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  • Africam
    Live images are captured every 30 seconds from cameras located throughout African game reserves.
  • National Geographic: WildCam Africa [pick] [read review]
    Watch the animals that gather at Pete's Pond in Botswana through this webcam.
  • Fisheye View Cam
    Living reef aquarium featuring corals, invertebrates and tropical fish with live views, archived images, and time-lapse movies.
  • Ant Cam
    Includes two live cameras plus archived images, instructions on how to build an ant farm, and more.
  • Insect Zoo Cam
    Control the camera in the Iowa State University Insect Zoo.
  • Ginger's Exotic WolfCam
    A live view into a wolf compound in the Bitteroot Mountains of Idaho.
  • Hamstercam
  • Brooklyn Bunny
    Live bunny cam featuring Roebling, a Dwarf Hotot rabbit.
  • Deformed Frog Cam
    View frogs cared for by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.
  • Llama Cam
  • National Zoo AnimalCams
  • CavyCam
    Live streaming video of four guinea pigs in action.
  • Wild Bearcam
    Capturing video and images of brown bears in Alaska's McNeil River Sanctuary. National Geographic also offers an archive of video clips depicting Brown and Grizzly Bears in various natural environments.
  • Hamster Cam
  • Naked Mole-Rat Colony Web Cam
    Click the link to the Naked Mole-rat Cam to watch them in their cozy home at the National Zoo.
  • Elmo-Cam
    Find out if Elmo is on the couch.
  • WildCam: Otters
    Live indoor and outdoor views of two river otters living at the home of Glenn and Jeannie Chambers.
  • Aimee and Richard's Hedgehog Cam
    See African pygmy hedgehogs.
  • Lobster Cam
    Enclosed in an underwater housing, attached to the end of a regulation lobster trap.
  • Bo the Rottweiler Cam
    Features several webcams to catch Bo in action or inaction.

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Webcams > Animals, Insects, and Pets

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