administrators.
  • BlueOS
    Ports the BeOS to Linux.
  • K42
    High performance, general-purpose operating system kernel for cache-coherent multiprocessors.
  • Amoeba
    A distributed operating system that is freely available via the Internet for educational and research users
  • Posix Programmer's Guide
    Guide to writing programs for POSIX conforming environments including UNIX, openVMS, MVS, and Windows NT
  • Review of Operating Systems

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Computer Operating Systems

Directory > Computers and Internet > Software > Operating Systems

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