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  • Bare Bones Software
    Developer and publisher of BBEdit, the Macintosh text and HTML editor, as well as Mailsmith.
  • Boxer Software
    Developers of full-featured text editors for programmers, writers, scientists, and engineers.
  • CNC Programming & Consulting
    Text editor designed for CNC programmers.
  • CRiSP
    A brief compatible visual text editor on Unix and Windows platforms.
    Spell check differentiator solution with various royalty-free language dictionaries, text editors, thesaurus, and definitions.
  • EmEditor
    Offering EmEditor, a text editor for Windows supporting Unicode, plug-ins, and syntax highlighting.
  • Fookes Software
    Makers of NoteTab Pro.
  • Google Notebook
    Allows users to clip, collect, collate, and publish information as they browse the Web.
  • Greatis Software
    Products include the teXtreme Text Editor, RegRun Light a Windows Startup Manager, and more.
    Source for Just Great Software made by Jan Goyvaerts, including freeware and or purchase text editors, installation builders, and more.
  • Led by Sophist Solutions
    Led is a class library for building text editors and word process, together with a suite of shareware text editors built on the Led class library.
  • Mansfield Software Group, Inc.
    Offering KEDIT, a text editor for Windows, DOS, and OS/2 compatible with IBM's XEDIT editor.
  • Microedge
    SlickEdit provides an editing environment for software engineers.
  • Multi-Edit
    Designed to work with multiple programming languages in one development environment.
  • Pacemaker Software
    Products include CRiSP, used for editing any type of ASCII text, data, binary, hex or octal files, and CodeWarrior, which provides tools for building standard technology applications.
  • RIM-Arts Software Laboratory
    Highly featured Internet E-mail client and a text editor with its add in products.
  • RimStar
    C/C++/Java editor for Win32 and OS/2: info, evaluation copies, updates.
  • Robots.txt Tutorial
    Tutorial to how spiders interact with robots.txt files. Includes robots.txt generator and analyzer.
  • Semware Editor (formerly Qedit)
  • Software Online, LTD
    Developers of Unix utilities and GUI shell for Windows.
  • Source Insight
    Editor/browser analyses C, C++, C#, and Java sources while you edit, and provides symbolic navigation, rich displays, class, and call tree diagrams.
  • Starbase
    Information and extensions for the CodeWright line of programmers' editors and other products.
  • TextPad
    Powerful general purpose text editor for Windows.
  • Ultra Edit
    Editor for text, HEX, HTML, and more.
    Edit files up to 2 Gigabytes in ASCII, Hex or EBCDIC. Ideal for database and mainframe editing, program & CD-ROM development. DOS, Windows, Unix, QNX.
  • WinEdit Software Co.
    With scripted macro language, built-in HTML viewer, FTP client, customizable toolbars, menus, and keyboard.
  • Writeboard
    Sharable, web-based text documents that allow you and others to save every edit, roll back to any version, and easily compare changes.
  • Yahoo! Notepad
    Write notes and access them anywhere.
  • Zeus for Windows
    Brief, Epsilon, Wordstar and Emacs compatible programmer's text editor for Windows 3.x, Windows 95 and NT.

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