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  • Google-API Related Pages Graph-Browser
    Java-based visual web categorization scheme by which one can visually navigate a graph of related web pages as determined by Google's "similar-page" function.
  • TouchGraph
    Lets users visualize networks of interrelated information.
  • Measure Map
    Provides free, easy stats for your blog.
  • Opte Project
    Aims to create a visual representation of the Internet, a space that is very much one-dimensional and metaphysical.
  • TopicMaps.Org
    Independent consortium of people and groups interested in developing the applicability of the Topic Maps Paradigm to the World Wide Web by leveraging the XML family of specifications.
  • IP World Map Project
    An individual's project to map the physical locations of the world to the virtual IP address locations of the Internet. Site offers a tool that can provide geographical visitor analysis reports for web site logs.
  • Domains Name Data
    Research project explores the geography and distribution of domain names worldwide, including clickable maps of domain density.
  • WebMap
    Offers map of the Internet for browsing, searching, and navigation.
  • Self-organizing Internet Industry, The
    An interactive map of key companies and alliances.
  • Self-Organizing Map for Internet Exploration
    A means for organizing miscellaneous text documents into meaningful maps for exploration and search.
  • Mapuccino
    Maps any web site in Java.
  • Search Engine Maps
  • Cyberspace geography visualization
  • Mapping Cyberspace
  • Internet's Undersea World, The
    Map showing the global system of undersea cables that make world wide web available instantly on all continents.

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