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  • Aragon, Cecilia
    Java/C++ programmer, 15 yrs experience, 2 yrs Java experience, specializing in graphics. SF Bay Area.
  • Aufflick, Mark
    Offers skills in technology infrastructure strategy, design, and implementation. Web and intranet site strategy, design, and development.
  • Becker, Dave
    Sr. Software Engineer - C/C++, Perl, Unix, Windows, GUI, intranets, database, OO, MFC. Telecommuter, contract or permanent.
  • Beykpour, B. D. "Beck"
  • Braica, John
    Systems consultant available for contract work in the NY NJ metro area.
  • Butler, William N.
    Computer Engineer with Electrical Engineering Minor. Experienced in C, C++,Visual C++, Visual Basic, MSFC, OWL, ZAPP, Mewel, WIN SDK, OS WARP.
  • Chung, Peter
    Bright, recent college graduate interested in entry position in software engineering.
  • Croft, David Wallace
    Experienced Java Developer and Architect.
  • DeGroote, David
    Embedded systems engineer/consultant.
  • Ermakov, Alexei
  • Ferber, Michal
    IT professional.
  • Frandji, M. J?r?mie
    French Computer Science student looking for an intern position.
  • Garg, Anu
  • Gaur, Deepak
  • Gibson, Michael A.
    Software developer and consultant.
  • Greiner, Wiley
    Experienced software engineer. MS EE & CS from UC Berkeley. Contract only. No W-2.
  • Gries, Robert E.
    Microsoft Solutions and Database Developer with emphasis in document management and database design.
  • Haight, Julian
    Expert in Java, C++, CGI and the Internet.
  • Hofmann, Volker
    Specializing in SAP implementation.
  • Holler, Joe
    Programmer, software engineer.
  • Hulbert, Grant
    Containins a history of projects and jobs, including Internet software inventions and programming.
  • Jacques, Beatrice
    Seeking an internship or entry-level position as a programmer, analyst, or web developer.
  • Kenney, Dave
    Specialist in mentor graphics CAE/CAD design, simulation and library methodology.
  • Mabel, Joseph L
    Software Development and evelopment management, MSCS, 15 years experience.
  • Marty, William A
    Software engineer specializing in embedded software, Java, laser marking, cell phones, and medical ultrasound.
  • Mazza, Giovanni
    Experienced, quick learning, detail-oriented software developer with strong problem solving and project management skills offers his services to work in the United States.
  • Mikhalyov, Vladimir
  • Mobin, Muhammad
    Seeking a software developer or engineer position.
  • Mocioiu, Michael
    Programmer/software developer: C, C++, VC++, VB, Access, CGI, Lingo.
  • Moore, Darren A.
    Experience in ABAP, EDI, ALE, and certified network engineer.
  • Nations, Bobby
  • Pachunde, Sunil
    Software engineer with experiencein web design, programming, databases, and more.
  • Peniguel, Gilles
    Seeking position as a Java programmer.
  • Prusakova, Jane
    Looking for a summer position or 3-month contract in software development in Massachusetts or the Bay Area.
  • Rees, J.R.
    Software engineering consultant.
  • Vandehey, Marv
    Contract software engineer; Windows, Visual C++, HTML, graphics.
  • Wallace, Colin
    Looking for a position dealing with communications software.
  • Weinstein, Maxim H.
    MCT, MCSE, MCP+Internet, experienced trainer.
  • Wong, Richard
    Seeking a software design and development position with an opportunity for leadership, with a company working on leading-edge applications on an exciting platform.
  • Yoonsang, Koo
    Oracle SQL, DBA, and Java programmer.

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