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  • AAA Investment Guide
    Information on investment, savings and tax avoidance for U.K. residents.
  • FinPlanDotCom
    Articles and tools for personal finance topics including, basic personal finance, investing, retirement planning, insurance, taxation, and more.
  • Wikipedia: Subprime Lending
    Describes loans to customers having a credit score below 620. Typically, subprime loan customers are those who do not qualify for prime market rates because of a blemished or limited credit history. Subprime customers are therefore charged a higher interest rate, to compensate for the increased probability of future default...
    Offers articles on personal finance, jobs, debt, and retirement plans. Also features online calculators for credit cards, investments, and mortgages.
  • LifeTuner
    LifeTuner is a personal finance community with unbiased expert money advice, tools, calculators, articles, and forums that can help with money management and financial planning decisions.
  • Investor Education and Assistance
    Courtesy of the Securities and Exchange Commission.
  • Sensible-Investor
    Provides ratings and analysis of finance web sites, magazines, and television, with a focus on long-term investing.
    Profiting from the unfolding great bear market and the coming stock market crash.
  • Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA)
    Contains a history, list of the stocks, and other DJIA facts.
  • Excite Investing
    Offers multiple personal portfolios in addition to financial, business, and stock market news and research tools.
    Research guide offering information for trading stocks online.
  • FinLitTV
    Offers video, links, forums and networks, events, gifts, and original content to enable informed personal financial decisions.
    Online guide on how to trade stocks and understand the stock market.
  • Subprime Lending - HUD
    Typically, subprime loans are for persons with blemished or limited credit histories. The loans carry a higher rate of interest than prime loans to compensate for increased credit risk. Many have questioned why minorities appear to be over-represented in the subprime lending market...
  • Equity
    Find the various definitions of equity as it relates to ownership interest in a corporation, shareholders, and real esate. Links to related articles explore mortgages and home equity lines of credit.
  • Online Stock Trading Guide
    An educational site with stock trading information, tips, and resources to help beginning and intermediate traders and investors.
  • iWon Money
    Provides portfolios as well as financial, business, and stock market news and research.
  • WallStreetWindow
    Technical analysis and stock trading guide with free subscription to weekly newsletter.
  • Survival Insight: A Complete Guide to Surviving a Recession
    Offers solutions to the many problems caused by the recession. Find ways to make money, save money, debt solutions, stay healthy, and much more.
    Guide for investing, loans, and credit card information.

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Finance and Investment > Reference

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