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  • Affordable H2O
    Pure drinking water systems for home or office including reverse osmosis, carbon filters, softeners, and taste odor acid neutralizers.
  • Air & Water
    Provides residential and commercial heating and cooling products.
    Offers replacement water filters, reverse osmosis drinking water systems, water coolers, testing kits, and water softeners.
  • Anderson Water Treatment
    Offering a chemical free water softener.
  • APlus Water, LLC
    Offers a variety of water softeners and filter systems from GE and Fleck.
  • Aqua Pure Water Conditioning
    Provides drinking water systems, components, and water filters.
  • Aqua Sun International
    Offers portable water purification systems powered by 12 volt or solar energy.
  • Aqua-Doc Water Systems
    EPA listed magnetic water conditioners and softeners, air purification, and UL listed UV water filters and purifiers.
  • Aquapura Systems, Inc.
    Water purification equipment by the process of reverse osmosis. Desalination of sea water, brackish, and tap water.
  • aQuatell
    Sells home water filters and purification systems including reverse osmosis, water softeners, water distillers, and ultraviolet light water filters.
  • Aquathin Corporation
    Patented water purification systems.
  • Aquion Partners, L.P. (1)
  • Chung Chen Purification Inc
    Products include water purifiers, pumps, and components.
  • Clack Corporation
    Manufacturer and distributor of water treatment equipment for residential, commercial/industrial, and drinking water applications.
  • Commers Conditioned Water Company
    Manufacturer and seller of water conditioners, water purifiers and custom systems.
  • Cordonna Associates, Inc.
    Sells water treatment systems including water softeners, reverse osmosis systems, ultraviolet disinfection units, water purifiers, water filters,and more.
  • Crystal Springs Water
    Water treatment equipment for well or city water, commercial or residential.
  • CrystalChoice Water Service
    Offers home water management and purification products including softeners and drinking water systems.
  • Culligan-Maytag
    Commercial and residential systems for drinking water purification, filtration, and softening.
  • Durastill Export Inc.
    Offers water distillation products for home, business and industry.
  • EasyWater
    Offering a no-salt alternative to traditional water softeners.
  • EcoPure Water Filters
    Retailer of water filters, distillers, and reverse osmosis units.
  • EcoWater Systems
    Manufactures residential water treatment equipment. Offers water softeners, conditioners, and countertop drinking water filters.
  • Eddy No Salt Water Softener Alternative
    Offers an electronic water descaler for cleaning surfaces within pipes or inside appliances to avoid corrosive effects.
  • Eden Engineering
    Sells residential drinking water filtration systems and cartridges.
  • Eden Filters
    Offers water filtration systems for home and business needs. Specializes in reverse osmosis systems and water softeners.
  • Evergreen Strength Water System
    Includes health benefits using the system.
  • Everpure
    Water filters and water treatment products; producing water for aircraft, marine, foodservice and home applications.
  • General Ecology Europe
    Manufactures drinking water purifiers and filters including First Need, Nature-Pure, and Seagull IV systems.
  • General Ecology Inc.
    Makers of chemical free, point of use water purification systems
  • GMX (2)
  • Good Water Company
    For softeners, reverse osmosis, salt free conditioners, waste water treatment, ozonation, deionization, vending dispensers and distillers.
  • Hague Quality Water
    Manufactures custom designed residential water treatment systems.
  • Homepure Water Treatment Systems
    Safe, pure, and affordable water from your tap.
  • HVR Water Purification@
  • Ingram's Water & Air Equipment
    Specializes in geothermal heat pumps, air purification systems, and replacement heat pump parts. Ships internationally.
  • Innovative Medical Services
    Biosciences company that develops and markets water purification/treatment, pest control, and antimicrobial products.
  • Kinetico Incorporated
    Offers helpful info on determining the quality of your drinking water and how to solve problems with contaminants.
  • L.B. Decker Distributions Co.
    Distributes Seagull-IV point-of-use water purifiers.
  • MAG-SOL Enterprises, LLC
    Offers magnetic solutions for hard water problems in homes, pools, and businesses.
  • MyXziex
    Manufactures machines which extract moisture from the atmosphere through a condensation process and transforms it into pure drinking water.
  • Natural Solutions Environmental, Inc.
    Air and water purifiers including ionizers, hepa and electronic air cleaners, ozone for coolers and food storage, shower and water filters, etc..
  • OK Water
    Specializes in water purification and ice-retardation equipment.
  • Penruss Enterprises
    Information about clean water systems and what you can do to have fresh, clean water for your family.
  • Permionics Membranes Pvt. Ltd.
    Manufactures permeable membranes for industrial applications and domestic water purifiers. Based in Gujarat, India.
  • Plymouth Products, Inc
    Ametek/Culligan water filtration systems and cartridges for home, commercial, and industrial applications.
  • Premiere Sales Water Systems
    Online source for professional grade GE water filtration systems, softeners, coolers, whole house water systems, and replacement filters. Premiere Sales provides systems to the residential, commercial, and food service markets.
  • PUR Drinking Water Systems
    Designs, develops, manufactures and markets small-scale drinking water systems for household, marine and recreational use.
  • Pura Ultraviolet Water Treatment Systems
  • Pure Water Network
    Our goal is to provide you with many reliable information sources to help you learn about your health and well-being.
  • Pure Water Place
    Experts in affordable medical grade water for everyday use. Critical for people with multiple chemical sensitivities (MCS) or environmental illness (EI).
  • Pure Water Stores
    Purveyors of ultra-pure drinking water, drinking water purification systems, and drinking water supplies; home installation of water purifiers.
  • Pure Water, Inc (1)
  • Pure-Pro USA
    Sells home reverse osmosis water filter systems.
  • Pure-Pro Water Corporation
    Manufactures reverse osmosis water purifiers for home use.
  • PureEarth Technologies
    Offering a complete line of home water filters, purifiers, and softeners.
  • Purest Air
    Offering wholesale and retail air purifiers, water softeners, and more.
  • Puricom Water
    Manufacturer of water treatment products, such as reverse osmosis systems, water filtration systems and purifiers, and water dispensers. Also manufacturers of commercial and industrial reverse osmosis systems.
  • Purite
    Manufacturer of Labwater, Select, Prestige and Elite water purification systems.
  • R/O Conn
    Offering reverse osmosis systems for self-installation in the home.
  • Rayne Corporation
    Manufacturing a line of water conditioning equipment and reverse osmosis drinking water systems for residential, commercial and industrial applications.
  • Reverse Osmosis Systems
    Offers reverse osmosis water filters, portable treatment systems, and industrial reverse osmosis units.
  • ROwater Systems
    Offers reverse osmosis water purification and water filter systems for homes and businesses.
  • Royal Prestige
    Manufacturers and sells cookware, tableware, and water filters. Also offers sales and business ownership opportunities.
  • Sabrex of Texas, Inc.
    Presents the Electronic Water Purifier, designed for commercial and residential use.
  • Safe Water Technologies, Inc.
    Manufactures ultraviolet water treatment equipment, reverse osmosis systems, and residential, commercial, and industrial water filters and softeners.
  • ScaleSafe
    Commercial/residential water treatment that prevents scale build-up, eliminates existing scale/mineral stains and inhibits corrosion.
  • ScaleStopper Products International, Inc.
    Offers the SafeWater Softener, a catalytic alloy water treatment.
    Using solar radiation to inactivate and destroy pathogenic microorganisms in water.
  • Suburban Water Testing Labs
    Info on drinking water contaminants and prices for laboratory testing of drinking water. Sample kits can be shipped anywhere in the United States.
  • Thermo Concepts Inc.
    Designs and manufactures bottled water coolers and accessories.
  • TP Technology plc
    Manufactures the Tarn-Pure ionization system for disinfection of water and other fluids.
  • Wapure
    French manufacturer of ozone water purification systems for swimming pools.
  • Water for Living
    Offers reverse osmosis water purification systems.
  • Water Purification Guide
    Offers reviews on water softeners, water purifiers, and water treatment systems.
  • Water Purifiers
    Water purification products made by General Ecology, including the award winning Seagull IV. Portable water purifiers, point of use, whole-house/commercial units.
  • Water Softener Bargains
    Offers water softening units, coolers, and reverse osmosis products.
  • Water Solutions
    Providing drinking water purification and filter components for home, business, marine, and travel.
  • Water Source
    Offers softeners, reverse osmosis units, iron and sulpher fitration, distillation, and bottled water.
  • WaterBoss
    Provides water softeners and whole-house water treatment systems.
    Produces and sells magnetic water conditioning units.
  • World Wide Water Systems
    Treatment items such as reverse osmosis, iron filters, pressure tanks, home test kits, and more.
  • York Energy Conservation
    Creators of the Ion Stick, an electrostatic non-chemical water treatment process.

Shopping > Water Softeners and Purifiers

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