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Oil Painters

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  • Abegg, Doreen
    Features vibrant and expressive impressionist paintings of landscapes, gardens, and figures.
  • Abrahmi, Ora
    Israeli artist offering colorful, contemporary abstract paintings presented by series and extensive background information.
  • Acevedo, Mario
    Painter of Americana urban landscapes and vintage motorcycles.
  • Adam, Kathleen E.
    Realistic oil paintings of animals, people and related subjects.
  • Adams, James Douglas
    Offers monumental figurative paintings penetrates boundaries through the displacement of time, place, age, proportion, and gender.
  • Adams, Mike
    Creates minimal abstract paintings and metal sculptures inspired by mountain ranges, sky, volcanoes, islands, rivers, and forests.
  • Adams, Trisha
    Exhibits oil paintings of landscapes and still life.
  • Adams, Walter Burt
    Painted urban landscapes from street corners in Evanston, Illinois, for almost half a century.
  • Adamsson, Leif
    Personal showcase of paintings and sculptures.
  • Addington, Dan
    Oil and encaustic figurative painter from Chicago.
  • Adonai
    Exhibit of works in a neo-impressionist style.
  • Adrian, Kollar
    Offers oil paintings and his musical compositions.
  • Afshar, Hengameh
    Persian female artist and poet. Over sixty oil paintings from realism to impressionism.
  • Agudelo, Fernando
    Artist from South America offering surreal landscape paintings and giclee prints.
  • Ahart, Shoshanna
    Artist based in Washington DC creating contemporary paintings of architeture and interiors in oils and pastels.
  • Akyildiz, Mevlut
    Turkish exhibiting artist presenting contemporary narrative paintings.
  • Al-Tawil, Hashim
    Art historian, lecturer, and Arab-American artist featuring paintings depicting Arab and Islamic history and culture.
  • Alani, Saad
    Painter and sculptor from Iraq.
  • Albiolo
    Offers oil paintings that communicate her love of life.
  • Alexander, Matthew
    Offering a gallery of different European locations.
  • Alfrao, Eddie
  • Allard, Paule-Monique
    Technique of sculpture in painting.
  • Allbeury-Hock, Anne
    Eastern shore oil painter of soft-focus realism. Landscapes, gardens, the waterfront, and marine subjects in a loose impressionist style.
  • Allen, Jere H.
    Expressionistic, figurative, social, and personal painting realities.
  • Alles, David
    Artist based in Nebraska creating abstract oil and watercolor paintings fusing what is visible and invisible.
  • Almeida, Renato
    Biography, photos, and a sample of his works.
  • Alpern, Tyler
    Features narrative, expressive paintings in designs such as landscapes, nudes, and pop culture.
  • Amell, Dan
    Online gallery of oil paintings and drawings.
  • Amiama Rodriguez, Enriquillo
    Includes landscapes, portraits, and still lifes.
  • Amirfakury, Ali
    Gallery of oil and water color paintings.
  • Ammouna, Khitam
    Syrian artist based in Abu Dhabi showcasing paintings of figures, abstractions, portraits, and flowers.
  • Anderson, C.S.
    Plein air artist featuring impressionistic California landscapes.
  • Anderson, Marian
    Art gallery of limited edition prints and oil originals.
  • Ando, Rachelico Junco
    Japanese artist's exploration of Israel and Jewish spirituality.
  • Antonov, Anton
    Includes colorful gallery of abstracts, a biography, and contact information of the contemporary painter.
  • Antonov, Petko
    Bulgarian artist based in Razgrad featuring modern paintings of figures, landscapes, and interiors luminated by saturated colors.
  • Aparin, Sergei
    Enigmatic, metaphysical, and fantastic oil paintings from this Russian painter.
  • Apollonov, Oleksiy
    Contemporary Ukrainian artist exhibiting abstract figurative paintings.
  • Apte, Peter
    Online exhibition of paintings by the Australian artist Peter Apte.
  • Archer, Robin
    English academic artist influenced by the Victorian Era specializing in paintings of female figures and portraits.
  • Archibald, Dion
    Contemporary painter offering cityscape and figurative work.
  • Armstrong, Helen N.
    Gallery of landscape, still life, and portrait oils.
  • Arndt, Roger D.
    Creates original works featuring the Rocky Mountains, forests, and Pacific shores.
  • Arnesson, Peter
    Poetical site with paintings and graphic works by this Swedish artist.
  • Aronson, Jan
    Gallery of landscapes, portraits, and cloud paintings.
  • Arroyo, Alfred
    Contains gallery of Mexican oil paintings, bio, and excerpts from his novel.
  • Art?mis
    Includes gallery of works and biography.
  • Artanegara, Sekti
    Work inspired by music and the mother-child bond.
    Showcases a wide variety of oil paintings. Offers custom work, including portraits of people, pets, and favourite places.
  • Arvid, Thomas
    Preeminent painter of wine with original oils on canvas and limited editions.
  • Assemi, Reza
    Offers paintings reflecting fascination with life, death, and isolation.
  • Asturi
    Oil colours on canvas influenced by Polynesian culture.
  • Atelier, Marie Mella
    Presents oil on wood, canvas, and paper.
  • Audette, Anna Held
    Features oil paintings depicting ruins of our time.
  • Auguste, Patricia
    Landscapes of Provence, Philadelphia, the Chesapeake Bay, and the American Southwest, as well as abstract and modern works.
  • Avakyan, Grant
    Featuring abstract compositions of line, form and color.
  • Aymerich, Charo
    Includes contemporary figurative oil paintings, portraits and etchings.
  • Babb, Lois Virginia
    American artist offering prints and giclees depicting landscapes, still lifes, children, women, and animals.
  • Baeder, John
    Photorealistic oil paintings of diner, street signs, and other images from roadside America.
  • Baggesen, Lise Haller
    Amsterdam-based artist's contemporary art works presented in a slide-show format.
  • Bailey, Kerry
    Realistic and surrealistic oil paintings of dogs, wolves, family, cats, and more.
  • Bantam, Wendy
    Nebraska artist creates works filled with playful and fantastic imagery.
  • Barger, Joan
    Features Nebraska and Colorado rustic landscapes.
  • Barker, Noel
    Features oil and acrylic paintngs in a naive style.
  • Barr, Joel
    Southern artist creating surreal, narrative images in oils and mixed media.
  • Barr, Tommy
    Paints images of Northern Ireland's structures and people.
  • Barrett, Julie
    Painting in oils on paper. Subjects are figurative abstract, dealing with communication between ourselves and others.
  • Barron, William
    Features large-scale land and seascape paintings from Plymouth, MA.
  • Barton, Raymond
    Official site featuring paintings for sale, awards gallery, hobbies, favorite links, and more.
  • Basile, Naef
    Cutting edge oil paintings that blur the distinction between reality and abstraction.
  • Batcheller, Marilyn
    Information about the artist and oil paintings.
  • Bates, David Moreland
    Texan painter creating landscapes and still lifes in oil.
  • Bates, Matthew
    Features paintings inspired by Firenze.
  • Baumgart, Richard
    Contemporary oil paintings and drawings.
  • Beale, Catherine
    Scenes of Singapore in oils and watercolors.
  • Beale, Jason
    Modernist artwork from Melbourne-based artist. Includes images, writing, and web log.
  • Beck, H?l?ne
    Based in the Saguenay region, and painting landscapes, portraits, still lifes, and religious pieces.
  • Beers, Kevin
    Contemporary realist paintings of subjects including cityscapes, abandoned cars, and landscapes.
  • Behrens, Elke
    Images inspired by children's art.
  • Belenikin, Valeriy
    Russian figurative painter, featuring work from 1989 to the present day.
  • Bergmann, Dagmar
    Lyrical abstraction.
  • Berkelmans, Mariette
    Includes the artist's biography and a gallery.
  • Berkkans, Yaprak
    Contains selections from personal exhibitions and UNICEF calendars, resume, and contact information.
  • Berman, Ellen
    Widely exhibited painter of still life oil paintings.
  • Bernard, Arthur
    Belgian artist creating colorful expressionist paintings on canvas and on paper.
  • Bernard, Teresa
    Oil paintings in the realistic style including portraits, wildlife, still life, landscapes, seascapes, and religious paintings.
  • Bertrand, Kathy
    Oil pastel images of animals, people, and plants.
  • Bicke'l Evans, Shirley
    Featuring realist seascape, marine, and coastal paintings in oil.
  • Bierman, Sandra
    Featuring figurative works, limited edition prints, biography, and contact information.
  • Bilodeau, Lucie
    Offers wildlife, spiritual, landscape, and still life themes in a realistic style.
  • Birawer, Michael
    Captures the connection between the Twin Cities' neighborhoods and history through its architecture and people.
  • Bittar, Pierre
    French artist, specializing in impressionistic landscapes and portraits.
  • Bittner, Chet
    Creates impressionist art, seascapes, landscapes, and bronze scultures.
  • Blair, Brandon
    Texas artist featuring surreal landscape and narrative oil paintings.
  • Blondell, Tina
    Gallery of contemporary figurative paintings in watercolors and oils by Tina Blondell. Original paintings and archival quality giclee prints are available for sale.
  • Bloom, Rosalind
    Surreal and whimsical oil paintings and works on paper.
  • Blumenthal, Joan Mitchell
    Includes artwork, biography, and contact information.
  • Blundell, Gary and Ward, Victoria
    Features gallery and history of their home studio.
  • Boak, John
    Boldly-colored Colorado and Utah landscapes. Cubist still-lifes painted on license plate panels.
  • Boden, Mark
    Offers gallery of marine studies.
  • Bodner, Daniel
    Figure paintings with an exploration of space and movement through the sculpting of paint on canvas.
  • Boissinot, Olivier
    Features paintings of Morocco, jazz scenes, and women.
  • Bonin-Pissarro, Claude
  • Boone, Steven
    Offers experimental and classic subjects from robust landscapes to finely drawn figures.
  • Borax, Romi
    Paintings in primary colors.
  • Bousfield, Duane
    Futuristic abstraction with surreal undertows.
  • Bouvier, Jean-Marc
    Features surrealist oil paintings and ink drawings of figures and landscapes.
  • Boyle, Neil
    Includes paintings of the Jazz Age and late 1800s. Also designed a mosaic for the Mount Sinai Cemetery in Glendale, California.
  • Brady, Min
    Offers paintings that reflect the character of early Australian lifestyle and landscapes.
  • Brahn, Jean Fran?ois
    French artist presenting modernist portraits, landscapes, and allegories.
  • Brandl, Mark Staff
    Includes a biography, exhibit, and image information.
  • Bravo, Gaston
    Features surrealistic and fantastic style paintings.
  • Brawn, Mark Oliver
    British artist featuring surreal cityscapes and narrative paintings.
  • Bredvik, Brenda K.
    Landscapes, seascapes, and still lifes by this California artist.
  • Breedy, Zahira
  • Brewer, Dave
    Specializing in oil paintings and wood sculpture.
  • Brignal, Jed
    Includes galleries of her work, plus biography of the artists and details of how to purchase her paintings.
  • Brock, Janice Sylvia
    Expresses vitality and sensuality through vibrant color and tones.
  • Brolsma, Adriaan
    Photographs of paintings, including some specially suitable for use as desktop pictures. Text in English and Dutch.
  • Brooks, Brenda
    Paintings of beaches, surfers, and people.
  • Brooks, Jessica G.
    Creating works based on themes of women, strength, family, and death.
  • Brown, Craig Thomas
    Offers examples of this Scottish artist's work to view and buy. His work explores the relationship between light and darkness.
  • Brown, Frances
    Features primitive oils and lithographs relating to every-day life in the early period of America.
  • Brown, Melanie P.
    Works explore the boundaries between dreams and wakefulness, mythologies and personal revelation.
  • Brown, Sara
    Painter based in Atlanta featuring portraits, wildlife, landscapes, and clowns.
  • Bruehmueller, Dagmar
    Explores the nuances of the abstract with bold colors inspired by her country of origin, Brazil.
  • Brugui?re, Sather
    Oil paintings and prints of landscapes and cities in different seasons. Also contains a list of recent exhibitions.
  • Bruin, Randolf
    Dutch artist taking the female nude as his subject, experimenting with oils and mixed media.
  • Bruno, Frank
    Specializes in religious, visionary, and apocalyptic art.
  • Buehler, Jeff
    Includes paintings, sculptures, and illustrations.
  • Buenaventura, Nicholas Eric
    Offers galleries of paintings and photography.
  • Buhan, Paul J.
    Specializes in prints of oil paintings of landscapes, art genre, fishes, and a variety of other subjects.
  • Burd, Maria
    Specializing in humanoid-like figures, realistic portraits, pet portraits, still life, flowers, and butterflies.
  • Byard, Wayne and David
    Features works from father and son artists, with Australian outback themes.
  • Byerley, Bob (2)
  • Byrne, T.J.
    Displays a gallery of watercolors and oil paintings.
  • Cabrera, Armand
    Specializes in landscapes and seascapes.
  • Cabrera, Esteban
    Specializing in portraits of people and pets in oil.
  • Cade, Chad
    Features paintings in acrylics and oil.
  • Cadieux, Arthur
    Features paintings and drawings in oils, acrylics, pastels, ink, and pencil drawings.
  • Cadwallader, Kenneth
    Impressionistic figures, still-lifes, and landscapes emphasizing color and light.
  • Cahlil, Jaimie Marc
    Features a selection of dreamscapes.
  • Calhoun, Rebecca
    Featuring a gallery of expressionist works, reviews, and events.
  • Callaghan, Mark
    Contemporary plein air artist whose subjects include landscapes and cityscapes in the U.S. and Europe.
  • Callahan, Colin
    A parody virtual museum in pen and ink featuring galleries of landscapes, still lifes, and portraits.
  • Cancio, Arcadio
    Cuban artist based in Miami recreating the female form in narrative paintings with patterns and intense lyricism.
  • Cantor, Tim
    A collection of paintings in oil, writings, and conceptual works.
  • Carlito
    Presents his work, biography, and links.
  • Carlone, Pio
    Italian-born, Australian artist creating harbor, desert, and still life oil paintings.
  • Carmi, Ayelet
    Gallery of oil paintings on the subject of humor, fantasy, and creation.
  • Carol Ann
    Offers contemporary abstract and expressionist paintings.
  • Carrick, Beverly
    Oil paintings of Southwestern landscapes. Also offers an instructional video on how to paint in a similar style.
  • Cassighi, Carmen
    Italian painter and sculptor featuring contemporary figurative artwork.
  • Castellanos, Laura
    Inlcludes biography, gallery of works, and resume for this contemporary artist.
  • Castronuovo, Massimo
    Contains gallery of abstract oil paintings of shapes and figures.
  • Chadwick, David
    Includes various subjects from landscapes of the Channel Islands to aviation, maritime, and sport.
  • Chang, Warren
    California artist specializing in realism paintings of interiors, figures, and still life.
  • Chao, Arnold (2)
  • Chaoui, Sallah
    Includes a gallery of atmospheric landscapes, figurative work, and portraits.
  • Chapiro, Mikhail
    Includes galleries of portraits, animals, cityscapes, landscapes, and more.
  • Chapurlat, Aline
    Contemporary oils on uniquely shaped panels.
  • Chen, Jiqun
    Specializing in landscapes and portraits in the Ujumchin prairie.
  • Chesnut, Fritz
    Uses the mutated relationship of audience and performer as subjects for his works.
  • Chester, Jenni
    Paints sensual and evocative abstractions of flowers and still life.
  • Chimento, Tony
    Contemporary realist oil paintings and Giclee print collection.
  • Chirinos, Yimy
    Paintings, drawings, posters, prints, and other works.
  • Chistiakov, Nicolai
    Seascapes, landscapes, and figurative works by Belarusian-American artist, curator, and painter.
  • Choma, Marika
    Online gallery of non-representational modern paintings and drawings.
  • Christensen, Scott
    Plein air painter of large landsapes who resides and works in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Includes information about workshops.
  • Chudnovsky, Pavel
    Featuring a gallery of works.
  • Churchill, Alexandra
    Offers prints of her original oils. Subjects include animals, fruit, flowers, balloons, and china.
  • Clair, Donna
    Contemporary American impressionist painter specializing in landscapes, oil paintings, pastels and prints featuring the back roads and mountain villages of northern New Mexico.
  • Clamage, Marc
    Features portraits, landscapes, and nudes in oils and other media.
  • Clark, Rachel
    British contemporary artist featuring abstractions and portraits.
  • Clarke, Cindy
    Acrylic and oil photorealistic paintings of inanimate objects that convey a sense of lifestyle.
  • Clear, Deanna
    Focus on myth, dream, allegory, and stylized nature studies.
  • Cleary, Tim
    Features original oil paintings exhibited through Walker Fine Arts located in Denver, Colorado.
  • Coane, Robert
    Showcase of figurative paintings and drawings.
  • Collins, Ailbe
    Features the work of this Irish artist.
  • Combariza, Bertha
    Noted Colombian artist whose abstract expressionist oil paintings are a profound and passionate depiction of life and form.
  • Comici, Luciano
    Gallery of paintings, news, and statement by the artist.
  • Condell, Scott
    Features contemporary art and sculpture. Includes biography and links.
  • Conklin, Eric
    Trompe l'Oeil artist who paints small-scale still life in traditional oils on Belgian linen or panel.
  • Connearney, Katerina
    Exhibits a portfolio of charcoal drawings, oil paintings, photography, ceramics, and computer arts.
  • Conrad, Bonnie
    Original paintings and limited prints with western, Native American, and floral themes.
  • Contopulos, Amy
    Features a gallery of figurative expressionist paintings, drawings, and limited edition prints.
  • Conway-Jones, Richard
    Paints abstract works, as well as portraits.
  • Cook, Beryl
    Offers gallery, biography, and more.
  • Cook, Beryl: Portal Gallery
    Features biography, press clippings, archive, paintings, prints, cards, books, and calendars for sale. Also includes details of the Portal Gallery.
  • Copley, Ed
    Features realist oil paintings and giclee prints of the American West.
  • Corbani, Donna
    Information about the artist, works include oil painting, silk-screen, and sculptures.
  • Cordiner, Claire
    Oil paintings by Scotland artist Claire Cordiner. Includes gallery, guide to the price of paintings, exhibition dates, and contact information. Also includes a music site by the artist.
  • Correia, Pilar
    Portuguese artist in the United Kingdom, who paints portraits, still life, and scenes based on literature.
  • Cortez, Miguel
    Abstract painter based in Chicago featuring curriculum vitae and chronological image gallery.
  • Cosentino, Rosemary Lucy
    Uses self-taught techniques in combination with old master techniques to achieve original art works.
  • Cosma, Lucia
    Urban landscapes, wooden churches, nature and flowers.
  • Cosnowski, Chris
    Includes a gallery of artworks, artist's statement, bio, and email contact.
  • Cotton, Brent
    Plein air artist residing in Montana painting land, seascapes, wildlife, portraits, and still lifes.
  • Cougny, Nathalie
    Landscapes, nudes, and still lifes primarily painted by means of a knife.
  • Crawford, Judy
    Collection of still-lifes and portraits
  • Crehore, Amy
    Fine art and surrealist oil paintings and illustration from Oregon-based artist Amy Crehore.
  • Cressy, Benedict
    Specializes in landscape-based abstraction/surrealism with words.
  • Crittenden, Mary
    Includes inspirational religious prints, paintings from old photographs, portraits, cards, and works on burlap.
  • Crosby, John
    Features contemporary figurative paintings.
  • Crossley, John
    Specializes in oil paintings of New York. Available for commissions.
  • Crudo, Albert
    New York artist creates vivid surrealistic pop art paintings.
  • Cruywagen, Michiel
    Artist from South Africa.
  • Cruz, Alina
    Cuban-American artist offers paintings and stories with social commentary.
  • Cunningham, Danny
    Features river painting and seascapes of this Waterford based artist.
  • Currier, Alfred
    Impasto style from the Northwest.
  • Cutajar, Godwin
    Maltese painter Godwin Cutajar creating vivid abstracts with oils.
  • D'Elia, Anthony
    Contemporary American realist painter with a gallery of oil still lifes, figures, and portraits.
  • D'Hollosy, Hans
    Features colorful abstract paintings and exhibition photos.
  • Daly, Dan
    Specializing in landscapes, portraits, and illustrations.
  • Davies, Ashley
    Original oil paintings.
  • Davies, Mair
    Includes gallery of works, biography, and more.
  • Davison, Paul
    Features oil paintings by the artist including landscape and portrait.
  • Dawn, Kimberly
    Offers abstract artwork of varying sizes, hues, and textures.
  • Dawson, Chris
    Selection of fine oil paintings, including landscapes and symbolism.
  • De Caso, Michel
    Offers paintings, sculptures, and writings of contemporary art.
  • De Groot, Ellen
    Creates realistic oil paintings of portraits focusing on women and triptychs on panel. Features art works, museum links, and contact info. Also in French and Spanish.
  • De Schwilgue, Odile
    Female contemporary figurative painter working on the French Riviera. Site features samples of Odile De Schwilgue's oil paintings along with current gallery exhibition information.
  • De Silva, Joao
    Native Namibian artist currently residing in Missouri. Features recent paintings and biography.
  • del Carmen Calvo, Maria
    Vibrant oil paintings by a Spanish-born California plein air artist.
  • Delehanty, Lee
    Features paintings, biography, and a list of exhibitions.
  • Delorme, Pascal Jean
    Features gicl?e sport paintings by the French artist Pascal Jean Delorme. Includes original paintings and limited edition prints.
  • Dempsey, John T.
    Features pop impressionism in still lifes, botanicals, and figurative paintings.
  • Dennis, Marc
    Uses animals, mythology, and religion to state his modern social commentary.
  • Dery, Floro
    Featuring realistic and impressionistic paintings on canvas.
  • Devine, S. Moler
    Featuring contemporary California landscapes, seascapes, and still lifes.
  • Dewhurst, Thomasin
    Contemporary figurative oil painter. Contains bio, resume, and gallery.
  • Dibbs, Tania
    Landscape paintings of the Rocky Mountain region and elsewhere.
  • Dickison, Peter
    Oil paintings and charcoal drawings of figures in landscapes with architectural elements. Includes bio and gallery information in New York City.
  • Dickson, Bonnie
    Her specialty is the Texas Bluebonnet, but she paints a variety of subjects.
  • Dodson, Sandra
    Offers landscapes, still life, and figurative paintings.
  • Doggett, Moira
    Features contempory portraits painted from life and imagination, and iconographic works.
  • Douglas, Carol L.
    Classic realist currently emphasizing retro, religious, and vanitas paintings.
  • Dransfield, Judy
    Works includes dwellings, seascapes, pets, and abstracts.
  • Drukker, Sam
    Featuring a gallery of figurative contemporary paintings including scenes from The Parade in Amsterdam.
  • Drury, Trace
    Specializes in paintings of curious objects and dolls with intricate backgrounds in oil and watercolor.
  • Duesberry, Joellyn
    Offers landscapes of Red Rocks Park in Colorado and cityscapes of New York City.
  • Dunlop, Stefan
    Artist from New Zealand exhibiting contemporary, narrative paintings.
  • Dunn-Harr, Vie
    Contemporary realist paintings including florals, figuratives, architecturals, and landscapes.
  • Dunne, Joe
    Offers landscape and semi-abstract suburban interpretations.
  • Dur?es?, Fran?oise
    Memories and snapshots of the artist's life. Includes artist's statement, curriculum vitae, and teaching philosphy.
  • Dyck, Paja van
    Contemporary oil and acrylic paintings, mosaics, and objects. Also in Dutch.
  • Eamon, Hugh
    Featuring still life, landscapes, ships, and more.
  • Einerssen, Jonn
    Features artwork, a biography, and exhibition listing.
  • Elaine, Claire
    Paintings and prints of landscapes, portraits, and still lifes.
  • Ellington, Stewart L.
    Features work which comments on ideas of consciousness and life in a technologically advanced society.
  • Elliott, Virgil
    Classical realist painter with a teaching atelier in Penngrove, California.
  • Ellison, Kevin
    Selection of works from an energy realist painter.
  • Ender, Pauline
    Uses sketchy brush strokes with plenty of color for paintings of figures, landscapes, and other subjects.
  • Engelen, Leon
    Photographically detailed landscape and animal oil paintings using classical techniques.
  • Erbert, Mary
    Features floral, still life, figurative, portrait, and landscape works in soft pastels.
  • Erchinger, Ursula
    Offers oil paintings, graphic art, art glasswork, and more in an impressionistic style using dark color.
  • Erickson, Taylor
    Specializes in landscapes, sea scapes, portraits, and sports.
  • Eubank, Danielle
    Presents oil paintings and ink drawings on linen canvas.
  • Eusebi, Renzo
    Italian painter and sculptor, part of the trans-visionism movement.
  • Evans, Christopher
    Contemporary realist primarily painting the human face and form.
  • Evans, Thom
    Contemporary color expression of naturein oils from the coastal shores of Rockport, Texas.
  • Ewing, Bill
    Specializing in classic portraits and still life paintings.
  • Faganel, Roberto
    Features the Italian painter's work from his travels around the world including paintings of Africa, Canada, Spain, Hawaii, Croatia, and others.
  • Fahey, William
    Realistically rendered interpretations of ancient mythology.
  • Falconer, Judith
    Western paintings and prints of Native Americans and wildlife.
  • Farrell, Sean
    Inspired by the work of the old masters of the Renaissance and Baroque period. Showcase of still lifes, landscapes, and figures.
  • Faulkner, B.
    Original oil paintings and limited edition prints of Irish lanscapes.
  • Faulkner, Debra
    Features still life paintings in oil and watercolor.
  • Fellner, Gene
    Socially conscious paintings and stories.
  • Fenton, Michael
    Retrospective of oil paintings which stretch the boundaries of the human imagination.
  • Fields, Vikki
    Still life, figurative, and portrait oil paintings.
  • Fink, David G.
    Paints oil on canvas, in style with those of Edward Hopper and John Register.
  • Fioretto, Giovanni
    Features artwork and biography.
  • Fisher, Simon
    Showcases an ongoing set of prints depicting many of the best known liners to serve the Atlantic route including the Titanic.
  • Fitch, Rik
    Vibrant paintings of Maui's people, flora and fauna.
  • Flaherty, Colleen
    Includes original works, an artist statement, and a resume.
  • Flanagan, Chris
    Creates oil paintings featuring people and figures.
  • Foa, Maryclare
    Offers abstract illustrations and paintings for commission.
  • Forbush, Sandra
    Features biographical information and a gallery of artwork including portraits, equine and canine subjects.
  • Forest, Crista
    Features realistic oil paintings of North American wildlife including the wolf, fox, coyote, deer, and elk.
  • Forner, Tiffany
    Abstract works in oil and wax based on the details of ordinary objects.
  • Forster, Craig
    Exhibition of paintings by the Australian artist and photographic work of his daughter Yvette Forster. Featured work includes the Tsunami set of paintings.
  • Fox, Bradley
    Offers expressive plein aire and studio landscapes from Red Hook, Brooklyn, and the Northeast County of Vermont.
  • Francot, Magda
    Symbolic works of art and fine portraits in oils, watercolors, and pencils.
  • Frantz, Melissa Scheid
    Features contemporary oil paintings of still lifes, landscapes, and Asian culture.
  • Franz, Stacy
    Depictions of whimsical or fantastic scenes in acrylic and oil, underpainted for additional light and color.
  • Frey, Jerry
    Original paintings with Western themes.
  • Frushour, Thom
    Landscape, still life, portrait, and figure representation in a realist manner.
  • Gaber, Antoine
    Creates impressionist works.
  • Gaiti, Ritch
    Commemorating Native American people and their spiritual world.
  • Galardini, Renzo
    Contains Old World style paintings of ancient armaments, clothing, tools, and weaponry in theatrical settings.
  • Gallery Pierre
    Impressionist and modern paintings.
  • Gammill, Bonnie
    Austin, Texas-based artist who uses oil paint on plywood as her primary medium.
  • Garcia-Ferraz, Nereida
    Features paintings, photographic work, and lists of awards and publications.
  • Garrison, Tami
    Features galleries of works reflecting nature's nuturing instincts, love and protection, serenity, and more.
  • Gauvin, Dorothy
    Specialising in oil paintings of Australia's heritage and folklore.
  • Gaylord, Jim
    Diagrammatic schemes for social observations, peeves, and neuroses.
  • Geiser, David
    New York-based oil and mixed media painter.
  • George, R.B.
    Showing works in progress. Specializing in figurative oil paintings.
  • Gerasimon, Peter
    Features realistic paintings of subjects and views in Australia by the artist from Argentina.
  • Gilray, Guy
    Specializes in nocturnal urban landscapes.
  • Giuliano, Gianni
    Contemporary figurative works.
  • Giuseppe Mariotti
    Oil paintings, illustrations, digital art of Giuseppe Mariotti
  • Glasgow, Justine
    Gallery of works by Holywood artists.
  • Glassman, Mitch
    American contemporary artist engaging space and line to reveal a personal linguistic philosophy through paintings and drawings on paper and canvas.
  • Goddard, Linda B.
    Offers oil painting portraits.
  • Gold, Jeffrey
    Offers biography and gallery of this figurative and still life painter.
  • Goldsmith, Lloyd
    Paintings, drawings, and prints of New York City by artist Lloyd Goldsmith. Site also gives biography, awards, and exhibitions.
  • Gonzalez, Anthony A.
    Representational oil paintings and portraits.
  • Gooch, Linda Glover
    Paints landscapes and still lifes.
  • Goodfellow, Elana
    Provides a porfolio of work including animals, figurative, and landscapes.
  • Gordon, Edward B.
    Specializes in impressionistic realism, theatre scenes, and portraits.
  • Gotay, Zulia
    Specializing in paintings of women with Hispanic themes.,
  • Graham, Justine
    Impressionistic and textured landscapes.
  • Grant, Anjali
    Works that build upon the artist's interest in gesture and its relationship to painting.
  • Greaves, Susan F.
    Includes landscapes, horse, and floral canvas paintings. Specializes in a blend of traditional and contemporary styles, including impressionism art.
  • Greer DiGirolamo, J.
    Offers paintings of animals, cowgirls, portraitures, landscapes, still life, and structures.
  • Greer, Ronald
    Features works in oil.
  • Greinke-Mack, Geri
    Offers works including portraits, dreamplaces, animals, and landscapes.
  • Greyson, Phoebe
    Surrealist based in Colorado offering intricate biomorphic paintings.
  • Grome, John Patrick (1911-2004)
    Archives the oil and watercolor-based artworks of the deceased Anglo-Irish painter John Patrick Grome.
  • Gross, Phil
    Original oil paintings celebrating the landscape and scenery of Northern California and the Sacramento Valley.
  • Gruffy, Claude
    Gallery of spiritual paintings inspired from the infinite worlds that exist beyond our dreams.
  • Guarnaccia, Louis
    Features Nantucket Island portraits and marine scenes.
  • Guell, Manel
    Gallery of Manel Guell Leal's fine and conceptual visual art including oil paintings, art installations, and sculptures.
  • Guillot, Mildrey
    Cuban artist's oil paintings.
  • Guinn, Cerise
    Oil paintings with alternative religious and controversial themes.
  • Guizzetti, Elizabeth
    Subjects include landscapes, figurative work, still lifes, animals, and fantasy.
  • Gurnack, Dean H.
    Gallery of oil paintings.
  • Gutyrya, Vyacheslav
    Artist based in Ukraine offering narrative, surreal paintings and figurative sculptures.
  • Hackney, Tom
    London-based artist who specializes in photo-realistic paintings.
  • Hai, Sergiy
    Ukrainian contemporary painter based in Lviv exhibiting figurative abstracts.
  • Hall, Jeremy
    Featuring surrealism and realism inspired portraits and landscapes.
  • Halovanic, Marija and Vladimir
    Features paintings in oil, ink, dry pastel crayons, and pencil.
  • Halverson, Peter
    Galleries of works by the Mississippi artist.
  • Hammond, Thekla
    Abstract minimalist featuring textured, large-scale work.
  • Hampton, Anita
    Painter and instructor of fine art featuring compositions in the California plein air style. Also offers workshops.
  • Hanafi
    Includes biography, galleries, and exhibitions.
  • Hardy, Michele Devereaux
    Original oil paintings inspired by the sea including 18th century Clipper ships, seascapes, and lighthouses.
  • Harms, Robert
    Contemporary fine art.
  • Harris, William C.
    Features gallery of portraits, murals, and illustrations.
  • Hart, Pamela
    Landscape paintings, done with oil paint on canvas and linen.
  • Harvey, Ellen
    Features forty 5 x 7 inch oval landscapes painted in oils without permission on graffiti sites throughout New York City.
  • Harvey, Michael
    Selection of paintings, plays, stories, and articles.
  • Haskel, Liz
    Abstract oil paintings of nudes, self-portraits. Current and upcoming shows and gallery exhibits, contact info.
  • Haslam, Annie
    Dream Expressionist creating flowing paintings with vibrant colors.
  • Hazarika, Jiten
    Jiten Hazarika has carved a niche for himself in form of figurative abstract which he portrays in oil medium. This site features some of his works, profile, and contact details.
  • Healey, Patrick
    Contains samples and limited edition gilcee prints.
  • Hegyi, Evan
    Tasmanian artist offering colorful, whimsical images.
  • Heinen, Lee
    Showcasing impressionistic paintings of animals, landscapes, lilypads, and tress.
  • Heinrichs, John G.
    Specializes in landscape scenes.
  • Hemming, Peter
    English artist based in Kefallonia. Includes oil paintings, diary, and descriptions of some local places.
  • Herbert, Ian
    Surreal oil paintings with a humorous approach.
  • Herbst, Patrice
    Focuses on the interaction of light and shadow guided color.
  • Herzog, Linda LeDily
    Offers paintings in the theme of "Angel, Acre, and Monstrance".
  • Heuberger, Jacques
    Oils on canvas of landscapes and scenery.
  • Higham, Brian
    Offers landscapes, portraits, and wildlife works.
  • Himmelstein, Shelley
    Offering a modern minimalist vision of landscapes and cityscapes.
  • Hird, Valerie
    Artist's works inspired by her travels through Europe and Asia.
  • Hoard, Linda
    Original paintings and prints by photorealist from the Pacific Northwest.
  • Hodowsky, Steve
    Oil paintings of Los Angeles and its environs.
  • Hoey, Wayne
    Oil painter based in New York City offering contemporary, figurative work.
  • Hoffman, Martina
    Featuring visionary works of magical realism. Includes CD and book covers, workshops, exhibitions, biography, and bibliography.
  • Hofmann, Heli
    Paintings of German and California landscapes depicting panoramas, clouds, sunsets, and gardens.
  • Holdsworth, Anthony
    Specializes in cityscapes. Offers classes in oil painting.
  • Holdway, John
    Online portfolio of still lifes and landscapes.
  • Holland, David R
    Copies the old masters for practice and paints still life, wildlife, and portraits.
  • Holland, Natalie Radina
    Norwegian figurative artist.
  • Hollins, L.A.
    Exhibits oil paintings in the following styles: primitive, distressed, impasto, fauve, textured, and female nude art.
  • Holloway, Kent
    Focuses on portraits and landscapes of the Coquille River.
  • Holt, Karen
    Displays portraiture, landscapes, and figurative paintings.
  • Holt, Warren
    Featuring figurative, psychological works built from manipulated photographs. Includes statement and contact information.
  • Hong, Quang
    Versatile artist featuring contemporary abstract and narrative paintings.
  • Horsfall, S.
    Artist who creates striking, colorful works of beautiful men and women. Includes gallery, biography, and contact information.
  • Horton, Arlene
    Featuring various subjects.
  • Hosch, Kathy
    Collections include florals, nature scenes, gardens, seascapes, and lighthouses.
  • Howard, Susan B.
    Features oil paintngs of animals on canvas or wood.
  • Hudson, Robert A.
    Features paintings of the people and the land of the American west.
  • Hughes, Elaine
    Features impressionist oil paintings of children at play, southern California beaches, landscapes, and still lifes.
  • Hunt, Darrell
    Specializes in the style of photorealism.
  • Hunter, Jennifer
    British artist featuring fantasy, figurative, symbolic, equestrian, and seascape paintings.
  • Hussain, Mumtaz
    Pakistani-American artist featuring contemporary paintings.
  • Hyoda, Jiro
    Oil painter from Osaka featuring paintings of Japanese landscapes, seascapes, flowers, and figures.
  • Ingram, Alison
    Paints wildlife and landscapes in an expressionist style.
  • Insaurralde, Rodolfo
    Still lifes, fruits, and flowers in a realist manner.
  • Iwasaki, Takako
    Site has samples of her work. Will paint commisioned portraits.
  • Jackson, Robert C.
    Contemporary realist still life paintings with a narrative and sometimes humorous twist.
  • Jacobs, Peter
    Presents photographs of works and a biography.
  • James B. Janknegt
    Original oil paintings including urban landscapes, suburban landscapes and religious work.
  • Jansen, Bobbie
    Showcasing the work of Portland painter, Jansen, who paints objects that vacillate between tight, claustrophobic interiors, or through endlessly expanding exteriors.
  • Javid, Farhang
    Impressionistic and realistic paintings of rivers, mountains, and flowers.
  • Jennings, L. Tryon
    Showcasing works that represent life and relationships, including landscapes, figuratives, still lifes, interiors, and commissions.
  • Jiye, Xue
    Chinese contemporary artist offering oil paintings and bronze sculptures.
  • Joanna, Singer M.
    San Francisco Bay Area figurative artist and metaphysician. Features a collection of paintings, print sales, and biographical information.
  • Joffe, Jasper
    Home page of the British contemporary artist Jasper Joffe. Includes exhibition photos, artist profile, and press reviews.
  • Johannissen, Eva Ryn
    Offers abstract works in oils, acrylics, and watercolors.
  • Johnson, Marnie
    Featuring still lifes, original portraits, and unique window paintings.
  • Johnson, Wendell B.
    Biographical information and gallery of paintings and drawings by the talented quadriplegic artist.
  • Jones, Aneurin
    Online gallery featuring horses, landscapes, people, and mythology.
  • Jones, Jonah
    Land and seascapes in oils applied in thick swabs by knife.
  • Jorgensen, Agnes
    Canadian artist paintings Manitoba's landscapes, wildlife, and diversity of people.
  • Jorgo, Igli
    Specializing in archaic and mythology faces.
  • Jozami, Daniela
    Creates figurative paintings as well as murals. Site also in Spanish.
  • Kaelin, David Charles
    New York artist using oil, airbrush, charcoal, photography, and computer 3D models to create art focused on the occult, fantastic realism, and death.
  • Kahiani, Nugzar
    Figurative oil paintings, portraits, landscapes, and still lifes by the Georgian artist.
  • Kaiser, S. Burkett
    Contemporary American impressionist. Website features available and sold paintings along with a biography of the artist.
  • Kalayci, Yurdaer
    Presents galleries of oil paintings and drawings from the Turkish artist, Yurdaer Kalayci. Features figures, portraits, landscapes, and cartoons. Also in Turkish.
  • Kang, Kay
    Features abstract work incorporating calligraphy and pictograms.
  • Kanso, Nabil
    Features the expressionistic works and a biography of the Lebanon-born American painter.
  • Kasemaa, Markus
    Paintings and drawings from Estonia.
  • Kasuba, Terezija
    Still life paintings and landscapes by an artist from Zagreb, Croatia.
  • Kavanagh, Paul
    Gallery of works whose inspiration often comes from literary sources.
  • Kazanskaya, Maria
    Landscape, still life, florals; colorful, and painterly oils.
  • Keeling, David
    Featuring figurative and expressionist paintings, drawings and prints.
  • Keenan, Kathy and Tom
    Features the color saturated surrealist paintings and photographs.
  • Keirstead, James
    Canadian landscape and heritage artist painting with knives and oils.
  • Kellahan, Jane
    Features oil paintings from this contemporary artist from New Zealand.
  • Keller, Mark
    Representational artist creating paintings and drawings that reflect how much music has impacted his life.
  • Kellum, Betsy
    Virginian creating realistic still life, landscape, and pet paintings in pastel and oil.
  • Keltic Lady
    Oils done on everything from canvas to skulls and saw blades, primarily of animals.
  • Kerkar, Subodh
    Sculptor, painter, and gallery owner based in India showcasing contemporary figurative and abstract artwork.
  • Kessler, Glenn A.
    Land and seascapes, florals, post-modern, and surreal paintings and drawings.
  • Key, Geoffrey
    Artist living and working in the North West of England with an international following.
  • Keyes, Ron
    Features landscapes, still lifes, and architecture as subjects. Painted the John F. Kennedy Memorial Portrait.
  • Kharma, Marina
    Subjects include people, flowers, and landscapes.
  • Kim, Kyung Hwa
    Includes galleries of flower paintings, a biography, and links.
  • Kim, T.K.
    Expressionist world populated with warm shades and long-necked women.
  • Kin, Tim
    Desktop publishing samples, web design projects, and a gallery of oil paintings.
  • King, Patrick
    Offers portraits and narrative figure paintings focusing on domestic life and the suburban landscape.
  • Kinkade, Thomas (9)
  • Kinsell, Robert
    Features biography, exhibitions, and portfolio of this Texas based artist.
  • Kiser, Cody
    Self-taught abstract artist featuring colorful paintings.
  • Kiss, Andrew
    Paints realistic wildlife and landscape art.
  • Kissig, Robert
    Boats, lighthouses, flowers, fruits, and vegetables.
  • Klan, Wally
    Artist based in Kansas showcasing pen and ink drawings and oil paintings of farmlands and other landscapes.
  • Klenow, Trish
    Works in oil on canvas, with an emphasis on representational portraits.
  • Kligman, Ruth
    Official site of the abstract painter who is commonly known as the ex-girlfriend of Jackson Pollock and Willem DeKooning.
  • Kline, Cheryl
    Pseudo-realist works including still lifes, nudes, landscapes, and more.
  • Knauer, Brian
    Offers themes of neo-abstract expressionism and urban landscapes.
  • Koc, Belma
    In Turkish.
  • Koryagin, Gennady
    Photorealistic terrestrial and space landscapes, still-lifes, and flowers. In English and Russian.
  • Koscianski, Leonard
    Paintings and drawings of landscapes, nature, and wildlife, specializing in wild dogs.
  • Koustov, Dmitri
    Includes gallery of works and resume.
  • Kovats, Geraldine
    Paintings include interiors, plein air, portraiture, and still life in a contemporary realistic style. The artist has also done animation work for feature films.
  • Kozlova, Tatiana
    Features landscapes, portraits, and still life.
  • Kral, Vivian
    Offering figurative paintings inspired by the mechanical universe.
  • Kramer, Allan Edgar
    Includes a biography and an online gallery of this prolific painter's representational artwork.
  • Kreutler, Elisabeth
    Offers background and training information and portfolio.
  • Krishan, Shuchi
    Contains biography, paintings, mud and glass murals, and comments by art critics.
  • Krivosheev, Vadim
    Features paintings, drawings, and fences with provincial and grief themes.
  • Kubasski, Leon
    Features oil paintings and graphics by the artist including portraits, murals, fresco, and landscapes.
  • Kukowski, Jaroslaw
    Surreal and grotesque paintings directed towards the in-depth study of human nature.
  • Kupyrova, Irina
    Creates paintings of female nudes with an emphasis on decorative lines and vivid color.
  • Kuzmich, Alexei
    Featuring a gallery of Madonnas, a biography, and reviews.
  • L?hmus, Eda
    Modern figurative paintings and drawings.
  • Ladeveze, Pascal
    Creates impressionistic paintings capturing the ambiance of Southern France with primary colors and rectangular brushstrokes.
  • Lafond, Mary
    Impressionist landscape painter who enjoys using strong color and light and paints outdoors around Santa Barbara.
  • Lafontaine, Maurice
    Features works of contemporary realism.
  • Lai, Poh
    Specializes in oils. Site includes online art galleries including commissioned murals and portraits.
  • Laing, Rowena
    Contemporary Scottish painter specializing in landscape and equestrian works.
  • Lamb, Jim
    Contemporary impressionistic plein air landscape painter.
  • Lamb, Matt
    Self-taught artist exhibiting colorful, expressionistic oil paintings. Subjects include whimsical creatures and expressive figures.
  • Lamey-MacDonald, Debbie
    Presents galleries of new work, prints, and plein air studies.
  • Larmee, Kevin
    Contemporary artist based in Chicago offering expressive, narrative paintings.
  • Larson, Larry
    Contemporary realist oil painter who paints dream images with deep roots in Symbolism, Pre-Raphaelite, and Victorian art.
  • Lasmanis, Ojars
    Impressionistic landscapes, portraits, cityscapes and old master oil paintings.
  • Lathrop, William
    Offering landscapes and portraiture exploring the intersection of Realism and Symbolism.
  • Laur, Agnia
    Painting in the style of expressive radicalism.
  • Lawrence, Jodie
    Realist painter working primarily from photographs of old apartment buildings.
  • Lazo, Rachel
    Abstract painter based in California using vivid color, irregular patterns, and shifts in spatial depth.
  • Le Goff, Michel
    Oil on canvas paintings exploring the ambiguity of flesh and marble.
  • Lee, Ron
    Oil paintings inspired by the landscapes, scenes, and horses of the Southwest.
  • Lee, Sandra Sunnyo
    Offers paintings and resume.
  • Lee, Terry
    Features African and North American nature and wildlife.
  • Lees, Michael
    Traditional country life and sailing compositions.
  • Legarew, Guy
    Oil paintings by Canadian artist.
  • Leidenthal, William
    Featuring natural scenes in an abstract style.
  • LeMessurier, Marty
    Southwestern, Native American, and international themes.
  • Lempert, Taliah
    Features a gallery of bicycle paintings and portraits.
  • Leski, Myron
    Studio gallery of figures, landscapes, still life, and genr? subjects.
  • Lessenich, Jean
    Contains morbid drawings of Native Americans and oil painted landscapes of Indian reservations.
  • Levin, Dana
    Website features classical realism artist Dana Levin and showcases a few of her works in still life, figures, florals, and portraits. Also offers drawing courses in Bargue copies and figure drawing in Pawtucket, Rhode Island.
  • Levine, Phil
    Offers expressionistic oil paintings of figures, still life, and city scenes.
  • Levy-Polis, Jaynee
    Artwork focusing on people and what they do. Paintings are often humorous and always celebrate the human spirit.
  • Licsko, Frank
    Virtual gallery featuring paintings, prints, and posters.
  • Liddell, Vivian
    Features oil paintings with an emphasis on feminist imagery. Sifted from pop culture, personal experience, and art history.
  • Liron
    Offers gallery of recent works, listing of current exhibitions, and commission information.
  • Lisle, Elaine Moynihan
    Virtual exhibit of figurative cityscape and landscape paintings.
  • Liu, Frank
    Asian American artist showcasing paintings, drawings and mixed media works.
  • Livonen, Marja-Liisa
    Offers fine art available for licensing and publishing.
  • Lo Jacono, Caroline
    French-Swiss artist presents paintings in oil and watercolor. In German.
  • Lo Pinto, Marcelo
    Surrealist from Argentina exhibiting colorful paintings in various mediums.
  • Locke, Elizabeth
    Uses a loose impressionistic style in her paintings of landscapes and figurative works.
  • Loe, Laura Kathryne
    Representational oil paintings.
  • Lombard, Betsy
    Northern California painter who creates landscapes.
  • Lombard, Mary Lee
    Expressionist oil painter from New Orleans, Louisiana. Offers commissioned paintings and classes.
  • Londroche, Judith
    Original oil paintings of wildlife, nature scenes, portraits, and Christian art.
  • Long, Brad
    Features gallery of surrealist paintings and sketches.
  • Long, Paulette
    Visual paintings distilled down to color and light as well as line and gesture.
  • Lota, Kathleen
    Original works created using an abstract expressionist technique.
  • Lovett, L.
    Specializing in Spirit of the Old West and Jesus Christ themed oil paintings and prints.
  • Lowe, Kath
    Gallery of still life canvases concerning religious rituals as well as commissioned portraits.
  • Lueza, Cecilia
    Homepage of Cecilia Lueza, an artist based in Miami, Florida, whose works reflect surreal and abstract images. Site offers bio, exhibits, and gallery of her paintings and sculptures.
  • Luiz, Peter.
    Shamanistic and environmental art.
  • Lukkenbaum, Eriq
    The art and philosphy of shaping without the constraints of rectangles. Also in German.
  • Lyons, David C.
    English artist specialising in paintings capturing the pastoral environment.
  • Mabry, Mary
    Creates florals/still lifes, landscapes, and portraits in the painterly-realism style.
  • MacClure, Chris
    Uses landscape as a language to express his romantic view of life. Features biography, gallery of works, and information on exhibitions.
  • Mackie, John
    Scottish artist who works primarily in oil on canvas.
  • Maes, Agnes
    Moves to and from in the fascinating abyss between signifier and signified in her abstract paintings.
  • Magnuson, DeDe
    Original oil paintings featuring contemporary abstract or surreal images of the landscape, figures, or imagination.
  • Mahood, Julia
    Specializes in oil paint portraits, figures, and still-life.
  • Maier, Shirley
    Contemporary oil paintings of landscapes and still life.
  • Mallory, Ronald
    Creates abstract paintings, kinetic sculpture, holograms, prints, and photographs.
  • Maloof, Louise
    Ohio-based artist presenting a series of contemporary fruit paintings.
  • Malpass, Philip
    Featuring a gallery of fantasy and realism with bio and contact information.
  • Mansfield, Fiona
    Features oils and acrylics including portraits.
  • Manujlovich, Alexandr
    Surrealist paintings and drawings. Also in Russian.
  • Marathon, Gary
    Features landscapes, still lifes, and Native American subjects.
  • Margretardottir, Hildur
    Includes paintings, photography, and free wallpaper to download.
  • Marie, Patrick
    Impressionistic landscape paintings.
  • Mariotti, Giuseppe
    Offers paintings in both classical and modern styles. Also features illustrations and works created digitally.
  • Mark, Stacy
    Features pictures and comments from the artist.
  • Markosyan, Lev
    Ukrainian artist creating multi-layered abstractions.
  • Marks, Honor
    Features botanical oil paintings.
  • Marshall, John
    The cow painter on Brighton Beach.
  • Martin, Linde B.
    Lyrical abstractions done with oil on linen.
  • Masters, Carol
    Offers realist landscapes, portraits, and still lifes.
  • Mathews, David
    Featuring pastel, oil, and sculpture portrait art of David Mathews. Offering classes and commission work.
  • Matsumoto, Hiroshi
    Features dogs and bears, abstract, landscape, and still life work.
  • Mau, Helen
    Selection of oil paintings depicting the south of England and the town of Brake in Germany
  • Maverick, David
    Gallery of thought-provoking and inspirational surrealist and visionary paintings.
  • Mayer, David W.
    Colorado-based impressionist landscape painter.
  • Mazzon, Massimo
    Virtual gallery of paintings.
  • McAdam, Agnieszka
    Offers female nudes in black and white pastel and still life paintings in oil.
  • McCann, Barbara
    Featuring impressionist style representational and abstract paintings created with a palette knife.
  • McCarthy, Brian
    Specialises in surrealist still life oil paintings, featuring Venetian masks and birds such as macaws, falcons, and canaries.
  • McCullough, Val
    Presents portraits, landscapes, and still lifes.
  • McCully, Eric
    Artist from Northern Ireland showcasing figurative and landscape paintings.
  • McCurry, Cyn
    Paintings with sensual realism.
  • McGarry, Pip
    International wildlife artist best known for his paintings of big cats and African animals.
  • McGehee, Paul
    Painter of wildlife, Americana, landscapes, and historical scenes.
  • McGill, Joe
    Brings a poetic realism to his painting, sketching, and sculpture.
  • McIrvine, Neil
    Comprehensive site of the last few years to present of oil paintings.
  • McKee, Julia
    Featuring the impressionistic plein air oil paintings of Mckee and her vision of the Western United States.
  • McMahon, Kathleen
    Offers paintings of Northern California landscapes, seascapes, and cityscapes.
  • McMahon, Kathryn A.
    Creates impressionistic art, scenic oil paintings of nature, cities, and people.
  • McMunn, Hugh
    Portraits and still lifes seeking to examine the details of urbanized life.
  • McNamara, Laurence
    Specializes in landscape and figurative paintings in oil on wood.
  • McNulty, Shawn
    Features large-scale oil and acrylic abstract paintings as well as limited edition art prints.
  • McPhedran, Letitia
    Watercolor and oil paintings by realist artist depicting fireworks, landscapes, still life, and urban themes.
  • McPherson, Joni
    Artist portrays landscapes, seascapes, florals, portraits, animals, and angels in oil, with mini-lessons and links to purchase prints of her work.
  • McSweeney, Mary
    Cape Cod-based Irish-born oil painter who paints the landscape and everyday life of Ireland.
  • McWilliam, Gordon
    Specializes in fine detailed art, including heraldic coats of arms, railway heraldry, painting from photographs, pet portraits, and miniatures.
  • Mejia, Cyrus
    Contemporary paintings and retablos.
  • Melaine, Krystii
    Specialising in the birds and animals of North America, Australia, and Africa.
  • Melssen, Ernest
    Contemporary landscape-inspired paintings and sculptures from this Sydney-based artist.
  • Mendjisky, Serge
    Specializes in mosaic-type paintings of reflected scenery, as well as photographic paintings of city life.
  • Meng Chun, Wu
    Chinese artist showcasing his contemporary self-portrait oil paintings inspired by his Buddhist teachings.
  • Mensah, Timmi A.
    Shares surrealistic oils and tattoo designs.
  • Menzies, Simon
    Collection of oil portraits and figuratice work including some decorative pieces.
  • Merigeau, Claire
    Offering oils on canvas and paper.
  • Mero, Eve
    Artist whose abstract oil paintings, collage, and fine art prints incorporate the techniques of musical composition into the creative process.
  • Merrow-Smith, Julian [pick] [read review]
    An ongoing project by artist Julian Merrow-Smith. A small oil painting is painted and posted on the site almost daily to reflect the changing seasons of Provence, France.
  • Mesicki, Jiri
    Features portraits and murals from this Czech painter.
  • Messina, Lillo
    Official site. Includes galleries, biography, bibliography, and news.
  • Micallef, Antony
    British painter who has exhibited widely throughout the U.K. and has work in private collections in Italy, Denmark, USA, and Canada.
  • Michaels, Quinn
    Abstract paintings from this Oregon painter. Site contains portfolio, biography, artist's statement of intent, and journal.
  • Milazzo, Amelia
    Features Amelia Milazzo's oil paintings with themes from the late medieval and early renaissance. Site also includes her students' work.
  • Milkewitz, Sun?
    Swedish colorist featuring raw abstract paintings conveying a personal and emotional world.
  • Milla, Mariona
    Includes bio, reviews, and upcoming exhibits.
  • Miller, Curt
    Figurative expressionist oil paintings and commissioned portraits done in pointillism style.
  • Mills, Steve
    Photo-realistic works featuring still lifes, landscapes, and wildlife.
  • Mitchell, Betty G.
    Specialises in floral still life paintings. Site includes samples of her work, galleries, and limited edition prints.
  • Mitchell, Bruce
    Contemporary artist producing representational and abstract oil paintings including landscapes, telephone poles, clouds, and more.
  • Modesitt, John
    Showcases plein air impressionist paintings of landscapes in France and California.
  • Moerland, Antonetta
    Home page of Antonetta Moerland, an artist and industrial designer who specializes in esoteric, abstract, flowers, and Buddha paintings in oil and casein tempera on masonite. The site features her design collages as well as collection of paintings. Also in Dutch.
  • Mojzes, Igor
    Offers biography and galleries of figures and landscapes.
  • Mollomo, Alexis
    Explore the imaginative world of Alexis Mollomo through her oil paintings using classical technique to capture the hope, sadness, and paranoia of motherhood.
  • Mollov, Alexander
    Showcases the artist's surrealistic works of art.
  • Monsma, Cornelis
    Featuring originals and prints of contemporary Christian art.
  • Monteferro, Moises
    Abstract and minimalist works.
  • Montegrande, Juan Jose
    Features oil paintings depicting people and places from around the world.
  • Moore, Ben
    Richly colored canvases in oils in the tradition of the French post-impressionists. Subjects include nudes, landscapes, cityscapes and still lifes.
  • Moore, John L.
    Abstract painter based in New York feauring resume, artwork images, and public collections.
  • Moran, Max
    Offers originals and prints of American regional landscapes and New York street scenes.
  • Morcillo, Dolores
    Spanish painter established in Brussels. Oil paintings on canvas.
  • Morgado, Victor
    Patriotic themed works in watercolor and oil.
  • Morioka, Juri
    Features abstract oil paintings and drawings.
  • Morrison, Richard
    Creates surrealist imagery that combines still life, flowing lanscapes, and contrasting geometric shapes with archetypal forms in a sublime visionary process.
  • Moser
    Featuring paintings and commentary.
  • Mosley, Kim
    Offers galleries of sculptures in alabaster, wood, and bronze, and oil paintings.
  • Mowat, Linda
    Exhibits photographs to oil paintings of people, pets, and places.
  • Mozer, Karoly
    Offers his style of revived mannerism.
  • Muchnick, Arseny
    Paints modern and unconventional works inspired by the relationship between color and sound.
  • Muir-McCarey, Liz
    Northern Beaches Sydney-based oil and acrylic artist. Subjects include abstract, impressionist, figure studies, beaches, and boats in the Hobart yacht race.
  • Mullane, Christine
    Art gallery in Des Moines, Iowa showcasing abstract expressionist paintings of landscapes and portraits in oil.
  • Mullarkey, Maureen
    Oil paintings and drawings of the human figure, nudes, and urban scenes based on gay pride parades.
  • Munk, Loren
    Exhibits paintings, drawings, and mosaics.
  • Munne, Marijke
    Features biography and artwork in both English and Dutch.
  • Murphy, Derek
    Contemporary surrealist painter whose images are both shocking and humorous.
  • Murray, Judith
    Abstract, modernist oil paintings and drawings.
  • Myers, Steve
    Landscape and still life oil paintings from New England.
  • Mytholoria
    Features a gallery of Greek mythological paintings.
  • Nadirashvili, George
    Vibrant paintings of animals and insects.
  • Naza
    Brazilian-American artist featuring figure abstraction and wildlife paintings.
  • Negri, Sandro
    Information about his exhibitions and works.
  • Negulescu, Irina
    Expressionist oil paintings, murals, and faux finishes by this Romanian-born artist. Accepts commissions.
  • Nehrbass, Jennifer
    Contemporary artist exhibiting detailed surreal paintings on wood panels.
  • Neireiter, Kevin
    Features oil paintings and flash animations of some of the greatest legends in jazz.
  • Nelson, Carolyn
    Oil paintings of Native American and Mexican Indian peoples.
  • Nelson, Kim
    Inspired by using symbolism and spiritual figures from the great works of the past.
  • Nevala, Johannes
    Creates oil and watercolor paintings of birds.
  • Newcomer, Kelly
    Features innocent images intermingling with futuristic machines.
  • Newman, Tim
    Includes biography and gallery of male and female nudes.
  • Nguyen, Dinh Dang
    Specializing in still lifes and nudes. Includes personal story, biography, and galleries of works.
  • Niedermeyer, Heiko and Selina
    Singapore-based artists and couple who paint and collaborate on the same canvas.
  • O'Beirne, Megan
    Features contemporary exploration of color and marks in oils and acrylics.
  • O'Kelley, Nicole
    Vivid gicl?es in the impressionist tradition.
  • O'Neill, Peter
    Contains artist bio and oil painting gallery of figures, landscapes, beach scenes, and historical moments.
  • Ober, Leslie
    Creates original oil paintings with bright colors in Cincinnati, OH. Includes her biography, artworks, and contact information.
  • Odessa, Jo
    Australian artist based in Bali featuring figurative and abstract paintings.
  • Oldhams, Tim
    Oil paintings and sculpture by a London-based contemporary figurative artist with Bipolar Disorder.
  • Olsen, Mark
    Distinctive, expressive portraits.
  • Onisa, Silvia
    Also featuring landcapes and flowers.
  • Orback, Craig
    Contains portfolio of editorial and publishing work, as well as portraits.
  • Orchowski, Allen
    Offers several figurative, realist pieces.
  • Ortego, Blanquie
    Gallery of oil paintings and resume.
  • Osserman, Georgette L.
    Painter based in California who works in oil, pastel, and mixed media. Features figurative, landscape, and abstract collections.
  • Otmane, Pascale
    Includes portraits and still life.
  • Otto, Guttorn
    Includes biographical information, work samples, and more.
  • Overton, Chuck
    Features landscapes, harbors, towns, and further subject matter.
  • Page, Colin
    Landscape, figure, and abstract oil paintings in bold colors including scenes of Maine and Long Beach Island.
  • Paik, Anna
    Creates still lifes, portraits, and nudes in oil.
  • Paintings of Vorheier
    A gallery of oil paintings, murals, photography, sculptures and more.
  • Pan, Xi
    Chinese graduate from the Moscow Academy of Fine Arts featuring female figurative and floral paintings.
  • Panichi, Leonardo
    Offers biography and gallery for this Florentine painter.
  • Park, Christina
    Offers exhibition information and a gallery of fine art figurative paintings, portraits, and murals.
  • Parsons, Carol Ann
    Includes impressionistic garden, southwest, floral, and meditation paintings.
  • Patterson, Geneva
    Galleries of watercolors, collages, and oil paintings featuring American scenes, florals and still lifes, and more.
  • Patterson, Neil
    Uses an impressionistic "Alla Prima" style of painting to convey his ideas through landscapes and florals.
  • Patterson, Reiko
    Surrealist paintings with metaphysical themes.
  • Paul, David G.
    Offers a gallery of original oil paintings. Specializing in landscapes and figurative landscapes.
  • Pavlos, Vazakas
    Showcase for the contemporary Greek oil painter. Also includes critical responses to his work as well as a brief artistic statement. Also in Greek.
  • Peake, Virginia
    Featuring vividly colored contemporary landscapes, still lifes, and animals in impressionistic style.
  • Pearce, Michael
    Featuring saints and sinners, nudes, rappers, and rock stars.
  • Peavey, Barbara
    Painter of intimate floral scenes of Nantucket Island and other New England coastal landscapes.
  • Peccolo, Ren?
    Figurative oil paintings and mixed-media drawings.
  • Peel, Diane Paton
    Artist specializing in oil paintings of Yukon and Washington wilderness landscapes, Fireweed wildflowers, and Okanagan vineyards.
  • Peeples, Patricia Ann
    Oil paintings of figures in nature. Also contains cartoons, animations, and photography.
  • Peerlings, Frans
    Canvases exploring a variety of symbols, including time, keys, and pyramids.
  • Peiser, Kurt (1887 - 1962)
    Featuring figurative works from the Belgian painter.
  • Pendergast, Holly Mae
    Artist based in Utah offering impressionistic portrait, landscape, and figurative oil paintings.
  • Pendray, John
    Marine painter of oil paintings, watercolors, and gouaches, focusing on portraits of ancient and modern sailing boats and cargo vessels from around the world.
  • Pepicello, Kathleen
    Features oil and resin paintings by Kathleen Pepicello, artist from Ohio.
  • Peters, Ger
    Featuring modern paintings inspired by American pop symbols, cartoons, and an interesting curio cabinet.
  • Petkovic, Mihailo
    Serbian artist featuring abstract oil paintings.
  • Petty, Bill
    Argentinian painter who recreates rural, gaucho, and polo scenes.
  • Petty, Karen
    Features abstract, spiritual, and nude-inspired images.
  • Petty, Ralph
    American artist based in France featuring landscapes of the French countryside, still life, and other oil and watercolor paintings.
  • Phaizulline, Ilyas
    Russian academic artist offering mystical realist and religious paintings and drawings. In English and Russian.
  • Phillips, Bryan
    Gallery of oil paintings featuring tall ships from the great age of sailing.
  • Pickering, Byron
    Paintings inspired by the sea.
  • Piermarini, Marco
    Features realistic paintings and drawings.
  • Pittman, Jeff
    North Carolina-based artist. Features landscape, seascape, and cityscape paintings.
  • Piunno, Matthew
    Painted by a red/green color blind artist. Ranges from abstract to photo-realistic.
  • Poli, Nicoletta
    Utilizes oil and specializes in pets.
  • Popei, Ioan
    Romanian artist featuring non-representational abstractions and traditional Christian icon portraits.
  • Porter, Claudia D.
    Specializing in landscape and human figure oil paintings starting at $40 are available online.
  • Porter, Helen Radaker
    Portraits and personal scenes.
  • Posehn, Cath
    Figurative paintings and drawings employing the lyrical use of color. Rendering the nude from a woman-centered perspective.
  • Postel, B.F.
    Impressionistic and pointilistic landscape oil paintings of Morocco, Delaware River, waterfalls, rocks and other subjects.
  • Powers, Jerry
    Landscapes, seascapes, and original art paintings of Block Island.
  • Powers, Laura
    Singer-songwriter offers Celtic inspired songs and portraits, landscapes, and still life oil paintings.
  • Pradhan, Shobha
    Features profile and collection of paintings.
  • Pratorius, Bianca
    Contemporary minimalist paintings on canvas and paper.
  • Pro, Anthony
    Specializes in Impressionistic landscapes and figure painting. Also includes original drawings.
  • Proferes, Jo
    Offers selected originals and reproductions of her western, wildlife, seascapes, and recreations of historical events paintings.
  • Proidl, Sylvie
    Features major projects, including exhibitions, murals, and additional works of art.
  • Pryduvalova, Olena
    Structures her paintings through a cacophonous contrast of vibrant color and primitive figures.
  • Pugliatti, Carmelo
  • Pullen, Oswaldo
    Brazilian impressionist painter specializing in contemporary realism with oil over canvas, people, nudes, landscapes, and seascapes.
  • Puppo, Alessandra
    Offers works of landscapes and villages in Italy.
  • Puri, Antonio
    Features abstract paintings using a modified batik technique applied with mixed media.
  • Purim, Anette
    Features semi abstract paintings by the Danish artist Anette Purim. She works in oils and acrylic medium. Site includes a gallery showcasing some of her art works.
  • Quechell, Yasmin
    Featuring a gallery of abstract oils on canvas.
  • Quintin, Judith
    Gallery of realistic and abstract oil paintings as well as works on paper done with watercolor and graphite.
  • Rachov, Ilian
    Classical style oil paintings and Orthodox icons.
  • Radetic, Zlatko
    Offering examples of artwork, biographical information, and more. In French and English.
  • Ramasami, Sridhar V.
    Art work and journal of Spider's (trail name) Eastern Continental Trail (ECT) hike.
  • Rawle, Chuck
    Offers landscape and still life paintings.
  • Ray, Ang
    Abstract expressionist compositions bridging East and West.
  • Ray, Oliver William
    Provides galleries of oil paintings by the Canadian artist.
  • Reda, Salvatore
    Fine art paintings, plus graphic design, and movie shorts.
  • Reilly, Twyla
    Impressionistic paintings in oil. Includes pets, people, and landscapes.
  • Reiner, Kirstine H.
    Artist featuring still life paintings and portraits in the European realist tradition.
  • Reville, James
    Portraits and landscapes by the late painter James Reville.
  • Reynolds, Elise
    Struggling Amsterdam artist painting under influence of Matisse, Goya and Jack Daniels.
  • Ricchi, Agnese
    Wide pictorial spaces coming from the stratification of backgrounds and forms created by children deriving from an imaginary world.
  • Richards, J. Kirk
    Contemporary oil paintings of Judeo-Christian themes.
  • Riedel, Paul
    Oil paintings with Brazilian and German influence.
  • Riley, Rebecca
    Features several abstract expressionist pieces.
  • Ritson, Julia
  • Rittenburg, Johanna Smith
    Features galleries of landscapes, still-lifes, and portraits.
  • Roberson, Daryl W.
    Artwork reflecting the atmosphere of a scenic beach town.
  • Roberts, Simon
    Contains a diverse collection of digital, watercolor, and oil paintings of battle tanks and helicoptors, mermaids, and plant life.
  • Robins, Arthur
    Figurative paintings including images of cityscapes, dreamscapes, carnivals, parks, billiard rooms, subways, and Biblical images.
  • Robinson, Barbara
    English painter living in France offering whimsical, impressionistic paintings of landscapes, seascapes, still life, portraits, and more.
  • Robinson, Sam
    Portfolio of work depicting urban landscapes from the Columbus, Ohio area.
  • Rodell, Don
    Wildlife art prints.
  • Rodgers, Terry
    Features paintings in a mythic realism style. Offers current and archived works.
  • Rodr?guez Amat, Jordi
    Contemporary Spanish artist featuring biography and stages of development.
  • Rodriguez Maruca, Francisco
    Offers classical realistic-figurative paintings by Francisco Rodriguez Maruca.
  • Rogovsky, Michael
    Features articles and reviews as well as a gallery of works including Massachusetts landscapes, figurative pieces, and nudes.
  • Rolle, Catherine
    South African landscapes, beaches, game reserves, mountains, and cityscapes.
  • Romanello, Diane
    Specializing in romantic landscape scenes.
  • Roper, Stuart
    Gallery of European and American landscapes, still life, and portraits.
  • Rosen, Erin
    Paintings include landscapes, citycapes, animals, and still lifes.
  • Ross, Colleen
    Painter featuring portraits and classic cars.
  • Ross, D M
    Features exhibition of recent cubist work.
  • Rossiter, Shawn
    Offers images, biography, exhibitions, and purchasing options.
  • Rounick, Della
    Creates works that combine realism and abstraction.
  • Rowley, Justin
    Exhibits contemporary urban paintings of African-Americans.
  • Rowsell, Joyce
    Painter in oils on canvas, linen and silk, specializing in miniatures.
  • Roybal, Antonio
    Visionary mannerism, fantastic realism, and surrealistic oil paintings.
  • Royo
    Featuring Mediterranean inspired paintings and sculpture by the Valencian artist.
  • Rugh, Doug
    Realistic still life and landscapes.
  • Rule, Marci L.
    Specializes in painting realistic images of golf courses.
  • Rupert, Paul
    Offers limited edition prints and oil paintings featuring golf scenes, landscapes, seascapes, paintings of children, and street scenes.
  • Ruse'l
    Conceptual paintings with roots in the French Fauvists and the new school of Hypothetical-Interactionalism.
  • Rush, Fanny
    Specializes in commissioned portraits.
  • Ruspoli, Francesco
    Presentation of his work in oil and watercolors. Includes curriculum, biography, and exhibitions.
  • Ryden, Mark (2)
  • Ryder II, George W.
    Creates still life, landscape, and illustration art in acrylic and oil on canvas or hardboard. Includes resume and gallery of works.
  • Ryder, Susan
    Paints commissioned portraits and unusual interiors.
  • Sadeh, Asher
    Features a selection of original figurative oil paintings.
  • Safran, Bernard
    Longtime Time cover artist; oil paintings depicting working class lives in urban and rural surroundings.
  • Salman, Nawfal
    About Nawfal Salman, a London based professional artist who can be can be commissioned for portraits.
  • Sanders, Joop
    Contains art reviews, bio, and gallery of abstract oil paintings of figures and shapes.
  • Sandri, Lynne
    Paintings of land, nature, trees, and themes.
  • SanjeevSaikiaArt
    Features paintings and thoughts of Sanjeev Saikia which open up a whole new world of perception.
  • Santillanes, Dave
    Oils of western landscapes in a painterly yet realistic style
  • Sardinha, Richard
    Dinosaurs, fantasy, horror, wildlife, landscapes, sculptures, and relief prints.
  • Saunders, Patrick
    Paintings and portraits in oil. Accepting commissions.
  • Savio, Alicia
    Includes gallery, artist information, and resume.
  • Saxer, Urban
    Featuring abstract paintings, text, and project information from the Basel-based artist. Also in German.
  • Sayers, Robbie D
    Contemporary Impressionist whose work is energetic and lively.
  • Schad, Robert
    Offering a gallery of works.
  • Schaefer, Ron
    Exhibits contemporary still life, landscape, and Industrial realist paintings.
  • Schaps, Stephen R.
    Wildlife, landscapes, and deserts.
  • Schmich, William
    Gallery of artwork.
  • Schmidt, Maggie
    Blends traditional florals and contemporary abstraction to create works.
  • Schneider, Craig
    "shoescapes" portraits of women from a different perspective. Figurative works evoking a gritty sensuality.
  • Schneider, William
    Representational artist painting figures, landscapes, and still lifes in oils and pastels.
  • Schonbuch, Charles
    French artist featuring still life and figurative paintings.
  • Schulz, MP
    Texas artist combines realistic and impressionistic techniques to create a feeling.
  • Scott, Brian
    Creating expressionistic oil paintings on location is his main passion.
  • Scott, Mary Ellen
    Georgetown, Ontario-based painter. Includes list of shows, body of work, and more.
  • Sefcik, Belva
    Impressionistic oils and limited edition prints.
  • Segerborg, Margareta
    Artist presenting floral, landscape, still life, portrait, and fish paintings.
  • Segosa, J. Sergio Gomez Salazar
    Mystical paintings by the Mexican artist.
  • Semon, Jeanine
    Paintings in oils and pastels of a celestial world filled with spirits, nature's creatures, dolphins, and birds.
  • Sendor, Andrew
    Referencing art history, mythology, and pop culture, the New York artist's dreamlike oil paintings seek to engage and entertain the viewer.
  • Serig, Dan
    Abstract artist based in New York featuring a statement, images, and biographical information.
  • Serota, Phyllis
    Features abstract and dream-based paintings. Includes recent and past work and information about the artist.
  • Seymour, Dermot
    Figurative Irish painter.
  • Shamma, Sara
    Displays strength and simplicity in expression and accuracy of painting in a daring surrealistic climate.
  • Shapiro, Zachar
    Contemporary Russian painter featuring abstract and narrative artwork.
  • Sharp, Martha
    Features an online portfolio of original oil paintings including floral arrangements, ballerinas, still lifes, nudes, figurative work, and South Carolina beach and marsh scenes.
  • Sharrock, Joan
    Specializes in oil paintings and prints of tigers, big cats, and North American animals and birds.
  • Sherer, Robert
    Specializing in neoclassical, monochromatic, and nude male works.
  • Shiels, Charlie
    Contemporary British artist specialising in oil paintings and murals of people.
  • Shortt, Desmond
    Features the works of this Irish based painter influenced by Jung, folktale, and mythology.
  • Shualy, Yoav
    Israeli expressionist art painter.
  • Sicignano, Raymond
    Features scenes from Italy, Paris, Alaska, New York, and New Jersey as well as portraits.
  • Sides, Henry
    Featuring limited edition prints and several galleries.
  • Sigler, Tammra
    Expressionist oil paintings ranging from figurative to abstract, and several series of monotypes including heads, dogs, foods, and toys.
  • Simpadian, Leda
    Landscape and slice-of-life works in oil and watercolor.
  • Sims, Billy
    Paints large, vibrant oil paintings of people encountered, befriended, or observed in Kentucky, Atlanta, and New York.
  • Sinnige, Peter
    1st-Art. Oil paintings, exhibitions and links to related artists.
  • Skidmore, Donna
    Oil paintings of distorted realism.
  • Skierska, Eva
    Polish painter using oils to paint romantic figures and animals in imaginative settings.
  • Skinner Smith, Wendy
    Contemporary painter.
  • Sklaroff, Sonya
    Specializing in landscapes, cityscapes, and interiors.
  • Slaby, John
    Surreal, conceptual oil paintings and prints. Landscapes, still lifes, and figures.
  • Sloan, Fanny L.
    Painter of landscapes and cityscapes. Features artist biography and gallery of works.
  • Sloan, Janet Pasin
    Still life artist with a modernist approach to design and color.
  • Smets, Peter
    Landscapes and still life.
  • Smilskalns, Ruta
    Offers gallery of artwork and artist information.
  • Smira, David
    Features oil paintings and limited edition canvas prints in both Romantic Impressionism and Cubism styles of landscapes, figures, and still lifes.
  • Smith, Aaron
    Features realist and figurative paintings on panel and charcoal drawings.
  • Smith, Alexander
    Oil landscapes and portraits by painter Alexander Smith, including paintings focused on the people and cities of Lebanon.
  • Smith, Edmund
    Realist art of people and wildlife.
  • Smith, Linda
    Creates traditional Australian Aboriginal paintings.
  • Smith, Patrick
    San Francisco-based artist showcasing recent works, hospice portraits, and monoprints. Also includes poetry.
  • Snow, Duke
    Offers original paintings and limited edition prints from the historic Chadds Ford area of Pennsylvania.
  • Sobol, Jonathan
    Features sculpture, oil paintings, and thoughts on art.
  • Sobrinho, Jos?
    Shows some aspects of Portuguese wildlife, his family members, history, and monuments.
  • Sogomonyan, Vigen
    Uses oils and illustration to create works of fantasy.
  • Sokoloff, Valery
    Works described as associative abstraction and quasi-figurative archetypical painting.
  • Solmssen, Kurt
    Includes resume, reviews, and links.
  • Sommer, Erik
    Site showcases some paintings by the New York-based contemporary artist Erik Sommer.
  • Sommer, Susan
    Gallery of works inspired by nature.
  • Sommer, Tana
    Oil paintings of California and Provence.
  • Sorren, Joe
    Paintings full of melancholy and music.
  • Sparacino, Linda
    Offers still lifes, floral arrangements, and scenes.
  • Spielman, Gavin
    Gallery of still lifes, landscapes, portraits, drawings, and more.
  • Springfield, Molly
    Paintings, drawings, and mixed media projects explore the link between memory and materiality and investigate the act of collecting and displaying objects.
  • Squire, Morris Bear
    Fine art gallery of oil paintings on cured wood with layers of lacquer, gold leaf, mother of pearl, and duck egg shells.
  • St. John, Marsha
    Features abstract painting art works by Marsha St. John. She uses oil painting as her medium of expression.
  • Stahl, Anne
    Environmentalist painter offering abstractions inspired by the natural world.
  • Stahl, Mary K.
    Featuring works on location in the San Francisco Bay area, landscapes, and still life paintings by the plein air landscape artist.
  • Stambaugh, Doug
    Features gallery, message board, ordering information, and more.
  • Standley, Max D.
    Offers oil paintings, engravings, and gicl?es.
  • Staring, Winand
    Featuring abstract oil paintings inspired by the colors of water.
  • Stats, Kathryn
    Displays landscapes, florals, giclee prints, and paintings of Southern Utah.
  • Stavrowsky, Oleg
    Paintings of western art.
  • Steck, Tom
    Expressive and painterly works in oil that are quiet and poetic.
  • Steiger, William
    Includes a biography, lists of galleries and exhibitions, prints, and reviews.
  • Stevens, Janis
    Presents nude paintings and sculptures, ceramic masks, as well as abstract, floral, and Key West sunset paintings.
  • Stewart, Bob
    Original oil paintings of airplanes, boats, and landscapes.
  • Stokes, Van
    Offers gallery, current projects, biography, and resume.
  • Stoltzfus, Randall
    A portfolio of evocative oil paintings and works on paper by a Brooklyn-based artist.
  • Stork, Jackie
    Stork Cows. Realistic original oils and lithographs primarily of cows.
  • Strang, Michael
    Contemporary British artist, specialises in oil paintings of seascapes, landscapes, portraits and flowers.
  • Stroman, Brad
    Incorporates the aesthetic of Japanese Zen Buddhism by transcending ways of looking and thinking about our world and our existence.
  • Stuart, Sherry Blanchard
    Works in oil on linen and canvas. I enjoy varied subject matter, but concentrate on western themes.
  • Suarez, Mariu
    Includes history, research, articles, and dream interpretation on surrealism. Also features the art of Mariu Suarez.
  • Sula, Artur
    Images by the Albanian born artist, now based in London. Specializing in icons, murals, and commisions for oil portraits and landscapes.
  • Supina, Joey
    Paintings showcasing the journey of a recovering alcoholic.
  • Sures, Anne Ward
    Creates landscapes, coastal scenes, and portraits in oil.
  • Suryawan, Soosan
    Painter and artist specializing in Asian spiritual art and commissioned portraits.
  • Sutherland, Kay
    Impressionist artwork and art classes.
  • Sutherlin, Sue
    Creates detailed realistic paintings of landscapes in the South.
  • Svirely, Temo
    Ukrainian artist featuring contemporary abstracts with ink on paper and oil on canvas.
  • Swies, Dorota
    Design and fine art artist based in . Pennsylvania showcasing a collection of paintings, photographs, web designs, logos, and illustrations.
  • Szenassy, Sandor
    British contemporary painter featuring large scale portrayals of boxing celebrities.
  • Szoc, Max
    Surrealistic painter, theater director, scenograph, poet, and author of many happenings.
  • Taboada, Pablo
    Oil paintings of landscapes, portraits and figures.
  • Taeubel, Erich, Jr.
    Abstract paintings inspired by observing surroundings then simplifying the subject beyond reality.
  • Talbert, Matt
    American painter showcasing portraits capturing the essence of his subjects with a focus on shapes and colors.
  • Tan, Zimou Larry
    Features his work with oil paintings, drawing, and sculpture, as well as several step-by-step painting demos.
  • Taylor, Gage & Uriel Dana
    Collaborative oils of metaphysical and spiritual themes, surreal landscapes, and dream inspired visions.
  • Taylor, J.A.
    Offering fine art prints and original oil paintings of the island of Maui, Hawaii.
  • Taylor, Ruth Mueller
    Offers landscapes with figures usually around water.
  • Tealdi, Laurent
    Contemporary paintings.
  • Tebben, Claudia
    Features biography and pictures of past exhibitions along with latest works.
  • Tejblum, Indro Marek
    Personal expression ranging from subtle to bold.
  • Tejera, Angel
    Features a biography and galleries.
  • ten Vaanholt, Marco
    Self-taught artist whose work combines symbolism and rich colors, and all works are accompanied by a poem allowing the observer to be part of the artist's disposition and inspirations.
  • Tennant, Craig
    Offers prints and originals of western landscapes, horses, and cowboys.
  • Teo, Kim-Liong
    Oil paintings of landscapes, portraits and figures.
  • Teo, Samuel
    Oil paintings of roses.
  • Terry, Carolyn
    Selection of original paintings.
  • Thew, Allan
    Original oil paintings and prints of western wildlife and landscape subjects. Wildlife conservation tips.
  • Thinghuus, Ann
    Abstract expressionist artist Ann Thinghuus draws on her culturally diverse Asian, European, and Canadian heritage to generate a radical fusion of textures and styles in her painting and prints. Includes gallery, profile, and news.
  • Thomas, Andy
    Exhibits realist historical paintings and prints. Specializes in depictions of Civil War battles west of the Mississippi River.
  • Thomson, James H.F.
    Gallery of landscapes and compositions, including works inspired by the legend of True Thomas the Rhymer.
  • Thorn, Bruce
    Abstractionist creating topographic or choreographic maps of a dancing heart and portraying positive vibrations and auras.
  • Thrane, Poul
    Danish/Canadian artist works in oil and watercolour to capture natural scenes and landscapes.
  • Tillenius, Clarence
    Paints on the theme of the singular beauty of animals as seen in the wild and the need to preserve their habitat, with an emphasis on Canadian wilderness.
  • Tobin, Marni
    Oil and watercolor paintings with subjects that include ballet and modern dancers, figures, and abstracts using expressionism and realism.
  • Tranberg, Dan
    Includes examples of paintings and critical writings.
  • Traylor, Joel III
    Colorful and unique oil stick paintings.
  • Tremlett, Deanne
    Graduate of the Slade School of Art in London specialising in figurative, expressionistic nudes.
  • Trepanier, Cory
    Offers limited editions and original oil paintings from the natural world for homes and corporations.
  • Trevor, Tom
    Features paintings by the Vermont-based classical realistic painter including still lifes, portraits, and landscapes.
  • Tsang, Philip
    Oil paintings for art lovers.
  • Tschantz-Hahn, Michael
    Painting in the style of the London School of Figurative Art. Also features monotypes and drawings on antique paper.
  • Tucker, Jay
    Oil paintings of the female face and figure.
  • Tumer, Kaynak
    Still lifes and landscapes. Also in Turkish.
  • Ubben, Carol
    Including pictures of her impressionist oil paintings, watercolors, and drawings.
  • Ulinich, Anya
    Vivid contemporary paintings including interpretations of modern-day culture by this Brooklyn based artist.
  • Ulinski, Anthony
    Presents contemporary paintings of everyday objects and rituals of daily life. Also features functional and sculptural works based on different cultures.
  • Unsal, Metin
    Istanbul born artist of landscapes, portraits, and figures. Also in Turkish.
  • Vallely, Dara
    Paints traditional Irish music singers, dancers, and Celtic mythological themes.
  • Van Bemmel, Vonnie
    Paints with oils, pastels, and watercolors to reflect her surroundings.
  • van Berlo, Will
    Contains a gallery of oil, acrylic, and mixed media paintings of abstract organic images of human figures. Also in Dutch.
  • van Dyke, Sherard
    Portrays the music and atmosphere of American Jazz in her paintings.
  • Van Ingen, Adriana
    Online art exposition of G. Adriana Van Ingen's oil paintings.
  • Van Leeuwen, Cynthia
    Portfolio of paintings.
  • van Oostzanen
    Artist based in the Netherlands presenting surreal, narrative paintings.
  • van Zyl, Adriaan
    Realist paintings by a South African artist.
  • Vaughan, David
    Showcases the work of the 1960s poster artist, including his more recent work dealing with the social and phobic problems of society.
  • Vazquez, Flo
    Specializing in plein air and studio artwork, all with a quietness theme.
  • Veedell, Victoria
    Features landscapes done in series.
  • Velesig, Christie
    Cape Cod artist who works in oils and watercolors.
  • Venosa, Robert
    Featuring works of fantastic realism. Includes history, books, CD and film work, and exhibition and ordering information.
  • Vernon, Mary
    American abstract painter.
  • Vesely, Susan
    Figurative paintings, oil on canvas, depicting dreamscapes.
  • Veskov, Evgeni
    Paintings and prints.
  • Vign?, Pierre
    Features work from the Impressionist, Colorist, and Classic schools.
  • Vincent, Michele
    French artist who creates fantasy and surreal landscapes and narrative paintings.
  • Vincent, S.
    Features gallery, short biography, and auction link.
  • Vincenti, Paul
    Featuring colorful tropical scenes.
  • Vistaunet, John
    Artist based in Washington offering paintings celebrating the sensual beauty of the female form.
  • Vitkovsky, Vladimir
    Displays oils, pastels, and inks.
  • Vladimir, Medvedev
    Offers a contemporary art collection of realist oil paintings.
  • Voevodin, Sergei
    Landscapes in oil by this Siberian painter.
  • Vorheier
    Displays oil paintings and murals.
  • Vos, Herman
    Dutch artist specializes in wildlife subjects. Also in Dutch.
  • Voyajolu, George and Diana
    Byzantine iconography and painting by George and Diana Voyajolu, featuring their work in oil on canvas. Galleries include portraits, landscapes, and religious art.
  • Wackermann, Hubert
    Specializes in paintings of Native Americans in American landscapes.
  • Wagtmans, Frank
    Netherlands-based painter with a spiritual atmosphere and drawer of realistic aboriginal people from all over the world. Includes biography, paintings, drawings, and contact info. Also in Dutch and Polish.
  • Wahl, Patty
    Oil paintings with acrylic touches. Subjects include erotic art, portraits, and florals.
  • WalkingStick, Kay
    Native American artist and art professor based in New York featuring contemporary paintings with gold leaf and works on paper.
  • Walsh, Paul
    Features a gallery, artist biography, and prints or canvas reproductions of his artwork including many images of firefighting.
  • Walton, Andrew
    Features biography, exhibition details, details of the artist's public collections.
  • Wang, Lee Boon
    Realist painter depicting cityscapes of Singapore and a variety of locations.
  • Wang, Xiaojin,
    Specializes in modern style paintings of women of the Ching and Ming dynasties. Site features portfolio, biography, and contact information.
  • Wangkun Studio
    Features the artist's biography and oil paintings. Based in Beijing, China.
  • Waravka, Patrick
    Contemporary artist whose works include oil paintings and floral paintings.
  • Ward, Tyrone
    Specializing in florals, landscapes, and portraits.
  • Warner, Ann
    Still life and landscape work.
  • Warren, Jim
    Nudes, fantasy, and space themes inspired by the surrealist style.
  • Washbourne, Rose
    Specialises in New Zealand landscapes.
  • Wearn, Robert Morrison
    Specializing in Maui sunsets created in oils.
  • Weinstein, Joyce Ellen
    Concerned with the understanding of human relationships and speaks of the human measure and condition through prints, paintings, mixed-media, drawings, and sculpture.
  • Weir, Bert
    Offers galleries, an artist biography, and contact information.
  • Weisenburger, Erik
    Artist creating narrative paintings of memorial gardens and homages to Midwestern artists and architects.
  • Weiss, Jerry
    Classically trained artist capturing the human figure and natural landscapes.
  • Welch, Audrey
    Faces and people rendered in a painterly style.
  • Weliver, Howard
    Paintings by Howard Weliver in a self-titled abstract symbolism form.
  • Wertman, Israel
    Israeli artist and Holocaust survivor presents his work of abstract paintings and drawings.
  • West, Brian
    Commissions and paintings by professional artist Brian West in oils and acrylics covering many sporting themes along with corporate art, portraiture, music, and imagery.
  • West, Craig Alan
    Features catalog of contemporary works.
  • Westhaver, Ken
    Features paintings and etchings evocative of surrealism and fantasy.
  • Wezyk, Joanna
    Features gallery of colorful images that express her "crooked mirror" irony.
  • White, Angela
    The artist located in Washington, D.C., well-known for her evocative abstract paintings, provides an online portfolio of works and details for upcoming exhibits.
  • White, Mitchell
    Collection of commissioned reproductions and original pieces.
  • Whitehorse, Richard
    Offers colorful, vibrant, and slightly surreal works, featuring landscapes, florals, and Southwest themes.
  • Whitty, Patricia
    Photorealist artist featuring oil on linen paintings of flowers, trinkets, and portraits.
  • Willingham, Mark Stephen
    Oil landscapes on fine linen, focusing on the rural Appalachian Mountains.
  • Willis, Lilly G.
    Oil paintings that radiate a mysterious power.
  • Willis, Tilly
    Features paintings and prints with subjects that include portraits, still life, English landscapes, and the people and places of Africa.
  • Wilson, Alexis
    Creates vivid works featuring nature, religious themes, doorways, and chairs.
  • Wilson, Donald Roller
    Paintings in oil on canvas that portray a mystical, spiritual world.
  • Wilson, Evan
    Specializing in the realist tradition, includes portraits, floral still lifes, interiors, and more.
  • Wilson, Kay
    Eclectic site featuring oil and digital paintings, portraits, abstracts and symbolism.
  • Wilson, Sara
    Paints only when completely immersed in music from which she draws the inspiration necessary to transform her hand into a composer of pure iconic feeling.
  • Wilson, Tom@
  • Winkler, Richard
    Travel the tropics in Sri Lanka, and see how Bali influenced his painting style. Features detailed works.
  • Wolf, Fred
    Features original oil paintings.
  • Wollega, Ras
    Self-taught artist Ras Wollega offers stylized oil paintings of women, landscapes, pets, and children.
  • Wolton, Alan
    Includes galleries of impressionist images, biography, and more.
  • Wong, Janice Hidemi
    Color pencil, oil, and comic art works.
  • Wood, Christopher
    Scottish artist.
  • Woods, Jo
    Featuring original oils and prints.
  • Woods, Lee
    Includes a gallery of images.
  • Wu, Sandra
    Contains portraits, still life, and religion inspired works with detailed commentary of the artist's personal experiences.
  • Wurmser, Ryan
    Balancing passages of rich color with delicate greys in landscapes, still lifes, and figurative works.
  • Wyffels, David
    Features various galleries of art including sculpture, drawing, oil painting, digital art, and design portfolios of David Wyffels.
  • Xela
    Features biography, gallery, and information on upcoming shows.
  • Xiao Guofu, Morgan
    Chinese artist featuring oil paintings of figures half-submerged or floating in water.
  • Xinjian, Du
    Chinese surrealist artist presents his oil and acrylic dreamscape paintings.
  • Yamaji, Kyoko
    Features the art works of Kyoko Yamaji, including oil paints, posters, and gilcee prints.
  • Yanqun, Xue
    Features oil paintings of Asian beauty girls, portraits, and nudes with oriental style.
  • Yonah, Eva Avi
    Uses a range of techniques to create paintings. Offers gallery of works and biography.
  • Yong, Cao
    Featuring a biography, artwork, and more.
  • Young, Drue
    Oil paintings online gallery.
  • Yu, Chit Fu
    Contemporary oil paintings and Chinese ink and brush calligraphy.
  • Yuniardi, Nino
    Oil paintings on wood panel, eerie and full of movement.
  • Zainal, Fran
    Paints figurative and contemporary works featuring both dreams and reality.
  • Zalunardo, Franco
    Paintings and drawings inspired by the work of the old masters of the Renaissance era.
  • Zampini, Rita
    Italian artist featuring landscape, floral, and cityscape oil paintings.
  • Zantman, Theo
    Figures and abstracts.
  • Zaret, Elliot
    Realist/expressionist oil painter specializing in landscapes and striking cityscapes with vivid color and dynamic perspectives.
  • Zatiashvili, Akaki
    Classic reproductions, icons, landscapes, and modern art.
  • Zener, Eric
    Figurative and still life oils.
  • Zephyrs, Tom
    Features impressionist and post-impressionist landscapes, seascapes, still lifes, and more.
  • Zervou, Xanthie
    Original oil paintings including classic and impressionist styles.
  • Zetterstrand, Kristoffer
    Contemporary Swedish artist.
  • Zhiwei, Tu
    Oil painter and muralist from China. Features picture galleries of the artist's work on murals, Tibetian, and Dunhuang paintings. Also includes news and bio.
  • Zhuravel, Mykola
    Ukrainian artist featuring abstract figurative paintings.
  • Zimmerman, Caroline
    Offering original still life and realist paintings of the landscapes of California and Italy.
  • Zinno, Dan
    Artist based in Los Angeles specializing in abstract paintings.
  • Zlotnik, Alexandre
    Featuring original oils and bronze sculpture.
  • Zokosky, Peter
    Painter whose fascination with anatomy allows him to create surreal, poetic images of people and animals.

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