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Herbal Supplement Retailers

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  • AboutChia.Com
    London-based online retailers of alternative health products including herbal supplements, super foods, and organic beauty products. Ships worldwide.
  • Advance Body Nutrition
    Sells a variety of different products from snoring through circulation needs.
  • Advanced Plant Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
    Producers of standardized pharmaceutical grade nutritionals without extraction.
  • Afexa - Memory FX
    Memory FX is an herbal supplement that aims to improve mental sharpness and enhances overall brain function.
  • Albi Imports
    Provides information on herbal formulas, Internet coupons for brand products, and offers private label manufacturing services.
  • All Canadian Health Products
    Offers Rene Caisse's original Essiac formula products including, Bridge of Hope, a book about Rene Caisse and Agel's supplements.
  • All-Vita Northwest
    Offers vitamins and herbal remedies.
  • Alternative Health Network
    Offering herbal products for weight loss, serenity, detoxification, etc.
  • Altramed Health Products
    Authorized distributor of Essaic, an herbal formula to promote immune system health and overall well-being.
    Specializing in products made with black seed, otherwise known as black cumin or nigella sativa.
  • Amazon Discovery Co.
    Offers a range of herbal supplements at wholesale and retail prices.
  • Amazon Natural Treasures, Inc.
    Developing and importing phytogenic and phytotherapy products from Brazil. Also importing gem and semi-precious quality stones, and rare earths.
  • Amazonas
    Offers nutritional and health products, medicinal herbs and plants, plant extracts, phytopharmaceuticals from Brazil and Latin America.
  • Ambaya Gold
    Offers herbal liquid mineral-based health products, such as ORME Zeolite. Also features products for pets.
  • American Health & Herbs
    Manufacturing and distribution company suppling high quality herbal, vitamins and other health products.
  • American Herbal Company
    Herbal products include aromatherapy, books, candles and incense, supplements, and more.
  • Asian Medicine
    Authentic Tibetan formulas, books on oriental medicine and practice, and speciality items.
    Features products for aging, dieting, memory, depression, and fatigue.
  • B-Growth
    Offers herbal supplements that stimulate growth.
  • Baidyanath
    Manufactures ayurvedic, herbal, and traditional medicines and food supplements.
  • Basement Shaman
    Offers plants, herbs, extracts, preparations, mushrooms, growing gear, books, and supplies.
  • Bayside Quality Products
    Offers herbal and homeopathic supplements and other natural body care products for humans and pets.
  • BDI Pharmaceuticals
    Manufacturer and distributor of herbal supplements for health, fitness, energy, and sexual performance.
  • Bell Lifestyle Products
    Online store for natural health products and herbal supplements across Canada and the United States.
  • Better Way Herbs
  • Bio 3 Natural Health Products Store
    Online shop of natural health products including natural diet pills, herb supplements, organic teas, and weight loss products.
  • Blessings From Nature
    Offers herbal dietary supplements for weight loss, detoxification, colon cleansing, and optimal energy.
    Offers herbal supplements for depression, anxiety, stress relief, and strength.
  • Botanic Health
    Indiana Botanic Gardens online catalog.
  • BotanicsAsia
    Offers natural and organic botanical supplements including jiaogulan, noni, acai berries, green coffee extracts, and amalaki.
  • Both Worlds Pharmacy
    Online source for herbal medicine and alternative nutritional supplements.
  • Calm Colon
    Offering information and an herbal supplement for the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome.
  • Canyon Spirit Botanical Ventures
    Sedona vortex tours and herb walks with herbalist, Feather Jones. Personalized experiences include hikes, earth ceremonies and meditations, custom herb blends, classes, lectures, and more.
  • Chemist Net
    Offers diabetic, herbal, and homeopathic products.
  • ChoiceHerbal's
    Provides herbal alternative formulas for women.
  • Cleavage Online
    Provides herbal supplements for natural female and male sexual enhancement, breast enlargement, and more.
    Specializes in herbal dietary supplements.
  • Club Natural
    Provides dietary supplements used for memory and energy enhancement.
    Offers alternative health products and advice for immune system, sexual health, chronic fatigue, weight loss, depression, joint pain, digestion, and more.
    Offers herbal detox products and more.
  • D'Arcy Naturals
    Provides acupuncture and herbal medicine services. Also offers a line of herbal products.
  • Dherbs Herbal Supplements
    Dherbs offers a host of valuable information and wisdom about herbs and health as well as an online store with all natural herbal supplements.
  • Dr. Phyto Alternative Natural Medicine Co.
    Manufactures aromatherapy and herbal medicine products including essential oils, supplements, bath salts, and body care.
  • Dr. Wyatt's University Herbs Online
    Specializes in naturopathic medicine, herbs, homeopathy, alternative, and holistic health products.
  • Dragon River Herbals
    Offers organic and wildcrafted herbs and extracts.
  • Earthworks
    Selling organic foods, nutritional and herbal supplements, botanical medicine, alternative medicine, vitamins, and colloidal silver.
  • Echinacea Man
    Contracts with growers of Echinacea Angustifolia and Echinacea Purpurea to bring the cultivated herb to market.
  • Eclectic Institute Inc.
    Echinacea farm offering organic alcohol extracts, alcohol-free glycerins, and freeze-dried herbs.
  • Elixir Tonics and Teas
    Sells herbal apothecary, tea accessories, tonics, and other products.
    Offers digestive enzymes and herbal supplements for liver, gall bladder, heart, kidney, and colon cleansing.
  • Eve's Herbs
    Offers herbal and homeopathic supplements, therapy packs, nutritional advice, and recipes for many health challenges.
  • Feel the Power of Life
    Offers a variety of organically grown and herbal care products, vitamins, minerals, and supplements.
  • First Call
    Natural hangover preventative.
  • First Vita Plus Guyabano Gold
    Offers information about Guyabano, helps fight cancer cells, lowers blood pressure, lowers blood sugar level, and increases immune system.
  • Forrest Health, Inc.
    Sells holistic health products including diagnostic testing, consultations, natural vitamins, herbs, and homeopathic remedies.
  • Fucoidan Sales
    Offers the product Modifilan.
  • Genital Warts Help
    Offering information and reviews of non-invasive treatments for genital warts.
  • Get Health Get Nature
    Offers herbal and natural home remedies, medicines, and supplements for adults, children, and pets.
  • Get Well Natural
    All natural herbal and botanical dietary supplements based on traditional Chinese alternative medicine herbs, nutrition, and traditional uses.
  • Natural Remedies
    Treat your ailment naturally. All products are effective 100% natural herbal remedies.
  • Gold Vitamins
    Offers all-natural herbal supplements for weight loss, enhanced sexual performance, a more youthful appearance, and a fuller bust.
  • Grandma's Herbs
    Offers cleansing and building formulas, infection fighters, hormone balancers, and more.
  • Great Cape Herbs
    Sells a variety of herbal tinctures and teas.
  • Greenbush Natural Products
    Supplies organic herbal extracts with kits to target specific heatlh conditions.
  • GreenPath Herbal Supplements
    Provides herbal supplements intended to cleanse, detoxify, and relieve inflammation.
  • Growing Herbal Remedies
    Provides information on herbal medicines for treating anxiety, blood pressure, digestion, and other diseases.
  • Health in Herbals
    Alternative herbal medicine for men's, women's, and cardiovascular health.
  • Healthy Oregano Oil
    Mountain-grown, wild, Mediterranean oregano oil and oregano juice.
  • Hep Helper
    Daily regimen of vitamins and organic herbs to manage Hepatitis C.
  • Herbal Fire Ethnobotanicals
    Offers a wide selection of Ethnobotanical and Herbal products, including Salvia Divinorum, Amanita Muscaria, San Pedro Cactus, Ayahusca, and many more.
  • Herbal Healer Academy
    Bulk herbs, teas, vitamins, colloidal silver, and more.
  • Herbal Incense 420
    Offers herbal accessories, energy boosters, drinks, vitamins, and novelty items.
  • Herbal Institute
    Offers herbal remedies for cold sores as well as acne, digestion, and virility.
  • Herbal Nitro
    Manufactures diet, weight loss, and fitness supplements.
  • Herbal Remedies Info
    Resource for information on specific herbs, herbal remedies, and kitchen recipes.
  • Herbal Remedies USA
    Offering herbal products including teas, supplements, vitamins, bath essentials, books, and more.
  • Herbal Supplements Guide
    Discusses herbs and herbal supplements and their potential therapeutic value, including specific ailments and conditions.
  • Herbal-Shaman
    Visionary and medicinal herbs, extracts, seeds, and incense.
  • Herbal99
    Offers a range of herbal products designed to treat sexual dysfunction, skin problems, and sinusitis.
  • Herbalcom
    Sells bulk herbs, spices, teas, capsules, and more.
  • Herbalist, The
    Line of herbal products for internal and external use.
    Sells pure herb extracts and herbal blends for all health conditions and ailments as well as skin and hair care beauty products.
  • Herbs Online Here
    Provides information about herbs and herbal remedies to treat diseases such as headaches, high cholesterol, and arthritis.
  • Herbs Roots & Barks L.L.C.
    Sells bulk dried herbs by the pound and by the ounce.
  • Herbs4Healing
    Alternative approach to healing and recovery. Features personal story and anti-cancer regimen, as well as an online store.
    Sells a variety of vitamins, supplements, and products.
    Online retail supermarket offering herbal care products and accessories.
  • Hillgreen Company
    Exporter of rare herbs and herbal extracts.
  • HLD Medical Industries
    Offering lingzhi spores powder and other fungal extracts.
  • Holista Health Corporation
    Offers herbs and herbal supplements.
  • Holistic Options
    Offers herbal supplements, Ojibwa Tea, recipes and information on holistic health.
  • Horizons Unlimited
    Offers herbal patches for weight control, arthritis and muscle pain, ageing prevention, and relaxation.
  • IAmShaman Shop, The [SPONSOR]
    Specializes in exotic entheogens such as salvia divinorum, kratom, and amanita muscaria as well as meditation supplies, books, and music.
  • Indonesia Tongkat Ali
    Selling Indonesia Tongkat Ali pure root extract in 1:00 and 1:50 extract strength.
    Indonesia-based herbal plant extracts manufacturer and retailer.
  • Innercleanse 2000
    Offering herbal cleansing products including colon, parasite, arterial, and liver cleanse.
  • Intensive Cleanse
    Supplier of natural preventive health supplements to alternative health care professionals.
  • Kai Malino Wellness Center
    Offering Native American and Hawaiian herbs.
    Offering bulk herbs, spices, coffees, and teas.
  • Kaya Resource
    Offers water filtration and purification systems including shower filters. Also offers herbal supplements.
    Online store for Kratom products.
    Supplies crushed, powdered, and extracted Kratom from Asia.
  • Laughing Pope
    Energy drinks and herbal remedies. Also offering healing crystals, incense, and books.
  • Leaves & Roots
    Specializing in herbs and oils, as well as other supplies for aromatherapy, natural healing, and healthy living.
  • Life Extension Foundation
    Retailers of herbs, herbal extracts, and plant enzymes.
  • Louisville Botanical
    Features Smart Oil (Celastrus oil), a natural nootropic (smart drug).
  • Maca-Libido-Herbs, Inc.
    For libido, sexual performance, energy, and stamina.
  • MadreNatura.Net
    Offers alternative treatment for cancer and other diseases using herbal remedies.
  • Magnus Enterprises
    Nutritional supplements and skin care products.
  • Maine Coast Herbals
    Hand-formulated, organically-grown, herbal remedies, specializing in pain management and life enrichment.
  • Marijuana Alternatives Smoke Shop
    Offers color changing glass pipes and bongs, legal herbal alternatives to marijuana, ecstacy, hash, psychoactive herbs, salvia divinorum, and more.
  • Marijuana Pot/Weed Store
    Offers a legal herbal alternative to smoking marijuana.
  • Mark of Health
    Sells vitamins, herbs, homeopathics, diet aids, muscle building products, and more.
  • MaxNature
    Offering Chinese herbs, herbal medicines, dietary supplements, and other health care products.
  • Mazatec Garden
    Offering a wide range of shamanistic herbs and herbal extracts.
  • MD Healthline
    Offering herbal products for sleep, diet, arthritis, and more.
  • Medicine Plants
    Provides information about various conditions and the products recommended in each case. Also offers sound meditation clips.
  • MediHerb
    Manufacturer of liquid herbal extracts, tablets, and capsules.
  • Minami Nutrition
    Offers supplements containing herbs and nutrient-dense whole foods.
  • Mogo Organics
    Provides a selection of organic nutritional supplements for arthritis, weight loss, and appetite control.
  • My Health and Body Source
    Sells vitamins and minerals, weight loss products, herbal blends, and sports nutrition products.
  • Native American Tree Resin, Inc.
    Offering natural products for allergies, stress management, digestive health, skin care, and more.
  • Natural Enzymes
    Offering enzymes formulated by Dr. Howard F. Loomis.
  • Natural Herbal Medicine
    Offering herbal nutritional supplements for health, anti-aging, and hormone imbalance, plus natural weight loss programs.
  • Natural Herbal Remedy Supplements
    Outlines the therapeutic value of herbal supplements by pointing out their ability to cure ailments and their side effects as well as links to purchase recommended supplements.
  • Natural Living
    Offering a wide variety of natural herbal supplements.
  • Natural Remedies Using Mangosteen
    A guide on natural remedies using mangosteen for ailments and minor sicknesses with tips on antioxidants, diabetes, arthritis and much more.
  • Natural Shopper, The
    Offers a range of herbal supplements and bee products including pollen, royal jelly, propolis, glucosamine, ginger root, and echinacea.
  • Natural4Life
    Online store offering whole food products and herbal supplements.
    Sells remedies for human and pet ailments.
  • Naturalife
    Irish company providing a range of organic, herbal, and nutritional products.
    Offers permanent hair removal products, hair growth, and hair loss treatments for female and male pattern baldness. Also sells low libido and sex drive enhancers and other herbal supplements.
  • Nature's Answer's
    Manufacturer of liquid herbal extracts.
  • Nature's Products
    Offers herbal and natural products including dried herbs, remedies, incenses, oils, and soaps.
  • NatureWalk
    Herbal treatments for kidney stones.
  • New World Products
    Herpes herbs.
  • North American Herbal Products
    Offering kosher, all natural ginseng, cranberry, and blueberry products in capsule and bulk powder form to individuals and resellers.
  • Nutrition Now, Inc.
    Online retailer of kratom powders, capsules, fusions, and kratom extracts in the U.S.
  • Oregon's Wild Harvest
    Offers organic herbal supplements and bulk herbs.
  • Organic Health and Beauty
    Offers organic products including natural vitamins, minerals, herbal preparations, skin care items, and more.
  • Organic Herb Store
    Provides organic bulk foods, including cooking and baking herbs, medicinal herbs, teas and coffees, mixes, grains, and more.
  • Organic India
    Makers of the original Tulsi tea, with a range of 18 all organic certified herbal teas, organic herbal supplements, psyllium whole husk, and unique organic bulk herbs.
  • Original Essiac Company, The
    Information and background, as well as online ordering for Essiac tea.
    For the treatment of insomnia and nervousness.
  • Peruvian Maca Root
    Features Peruvian maca root powder, capsules, and tablets. Includes information on the herbal supplement's effect on libido, menopause, and stress.
  • Peruvian Rainforest Botanicals
    Supplier of Uncaria tomentosa, also known as Cat's Claw.
  • Pharmaton Capsules
    Provides ginseng and vitamin capsules for natural mental health and to improve body and mind performance.
  • Phytoextractum
    Herbal supplement retailers offering amanita muscaria, betel nut, blue lotus, and kratom powder.
  • Phytosolution
    Source for herbal formulas, tinctures, tonics, and phytotherapy products created at an herbalist center in Place Clichy, Paris.
  • PlanetHerbs
    Offers herbs, books, and correspondence courses.
  • Platinum Technologies Incorporated
    Distributors of herbal products to major wholesalers and retail outlets around the globe.
  • Pleasance Herbs
    Growers and importers of organic herb seed and dried medicinal herbs.
  • Praxea
    Authorized Essiac distributor.
  • Present Moment
    Homeopathy products, vitamins, herbs, and books.
  • PrimeV
    We sell products that support the body's ability to repair it's self, fight off infection, grow stronger and generally function efficiently with abundant energy and mental clarity.
  • Pro Products
    Offering herbal diet and energy formulas.
  • Pure Herbal Power
    Offers natural herbal remedies for general and reproductive health.
  • Quantum International
    Sells herbal and vibrational formulas, extracts, bulk herbs and spices, colloidal silver, bee pollen, and more.
  • Raintree Nutrition, Inc.
    Earn the wonders of the rainforest with extensive information on medicinal plants.
    Retailer of vitamins, minerals, and herbal remedies and supplements.
  • Reynolds Office of Health and Nutrition
    Herbs, homeopathics, water treatment systems, and more.
  • Ricola
    Swiss manufacturer of herbal drops and teas.
  • Riverdale Organics
    Digital scales, herbal alternatives, smoking papers, detox supplies, and more.
  • Rosewood Herbal Products
    Offering BBK natural herbal extract.
  • Salvia Extracts
    Brentwood, California-based online store for salvia extracts including salvia divinorum and kratom.
  • Salvia Monster
    Online supplier of salvia extracts, salvia divinorum dry leaves, kratom extracts, and other quality natural products. They thrive on customer service and are here to do business.
  • Sanctum Health
    Offers health and beauty supplements including Pure-Col collagen pills and alternative remedies for weight loss, breast enlargement, skincare, and HRT.
  • Saw Palmetto for Prostate Health
    Saw palmetto standardized extract delivered worldwide from the U.K.
  • Saw Palmetto Harvesting Company
    Supplier of saw palmetto berries and extract to manufacturers.
    Offers supplements to aid with urinary tract and prostate health.
  • Scandi-link
    Sells botanical extracts and powders as raw materials to the nutraceutical industry.
  • SD-200 Tongkat Ali Extract
    Offering 1:200 pure Tongkat Ali extract.
  • Sea Fucoidan
    Sells Fucoidan beverages made in Japan.
  • SelfTek
    Offering AlcoLeve System, an herbal remedy for drinking.
  • Shaman Botanicals
    Develops and sells clinically tested botanical dietary supplements derived from tropical plants with a history of medicinal use.
  • Shaman's Normal Stool Formula
    Natural product that treats several forms of diarrhea.
  • Shamans Garden
    Offers medicinal herbs, shaman plants, sacred seeds, and more.
  • Snow Mountain Botanicals
    Joanne Alexander and Kathy Fisette offer a range of herbal preparations.
  • Snowbound Herbals
    Products include teas, oils, salves, and tinctures.
  • Solutions for Women
    Offers herbal supplement to help relieve perimenopause and menopause symptoms.
  • Southern Herb Co.
    Distributors of herbs, homeopathics, books, tapes, and other health products.
  • Spirit Journey, A
    Sells wiccan and pagan themed items including wood boxes, statues, figurines, and jewelry as well as herbs and oils.
  • Spirit of the Forest, Inc.
    Ginseng, echinacea, golden seal, and other herbs.
  • Sprunk-Jansen Wellbeing
    Offers herbal remedies, food supplements, and creams.
  • Sriram Herbals
    Offers herbal health supplements for weight control, blood pressure control, joint pain, hair care, and breast enhancement.
  • Starwest Botanicals
    Importer, processor, and supplier of botanicals, culinary spices, teas, herbal extracts, and essential oils.
  • Stony Mountain Botanicals
    Medicinal herbs plus supplements, aromatherapy, bath products, and more.
  • Strauss Heart Drops
    Created by herbalist Jim Strauss.
  • Sunrise Herb Farm
    Offers herbal teas, natural remedies, and recipes. Cafe and juice bar and seminars located at the farm.
  • Sweet Annie Herbs
    Offers medicinal, cosmetic, and culinary herbs.
  • Tahiti Products Inc.
    Offers Noni and Tamanu oil.
  • Taiwan Wilson Enterprise
    Manufactures pure chlorella, spirulina, as well as herbal teas and remedies for the nutrition and health markets.
  • Tambu Passionstore
    Specializing in herbal stimulants.
  • Thymely Solutions
    Natural health products including non-GMO nutritional vitamins and supplements, herbal extracts, organic aromatherapy, homeopathy, flower essences, and water fountains.
    Sells an herbal creme to tighten the inner tissues and skin of the vagina.
  • TKC Botanicals
    Online retailer for herbs and supplements, including tea and coffee.
  • Toi Marketing
    Sells reishi and evening primrose oil.
  • Tongkat Ali Extract
    Sells Tongkat Ali extract. Includes information about the natural herbal health supplement.
  • Tonicology
    Offers Chinese herbal supplements.
  • Trinity Herb
    Specializing in organic and wildcrafted herbs.
  • Triumph Over Hepatitis C
    Offers herbal products to combat the effects of Hepatitis C.
  • Viable Herbal Solutions
    Developer, manufacturer, and supplier of botanical formulations including blends to stop smoking, lose weight, and more. Products include cat's claw, licorice root, and alfalfa.
    Authorized dealer carrying the complete line of Cedar Bear Naturales alcohol-free whole herb liquid products.
  • Vitamins and Herbals
    Offers herbal remedies, minerals, and supplements.
  • Wellbutrin: Information and Side Effects
    Sells Endepress, a non-prescription herbal antidepressant supplement for mild to moderate depression.
  • WellnessValue
    Offering supplements, vitamins, herbs, news, and links.
  • Whitewing Labs, Inc.
    Develops nutritional supplements which can be sold to the over age forty market.
  • Whole Earth Health
    Natural remedies and natural health products including enzymes, herbal supplements, probiotics, and water filters.
  • Whole World Botanicals
    Supplies herbs from the Peruvian rainforest.
  • Wild Weeds
    Fresh dried bulk herbs, hand crafted teas, bath products, vegetable, topical, essential, and perfume oils, beeswax, and other products.
  • Wind River Herbs
    Sells organic herbs and products.
  • Yau Hing Company
    Offers a variety of Ginsengs, herbs, and teas.
  • Zrii Amalaki Fruit Herbal Supplement
    The Zrii health drink offers seven special herb botanicals featuring the amalaki fruit or amla in a delicious juice. Business opportunities available.

Herbal Supplement Retailers

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