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  • Internet Archive, The (5) [*]
    Find sites related to the Internet Archive, a digital library of Internet sites and other cultural artifacts saved in digital form.
  • ARPANET (2)
  • Wikipedia: History of the Internet
    Covers motivation, growth, applications, and standards.
  • Business Plan Archive
    Project by the University of Maryland to collect business plans and related documents from the dot-com era.
  • Internet Memes
    Internet meme timeline running from 1986 to present. Users can register and add to, or edit the timeline. Includes such classics as Ate My Balls, Hampsterdance, Numa Numa, Leeroy Jenkins, Chuck Norris, the Star Wars Kid, and LOL Catz.
  • History of the Internet
    Timeline of the development of the Internet.
  • NetValley
    Offers a history of the Internet and Silicon Valley.
  • <w3history>
    An open project and work in progress to create a comprehensive history of the Internet and the WWW from 1989 to the present day.
  • Community Memory
    Discussion list on the history of cyberspace.
  • Hobbes' Internet Timeline
    Starting in 1950, tracing the events that lead to the Internet of today.
  • NetHistory
    Dedicated to the preservation of Internet and BITNET history.
  • net.history
    Collection of links to Internet history resources.
  • RFC 2555
    Commemorating and recollecting 30 years of RFCs, as a tribute to the late Jon Postel, RFC archivist.
  • Netizens: On the History and Impact of Usenet and the Internet
    Archiving the Dot Com Era, includes recollections from the Internet boom of the 1990s.
  • Nerds 2.0.1: A Brief History of the Internet
  • Roads and Crossroads of Internet's History
  • Tools for Thought
    Online copy of a popular book on the origins of modern computing.
  • Founding Father
    Engineer Paul Baran, one of the key architects of the Internet, is interviewed by Stewart Brand for Wired 9:03, March 2001.
  • Internet Historical Society
    Where long-time netizens can post short essays about how things were on the net in the "old days."

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