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    Sells candle holders and gel, votive, pillar, and aromatherapy candles.
    Featuring candles using essential oils and botanicals.
  • Ablaze Candles
    Specializing in sculptural candle designs.
  • Absolute Votive
    Candles, candle holders, scented and colored tealights.
  • Adirondack Candles
    Specializes in handmade, uniquely scented, long burning pillar candles including Northwoods and spa fragrances.
  • Allegheny Candle Company
    Offering divination tools, feng shui products, and wiccan supplies including scented candles, as well as wiccan jewelry and clothing.
  • Ally's Candles
    Offers handpoured scented candles and accessories.
  • Alpine Candles
    Offers hand-crafted scented candles and gifts.
  • Amenda Candle Company
    Offers candles in many styles and fragrances.
  • American Candle Classics
    Fragrance your home with our candle designs in over 30 scents and colors.
  • American Candle Co., The
    Offers handpoured container candles in a variety of scents and colors. Gift baskets and wholesale available.
  • American Country Candlemakers
    Handpoured candles with no polymer additives.
  • Angel Candles by Morenci
    Hand-poured and scented.
  • Angel Scented Candles
    Specializing in scented soy candles, votives, personalized candles, and wax animals. Also sells bath and body products.
  • Angels Lights
    hand-carved candles in a variety of themes.
  • Arabella Candle Company
    Personalized wedding and all occasion candles.
  • Aria Candle Company
    Offering personalized unity candles and favors for weddings and special occasions.
  • Aroma Cottage
    Retailer of aromatherapy and personal care products, essential oils, candles, and home fragrances.
  • Aromafountain Candle Company
    Sells candles, fountains, fragrance oils and warmers, and more.
  • Aromatic Delights
    Scented container candles including country styles and matching copper accents.
  • Aromatique
    Creator of decorative fragrances for the home.
  • Aztex Wax and Candle Store
    Waxes, dyes, fragrances, glazes, and additive products. Also sells carved, molded, and thematic candles.
  • B&R Candles
    Wholesaler and retailer of hand-poured scented candles.
  • Banyan Industries
    Offers portable toilet that unfolds from size of a briefcase to a full size toilet. Also offers non-toxic candles for lighting, heating, and cooking.
    Offers battery-operated candles and tea lights including pillar and taper styles, candles with timers, and wholesale tea lights.
  • Berkshire Hills Candle Company, Inc.
    makers of handmade scented candles.
  • Bernie's Smells -N- Bells
    Sells incense, herbs, oils, candles, resin, and related accessories.
  • Bittersweet Farm Scents
    Offers fruit jar candles, fragrance oils, home baked candies, potpourri blends, and colonial tins for retailers and wholesalers.
  • BrightCandles.Com
    Carries a complete line of candles and candle holders and accessories as well as incense and aromatic oil lamps.
  • BsaB
    Retailer of soy wax and beeswax candles made by hand.
  • Bullfrog Light Co.
    Candles with unique top to bottom glow.
    Offers a wide range of candles and related accessories including floaters, pillars, tapers, votives, and figurines. Also offers a candle burning guide.
  • C & S Candle Connection
    Dedicated to the enhancement of everyday pleasures through the use of richly scented candles. C&S Candle Connection offers a vast selection of custom scented jar and pillar candles.
  • Candescence Candle Co.
    Crafts handmade, scented, wholesale, and handpoured candles. Also offers rustic and mottled candles.
  • Candle Accents
    Features a selection of candles, votives, and holders.
  • Candle and Gift Factory Outlet, Inc.
    Offers candles and related accessories from around the world.
  • Candle Barn, The
    Scented & unscented candles. Also offers a variety of handcrafted candle accessories.
  • Candle Bay
    Pillars, votives, soy, decorative, and holiday candles, as well as diffusers and accessories.
  • Candle Boutique & Gifts
    Sells a variety of products, from candles and holders, to wood sculptures and glass bowls.
  • Candle Factory Products
    Offering quality candles, accessories, holiday decorations, and gifts.
  • Candle Factory, The
    Hand dipped tapers, pillars, and more.
  • Candle Journeys
    Offers a selection of candles, including scented candles, votives, wooden wick candles, and candle accessories.
  • Candle Lady, The
    Sells handmade candles. Custom blending available.
  • Candle Light Bath and Body
    Offers a variety of candles, lighting accessories, bath, and home fragrance products.
  • Candle Maker
    Creates handmade candles using parafin wax and scents.
  • Candle Witch, The
    Custom order handmade candles.
  • Candle-lite
    Manufactures and distributes a wide range of candle products.
  • Candleberry Company
    Offers hand poured highly scented candles including votive, aromatherapy, and jar candles.
  • Candledance
    Offering candles and gifts.
  • Candlelady, The
    candles, accessories and candlemaking information.
  • Candlelight Designs
    Specializes in candles, from candle holders and sconces to beautiful candle gardens to warm up homes or businesses.
  • Candlelight Solutions
    Sells scented, votive, tea light, and pillar candles. Includes hurricane candle-holders, table centerpieces, and wreaths.
    Products include candles in a variety of shapes, sizes, and scents, aromatherapy products, and candle accessories.
  • Candles
    Sells pillar, floating, novelty, and jar candles, tealights, oil lamps, and candle gift baskets.
  • Candles and Candle Scent
    Online store offering richly scented candles, aromatherapy, and soy including pillars, votives, gel, and jar candles.
  • Candles Forever
    sale of unique and richly scented candles.
  • Candles Manufactory
    Source of high quality, scented and unscented candles, and candle accessories.
  • Candles of Eden
    Sells handcrafted soy and gel scented candles and accessories.
  • Candles on the Net
    Virtual store from Candle Mania.
  • Candles Scents and Decor
    Offers a selection of candles, reed diffusers, home fragrancing items, and related gifts from brands such as Archipelago Botanicals, Beanpod, Esque, Votivo, and Aquiesse.
  • Candles To Buy
    Sells decorated, exotic, and inspirational candles. Also offers holders, oils and warmers, and incense and burners.
    Offers a selection of candles in a variety of styles, along with online ordering.
    Specializes in personalized scented candles with custom text and images printed on them for any occasion.
  • Candles4Free
    Offers fragrant candles in many shapes.
  • Candlescape Design
    Sells a variety of candles, candle holders, scent of the month packages, and more.
  • CandleScapes by Illuminology
    Turn any non-flammable bowl or container into a candle. Kits include candle wax pastilles, wicks, and scents.
    Offering candles, oil lamps, jar warmers, and fragrancers.
  • CandlesJustOnline
    Candles and accessories for home decor, gifts, and weddings in designer colors and styles.
  • Candlesmith
    Offers handcrafted artisan candles by Judy and Irv.
  • Candlestick, The
    Sells aromatherapy gifts, scented candles, and accessories.
  • CandleWonder
    Offers a selection of custom, handmade novelty candles, and wax creations.
  • Candlexpress
    Candles and candle accessories such as aromatherapy, beeswax, and dinner candles, oil lamps and more.
  • Carman's Candlery
    Makers of colorful and fragrant candles.
  • Cerabella
    Catalog of art candles.
  • Ceres LLC
    Candles, aromatherapy, and accessories. Wholesale information for businesses.
  • Cherish Products
    Offering natural skin care products including honey body creams, eye and foot creams, muscle rub, beeswax candles, honey, and more.
    Family company retailing liturgical beeswax, altar, paschal, baptismal, votive, and Christ candles for use in churches and home sanctuaries.
  • Classic Scents
    Distributor of a variety of candles and accessories.
  • Collaborative Innovations
    Online site offering bulk, case quantity, discount candles for restaurants, churches, and weddings.
  • Colonial at Home
    Manufactures double wick oval fragranced candles in a reusable container.
  • Colonial Candle
    Offers distinctive everyday and seasonal premium candles and accessories. Manufacturer of taper, tealight, votive, waxless, and jar candles.
  • Common Scents
    Retail outlet for Salt City Candles.
  • Common Scents Online
    Offers Salt City Candles.
  • Connie's Candles & Supplies
    Offering a line of candles and candlemaking supplies including wax, scents, wicks, pottery, and glassware.
  • Contemporary Candles
    Handmade scented candles at discount prices.
  • Country Candles
    Hand-poured scented candles.
  • Courtneys Candles and Creations
    Features scented jar candles, candle holders, holiday gifts, fragrance oils, and more.
  • Crafted Candles
    Hand-dipped candles for home, weddings, holidays, and other special occasions.
  • Creative Candles
    Includes retailers, products, and tour information.
  • Crusader Candle
    Manufacturer of religious, prayer, scented, and specialty candles.
  • D'light Online
    Retailer of votive, pillar, and ball candles for everyday use as well as for special occasions.
  • Danish Candles
    Manufactures and distributes Danish candles.
  • Dara's Designs
    Specializing in handcrafted candles, wax sculptures, and jewelry.
  • DeeLights
    Creates individually hand-poured fragrant candles, offering delivery to the U.K. and USA.
  • Deja Vu Candles
    Scented candles in ceramic and glass containers.
  • Denver Dreamers
    Handmade double-wick scented candles.
  • Diptyque Parfumeur
    Produces scented candles, toilet water, soap, and toilet vinegar. In French and English.
  • Dirt Candles
    Dirt Candles are made from organically grown American soybeans mixed with essential oils and feature unique complex aromas.
  • Discount Candle Shop
    Sells seasonal, floating, and scented candles in a variety of shapes and sizes, as well as related accessories and candlemaking supplies.
  • Distinctive Decor
    specializing in fragrance candles and essential oils.
  • Ditto Candles
    Specializes in scented soy wax candles.
  • Echobana Candles
    Ffers handmade candles in a variety of colors, sizes, and scents.
  • Elizabeth's Candles
    Offers a variety of jar and votive scents for gifts, candle crafts, and weddings.
  • Er'go Candles
    Creates soy wax candles out of in-house fragrance blends using perfume and essential oils. Er'go Candles offers a variety of lines, including Silver, Spectrum, Solo, Pearl, and Tapestry.
  • Essence Candles
    Offers scented hanmade candles.
  • Everybody Loves Candles
    Offers scented and gel candles, votives, accessories, and more.
  • Evolve
    Specializes in scented candles, incense, sticker collections, and giftware.
  • FDL Fragrances, Inc.
    Fragrant candles and votives.
  • Firelight Glass
    Manufacturer of hand blown oil candles and lamps, votives, floating candles, wicks, and more.
  • Fran's Candles
    Artisan of handcrafted and personalized candles, specializing in wedding and memorial candles.
  • Friedrichs, Inc.
    Manufacturer of the economy universal candle burner, candletube, and oil candles.
  • Friend to Friend Candles
    Features hand-poured country jar candles, votives, and waxettes.
  • Fun Scented Candles
    Delicious looking fake food and drink candles scented with cool vanilla, rich chocolate, and other tempting aromas. Candles that look like fruit preserve jars, soft drinks, cupcakes, and others.
  • Fyre Natural Soy Scented Candles
    Online shop offering handmade soy candles in long-lasting scents. Select from clean burning tarts, votives, tealights, wax bears, and various styles and sizes of jar candles.
  • Gard Goodies
    Distributes hand crafted scented Midwest Prairie Candles.
  • General Wax and Candle
    Provides scented and unscented candles, accessories, and candlemaking supplies.
  • Gift Scented Candles
    Offers handmade dinner, church, and aromatherapy scented candles, and holders and candle making supplies.
  • Gold Canyon Candles Company (4)
  • Goldenspirits Candle Works
    Handcrafted beeswax candles.
  • Guinevere's Candles
    Pressed flower candles scented with lavender oil.
  • Handling Candle
    Moldable candle wax, that you can shape by hand.
  • Happy Candles
    Sells handmade wax and gel candles along with candlemaking instructions and supplies.
  • Hearth & Home Traditions Ltd.
    Offers a line of candle, potpourri, and gift products available online.
  • Heavenly Scent Candles
    scented jars filled candles, votives and melts.
  • Helpful Notions
    handmade candles that look like frosted cakes. Available in three sizes.
  • Histoires de Parfums
    Features a line of perfumes, bath and body products, colognes, and candles.
  • Hobble Creek Candles
  • Hopmann's Candles
    Distributor and manufacturer of scented candles.
  • House of Enlightenment
    Offers scented candles made from vegetable oil.
  • HouseTooHome
    Featuring Faroy candles and accessories.
  • IceLite
    Candle holder lantern made with ice.
  • Illume
    Fine candles, incense, bath products, and candle accessories.
  • Illuminations
    Browse through our latest catalog of candles and accessories or find the location of an Illuminations candle and home accents store near you.
  • It's A Soy
    All natural votive and jar candles made from soy wax in a variety of scents. Cleaner burning and environmentally friendly.
  • JD Grand Company
    Sells brand name designer fragrances, aromatherapy and pillar candles, bath salts, body wash, inhalation beads, and lotions.
  • Jenni Originals
    Maker of VegeSoy wax candles.
  • Kahl Accessories
    Features primitive scented candles, faux stone candle bases, hand-thrown pottery, lamps, home accents, and more.
  • Kerry Collection
    Sells Church candles: liquid, advent, altar, candelabra, paschal, canister, eternal light and votive, aisle and sconce. Also candle stands and metalware.
  • Keystone Candle
    Offers a wide variety of candles including jars, pillars, votives, tapers, and much more.
  • Kiarie
    Specializes in gifts for the home including scented candles, holiday baskets, sofa cushions, potpourri, and decorative furnishings.
  • KindCat Candle
    handmade candles.
  • KlassicKandles
    Offers highly fragranced, long burning, colored candles.
  • Kotare Candles
    Handcrafted fragrant candles made from essential oils and beeswax.
  • Levine Gifts & J&S Candles
    Imports ceramic candle accessories.
  • Light & Soul Candles
    Online shop for soy aromatherapy, inspirational luxury, soot free, and scented jar candles. Enlighten your soul with the wonderful fragrances of Light & Soul soy candles.
  • Liz's Scented Candles Boutique
    Offers a selection of scented candles, candle holders, gift baskets, flowers, and accessories with an online party program and monthly contests.
  • Log Cabin Candle Company, Ltd.
    Offering primitive/country scented container candles and accessories. Site features daily drawings.
  • Magical Scents
    Offers a variety of hand poured candles, soaps, and handcrafted jewelry.
  • Marita's Candles
    Offers candles , gifts , baskets, electronics, and candleholder accessories.
  • Master Weaver, The
    Providing hand-woven Amish baskets, gift baskets, and double scented candles.
  • Meyralights: Candles of Illumination
    Candles in vibrant colors that are virtually dripless and smokeless.
  • Mood Maker Candles
    Online store selling scented and unscented candles, pillars, floaters, tapers, and candle holders.
  • Mood Melt
    Online store offering aromatic candles and oils. Ships products worldwide.
  • Moon Alley
    Hand crafted candles in many styles including plum blossom, rose, morning glory, dragonfly, and nasturtium. Also includes information on candle care.
  • Morning Star Creations
    Offers handmade candles in a variety of shapes and designs.
  • Mother Eve's
    Offers the Caring Candles line, containing messages under the lid with greetings, prayers, or affirmations.
  • MPS Candles
    Sculpted reproductions of European masterworks of the 15th through 18th centuries, plus religious pieces, animals, and dragons.
  • Mrs. B's
    Offers handcrafted candles in coconut shells made in the Bahamas.
  • My Best Scented
    Sells aromatherapy, frosted glass vases, gift box sets, glass pillars, globes, pillars, tapers, tealights, travel candles, and votives.
  • National Candle Association
    Representing U.S. candle manufacturers.
  • Natura Soy Candles
    Offers hand-poured soy wax candles.
  • NaturesBrush
    Makers of natural soy candles and bath and body products using ingredients found in specific ecologies.
  • Newport Candles
    Offers soy candles, aroma reeds, votives, and pillars. Features information about the health benefits and how they are eco-friendly.
  • Nightmare Candles
    Offers a range of twisted and macabre candles in a variety of forms.
    Online shop for scentsy wickless and flame free candles, electric candle warmer, room fresheners, and more.
  • Northern Lights Candles
    Fragrances, home decorative, fantasy, and black light sensitive candles.
  • Ocean Candles
    Online catalog of candles, accessories and collectibles including sea life candles, Birchshire, Moodlite, iron candleholders, lighthouses and Krystonia.
  • Old Country Candle Co
    Specializes in scented candles handmade with natural soy wax and all cotton wicks that feature original artwork.
  • Osage Candles
    Candles of all types and related accessories.
  • Pacific North Wicks
    Offers a variety of scented candles.
  • Paragon Store Candles
    Handcrafted candles, created by people with developmental disabilities in our sheltered workshop, available in many different scents and sizes.
  • PartyLite Gifts, Inc.
    direct seller of candles and candle accessories.
  • Pende, Inc.
    Sells a patented candle warmer system that slowly heats candle wax without a flame, distributing fragrance with a miniature fan.
  • Phylum Candles
    Offering aromatherapy candles scented with fragrances to relax and rejuvenate the body.
  • Pilgrim Candle Factory & Gift Shop
    Manufacturing scented candles in many sizes and over forty different fragrances.
  • Prairie Renaissance
    Candles handmade with real pressed wildflowers by a company owned by two sisters in the mountains of Montana.
  • Printed Candle Company, The
    Personalized unity candles, holders, and ceremony ideas in Christian, second marriage, and Irish Claddagh themes. Pillars and votives for wedding favors, anniversary celebrations, and memorials.
  • Pure Integrity Soy Candles
    Offers soy candles in phalate free fragrances. Select from jar candles, tealights, wedding favor candles, and baby shower candles.
  • Red Flower
    Features products that smell alive like candles, soaps, teas, and accessories.
  • Rocardon Products
    Antique finish iron style candle holders.
  • Rock Haven Farms
    Scented candles in a range of fragrances in both cake and votive styles.
  • Romantic Dreamers Candles
    Offers hand-poured, scented candles.
  • Romanza
    Offering a wide range of fine candles and soaps.
  • Rosewood Candle and Craft
    Offers wedding favors, scented hand poured candles, blended potpourri, and bath products.
  • Royal Essence Candles
    Featuring hand-poured candles in glass flutes, cubes, and stemware.
  • Rustic Peddler
    Offers hand poured soy candles, primitive and country gifts, whimsical decorations, and Americana keepsakes.
  • Salt City Candle Company
    Purchase scented jar candles, candle holders, and other candle accessories online direct from the manufacturer.
  • Sand Candles Etc.
    Offers a glow through Christian cross candle.
  • Say It With Candles
    Eight inch tapered candles individually wrapped with personalized transparent labels. Your family and guests will treasure these unique wedding favors.
  • Scented Candles & Candle Making Supplies
    Offers scented candles, pillars, votives, tarts, incense, and candle making supplies.
  • Scents & Sprays
    Sells Votivo, Trapp, Illume, Salt City, and Ergo premium scented candles as well as bath and body products.
  • Scentsations
    Offers handcrafted soy candles in a variety of aromas.
  • Scentsy (7)
  • Self Essentials
    Offers scented soy candles, soy pillar candles, aromatherapy soy candles, and natural soy candles, all exceptionally handcrafted and made fresh to order.
  • Signature Fragrances, Inc.
    Scented candles.
  • Silver and
    Offering sterling silver jewelry with cubic zirconia stones as well as soybean wax candles and accessories.
    Offers scented candles, candle holders, lamps, lanterns, centerpieces, and fragrance oils.
  • Something for the Wickend
    Online U.K. candle shop selling gel, outdoor, church, zodiac, and aromatic candles.
  • Something Kind Designs
    hand-crafted candles in a variety of colors and styles.
  • Soy Lights
    Sells soybean wax candles which include jar, tealights, and votives.
  • SpringHouse Candles
    Manufacturer of hand poured, richly scented candles, votives, and wax tarts, with retail and wholesale available. Also sells candle warmers and tart burners.
  • Sugar Shack Country Candles
    Homemade scented candles.
  • Sundance Candles
    Offering soybean-based and beeswax candles in a variety of colors and scents.
  • Surroundings
    Specializing in floating and flower candles, glass bowls and gems, and more.
  • Swans Candles
    Large selection of brand name candles.
  • Sweet As You Please
    Specializes in hand-poured soy candles, customized with an assortment of colors, containers, and fragrances.
  • Tanya Marie Collection
    Offers candles, candle holders, and perfume bottles.
  • The Candle Shop
    handcrafted candles by Pam, scented oils, and aromatherapy products.
    Offers fragrant candles at discount prices.
  • Things That Make Scents
    Sells fragrant, hand-poured soy candles. Also offers information about the health benefits of soy wax candles. Shop online or visit the retail store in Manasquan, New Jersey.
  • Trapp Candles
    Candles in glass, votives, and home fragrance sprays.
  • Tyrol Imports
    Offering novelty Awesome Blossom pillar candles, which form themselves into shapes reminiscent of blossoming flowers.
  • Uncle Dan's Candles
    Offers gel and soy candles and air freshners in variety of colors and fragrances.
  • Unique
    Features natural soy candles, travel tins, tumblers, gemstones, and wholesale and private labeling services.
  • Victorian Keepsake Candles
    Offers miniature rose bouquets, ivy, and bath oils encased in heart-shaped Italian glass candles.
  • Viking Candle Company
    Offering retail and wholesale candle sales as well as other gift items, bath and body products, and more.
  • Village Candle
    fragrant jar candles handmade in Maine.
  • Waccents
    Fragrant candle product offerings for retailers and wholesalers.
  • Waxman Candles
  • WaxMelters
    Supplier of wax melters and dispensers for the candle industry and candle hobbyists.
  • WhaleBoat Products
    Sells candles, candle lanterns, and flashlights for use in the home, outdoors, at work, or for picnics and camping.
  • White Barn Candle Co.
    Offers candles, holders, and other home fragrance products. Also provides home entertaining tips.
  • Wholesale Candles and Soap Inc
    Sells soybean candles and natural soap products.
  • Wick-edly Sent Soap and Candle Company
    Hand poured soy candles, olive oil soaps, and natural bath and body products made in the Finger Lakes of Upstate New York.
  • Wicked Expressions
    Specialize in wedding candles and party favors.
  • Wicks' End
    Sells scented and unscented candles, candleholders, oil lamps, incense, accessories, and gift baskets.
  • Wilke's Wicks
    Offers candles and candle-making supplies.
  • Willowwoods Candles & Candlemaking Supplies
    Offers fragrance oils, wax, wicks, sparkling glitter, and more.
  • Yankee Candle Company
    Designs, manufactures, and sells scented candles. Candles can be bought in stores throughout the U.S. or online using Yankee Candle's print catalog.
  • Yankee Stores
    Sells Yankee scented candles and candle accessories.
  • zena moon
    Sells hand-poured aromatherapy candles and gift sets.
  • Zest Candle
    Sells candles, tealights, tapers, spheres, votives, pillars, floaters, and accessories.
  • Zionsville Candle Company
    Hand-poured, natural soy candles, featuring rustic, contemporary, and traditional soy candles in a variety of scents and sizes.

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