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Computer Viruses and Worms

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  • Virus Bulletin
    Technical journal on developments in the field of computer viruses and anti-virus products.
  • Symantec Security Response
    Symantic security response provides info about the latest computer virus threats, security advisories, removal tools, and other updated security info.
    Encyclopedia new computer viruses with descriptions, hoaxes, warnings and advice, new technologies, and company news. Also in Russian.
  • Wikipedia: Computer Virus
    Definition, history, methods to avoid detection, software, and other resources about computer viruses.
  • European Institute for Computer Anti-Virus Research (EICAR)
    Unites industry, media, research, and law enforcement groups against the writing and proliferation of malicious code like computer viruses or Trojan Horses and against computer crime.
  • Remove Virus
    Expert written virus removal guides and videos to help clean the latest virus threats online.
  • Antivirus Software
    Includes regular updates on computer viruses, tips on how to deal with specific cyber-maladies, links to other useful sites, and more.
  • HowStuffWorks: How Computer Viruses Work
    Explains the differences between viruses, worms, and Trojan horses as well as how they spread over networks or through email and how they can be prevented.
  • CERT - Vulnerabilities, Incidents & Fixes
    Alerts users to potential threats to the security of their systems, such as computer viruses, scans, and probes, and provides information about how to avoid, minimize, or recover from damage.
  • F-Secure Security Information Center
    Includes news, hoax warnings, screen shots, and update bulletins on the latest computer viruses.
  • Trend Micro Virus Information
    Provides news of new computer viruses, security alerts, a virus and phishing encyclopedia, and a place to submit suspicious files.
  • IBM Antivirus Research
    Articles, papers, and other educational information on computer virus protection.
  • Virus Office
    Offers information about different antivirus programs, security news, and articles to current threats. From
  • Panda Software Virus Info
    Real-time information and resources to stay safe from virus attacks.
  • Sophos Virus Information
    Analysis, articles, hoaxes, and other computer virus information.
  • Computer Associates Virus Information Center
    Detailed information on the latest computer viruses, worms, trojans, and hoaxes, as well as help with antivirus protection.
  • McAfee Threat Center
    Online reference to computer viruses, from McAfee. Find out where viruses come from, how they infect your system, and how to remove them.
  • CNET Security Center
    Lists top virus threats, other security alerts, information on protecting your PC, and offers downloads of anti-virus software.
  • Helsinki University of Technology: Computer Viruses
    Report that introduces computer viruses and how they effect network security. By Markus Hanhisalo of the Helsinki University of Technology.
  • Doug Muth's Anti-Virus Help Page
    Has FAQs and other related papers online, as well as links to several different anti-virus encyclopedias for identifying whatever you are infected with.

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Computer Viruses and Worms

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