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  • Math League Multimedia
    Sponsors math contests and sells problem books and math educational software.
  • Joy of Pi
    Book by David Blatner, telling the story of pi and humankind's fascination with it, from Archimedes to the modern day Chudnovsky brothers.
  • Graph Theory Resources
    Written by Jonathan Gross and Jay Yellen.
  • Earth/matriX
    Texts studying the mathematics and geometry behind ancient artwork around the world, and comparing ancient calendars to contemporary science.
  • Materials & Technology for Education (MTE)
    Publishes arithmetic texts including algebra and pre-calculus for high school and college.
  • Zero: The Biography of a Dangerous Idea
    A concise look at the strangest number in the universe, by Charles Seife.
  • Black's Academy
    Online electronic mathematics textbooks where all problems also have solutions worked out. Covers mathematics for AQA, OCR, and Edexcel. Suitable for K12+.
  • Symmetry
    Visual journey through the worlds of symmetry, with many photos and drawings.
  • Precalculus Concepts
    A different approach to algebra and trig that is designed to prepare students for calculus. Graphics calculators play an important role.
  • Calculus Help Wizard
    Calculus books and videos from Calculus Help Wizard.
  • Interactive Calculus
    This online multimedia text contains editable graphs, simulations, animations, explorations, and step-by-step solutions.
  • Computational Beauty of Nature, The
    Companion site for the book by Gary William Flake. Contains applets and source code for simulations of fractals, chaos, complex systems, and adaptation.
  • Advanced Math SAT Workbook
    Workbook with strategies for students striving for a perfect score on common standardized admissions tests.
  • Calculus: Mathematics and Modeling
    Second-generation reform calculus text making significant use of TI-92's.
  • In the Wake of Chaos
    By Stephen H. Kellert.
  • Handbook of Analysis and Its Foundations
    Mathematics mini-encyclopedia for advanced undergraduates and beginning graduate students. Excerpts about the Axiom of Choice, orderings, norms, etc.
  • Ecological Numeracy
    By Robert A. Herendeen, published by John Wiley & Sons. Relatively simple mathematics to understand quantitative aspects of environmental issues.

Shopping > Math Books

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