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Computer Programming Languages

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  • Scratch
    Programming language aimed at children that lets them create their own interactive stories, games, music, and art.
    An Internet-native messaging language, directly handling primary Internet protocols. Platform and OS independent.
    Home of E, a secure distributed object platform and scripting language for writing capability-based smart contracts.
  • Euphoria
    Fast interpreted language for PCs.
  • Dr. Bob's Programming Clinic
    Contains technical articles, programming tips, and book reviews on Delphi, JBuilder, ActiveX, Oracle, and more.
  • Design By Numbers
    Information about the system, including the book, software, and language and how to use them.
  • Code Beach
    Guide to free and open source code for ASP, C++, ColdFusion, Java, JavaScript, Palm, Perl, PHP, and Visual Basic.
  • Evil Walrus Scripting Center
    Catalog of user submitted scripts to help others learn C++, Perl, JavaScript, DHTML, PHP/mySQL, and more.
    Computer programming created syntax by Adam Linday based on the LOLCATS meme.
  • 99 Bottles of Beer
    Collection of code to generate the complete lyrics of the song in nearly every programming language.
  • D Programming Language
    Overview, spec, FAQ, style guide, articles, and other resources for the D programming language. From Digital Mars.
  • Aldor
    Categorical programming language in which types and functions are first class values.
  • NESL
    Strongly-typed, functional, nested data-parallel language
    Explores programming language concepts and tools, focusing on design, implementation, and efficient use.
  • Programming Languages
    Offers information about various types of languages.
  • Catalog of Free Compilers and Interpreters
  • Pike
    Dynamic programming language with a syntax similar to C. Doesn't require compilation and has powerful data types.
  • Mainframe Programming
  • MetalShell
    Source code examples in several different programming languages.
  • NetSpade
    Contains programming tutorials, articles, and forums for a range of languages including Java, JavaScript, VBScript, PHP, CGI, Perl, and HTML.

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Computer Programming Languages

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