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  • Adams, Ansel (1902-1984) (11)
    Best known for his images of Yosemite Valley and America's National Parks, Ansel Adams was also the author of several instructional books on photography. Along with Fred Archer he developed the Zone System, a systematic method for translating the tonalities of a scene into specific densities on negatives and paper.
  • Degree Confluence Project [pick] [read review]
    Aims to visit each of the latitude and longitude integer degree intersections in the world, and to take at least one picture at each location.
  • Arthus-Bertrand, Yann (b. 1946) (3)
    Yann Arthus-Bertrand is a photojournalist specializing in adventure, sports, and nature photography. His best known works are aerial shots taken from a hot air balloon.
  • Greenberg, Jill (b. 1967) [pick] [read review]
    Specializes in celebrity portraits, advertising, magazine covers, fashion, and intimate animal pictures.
  • Tunick, Spencer (b. 1967) (7)
    Spencer Tunick is know for celebrating the nude form by creating art installations which include hundereds of nude people, when the sheer number of individuals turns the nudity into an abstraction, which he then photographs.
    Join offering amateur photographers a chance to post photos on the Web, rate work by other photographers, and gain exposure through publication in hardbound anthologies and on the Internet.
  • Kenna, Michael (b. 1953) (2)
    Learn about Michael Kenna, the creator of minimalistic and "dreamy" photography. Sites include biography, career profile, exhibits, books and publications, and interviews of the photographer.
  • Mirror Project [pick] [read review]
    Growing community of like-minded individuals who have photographed their likenesses in a variety of reflective surfaces.
  • Eggleston, William (b. 1937) (3)
    Promotes street photography and continue to explore its possibilities.
  • Schatz, Howard (5)
    Enjoy Howard Schatz, the fine-art and fashion photographer Howard Schatz known for his off-beat techniques and shooting styles of underwater photography and a visionary celebration of movement and form. Sites offer biography, career, works, videos, books and publications, and articles.
  • Gigapxl Project
    Photography project from Graham Flint using custom-built cameras that capture images with the unprecedented resolution of 4 gigapixels.
  • Fahad
    Haute couture designer and fashion photographer.

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