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  • Wolfram Research, Inc.
    Creators of the Mathematica series of software titles.
  • Netlib at The Univ. of Tennessee and ORNL
    Contains freely available software, documents, and databases of interest to the numerical, scientific computing, and other communities.
  • Mathcad
    Technical calculation software for applying mathematics to engineering and application-specific projects.
  • Qhull
    General dimension C code for computing convex hulls, Delaunay triangulations, Voronoi diagrams, and halfspace intersections.
  • STIX Fonts - Scientific and Technical Information Exchange Project
    Developing a comprehensive set of fonts for mathematics and other special characters used in scientific, technical, and medical publishing.
  • MathGV
    Mathematical function graphing software program for Windows 3.1 and Windows 95.
  • MGCSoft
    Equation and graphical editor software for Windows.
    High-level technical computing language and interactive environment for analysis and numerical computation.
  • Unistat
    A comprehensive stand-alone statistical package that can also be used as an Excel add-in.
  • Micromath
    Nonlinear curve fitting software
  • GRTensor
    A MapleV based software package for doing tensor calculations.
  • Spreadsheets, Mathematics, Science, and Statistics Education
    Index of books, journals, and Web resources about spreadsheets with an emphasis on mathematics and statistics education.
  • Schur
    An advanced program for doing computations related to Lie groups and symmetric functions. Calculations using Young diagrams, the Littlewood-Richardson rule, Casimir invariants, and so forth. It runs on PCs and many Unix workstations.
    Interactive symbolic mathematics program. Manipulate/simplify equations, vectors, and matrices.
  • NTL
    Portable C++ library for problems in algebra and number theory.
  • Algae
    High-level interpreted language for numerical analysis.
  • Statiscope
    Applet that presents summarizing data and descriptive statistical charts.
  • Polymath Software
    An interactive numerical analysis package.
  • 3D-Filmstrip
    Tool that aids in the visualization of mathematical objects and processes. Runs under Mac System 7.X.
  • Serpik Graphs
    Powerful and easy-to-use plotting program (8 graph types, calculus features).

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B2B Mathematics Software > Titles

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