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  • Agnew, Al
    Gallery of wildlife images, including original works and limited edition prints.
  • Antonishak, Tom
  • Arrants, Shirley
    Gallery of western, wildlife, and sporting art, specializing in pastel painting.
  • Auble, Toni Lynn
    Features paintings and illustrations of wildlife, landscapes, and portraits, done in acrylic, watercolor, and graphite.
  • Barnett, Barry
    Features prints of original wildlife and marine art.
  • Barrie, Marc
    High realism and abstract wildlife and nature paintings and prints.
  • Baum, Royann H.
    Wildlife paintings, prints, and wood carvings.
  • Binks, Robert
    Original paintings and print reproductions of wildlife subjects including sea gulls to deer, elk, wolves, and large cats.
  • Bosman, Paul
    Featuring prints and original paintings of the big cats of Africa, the magnificent seven elephants of the Kruger National Park, and other popular wildlife subjects.
  • Brown, Rick
    North American Ojibwe artist specializing in wildlife and Native American prints.
  • Bryant Jr., Jack
    Bronze wildlife artist.
  • Butler, Murrell
    Nature and wildlife artist exhibiting some of his art for sale online. Includes duck stamps, wildlife landscapes, and regional scenes.
  • Butler, Wade
    Wildlife artist who works in graphite pencil and opaque watercolor.
  • Cheek, Kelly
    Offers limited edition giclee prints and greeting cards by Kelly Cheek, with an interest in wildlife conservation.
  • Cline, Shawn
    Features steel wildlife and landscape wall sculptures by Shawn Cline. Art works are hand-drawn on steel, and then created by precision hand-held blowtorch cuttings. Also provides a photo gallery.
  • Coe, Mark
    Cariboo-Chilcotin, British Columbia artist carving and photographing wildlife, and running workshops.
  • Coleman Ian
    Offers paintings and prints featuring birds, mammals, and marinelife.
  • Comben, Angela
    Photo-realist painter of Australian and African wildlife. Also offers classes.
  • Corbin, Peter
    Sporting artist offering prints, paintings, and commissioned portraits.
  • DeNardo, Laura
  • Dickison, Annette
    Explorer of the effect of sunlight on the form and colour of flowers.
  • Edwards, Debby
    Offers limited edition prints of nature scenery and wildlife art.
  • Eklund, Anders
    Features a gallery of paintings of the Swedish wildlife painter Anders Eklund. Also includes information about current exhibitions.
  • Fields, Marguerite
    Creates wildlife and Native American paintings and limited edition prints.
  • Finney, David
    Provides artist profile, portfolio, and sample illustrations of birds, animals, and pets.
  • Forest, Crista
    Wildlife and computer art.
  • Forster, Craig
    Selection of wildlife themed paintings and photographs using various natural environments and media.
  • Gagnon, R H
    Presents pencil prints of animals.
  • Garrett, Gary D.
    Showcasing original realistic paintings and prints of the landscapes and wildlife of New Mexico.
  • Gerbert, Peter R.
    Painting detailed wildlife art. Originals, prints, and limited edition prints available.
  • Gonzalez, Fedra
    Features wildlife paintings. Also includes information on available originals, prints, and classes.
  • H?ger, Peter
    Featuring paintings and miniatures in a photorealistic manner. Subjects ranging from European cityscapes, still lifes, landscapes, and nature and wildlife scenes.
  • Hamrick, Stephen P.
    Paintings, wood carvings, and castings of sporting dogs, big game, birds, and other animals.
  • Hansen, Joan A.
    Landscape, floral, and wildlife themes. Originals, prints, giclees, posters, and puzzles available.
  • Harmening, Steven
    Original acrylic paintings and limited edition prints. Images of a wide variety of wildlife.
  • Hautman Brothers
    Offers images of wildlife and nature in paintings and prints.
  • Heaton, Gillian
    Diverse collection of paintings including wildlife paintings, beach paintings, dogs, and seascapes. Mediums explored include oils, acrylics, watercolours, and pastels.
  • Hill, Berrisford
    Portrays animals in their natural habitats, working in oils, acrylics, watercolors, and pastel.
  • Jennings, William Scott
  • Johnson, Gary R.
    Featuring the artist's giclee and offset lithographic prints.
  • Johnson, Jerry
    Inspired by a love of wildlife and the beauty of Western Montana, he focuses on the role light plays on his subjects.
  • Kemp, Rebecca
    Wildlife and fantasy painter with a love of mythology and nature.
  • Knapp, Mark
    Offers watercolor, oils, and pastels specializing in Alaskan landscape and wildlife scenes and commissioned works.
  • Lambson, Hayden
    Featuring realistic wildlife art of whitetail, muledeer, bear, waterfowl, pheasant, elk, ducks, wolf, and others.
  • Landis, Doug
    Self-taught disabled wildlife artist.
  • Lanier, David
    Specializing in ducks, quail and hunting dogs.
  • Larson, Judy
    Wildlife art features wolves, horses, native Americans, and hidden images.
  • Lavoie, Dawn
    Canadian wildlife.
  • Leoni, Margherita
    Gallery of watercolors capturing the flowers of the Brazilian forests.
  • Li, Peng Peng
    Miniature handmade teddy bears, unique collector quality bears from traditional to whimsical.
  • Locke, Myrtice and Boni
    Specializes in creating southwestern style wildlife paintings on deerskin.
  • Maiden, Michael
    Specializes in images of the bald eagle and other wildlife.
  • Mallett, Todd
    Specializing in oil paintings of ducks, geese, bird dogs, and wildlife.
  • Mark-Finberg, Laura
    Wildlife paintings and print offered through Mark Wildlife Publishers.
  • Mason, Rochelle
    Creates paintings of endangered species, wildlife, and pets.
  • Mcdonald, Les Jr.
    Realistic watercolors specializing in wildlife art, landscapes, and seascapes.
  • McGarry, Pip
    International wildlife artist best known for his paintings of big cats and African animals.
  • McLoughlin, Wayne
    Features wildlife art, landscape paintings, outdoor sporting art and humorous vintage posters, and art prints.
  • Miller, David
    Specializing in portraying game and course fish in their natural habitat. Commissions undertaken and prints available.
  • Morris, Julie
    Book illustrations and commissioned work, specialising in pets and wildlife.
  • Nocke, Claudia
    Wildlife art and animal portraits, and details of the book 'A Guide to the Carnivores of Central America' that features a selection of her drawings.
  • Nooney, Sally Shelton
    Offers still lifes and outdoor scenes.
  • O'Toole, Louis
    Dramatic landscapes and wildlife works in watercolour. Paintings of sweeping valleys, towering monoliths, quiet streams, and more.
  • Ogle, Mark
    Landscape and wildlife artist.
  • Pearson, Bruce
    British artist featuring paintings, woodcuts, monoprints, and drawings of wild birds, fields, and vegetation in nature.
  • Perez, Rose
    Northwest artist inspired by the scenic beauty of the Oregon Coast.
  • Petersen, Stephen
    Paints portraits of African wildlife in their natural habitat.
  • Ramos, Kate
    Canadian artist featuring realistic paintings and digital color photographs of wildlife.
  • Ratnavira, Gamini
    Paints colorful and vibrant images of rainforest birds and mammals revealing his love for art and an unrestrained, lifelong reverence for nature and animals.
  • Richardson, Blake
    Transforms shapes and forms found naturally in the wild into animals, fairies, unicorns, and more.
  • Richter, Martiena
    Gallery of wildlife art, original scratchboard engravings, and limited edition prints.
  • Ridley, Martin
    Offers sketches, preparatory drawings, and a gallery of animal and bird paintings that have evolved from initial wildlife field encounters.
  • Rigby, Adrian C.
    Original paintings and prints.
  • Rodell, Don
    Wildlife art prints.
  • Rogers, Julia
    Fine oil paintings of primarily African wildlife species.
  • Romanini, Elizabeth
    Illustrations of birds of prey, song, and many other aspects of nature.
  • Sainsbury, Jonathan
    Creates detailed and atmospheric paintings, focusing on natural landscapes, wildlife, and the environment.
  • Sauls, Jerry
    Offers seascapes and football art.
  • Scarpace, Jason
    Raises money for teaching disadvantaged local youth about art by selling creative paintings of fish. Also includes a calendar of local art events.
  • Seerey-Lester, John
  • Shepard, Carol H.
    Offers original wildlife, fish, cat, and dog art on slate, and three dimensional paintings of animals using natural river rock shapes.
  • Shimeld, Susan
    Showcases wildlife art, fine art prints, and greeting cards by the wildlife artist, Susan Shimeld. Features gallery of paintings as well as a bio of the artist.
  • Siddle, Keith
    Koi and tropical marine fish artist.
  • Sodeau, Katy
    Specializes in equestrian art, including watercolors of horse racing scenes, and landscape paintings of East Anglia.
  • Spannagel, John
    Artist based in Arizona offering photorealistic wildlife and Grand Canyon paintings.
  • Stine, Rob
    Features wildlife and golf themes.
  • Thew, Allan
    Original oil paintings and prints of western wildlife and landscape subjects. Wildlife conservation tips.
  • Tillenius, Clarence
    Paints on the theme of the singular beauty of animals as seen in the wild and the need to preserve their habitat, with an emphasis on Canadian wilderness.
  • Totten, David
    Specializing in portraits of Alaska's mammals and birds.
  • Truss, Jon
    Offers galleries of pencil sketches, oils, and prints. Includes elephants and big cats.
  • Verburg, Robin
    Nature and wildlife paintings in gouache and ink.
  • Verhoeff, Jeroen
    Dutch wildlife artist.
  • Waterman, Paula G.
    Animal and landscape work in scratchboard and in oil.
  • Watts, Don
    Original bronze sculptures of wildlife.
  • Weber, Wolfgang
    Captures animals in their natural habitat through his watercolors, oils, etchings, sketches, and bronzes.
  • Wicks, Derek
    Offers prints and originals.
  • Williams, Owen
    Featuring a gallery of sporting and wildlife art.
  • Young, Paco
    Contains a collection of Paco Young's North American wildlife, sporting art, fly fishing art, and landscape paintings.

Nature and Wildlife Art > Artists

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