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  • 21st Century Internet Venture Partners
    Dedicated to opportunities born of the Internet.
  • 3G Lab
    Specialising in the development of software for next generation mobile networks and devices.
  • ABN AMRO Private Equity
    Partnership that makes equity investments in rapidly growing telecommunications, information technology, business services and healthcare services companies.
  • Access Venture Partners
    Invests in web-based business applications, e-commerce infrastructure, communications equipment and services, and semi-conductors sectors.
  • Allegra Partners
    Invests in Internet-driven telecommunications, software, and service companies.
  • Alloy Ventures, Inc.
    Provider of seed and early stage funding to computer, network, Internet, and life science companies.
  • Alpine Technology Ventures
    Early stage investment in California-based information technology companies.
  • Alta Partners
    Invests in information technology and life sciences companies.
  • Altira Group LLC
    Focused on equity capital for seed and early stage companies that develop and commercialize technology for the oil and gas industry.
  • Altos Ventures
    Focuses on seed and early-stage investments in high-technology companies.
  • Anila Corporation
    Focuses on business to business Internet and communication technologies.
  • Apex Investment Partners
    Invests in information technology companies.
  • Arbor Partners, LLC
    Focused on e-commerce and e-business companies.
  • ARCH Venture Partners
    Providing funds for information technology, life sciences, and physical sciences firms.
  • Argo Global Capital
    Investing in companies that are enabling the convergence of wireless communications and the Internet.
  • Aspen Ventures
    Provides seed and early stage funding for information technology companies.
  • Atlantic Coastal Ventures
    Provides venture capital for technology, broadcast, telecommunications, and industry consolidations.
  • Aurora Funds, Inc.
    Venture capital firm that invests primarily in emerging technology-based companies in the Southeastern United States.
  • Avalon Investments
    Offers capital to emerging technology organizations.
  • Babcock and Brown Technology Finance
    Team of technology finance professionals engaged in underwriting loans and leases to early stage, venture-backed emerging technology and other high growth companies.
  • Battery Ventures
    Invests in companies across the communications, software, and Internet/eCommerce industries.
  • Berkeley International Capital Corporation (BICC)
    Investing in later-stage, high technology companies.
  • Birchmere Ventures
    Invests in information infrastructure, e-services, telecommunication software, enterprise software, and bioinformatics.
  • Blueprint Ventures
    Dedicated to early stage communications companies building next generation Internet infrastructure.
  • BlueStar Ventures
    Focuses on early stage technology, Internet, and telecommunications start-up companies.
  • C & C Vencap
  • Cascadia Capital
    Focuses on infrastructure and enabling technologies, wireless, broadband, and business services companies.
  • Castile Ventures
    Invests in network equipment, e-business infrastructure, and Internet enterprises.
  • CeBourn
    Providing capital formation and transaction advisory services to a broad range of clients.
  • CenterPoint Ventures
    Invests in communications infrastructure, business software technologies, semiconductor products, and industrial technologies.
  • Charter Ventures
    Provides venture capital for emerging growth companies in the information technology and life science areas.
  • Columbia Capital
    Invests in communications services and technologies, including software and hardware.
  • Crest Communications Holdings
    Invests in companies providing services and technology solutions within the global communications and Internet infrastructure industries.
  • Devers Group Inc.
  • Diamondhead Ventures
    Provides seed and early stage investments.
  • Digital Partners Venture Capital
    Provides capital for early stage Northwest Internet and communications companies.
  • Digital Technology Partners
    Specializing in the digital convergence industry, the Internet, interactive media, and supporting enabling technologies.
  • DN Capital
    London-based VC focused on European infrastructure software companies.
  • Dooley Communications
    Investment bank specializing in assisting information technology and biotechnology companies seeking capital.
  • Earlybird Venture Capital
    Invests in early stage or expansion phase technology companies.
  • East River Ventures
    Invests in information technology system architecture, infrastructure, services, and enabling technologies.
  • Eastern Technology Fund
    Invests in companies located in the Eastern corridor of the United States
  • Edelson Technology Partners
    Making technology-based venture investments in start-ups, later round, and mezzanine financings.
  • Edison Venture Fund
    Specializing in private equity venture capital, expansion financings, management buyouts, consolidations, and secondary stock purchases.
  • El Dorado Ventures
    Focused on early stage, information technology investments.
  • Empire Ventures
    Invests in a number of segments in the software and Internet/intranet industries.
  • FA Technology Ventures
    Provides capital for information technology and energy technology companies.
  • FBR CoMotion Venture Capital
    Focuses on early-stage investment and acceleration services technology companies.
  • Financial Technology Ventures
    Invests in financial services technology and electronic commerce companies.
  • Foundation Capital
    Focuses on information technology.
  • G51 Capital
    Invests in seed and early-stage software and Internet companies.
  • Gabriel Venture Partners
    Focuses on information technology and telecommunications.
  • Generation Partners
    Focuses on equity transactions including buyouts, growth build-ups, expansion capital and information technology venture capital opportunities.
  • Granite Ventures LLC
    Early-stage venture capital investments in software, communications, Internet, electronic publishing, and more.
  • Gryphon Capital Partners
    Funding promising technology oriented companies located in western and southern Virginia.
  • Hook Partners
    Privately held firm whose investing in early stage Silicon Valley and Southwest high technology companies.
  • Hudson Venture Partners, L.P.
    Dedicating expertise and capital to technology companies.
  • Hummer Winblad Venture Partners
    VC fund exclusively focused on investing in software companies.
  • Hunt Ventures
    Has primary focus on early stage technology companies.
  • Ignition Corporation
    Investment firm focused on the wireless Internet.
  • Impact Venture Partners
    Early-stage venture capital firm focused exclusively on Internet-related products and services.
  • Inflection Point Ventures
    Invests in telecommunications, information technology, and electronic commerce companies.
  • iSherpa Capital
    Focuses on wireless and supporting technologies.
  • JatoTech Ventures
    Investing in technology companies.
  • JK&B Capital
    Investment focus is in telecommunications, software, and information technologies.
  • Katalyst
    Offers business advisory, venture capital, and investment banking services.
  • KB Partners
    Investment focus is in the Internet, computer hardware and software, information technology, semiconductors, industrial and engineering technology and products, medical devices and services, and telecommunications industries.
  • Kettle Partners
    Investment focus is on broadband technology companies.
  • Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers@
  • Levy Trajman Management Investment Inc.
    Provides portfolio companies the needed capital for growth while actively participating as a partner in setting the business vision and making day-to-day executive decisions.
  • Longworth Venture Partners
    Focuses on investing in early stage Internet, software, and IT services companies.
  • M Group
    Invests in Internet, technology, and software companies.
  • Madrona Venture Group
    Early-stage firm focused on the Internet economy.
  • Maton Venture
    VC firm investing in technology companies.
  • Matrix Partners
    A private venture capital partnership with an investment program focused on early stage software and communication companies.
  • Mercator Ventures
    Provide consulting services to start-ups and middle market companies with a merger and acquisition focus
  • Metropolitan Venture Partners
    Assists qualified entrepreneurs in the development of early stage businesses in the U.S. and Europe.
  • Millennium Hanson
    Invests in Internet companies.
  • Mission Ventures
    Invests in early-stage Internet and communications companies.
  • NeoCarta
    Dedicated to building Internet technology and communications businesses.
  • NetworkAsia
    Focuses on Internet enabling and wireless technologies. Offers investment strategy, guidance, and relationships.
  • New Vista Capital
    Invests in early stage information technology companies.
  • Newbury Ventures
    Specializing in communications and medical technology companies.
  • Newton Technology Partners (NTP)
    Early stage venture capital firm which targets information technology opportunities in the Asia Pacific, particularly Korea.
  • NextPoint Partners
    Focuses on telecommunications, Internet, business-to-business integration, new media, software, and business-to-business outsourcing.
  • Nokia Venture Partners
    Invests in mobile Internet related businesses.
  • North Coast Technology Investors
    Focuses on software and communications technology investments.
  • North Hill Ventures
    Invests in information technology and software companies.
  • Oak Investment Partners
    Focusing on building significant enterprises through investments in the information technology, biotechnology and retail market sectors.
  • Olympic Venture Partners
    Provides venture capital financing to early-stage technology-based companies in the western third of North America.
  • Onset Ventures
    Working with entreprenuers to transform concepts into profitable companies in information, communications and medical technology markets.
  • Open Prairie Ventures
    Invests in advanced materials, medical products, biotechnology, and information sciences.
  • Opus Capital
    Provides emerging technology companies access to capital and operational expertise.
  • Origin Ventures
    Invests in front-end e-commerce enterprises.
  • Plantagenet Capital
    Invests in early stage technology companies focusing on financial services, global business to business, and infrastructure.
  • Prime Technology Ventures
    Business accelerators for Internet and wireless companies.
  • Primedia Ventures
    Focuses on Internet infrastructure products and services, mobile applications for communications and commerce, and business services software applications.
  • Primus Venture Partners
    Invests in Internet, electronic commerce, telecommunications, business and education services, and healthcare companies.
  • Prism Venture Partners
    Invests in early-stage and growth companies in communications, Internet business infrastructure, and healthcare technology.
  • Psilos
    Specializing in investments in early-stage to pre-IPO healthcare services, digital media, and Internet companies.
  • Rein Capital
    Seed and venture capital, management consulting, and recruiting for high technology start up companies.
  • Riverside Management Group
    Concentrates on early stage investments in technology and healthcare companies.
  • SeaPoint Ventures
    Focuses investments on telecom and Internet infrastructure.
  • Selby Venture Partners
    Focuses on seed and early stage technology and Internet investments.
  • Sequoia Capital
    Invests in technology components, systems, software, and services.
  • Sevin Rosen Funds
    Funds early-stage semiconductor, computing, telecommunications, enterprise software, and services companies.
  • Sierra Ventures
    Provides financing to start-up and emerging growth companies focused on information technology and health care.
  • Sigma Partners
  • Skymoon Ventures
    Transforming ideas into businesses, and generating business plans in house, with a particular focus on semiconductors and telecommunications infrastructure.
  • South Atlantic Venture Funds
    Invests in the communications, health care, technology, manufacturing, consumer products, and specialty retail industires.
  • Southeastern Technology Fund
    Focuses on information technology investments.
  • Strathdon Investments Limited
    Focused on technology investments. Includes information for investors, entrepreneurs, and corporate ventures.
  • Sutter Hill Ventures
    Provides investments in private information technology and healthcare companies.
  • TA Associates
    Offers private equity and venture capital investments in growth companies in the software, technology, healthcare, financial services, media, and consumer industries.
  • Total Technology Ventures
    Investing in mid-staged technology companies located primarily in the Southeast U.S.
  • Trellis Partners
  • Trinity Venture Capital
    Provides equity capital and financial advice for early stage Irish and European technology companies.
  • Trinity Ventures
    Provides venture capital for high growth companies in computer software, data communications, Internet software, consumer products and retailing.
  • VenGlobal Capital
    Focused on early stage funding for software and wireless telecommunication companies.
  • Ventana Global
    Provides its portfolio companies with access to a global network of strategic and financial investor partners, resulting in significant opportunities for growth, technology transfers and product development.
  • Venture Investment Management Company (VIMAC)
    Focuses on the software and information technology, Internet infrastructure and services, and communications sectors.

Venture Capital Funding > Technology

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