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  • 2NZ
    Cel and computer animation.
  • 3-D Revolution Productions
    Animation production company based in Bristol, U.K, specializes in 3D stereoscopic and regular television animation. Site showcases some of their production work in stop-motion animation production.
  • 3D Films
    Specializes in creative design and character based 2D and 3D animation services, principally to clients in the TV and film industry.
  • 3DSite
    Producing visual effects for the entertainment industry.
  • 3fx
    Award-winning animation facility located in the Philadelphia area specializing in the design and creation of high-end graphics, animation and effects.
  • 3Pixels
    Specializes in character and environment design, 3D modeling, and computer animation.
  • ADV Films
    Information on current and future releases of Japanese animation.
  • Albatross Productions
    Video production company specializing in anime.
  • Alternate Route Studios
    Post house servicing the film industry with complete visual effects including studio production, miniatures, photorealistic CGI, compositing, editorial, and sound design.
  • Amalgamation House
    Animation and design services for film and video, including traditional cel to 2D/3D animation, graphics and effects.
  • Ambience Entertainment
    Special effects and CGI for television commercials, feature films, and broadcast television.
  • Anifex Pty Ltd.
    Animation and special effects.
  • Animal Logic
    Official site of Animal Logic, animators of the movie Happy Feet and visual effects providers of The Matrix: Reloaded, Hero, and House of Flying Daggers.
  • Animated Biomedical Productions
    Specializes in accurate medical and biological depictions.
  • Animatics & Storyboards, Inc.
  • Animation and Effects
    Designs and produces all types of special visual effects and animation for film, video, and interactive screens.
  • Atomic Pictures
    Creative visual effects, compositing, and computer animation production company specializing in computer graphic design, direction, and post production.
  • Augenblick Studios
    Brooklyn-based animation studio working in conjunction with major TV networks, filmmakers, and festivals to create animated shorts and features.
  • Bandai Entertainment
    Distributor of Japanese animation home video in North America.
  • Bazley Films
    Detailing the debut of animator Richard Bazley.
  • Bitter Films
    Official site for the animated works of Don Hertzfeldt, including Lily and Jim.
  • Black Maria Studios
    Independent studio specializing in 2D and 3D animation for film, television, and web. Based in Valencia, Spain.
  • Blue Sunflower
    Specializing in cutting edge animation for broadcast, commercial, and Internet purposes.
  • Boomstone Entertainment Inc.
    Offers development, pre-production, and animation services.
  • CaveMan Productions
    Animation and comics studio provides 2D and 3D services for film, video, and editorial.
  • Cellar Door Productions
    Specializes in developing, financing, and producing animated and live-action film and television.
  • Character Builders, Inc.
    Specializes in traditional animation for feature films, television, and commercials.
  • Creative Effects, Inc.
    Special effects, rental equipment, pyrotechnics, props, expendable supplies, and more.
  • David Hand Productions
    Services include entertainment consultation, project management, theme park production, and animated films.
  • Digital Domain
    Visual effects company co-founded by director James Cameron and effects whiz Stan Winston.
  • Dimension 3
    Specializes in stereoscopic television, film, and print media. Manufactures 3D glasses.
  • DMK Productions, Inc.
    Specializing in 3D Studio MAX visualization and presentations.
  • Dreadnought Pictures
    Low-overhead, creatively driven animation studios.
  • Duck Soup Produckions, Inc.
    Traditional and experimental animation including computer special effects.
  • Especial Effects Company
    For the film and television industry.
  • FableVision
    Offering cel-style animation production, character design, story development, and more.
  • Fantasimation Classic Animation
    Full service cartoon animation studio.
  • Flash Film Works
    Offers an array of visual effects techniques including miniature models, 3D animation, and digital matte paintings.
  • Flix Animation
    Provides quality animation and visual effects for both television and feature films.
  • Foy Inventerprises
    Creators of flying effects for the theatrical industry.
  • Frantic Films
    Producers of creative animation and visual effects for film and television.
  • Funbag Animation Studios
    Classical facility offering development, design, direction, and animation services.
  • FX Files
    Specializes in 2D animation with character and effects for commercials, movies, animated shorts, and show openings.
  • Glen Art Productions
    Clay and stop motion animation studio. Includes history, studio description, gallery page with stills and quicktimes, awards, and contacts.
  • Gourmet Images
    High-end media production company.
  • Head Gear Animation
    Creates commercial and broadcast design work using stop-motion and traditional forms of animation.
  • Helix Digital
    Offers digital production services for classical animation.
  • Hibbert Ralph Animation (HRA)
    Cartoon and 3D animation for commercials and TV.
  • House of Moves
    Motion capture studio.
  • Industrial Light & Magic (ILM)
    A Lucasfilm Ltd. company serving the digital needs of the entertainment industry for visual effects.
    Produces web sites, CD-ROM games, and animated short features.
  • Jim Henson's Creature Shop
    Designs and creates visual and physical creature effects for the film, television, and advertising industries.
  • John Lemmon Films
    Produce clay animation and cel animation.
  • Lemonade Animation
    3D animation company involved in independent shorts and commercial productions.
  • longneck
    Romanian design house offering 3D animation and visual effects for a variety of mediums.
  • Lost Boys Studios
    Three dimensional animation and digital compositing for the film and television industry.
  • M5 Industries
    Providing special effects props for commercials and film, stop-motion animation, animatronic puppets, prototype development services, and various display products.
  • Manex Entertainment
    Projects include films such as The Matrix, Romeo Must Die and Mission Impossible 2.
  • Manga Entertainment, Inc.
    Offering anime videos in the science fiction, supernatural horror and fantasy genres.
  • Matte World Digital
    Designs and produces visual effects using digital compositing and computer graphics. Also offers miniature creation and motion control facilities.
  • Maximilian Zillion Animation
    Hand-drawn cel animation since 1990. custom character creations along with concepting, scripting, and video production are all available.
  • Menithings
    Offers 3D animation, lightwave animations, visual effects, and special effects by Aristomenis Tsirbas.
  • Method
    Studio specializing in visual effects for commercials and music videos.
  • Mill, The
    Specializes in high-end visual effects for commercials, music promos, and television. Offices in New York City, and London, U.K.
  • Mobility Digital Effects for Film
    Digital animation studio provides 3D and 2D animation for feature films, HDTV, and commercials.
  • Nelvana
    Producer and distributor of animated children's and family entertainment.
  • Nexus Productions
    Producers of animation and design covering 2D, 3D, Flash, computer-generated, claymation, and traditional styles for worldwide promotion and entertainment clients.
  • O'Plenty Animation
    Character animation studio specializes in commercials, music videos, and original series.
  • Pixel Soup
    Tasty design for television, video, CD-ROM and the Internet.
  • Production House, The
    Offers 2D cel and 2D computer animation, 3D animation, and Flash animation for animated content in TV, movies, and Internet productions.
  • R/GA Digital Studios
    Digital advertising agency offering interactive designs, visual effects, 3D graphics, and production services.
  • Radar Studios
    Live action and visual effects production company specializing in commercial and broadcast design.
  • Radium
    A creative digital studio, producing visual effects for film and commercials.
  • Reality Check
    A digital motion graphics studio dedicated to designing and producing innovative visuals for the entertainment industry.
  • Reelworks Animation Studio
    Commercial studio specializing in moving illustration. Includes movie and still samples.
  • Renegade Animation
    Creates ink and paint sequences for commercials, software, video games, and more.
  • RFX, Inc.
    Visual effects support company and supplier of high-resolution input and output devices to the motion picture industry.
  • Rhythm & Hues Studios
    Produces animation and special effects for movies, commercials, television, and other cutting-edge media.
  • Richard Vander Wende
    Pre-production design and story development.
  • Rijn & Reisman
    Creating 3-dimensional art, including: models, props, sculpting, and design maquettes for film, television, themed attractions, architects, artists, and toy makers.
  • Russ Mooney Animation
    Provides traditional, Maya, and Flash animation production and consultation services in both Hollywood and Asia.
  • Savage, Adam
    Official site for the Mythbusters host.
  • Scopus Films
    Using clay and stop motion animation, Scopus Films specializes in videocassettes, TV series, books, CD-ROMs and other products for children.
  • ScreamTherapy
    Flash animation creation and production.
  • Shane Barrell Films
    Offers traditional and computer-based animation and production services.
  • Shynola
    Creators of computer animation for promos and commercials.
  • Simulation Special Effects, LLC.
    Provide practical (mechanical) special effects for the feature film and television. We also manufacture products for motion capture animation.
  • Special Designs Studios
    Offering 3D animation and visual effects for film and television productions.
  • Stargate Films
    Special effects company specializing in film and interactive media.
  • Stretch Films, Inc.
    A design and production studio for animation. John R. Dilworth is animation director and designer.
  • Studio B Productions
    Vancouver-based animation studio, specializing in development, design, direction, and animation.
  • Thomas FX Special Effects & Production Supplies
    Thomas FX specializes in special effects, film production equipment, Halloween props, fake snow and blood, and much more.
  • Tigar Hare Studios
    3D computer animation and special effects for film, commercials, and cable broadcasts.
  • Tippett Studio
    Specializing in computer-generated imagery for movies and television commercials.
  • Truly Dangerous Company
    Providing motion simulator, puppets, and creature FX services to the entertainment industry.
  • Twinkle
    Studio providing multi-format animation, motion graphics, and special effects for broadcast design, advertising, television animation, film, and the Internet.
  • Uli Meyer Studios
    Offers examples and information about projects in classical 2D, CGI animation, and live action in commercials and feature films.
  • Urban Vision Entertainment
    Releasing Japanese animation in dubbed and subtitled formats.
  • Viewport Images
    Computer graphics and animation production facility specializing in 3D/2D graphics and effects.
  • Virtual Studio Set
    Providing virtual news studios, backdrops, and background animations for use with green screen footage. All files are available for immediate download.
  • Vision Crew Unlimited
    Visual effects company specializing in miniatures, pyrotechnics, and mechanical effects for the entertainment industry.
  • Visual Concept Entertainment
    Offering motion control, compositing and animation, model/miniature photography, and digital matte services.
  • Visual Effects Society
    Comprised of artists and technologists who are professionally involved in the visual effects industry.
  • Wallace Creative
    Full production commercial broadcast, 3D, and multi-media animation and design studio.
  • Weta Workshop
    Special effects company founded by Richard Taylor, which has produced creatures and makeup effects for television and films. Best known for their work on The Lord of the Rings trilogy.
  • White Iron Digital
    Services include broadcast design, visual effects, animation, and editing.
  • Wild Brain
    Directors and animators using pioneering digital techniques along with traditional artistry to produce films, commercials, TV shows, and interactive programming.
  • Will Vinton Studio
    Dimensional animation studio, from the creator of Claymation.
  • Wit Animation
    Specializes in character work and is focused on the production of television commercials and the development of original content.
  • World Events Productions
    Creators of shows including Voltron, Saber Rider and The Star Sheriffs, and Denver the Dinosaur.
  • ZKad Productions
    Contains samples of custom animation on the BBC, FOX, PBS and ABC.

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