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Video Game Developers and Publishers

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  • Small Rockets
    Creators of games designed for distribution over the Internet.
  • Elecbyte
    Developers of M.U.G.E.N. and other software tools.
  • Jaleco Entertainment
    Publishes entertainment software on all platforms.
  • DynoTech Software
    Develops and sells educational software, puzzle games, and more.
  • Strat-O-Matic Game Co.
    Official site offers products, demos, tech support, and other resources.
  • Totally Games
    Developer of Star Wars games and World War II Air Combat simulations.
  • HPS Simulations
    Line of detailed PC military simulations and wargaming products. Also Road from Sumter to Appomottox II, Custer's Last Command, and Defend the Alamo.
  • Legend Entertainment Company
  • Gameplay@
  • Disney Interactive
    Makers of Disney-themed PC and console games, and educational titles.
  • Gray Design Associates
    Powerful jigsaw player/creator for Windows. Choose from 4 to 4,000 pieces, free to download with 10 jigsaws supplied.
  • Reakktor Media
    Creates 3D games.
  • MVP Software, Inc.
    Developer and publisher of Windows shareware games.
  • Wright, Will
    Feature article on the American computer game designer, and co-founder of Maxis, Will Wright, who was the original designer of SimCity and The Sims.
  • Virgin Interactive Entertainment
    Info about current and forthcoming U.K. and European releases.
  • MacSoft Games
    Publishes a variety of games for the Macintosh platform.
  • Soleau Software
    Collection of non-violent strategy logic games for both Windows and DOS. These award-winning shareware games are suitable for both young and old.
  • Anarchy Entertainment
  • Spiderweb Software
    Makers of shareware games, including the Exile Series and Nethergate.
  • Creature Labs
    Develops games for the computer and video games markets as well as establishing its Artificial Life technology as a standard development platform for games and entertainment software.

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Video Game Developers and Publishers

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