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Pigment and Dye Manufacturers and Distributors

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  • Alabama Pigments Company
    Producer of black and natural red iron oxide pigments.
  • ALPS Industries Ltd.
    Manufactures natural dyes, cotton products, dye fibers, and yarns.
  • Ama Herbal Laboratories
    Manufacturer of extracts of eco-friendly natural dyes for textile and hair.
  • Amantech
    Importer of Indian pigments, dyes, food colors, and raw materials for the coatings industry.
  • American Colors, Inc.
    Coloration systems for the plastics and coatings industries.
  • Anar Chemicals
    Manufactures synthetic organic dyes, pigments, and intermediates.
  • Arun Chemi-Dyes
    Manufacturer and exporter of sodium naphthionate, betahydroxy napthoic acid, bon acid, and para chloro aniline.
  • Atlas Dye-Chem Industries
    Manufactures reactive dyes.
  • B.R. Group
    Distributing pigments, dyes, and other chemical products.
  • Chemical Factory Triade
    Makes dyestuffs and pigments for the textile, paper, and leather industries.
  • Chemrez
    Manufacturer of paints and coatings, inks, resins, and colorants.
  • China Wellton Chemical Co. Ltd.
    Providing organic pigment, pigments printing paste, dispersion dye, and more.
  • Cleveland Pigment & Color Co.
    Processes pigments for rubber, plastics, and other industries.
  • Colores Naturales de Chile
    Producing and manufacturing cochineal extracts and derived carmines for the food and cosmetic industries.
  • Colorwen International Corp.
    Serves domestic and international markets with dry pigments, presscake, water-based ink, color paste, color masterbatch, pigment flush, and inkjet inks.
  • Creanova, Inc.
    Provides tinters, inks, biocides, raw materials, and additives to industry.
  • Daemyung Industry
    Producing dyeing, printing, pretreatment, and sizing chemicals for the textile trade.
  • Deepak Chemicals Group
    Manufactures pigments, dyes, and dye intermediates.
  • Delta Colours
    Color pigments for the paint, plastics, ink, and construction industries.
  • Devarsons Industries Limited
    Makes pigments and dyes.
  • Dyetex Corporation
    Manufactures synthetic, intermediate, coaltar, and colorant dyes.
  • Elian
    Masterbatch and colorant manufacturer for plastics coloration.
  • Farbenchem International
    Marketing dyes, dye intermediates, pigments, and pigment intermediates.
  • Gopal Chemicals
    Manufacturing food colors.
  • Gwalior Oil Mills
    Makers of oil, paints, resins, and pigments.
  • Hangzhou Pigment Chemicals Plant
    Exporter and manufacturer of organic pigment, anthraquinone and h-acid.
  • Hastand
    Offer a range of chemicals, including pigments, dyestuffs, and pharmaceutical raw materials.
  • Hebei Jiehong Dyestuff Chemical Corporation - Tianjin Dept.@
  • Hebei Luquan Xingyu Chemical Factory
    Manufacturer of dyestuffs including basic red, basic violet, monochloroacetic acid, fluorescent brighteners, thiourea dioxide, and 6-chloro-2-hexanone.
  • Hebei Quzhou Chenguang Natural Pigment Co.,Ltd
    Manufacturer of natural pigment for foodstuffs including red chilli color, extract, chilli flavoring essence, xanthophylls, and more.
  • Hebei Wuqiang Ruixin Chemical Co.
    Manufacturer of organic pigment and intermediates, including basic green, basic orange, and others.
  • Hebei Xihai Dyestuff Group Co., Ltd.
    Offering intermediates, direct dyes, reactive dyes, and more.
  • Hema Chemical
    Manufactures organic dyes and intermediates.
  • Holland Colours
    Produces pigments and pigment dispersions mainly for the plastics industry worldwide.
  • Indo Colchem Ltd.
    Manufactures dyes and intermediates.
  • Industrial Colours and Chemicals Limited
    Supplier of dyes and pigments to manufacturing industries such as, paint and coating, graphic arts, plastics and rubber, paper, and more.
  • Jagson Colchem
    Makes reactive dyes including acids and direct dyes.
  • Jyoti Colours
    Manufacturer and exporter of organic and inorganic pigments, dyes, metallic powder, oils, and resins. Based in Bangalore, India.
  • Kerr-McGee Corporation
    Energy and inorganic chemical company with worldwide operations.
  • Kronos, Inc. - Hightstown, NJ
    Anatase/rutile titanium dioxide pigment for whiteness, brightness and opacity in paints, coatings, plastics, paper, ink, fibers and ceramics.
  • Kumar Textile Industries
    Products include direct, reactive, acid, and basic dyes.
  • Luen Shing Company
    Hong Kong-based enterprises specializing in auxiliary, dyestuff, and chemical products for the fur and leather industries.
  • Magruder Color Company
    Manufacturer of dry and flushed pigments for sheetfed, web offset, heatset, news, aqueous and solvent inks.
  • Mahavir Chemicals
    Exporter of acid, pigment, leather, and non bezidine dyes.
  • Meilida Pigment Industry Company
    Manufactures organic pigment and intermediates, mainly phthalocyanine blue series products.
  • Nanjing New Chemicals Import and Export Corporation
    Manufacturer and exporter of disperse dyestuffs, solvent dyestuffs, chemical intermediates, and pigments.
  • Neelikon Food Dyes & Chemicals
    Makes writing ink, fluorescent pigments, and colors for food, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics.
  • Ningbo Huajie Chemical
    Manufacturer and exporter of disperse dyes, pigments, intermediates, and other chemical products.
  • Nova Dyestuff Industries
    Manufactures and exports dyes, auxiliaries, intermediates, and more.
  • Novasoft Systems
    Manufacturing natural and synthetic dyes.
  • Organic Dyestuffs, Inc.
    Manufacturers of dyes and auxiliaries for all industries.
  • Orient Corporation of America
    Manufacturer of dyes and pigments for plastics, inks, toners, charge control agents, leather, and anodized aluminum.
  • Plasticolors, Inc.
    Supplier of colorants and chemical dispersions for the plastics industry.
  • Recent Laboratories
    Manufacturer of alkali cyanates. Offers indigeniously developed products.
  • Ritchemie
    Manufacturers and suppliers of dyes.
  • Sajjan India Ltd.
    Manufacturing and exporting dyes and dye intermediates.
  • Sanyo Color Works, Ltd.
    Manufacturing pigments, dyes, functional pigments, cationic pigment-dyes, pigment dispersions, and more.
  • Saraf Chemical Industries
    Processes and exports granite blocks, slabs, tiles, marble, slate, and sandstone as well as reactive, acid, and direct dyes.
  • Sarichem Dyestuff
    Offers a wide range of dyestuff.
  • Shidimo Interaux
    Manufacturer and exporter of acid , acid milling, metal complex, and solvent dyes. Also, dye intermediates, and textile auxiliaries.
  • Sinlai Industries Corp.
    Colours (dye/pigment), fine and specialty chemicals and pharmaceuticals suppliers.
  • Soujanya Enterprises
    Specialists in pigments and pigment dispersion for use in paint, soap, detergent and printing ink.
  • Specialised Industrial Chemicals Ltd
    Supplies speciality inks and chemicals to British and European industries covering the automotive, electronics, marine, and engineering sectors.
  • Spectra Colors Corporation
    Industrial inks, dyes and colorants for all needs.
  • Spectrum Dyes & Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.
    Manufacture disperse dyes for use in the textile industry.
  • Stallion Impex, Ltd.
    Manufactureres of reactive, direct and acid dyestuffs.
  • Stoopen & Mee?s S.A.
    Pigments and dyes for woods, cement, plastics, printing, food, and more, specially formulated by request.
  • Sudarshan Chemical Industries
    Manufactures and markets a range of paint, plastic, and ink pigments as well as agricultural chemicals and environmental products
  • Sun Chemical
    Manufacturer of printing inks, coatings and organic pigments.
  • Sunbelt Corporation
  • Texchem
    Manufacturers of chemical products for textile dyeing and finishing.
  • Thirumalai Chemicals
    Manufactures and markets industrial chemicals for the plastics, paints, resin industries, and additives for the food and feed industry.
  • TOR Minerals International
    Markets and manufactures pigments for paints, plastics, and other products that require colorization.
  • Ushanti
    Offers dyestuff, pigment, color matching, and intermediate processes.
  • Vinayak Corporation
    Manufacturers of menthol, food colors, essential oils, aromatic chemicals, and dyes.
  • Vipul Dye Chem Limited
    Manufactures pigment emultions, solvent colours and acid dyes.
  • Zhe Jiang Wan Tong Chemical
    Manufacturer and exporter of disperse dyes. Includes company profile and online inquiry form.

Pigment and Dye Manufacturers and Distributors

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