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  • Magic Mirror of Life: An Appreciation of the Camera Obscura [*]
    Offers an introduction to the camera obscura and serves as a guide to camera obscura rooms still in use today.
  • Adventures in CyberSound: The Camera Obscura
    Traces the apparatus' development and uses from Aristotle's time, to its use as an artist's aid in the 1600s, to the beginnings of photography.
  • Sky in a Room, The
    Offers directions for transforming your bedroom into a camera obscura.
  • Giant Camera - San Francisco, CA@
    Find sites for Giant Camera in San Francisco, CA, the device based on Leonardo da Vinci's design which produces 360 degree view of Seal Rock area. Sites offer information, history, and protest page to save the camera from closing down.
  • Schwartz, Charles
    Photographs of New York created with a camera obscura.
  • Circa Magazine: Dark Wonder
    Article describing the history and science behind the camera obscura.
  • Engines of Our Ingenuity: Camera Obscura
    Briefly describes the camera obscura's role in the development of photography.
  • Camera Obscuras Today (PDF)
    Lists the addresses of camera obscuras open to the public in Britain.

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