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  • Aaberg, Echi
    Figurative and non-figurative contemporary art.
  • Aaron, Wade
    Creates paintings that focus directly on material absences using vacancy to convey something deliberate and tangible.
  • Abbott, Susan
    Offers images of her watercolor and oil still life paintings and prints as well as information about her landscape painting workshops in Vermont and Provence.
  • Abegg, Doreen
    Features vibrant and expressive impressionist paintings of landscapes, gardens, and figures.
  • Abrahamson, John U.
    Features gallery of dark gothic art by John U. Abrahamson with personal demons exorcised onto canvas. Also includes merchandise such as T-shirts, caps, cards, and bags with gothic designs.
  • Abrahmi, Ora
    Israeli artist offering colorful, contemporary abstract paintings presented by series and extensive background information.
  • Accorsi, Franco
    Italian painter known for his space-abstract works.
  • Acevedo, Mario
    Painter of Americana urban landscapes and vintage motorcycles.
  • Acres, Dave
    Features artist's background, reviews, and gallery of work.
  • Adam, Jon
    Features landscapes, faces, and figures.
  • Adam, Kathleen E.
    Realistic oil paintings of animals, people and related subjects.
  • Adams, Bob C.
    Featuring Native American, automotive, floral, and wildlife themes.
  • Adams, Dee
    Contemporary minimalist abstract art for the modern collector.
  • Adams, James Douglas
    Offers monumental figurative paintings penetrates boundaries through the displacement of time, place, age, proportion, and gender.
  • Adams, Loren
    Highlights the original idealistic oil paintings, watercolors, and pen and ink drawings by the artist.
  • Adams, Mike
    Creates minimal abstract paintings and metal sculptures inspired by mountain ranges, sky, volcanoes, islands, rivers, and forests.
  • Adams, Susan
    Floral, figure, still life, and nature watercolors by the Petaluma artist.
  • Adams, Trisha
    Exhibits oil paintings of landscapes and still life.
  • Adams, Walter Burt
    Painted urban landscapes from street corners in Evanston, Illinois, for almost half a century.
  • Adamsson, Leif
    Personal showcase of paintings and sculptures.
  • Addington, Dan
    Oil and encaustic figurative painter from Chicago.
  • Adonai
    Exhibit of works in a neo-impressionist style.
  • Adrian, Kollar
    Offers oil paintings and his musical compositions.
  • Affronti, Antonella
    Features Mediterranean art through a Macromedia Flash virtual exhibition.
  • Afshar, Hengameh
    Persian female artist and poet. Over sixty oil paintings from realism to impressionism.
  • Agle, Josh (Shag)
    Experience Shag's world of mid-century swingers, tiki bar primitiva, and exotica sci-fi.
  • Agramonte Jr., Enrique
    Puerto Rican artist whose mind suffers some form of constant metamorphosis which, in fact, is the responsible for the fascinating creation of a world full of dreams and fantasia.
  • Agrusa, Mary
    Painter based in Florida specializing in bright and colorful impressionism.
  • Agudelo, Fernando
    Artist from South America offering surreal landscape paintings and giclee prints.
  • Aguirre, Betsy
    Watercolor artist specializing in sculpture, historic architectural paintings, Victorian themes, and more.
  • Ahart, Shoshanna
    Artist based in Washington DC creating contemporary paintings of architeture and interiors in oils and pastels.
  • Ahern, Mary
    Seeks to bring natural objects into sharp focus, such as botanicals, seashells, and gourds.
  • Ahmed, Karen
    Creates artworks using a combination of mixed media, acrylics, and eggshells.
  • Aiello, Sergio
    Abstract paintings and nude drawings by Sergio Aiello, an Italian artist who exhibits in Turin and Rivarolo Canavese. Also in Italian, Spanish, and French.
  • Aiken, Bruce
    Well-known for his Grand Canyon paintings, has lived and worked at Roaring Springs in the bottom of Grand Canyon since 1973.
  • Ajinjal, Akhra
    Exhibits vibrant abstract figurative paintings.
  • Akiane
    Considered the only known child binary genius, in both painting and poetry.
  • Akins, Tamlyn
    Features realistic depictions of flowers, trees, origami designs, and pet portraits.
  • Akyildiz, Mevlut
    Turkish exhibiting artist presenting contemporary narrative paintings.
  • Al-Dhaher, Sabah
    Iraqi artist presenting classic figurative stone sculpture and paintings with coffee washes.
  • Al-Musawi, Ayad
    Home page of Iraqi artist, Ayad Al-Musawi, with galleries of his paintings, excerpts of his autobiography, personal pics, and contact information.
  • Al-Tawil, Hashim
    Art historian, lecturer, and Arab-American artist featuring paintings depicting Arab and Islamic history and culture.
  • Alampi, Alex, Jr.
    Watercolors of lighthouses and other marine motifs.
  • Alani, Saad
    Painter and sculptor from Iraq.
  • Alavi, Seyed
    Conceptual/interdisciplinary artist creating installation and sculptural works for art spaces and public sites.
  • Albiolo
    Offers oil paintings that communicate her love of life.
  • Aldieri, Chris J.
    Abstract, textured paintings that overflow with color and movement.
  • Aleman, Shaun
    Offering acrylics, watercolors, and cartoons reflecting the culture and heritage of New Orleans.
  • Alemshah, George
    Armenian artist practicing Cubic Impressionism.
  • Alexander, Gregory
    Featuring vibrant, colorful works in oils, watercolors, and acrylics. Includes exhibitions, bio, and contact information.
  • Alexander, Helen
    Includes portraits, florals, landscapes, and murals.
  • Alexander, Matthew
    Offering a gallery of different European locations.
  • Alfrao, Eddie
  • Algrim
    Norwegian classic artist and portrait painter who is influenced by the silence and the hinterland between heaven and earth.
  • Aljabiri, Rahman
    Images and biography.
  • Alkazzi, Basil
    Nonrepresentational, gouache artist featuring paintings characterized by spiritual and metaphysical components. Also in French.
  • Allan, Brian
    Features fine art prints, note cards, T-shirts, and originals.
  • Allard, Paule-Monique
    Technique of sculpture in painting.
  • Allbeury-Hock, Anne
    Eastern shore oil painter of soft-focus realism. Landscapes, gardens, the waterfront, and marine subjects in a loose impressionist style.
  • Allcock, Simon
    Features abstract paintings of cityscapes, buildings, still lifes, and more. Includes the book, 'Never Sent Letters to Richard.'
  • Allen, Frank
    Features photo gallery and profile of the artist who specializes in maritime art. Based in Queensland, Australia.
  • Allen, Jere H.
    Expressionistic, figurative, social, and personal painting realities.
  • Alles, David
    Artist based in Nebraska creating abstract oil and watercolor paintings fusing what is visible and invisible.
  • Allshire, Lisa
    A portfolio of murals & paint effects by Irish decorative painter.
  • Ally, Harry
  • Almeida, Renato
    Biography, photos, and a sample of his works.
  • Alotus, Carolina
    Large close up flowers and abstract pictures painted in acrylics.
  • Alpern, Tyler
    Features narrative, expressive paintings in designs such as landscapes, nudes, and pop culture.
  • Althaus, Mattias (Mufti)
  • Altmann, Paul
    Features paintings of landscapes, still lifes, and signed prints.
  • Altschiller, Ira
    Offering art links, interview, digital prints, catalog.
  • Altvater, L.J.
    Paintings and POV-ray images.
  • Alvarado, R.G.
    Calgary area photographer and artist offering large acrylic on canvas paintings and wedding photography services in Canada and the U.S.
  • Alvi, Khaled
    Artist with hearing and speech impairment and tubular vision.
  • Alzofon, Rebecca
    Painter, illustrator, and teacher.
  • Amatangelo, Rudy
    Traditional realism in the watercolor medium. Artist also presents his "Day of Discovery" Columbus triptych display.
  • Amburn, Dale
    Impressionistic, figurative, and transpersonal paintings in oil, acrylic, watercolor, and mixed media.
  • Amell, Dan
    Online gallery of oil paintings and drawings.
  • Amiama Rodriguez, Enriquillo
    Includes landscapes, portraits, and still lifes.
  • Amirfakury, Ali
    Gallery of oil and water color paintings.
  • Ammouna, Khitam
    Syrian artist based in Abu Dhabi showcasing paintings of figures, abstractions, portraits, and flowers.
  • Amoroso, Jack
    Includes gallery, articles, and downloadable biography.
  • Amrhein, Beatrice Valentine
    French artist featuring painted photographic work and abstract paintings.
  • Anaut, Felix
    Spanish artist featuring exaggerated-figure paintings.
  • Andalman, Lynn
    Interior design specialist Lynn Andalman offers consulting and project management services as well as original contemporary art and posters.
  • Andersen, Lars Henning
    Includes gallery, photographs, biography, links, and guestbook.
  • Anderson, Anne
    Specialist in botanical and wildlife art, including miniatures.
  • Anderson, C.S.
    Plein air artist featuring impressionistic California landscapes.
  • Anderson, Catherine
    Watercolor artist of nature scenes.
  • Anderson, Marian
    Art gallery of limited edition prints and oil originals.
  • Anderson, Mark S.
    Limited edition wildlife prints and artist proofs of the acrylic on canvas originals.
  • Anderson, Nancy
  • Anderson, Rick
    Offers watercolors, drawings, mixed media, and prints.
  • Anderson, Tammy
    Contemporary figurative works with a strong emotional impact.
  • Anding, Ghislaine
    Features artwork, biography, and contact information.
  • Ando, Rachelico Junco
    Japanese artist's exploration of Israel and Jewish spirituality.
  • Andoe, Joe
    Features paintings, biography, essays, and contact information.
  • Andrew, Keith
    Watercolor artist from London painting landscapes and seascapes.
  • Andrews, Esao
    This quirky, macabre testing site is time-of-day sensitive.
  • Andrews, Stuart Codington
    Featuring his alpine surrealist paintings.
  • Andrjesson, Grjetar
    Paintings of landscape, boats, houses and nature in general.
  • Andruk, Marjorie Dean
    Picture gallery, biography, and resume.
  • Angela Sommer-Bodenburg
    Features self-portrait paintings, biography, and bibliography from the author of The Little Vampire.
  • Anglin, Jack Henry
  • Anichini, Mario
    Online gallery of works.
  • Ankiewicz, Kristen
  • Anna
    Utilizes acrylics, oils, watercolors, and pastels.
  • Anto P. - Paintings and Words
  • Anton, Judith
    Anton of Vermont features contemporary, original, subtly vibrant works on muslin.
  • Antonov, Anton
    Includes colorful gallery of abstracts, a biography, and contact information of the contemporary painter.
  • Antonov, Petko
    Bulgarian artist based in Razgrad featuring modern paintings of figures, landscapes, and interiors luminated by saturated colors.
  • Antovic, Ljiljana
    Features her paintings, drawings, pottery, and batik works. Also in Serbian.
  • Aparin, Sergei
    Enigmatic, metaphysical, and fantastic oil paintings from this Russian painter.
  • Apollonov, Oleksiy
    Contemporary Ukrainian artist exhibiting abstract figurative paintings.
  • Apte, Peter
    Online exhibition of paintings by the Australian artist Peter Apte.
  • Aquino, Clovis
    Featuring landscapes, informal signs, and portraits painted in Italy.
  • Araripe, Oscar
    Includes a gallery of his works and information on exhibitions.
  • Arastu, Salma
    Showcases a gallery of abstract paintings of people by a Muslim Indian artist. Also offers Arabic calligraphy prints, Eid cards, and Islamic wedding cards.
  • Arcana, Putu Fajar
    Lukisan-lukisan dengan mix media.
  • Archambault, Luc
    R?pertoire des oeuvres en ligne, forums de discussion, CHAT, un v?hicule de transactions pour l'artiste de Qu?bec, Luc Archambault.
  • Archer, Donald
    Contemporary California landscape paintings.
  • Archer, Robin
    English academic artist influenced by the Victorian Era specializing in paintings of female figures and portraits.
  • Archibald, Dion
    Contemporary painter offering cityscape and figurative work.
  • Ardolino, Jennifer
    Watercolor and acrylic paintings, along with prints of Florida's tropical environment.
  • Arena, Patrick
    Gallery of wild life and still life in acrylic.
  • Armitage, Ruth
    Paintings that relate themes of song, endurance, determination, light, and a mysterious antique quality.
  • Armstrong, Helen N.
    Gallery of landscape, still life, and portrait oils.
  • Armstrong, Loretta
    Features works of the artist including toons, Halloween, Giclee, landscapes, and floral. Based in California.
  • Armstrong, Richard
  • Arndt, Roger D.
    Creates original works featuring the Rocky Mountains, forests, and Pacific shores.
  • Arnesson, Peter
    Poetical site with paintings and graphic works by this Swedish artist.
  • Aronson, Jan
    Gallery of landscapes, portraits, and cloud paintings.
  • Arora, Anjali
    Showing contemporary, realistic, and impressionistic works.
  • Arre, Arnold
    Featuring fantasy art from this award-winning graphic novelist.
  • Arrieta, Nadine
    French-Basque artist producing oil paintings and drawings.
  • Arroni, Oudi
    Includes pictures of landscape and figurative work and biographical details.
  • Arroyo, Alfred
    Contains gallery of Mexican oil paintings, bio, and excerpts from his novel.
  • Art by Brad Kaufman
    Features acrylic and oil paintings of fish and marine life created in bright, fun colors by the artist.
  • Art?mis
    Includes gallery of works and biography.
  • Artanegara, Sekti
    Work inspired by music and the mother-child bond.
  • Arthole
    Presents paintings and a webcam of the artist's studio.
  • Arthur, Jules
    Work that reflects the range of internal beauty and turmoil that exists within the African Disapora around the world.
    Showcases a wide variety of oil paintings. Offers custom work, including portraits of people, pets, and favourite places.
  • ArtSoul
    Gallery of an abstract artist from Montreal.
  • Artz, Gina
    Presents recent and past works in oil, poetry, and sculptures.
  • Arvandi, Simin
    Oil and watercolor surrealist and impressionist paintings.
  • Arvid, Thomas
    Preeminent painter of wine with original oils on canvas and limited editions.
  • Arvin, Adrian Harrison
    Contemporary paintings of the west, Santa Fe area, religious and portraits.
  • Ashby, Blair
    Paintings about life. Color in profusion.
  • Ashcroft, Lisa
    Showcases abstract oil paintings, sculpture, masks, and installations from this pop artist.
  • Asher, Elizabeth
    Features a gallery of paintings illustrating a change in style over the last few years.
  • Ashlye
    Original paintings of black art themes.
  • Ashman, Malcolm
    Featuring a wide portfolio of his work including landscapes and fantasy works.
  • Ashwell, David
    Offers depictions of Malibu beach scenes in a contemporary style capturing the intense light of Southern California.
  • Ashworth, M. Sholar
    Offers portraits, still lifes, and cartoons.
  • Assemi, Reza
    Offers paintings reflecting fascination with life, death, and isolation.
  • Astheber, Claire
    Specializing in free and na?ve figurative painting.
  • Asturi
    Oil colours on canvas influenced by Polynesian culture.
  • Atack, David
    London-based artist painting portraits, still lifes, landscapes, abstracts, and illustrations.
  • Atelier, Marie Mella
    Presents oil on wood, canvas, and paper.
  • Atnip, Jeff
    Drawings and watercolors of rural Tennessee landscapes.
  • Atz, Barton - Zziggy
    Abstract impressionist art.
  • Aubrecht, Pavel
    Offers galleries of paintings and ink drawings mainly in surrealistic, non abstract style.
  • Aubry-More, Yves
    French hyperrealist.
  • Audette, Anna Held
    Features oil paintings depicting ruins of our time.
  • Augusta, George
    Painting beach scenes, landscapes, still life, and portraits of men, women and children in oil or pastel in a traditional impressionist style.
  • Auguste, Patricia
    Landscapes of Provence, Philadelphia, the Chesapeake Bay, and the American Southwest, as well as abstract and modern works.
  • Authouart, Daniel
  • Avakyan, Grant
    Featuring abstract compositions of line, form and color.
  • Avignon, Jim
    Modern, social figure painter showcasing work, commercial work, and murals. Also in German.
  • Avishai, Madi
    Wallculture: gallery of paintings in an abstract figurative style.
  • Ayliffe, Janet
    Produces paintings, etchings, and wood engravings.
  • Aymerich, Charo
    Includes contemporary figurative oil paintings, portraits and etchings.
  • Baars, Marion
    Paintings in oil and water.
  • Babb, Lois Virginia
    American artist offering prints and giclees depicting landscapes, still lifes, children, women, and animals.
  • Babler, Marcia
    Features the oil and acrylic paintings and digital photographs of the Chicago based artist Marcia Babler.
  • Babyak, Michael
    From realist figurative images in oils, acrylics and charcoals, to abstraction and realism.
  • Backs, Georgette
    Surreal and representational paintings in acrylics and oil.
  • Baeder, John
    Photorealistic oil paintings of diner, street signs, and other images from roadside America.
  • Baer, Joy
    Fresco painter from Kansas featuring portraiture, still life, and landscape paintings.
  • Baerlocher, Herbert "Sax"
    Reproductions of several introspective paintings by this Swiss artist.
  • Baggesen, Lise Haller
    Amsterdam-based artist's contemporary art works presented in a slide-show format.
  • Bahram
    Galleries of neo-expressionist work.
  • Bahunek, Branko
    Featuring paintings, graphics, sculptures, and more.
  • Bailey, Julia
    Features online portfolio including contemporary ceramics and canvases.
  • Bailey, Kerry
    Realistic and surrealistic oil paintings of dogs, wolves, family, cats, and more.
  • Baka-San
    A Buddhist artist from California.
  • Baker, Garin
    Hudson River Valley-based fine artist and muralist, specialising in traditional realism, creating artistic and esthetic solutions for commercial, residential, and public spaces.
  • Baker, Henry
    Features galleries of work in oils, watercolors, and acrylics.
  • Baker, J.W.
    airbrushed wildlife and fantasy art on canvas and denim jackets.
  • Baker, Joe
    Featuring a biography, contact information, and gallery of works.
  • Balsamo, Vincenzo
    Featuring a biography, exhibitions, bibliography, and works gallery by the Italian artist.
    Exhibits nautical, rural, and coastal paintings, silk screens, and watercolors by Marilyn Band.
  • Banfill, Sally
    Strange American landscapes filled with elephants, seals, the world's largest hat and boots.
  • Banks, Vergie
    Expressing a mixture of southern Louisiana's Jazz and Creole cultures.
  • Bantam, Wendy
    Nebraska artist creates works filled with playful and fantastic imagery.
  • Banthien, Barbara
    Original paintings and prints by the wildlife artist.
  • Baptist, Gerry
    Features a variety of abstracts, landscapes, figuratives, and still lifes.
  • Baranoff-Meznikova, Elena
    Miniature paintings Palekh artist. Member of Royal Miniature Society.
  • Barb?y, Thomas
    Exhibit of black and white photo montages.
  • Bardasano, Claudia
    Gestural and colorful paintings from Latin America.
  • Barger, Joan
    Features Nebraska and Colorado rustic landscapes.
  • Barker, Noel
    Features oil and acrylic paintngs in a naive style.
  • Barker, Rebecca - Quiltscapes
    Paintings depicting traditional quilts with related imagery.
  • Barlow, Isiaha
    Contemporary Maori painter who paints biblically-inspired portraits.
  • Barminski, Bill
    Painter, underground cartoonist, billboards and new media work.
  • Barnes-Roberts, Donna
  • Barnes, Bernice Eleanora
    Offers original works with Western and Southwestern influence and design. Specializes in wildlife, mountain landscapes, and Spanish American architecture.
  • Barnes, Glen
    Paintings of American history in a realistic and traditional style.
  • Barnes, Nathan
    Featuring narrative still-life paintings.
  • Baroumes, Angela
    Features spiritual art works in acrylic and mixed-media by Seattle-based artist Angela Baroumes. Provides exhibition and contact information.
  • Barr, Glenn
    Robots, creatures, and vixens living in a seedy yet swinging 1960s universe, drenched in the haze of a post-industrial hangover.
  • Barr, Joel
    Southern artist creating surreal, narrative images in oils and mixed media.
  • Barr, Tommy
    Paints images of Northern Ireland's structures and people.
  • Barra Fine Art
    Landscape oil paintings of the Western Isles of Scotland.
  • Barracca, Sal
    Specializes in fine landscape art.
  • Barrault, Fran
    Semi-abstract painting, where nature and abstraction converge.
  • Barreto, Menna
    Surrealist and trompe l'oeil painter and serigraph artist.
  • Barrett, Julie
    Painting in oils on paper. Subjects are figurative abstract, dealing with communication between ourselves and others.
  • Barron, William
    Features large-scale land and seascape paintings from Plymouth, MA.
  • Barson, Jeff
    Limited edition prints and cards as well as current paintings, special projects and comments on individual works.
  • Barsoum, Magdy - The Art of City Skylines
    Illustrations of American city skylines.
  • Bartee, Bill
    Features modern abstract work by a self-taught Dallas artist.
  • Bartelt, Bill
    Watercolor scenes of the American West, Europe, the Midwest, and nude figures.
  • Barth, Carol
    Featuring portraits, landscapes, and conceptual art in oil and pastel.
  • Barton, Beans
    Creating images on canvas, clothing, and more, and making music with the Bi-Peds.
  • Barton, Raymond
    Official site featuring paintings for sale, awards gallery, hobbies, favorite links, and more.
  • Barton, Stefan
    Features artist's statement, drawings, paintings, and collographs.
  • Basile, Naef
    Cutting edge oil paintings that blur the distinction between reality and abstraction.
  • Batcheller, Marilyn
    Information about the artist and oil paintings.
  • Bates, David Moreland
    Texan painter creating landscapes and still lifes in oil.
  • Bates, Irene
    Contemporary painter working predominantly in oil, gouache and watercolor. Subjects are people, animals, and abstract images.
  • Bates, Matthew
    Features paintings inspired by Firenze.
  • Battis, Nicholas
  • Bauer-Maison, Marc
    Gallery of watercolour expressions of flowers and leaves.
  • Baum, Rachel
    Fine art paintings which include abstract, folk, and surrealism.
  • Baumgart, Richard
    Contemporary oil paintings and drawings.
  • Baxter, Richard
    Contemporary figurative paintings by a South Australian artist.
  • Bayley, Harry
    Scottish artist featuring traditional, contemporary, and illustrated poetry paintings.
  • Bayon, Marie-Blanche
    Featuring French artist and extracts of her surrealist and dreamlike artwork.
  • Bayon, Mayte
    Gallery exhibition of the expressionist works of the Spanish painter and performer.
  • Bays, Jill
    Offers a gallery of work, details of books, and information about painting classes in Chichester, North Pullborough, U.K.
  • Beacham, Helen K.
    Focuses on nature subjects in watercolors and reproductions.
  • Beale, Catherine
    Scenes of Singapore in oils and watercolors.
  • Beale, Jason
    Modernist artwork from Melbourne-based artist. Includes images, writing, and web log.
  • Bearsley, Ivan
    Dragonfly Art Gallery. Large scale acrylic frescos on canvas.
  • Beasley, Geoff
    Offers galleries of this U.K.-based artist's portraits, landscapes, and cityscapes.
  • Beatty, Howard - Chronicles of an American Artist
    Writings and paintings covering a period of 25 years.
  • Beck, H?l?ne
    Based in the Saguenay region, and painting landscapes, portraits, still lifes, and religious pieces.
  • Becker, Alec J.
    Exhibits landscapes in acyrlics and other mixed media works.
  • Becker, Charles
    Precise realism.
  • Becker, Elisabeth Maria
    Featuring a collection of brilliant and colorful watercolors.
  • Bedient, Shirle
    Features works in collage, pastel, watercolor, and mixed media.
  • Bednarik, Ignat (1882-1963)
    Includes biography and a small gallery.
  • Beeber, Gary
    Digitized paintings of landscapes, seascapes and still lifes.
  • Beer-Koller, Karin
    Contemporary watercolor and oil paintings.
  • Beers, Kevin
    Contemporary realist paintings of subjects including cityscapes, abandoned cars, and landscapes.
  • Begin, Guy
    The impressionistic painter of perfumes.
  • Behlke, James R.
    Paintings and drawings from Alaska, the Arctic, and the Pacific Rim.
  • Behrens, Elke
    Images inspired by children's art.
  • Behrens, Howard
    Official site. Includes press releases, show details, and an online gallery.
  • Belanger, Damon
    Portfolio of acrylic paintings featuring a menagerie of cartoonish, often dysfunctional, creatures.
  • Belcher, Alan
    Contemporary Christian art.
  • Belenikin, Valeriy
    Russian figurative painter, featuring work from 1989 to the present day.
  • Belkina, Anya
    Showcases oil and acrylic paintings depicting Russian ethnic culture. Also contains bio and listing of recent exhibits.
  • Bell, Michael
    Features celebrity artist Michael Bell, renowned for painting famous actors and actresses. Site showcases his paintings, murals, portraits, and celebrity art works. Also provides contact details for commissions.
  • Bellany, John
    Examples of work, exhibit list, news, and more.
  • Belt, Bob
  • Beltran, Fabricio
    Brooklyn-based makeup artist and painter. His painting style is a mix of cartoonist and figurative women's portraits using a broad color scheme.
  • Ben Zvi, Gedalia
    Tapestries, paintings, sculptures and woodblock prints.
  • Benini
    Paintings exploring the illusions of dimension and the inner power of color. Uses acrylics on canvas stretched over aluminum.
  • Benjamin, Nick
    Showcases a gallery of modern art in acrylics and oils inspired by the U.K. countryside, sunsets, and fire.
  • Bennett, Olivia
    Art prodigy who specializes in paintings of flowers.
  • Bennick, Ben
    Collection of works from the ex-pro surfer.
  • Bent, David
    A collection of oils, acrylics, and photos, which describe the artist's interest in the social, physical, and spiritual nature of the world.
  • Benton, Mike
    Subjects include landscapes, seascapes and nautical scenes, and architectural themes.
  • Benvenuti, Riccardo
    Works presented by medium, subject, and production technique from the Tuscan artist.
  • Beresford-Linnell, R.G.
    Gallery of mechanical engineering graphic artwork and paintings.
  • Berger, Fr?d?ric
  • Bergman, Loreen
    Abstract expressionist featuring whimsical, emotional paintings.
  • Bergmann, Dagmar
    Lyrical abstraction.
  • Bergstrom, Edith
    Specializes in watercolor and oil on linen paintings of palms.
  • Berkelmans, Mariette
    Includes the artist's biography and a gallery.
  • Berkkans, Yaprak
    Contains selections from personal exhibitions and UNICEF calendars, resume, and contact information.
  • Berman, Ellen
    Widely exhibited painter of still life oil paintings.
  • Bernabe, Cristian & Martina Fagorzi
    Using medieval techniques to produce pieces inspired by 13th and 14th century Tuscan works.
  • Bernard, Arthur
    Belgian artist creating colorful expressionist paintings on canvas and on paper.
  • Bernard, Teresa
    Oil paintings in the realistic style including portraits, wildlife, still life, landscapes, seascapes, and religious paintings.
  • Bernardi, Claudia
    Includes brief biography and selected images from this Argentina born painter.
  • Bernardini, Giorgio
    Includes virtual gallery, biography, resume and more.
  • Bernaud, Francois
    Works by a young French painter.
  • Berning, Mary
    Explores our relationships to nature, urbanization, mythology, and religion.
  • Berriman, Beth
    Home page of Cornish artist, Beth Berriman which features a collection of landscapes, human forms, as well as still life in watercolor, oil, monographic prints, pencil, and charcoal.
  • Berrum, Scott "Moot"
    Clown art and figurative work in acrylic and charcoal.
  • Bertrand, Kathy
    Oil pastel images of animals, people, and plants.
  • Beuler, Lernie
    Specializes in fantasy landscapes.
  • Bhatnagar, Usha
    Includes profile, reviews, and paintings portraying rural India's women and villages.
  • Biao, Zhong
    Contemporary Chinese painter featuring portfolio, biography, and statement.
  • Bicalho, Cristina
  • Bicke'l Evans, Shirley
    Featuring realist seascape, marine, and coastal paintings in oil.
  • Bickerstaff-Stanley, Brenda
    Prints and original florals, tropicals, buildings and landscapes rendered in watercolors. The artist welcomes commissions and custom works.
  • Bidner, Mitzi
    Features art that reaches back beyond dream activity, to the more latent invisible forces of psychic life and the universal energy field.
  • Bielik, Karl
    Artist and illustrator.
  • Bierman, Sandra
    Featuring figurative works, limited edition prints, biography, and contact information.
  • Biller, Leslie
    Vibrant still lifes, nudes and environmental paintings.
  • Billmaier, Christa
    Watercolor, acrylic, and mixed-media paintings. Abstract, figures, landscapes, and still lifes.
  • Bilodeau, Lucie
    Offers wildlife, spiritual, landscape, and still life themes in a realistic style.
  • Bin Abbas, Sumaya
    Specializes in abstract paintings, color and black and white photography, graphic design, and other artwork.
  • Bindon, John
    Portfolio of dinosaur restorations.
  • Binks, Robert
    Original paintings and print reproductions of wildlife subjects including sea gulls to deer, elk, wolves, and large cats.
  • Birawer, Michael
    Captures the connection between the Twin Cities' neighborhoods and history through its architecture and people.
  • Bittar, Pierre
    French artist, specializing in impressionistic landscapes and portraits.
  • Bittleston, Misha
    Galleries of visual and conceptual, abstract and figurative works.
  • Bittner, Chet
    Creates impressionist art, seascapes, landscapes, and bronze scultures.
  • Bjerge, J?rn
  • Bjornsdottir, Nanna D.
    Offering examples of scuplture, etchings, and paintings, focusing on the links between the subconscious and the forms found in nature.
  • Black Eagle, Eli
    Creates original Native American watercolor paintings, leatherwork, and jewelry.
  • Black, Beverley
    Depicts Scottish landscapes.
  • Black, Constance
    Contains oil and watercolor paintings of surreal seascapes, circus figures, and flowers. Also contains digital art, etchings, and poetry.
  • Black, Meg
    Specializes in working with handmade paper to create paintings of gardens, landscapes, and seascapes.
  • Blackburn, Tesia
    Offers workshops and paints abstracted images and landscapes.
  • Blair, Brandon
    Texas artist featuring surreal landscape and narrative oil paintings.
  • Blair, Christopher
    Consists of abstract and emotive watercolor and oil paintings using evocative color combinations.
  • Blakey, Steven
    Artist based in Rancho Mirage creating abstractions and contemporary objective work with a combination of oil and graphite.
  • Blanchard, Valerie
    Selection of watercolour landscape paintings covering England, Scotland, and France.
  • Blitt, Rita
    Features gestural and expressionistic paintings and sculptures of bronze, steel, and wood.
  • Block, Julian
    Powerful canvases exploring attitudes towards war, politics, the Holocaust, aging, and the environment.
  • Blockley, Ann
    Paints, teaches, and writes about watercolor techniques.
  • Blondal, Stefan
    Includes biography and gallery.
  • Blondell, Tina
    Gallery of contemporary figurative paintings in watercolors and oils by Tina Blondell. Original paintings and archival quality giclee prints are available for sale.
  • Bloodworth, Russell E.
    Selling prints of the University of Virginia lawn.
  • Bloom, Rosalind
    Surreal and whimsical oil paintings and works on paper.
  • Blue
    Personal page of artist Blue offering a journal, news, photo albums, and links to art sites.
  • Blue Bacon Design
    Showcases the work of Fedele Rinaldi.
  • Blumberg, Mary
    Still life, marine, floral, and abstract subjects.
  • Blumenthal, Joan Mitchell
    Includes artwork, biography, and contact information.
  • Blumenthal, Kyle
    Site includes biography, contact and exhibition information, and gallery.
  • Blundell, Gary and Ward, Victoria
    Features gallery and history of their home studio.
  • Boak, John
    Boldly-colored Colorado and Utah landscapes. Cubist still-lifes painted on license plate panels.
  • Bob
    Presents art in all shapes and sizes to generate emotions to people who seek art work that is unique.
  • Bob, Deutschmark
    Hamburg-based Louisianan dishing out sloopy helpings of swampgroove, and paintings of steers, musical heroes, and suchlike.
  • Boden, Mark
    Offers gallery of marine studies.
  • Bodner, Daniel
    Figure paintings with an exploration of space and movement through the sculpting of paint on canvas.
  • Bohm, Tyler
    Features semi-abstract and representational acrylic and mixed media paintings.
  • Boissinot, Olivier
    Features paintings of Morocco, jazz scenes, and women.
  • Boj?rquez, Martha Elisa
    Abstract and figurative expressionism in oils, acrylics, and mixed media.
  • Bolingbroke, Richard
    Watercolors, monotypes, and limited edition lithographs.
  • Bolton, James
    Contemporary realist painting of still life, fruit, and scenes in oil, watercolor, acrylic, and casein.
  • Bonebrake, Diana
    Offering a gallery of works and biography.
  • Bonin-Pissarro, Claude
  • Bonta Ugolini, Maria Luisa
  • Booker, Fredric
    Painting Americana as inspired by the timeless elements of his childhood memories.
  • Boone, Steven
    Offers experimental and classic subjects from robust landscapes to finely drawn figures.
  • Booth, Maureen Luc?a
    British artist resident in Granada, Spain provides her portfolio of printmaking and oil, portrait, and watercolor paintings.
  • Boots, Johannus
    Offers acrylic paintings and limited edition prints that tell a story.
  • Bopp, Diane Detrick
    Historic sheet music covers and CDs of vintage Yosemite songs performed by Yosemite musician Tom Bopp. Also features watercolor paintings by Diane Detrick Bopp.
  • Borax, Romi
    Paintings in primary colors.
  • Bordenca, Christopher
    Features works and more.
  • Borkin, Shari
    Includes glass sculptural paintings, acrylic paintings, and ceramic and fiberglass works.
  • Borovicka, Joseph
    Portfolio of painting, drawing, sculpture, and other works.
  • Borstein, Elena
    Lives and exhibits in New York City and the Adirondak Mountains offering paintings that explore the esthetics of Greek structures as well as the everyday architecture of today's Cuba.
  • Bosch, Werner Marx
    Gallery of abstract paintings, sculpture, and photographs.
  • Bosman, Paul
    Featuring prints and original paintings of the big cats of Africa, the magnificent seven elephants of the Kruger National Park, and other popular wildlife subjects.
  • Bostelle, Tom
    A survey of work by this Pennsylvania artist.
  • Bottoms, Stacy
    Includes galleries of landscape and automotive paintings.
  • Boughner, Elisa
    Bold, colorful, and expressive still life oil paintings.
  • Bousfield, Duane
    Futuristic abstraction with surreal undertows.
  • Bouvier, Jean-Marc
    Features surrealist oil paintings and ink drawings of figures and landscapes.
  • Bowsley, Tina Marie
    Painting is her way of touching her audience through color, light, and composition.
  • Boyle, Neil
    Includes paintings of the Jazz Age and late 1800s. Also designed a mosaic for the Mount Sinai Cemetery in Glendale, California.
  • Boysen, Mary Ann
    Watercolor paintings and prints of landscapes, florals, crystal and lace, urban and rural scenes by M.A. Boysen. Offering classes in painting several times a year.
  • Bozic, Tiffany
    Acrylic paintings and designs for skateboards as well as a selection of sketches.
  • Bradbury, David
    Features expressive portrait paintings.
  • Brady, Min
    Offers paintings that reflect the character of early Australian lifestyle and landscapes.
  • Bragg, John
    Maui artist, featuring surf art and paintings in Hawaii.
  • Brahn, Jean Fran?ois
    French artist presenting modernist portraits, landscapes, and allegories.
  • Bramble, Richard
    Pictures range from the figurative to the abstract.
  • Bramsen, Patricia
    Features her recent paintings and poetry.
  • Branch, Jennifer
    Offers vibrant, impressionistic, portrait, landcape, floral, and figure paintings.
  • Brandl, Mark Staff
    Includes a biography, exhibit, and image information.
  • Brandner, Andi
    Themes include anthropomorphic pears, fruit, nude figures, September 11th, and Hebrew still life paintings.
  • Brandt, Bob
    Painter of scenes from life and writer about painting. List of exhibition sites and other information.
  • Brandt, Mary Ann
    Explores ancient methods of fingerpainting to create fine art.
  • Branham, DyAns
    Featuring seascapes, desert scenes, koi, and other subjects.
  • Bravo, Gaston
    Features surrealistic and fantastic style paintings.
  • Bravo, Joe
    Official site for Los Angeles artist Joe Bravo, known for his series of acrylic paintings on tortillas. Includes biography, galleries of the tortillas and other works, and information on exhibits and prints.
  • Brawn, Mark Oliver
    British artist featuring surreal cityscapes and narrative paintings.
  • Breakaway Art
    Showcasing the work of Samantha Wortelhock and Damien Naughton.
  • Bredvik, Brenda K.
    Landscapes, seascapes, and still lifes by this California artist.
  • Breedy, Zahira
  • Brennan, Helen
    Features the work of this contemporary Irish artist. Includes landscapes, portraits, seascapes, and commissions.
  • Brent, Paul and Helen Paul
    Shop online for prints and products by watercolor artist Paul Brent. Order art prints, shower curtains, art tiles, purses, home decor, and more.
  • Breslin, Wynn
    Features artwork on watercolors, oils, acrylics, and mixed media.
  • Brewer, Dave
    Specializing in oil paintings and wood sculpture.
  • Briant, Peter
    Gallery of digitally reproduced fine art prints by this New Orleans water color artist.
  • Briggs, Julia
    Featuring playful, colorful works on canvas. Includes gallery, resume, image archive, and contact information.
  • Bright Light Gallery
    Featuring Craig Alan West.
  • Brignal, Jed
    Includes galleries of her work, plus biography of the artists and details of how to purchase her paintings.
  • Brink, Nicole
    Fine art gallery of watercolor, pastel, and acrylic paintings of landscapes, still life, and florals.
  • Brochard, Dominique
    French artist of oil, acrylic, watercolor, and engravings.
  • Brock, Janice Sylvia
    Expresses vitality and sensuality through vibrant color and tones.
  • Brodie, Bruce
    Surrealist artist featuring paintings, inventions, animation tutorials, and guest artists in his virtual gallery, Saddletrout Studios.
  • Brody-Lederman, Stephanie
    Includes images of the artist's oil, acrylic, and alkyd works, as well as a listing of solo and group exhibitions.
  • Brolsma, Adriaan
    Photographs of paintings, including some specially suitable for use as desktop pictures. Text in English and Dutch.
  • Brook, Zel
    Online gallery of painting, photography, sculptures, drawing, prints and more.
  • Brooks, Brenda
    Paintings of beaches, surfers, and people.
  • Brooks, Jenny
    Features portraits, still life, and expressionist paintings, with rugby and polo drawings.
  • Brooks, Jessica G.
    Creating works based on themes of women, strength, family, and death.
  • Brooks, Joey
    Narrative and abstract colorist with a sense of humor.
  • Brooks, Victoria
    Specializes in paintings focusing on women and children in natural settings.
  • Brophy, Kitty
    Watercolor and acrylic works inspired by the artist's photographic journeys through the West, Southwest, Mexico, and Baja California.
  • Brosnan, Naomi
    Abstract art using oil, ink, and mixed media.
  • Brotherton, Marc
    Contemporary artist based in New York creating paintings with imbedded visual codes.
  • Brown, Craig Thomas
    Offers examples of this Scottish artist's work to view and buy. His work explores the relationship between light and darkness.
  • Brown, D. Crosby
  • Brown, Frances
    Features primitive oils and lithographs relating to every-day life in the early period of America.
  • Brown, Krista Lynn
    Offering original paintings, cards, and prints featuring the mythic visionary art of Krista Lynn Brown.
  • Brown, Melanie P.
    Works explore the boundaries between dreams and wakefulness, mythologies and personal revelation.
  • Brown, Roger
    Original paintings and drawings, portraits, and landscapes, in pencil and oil.
  • Brown, Sara
    Painter based in Atlanta featuring portraits, wildlife, landscapes, and clowns.
  • Brown, Stewart
    English painter exhibiting realistic oil paintings of fruit and indoor plants in shows in France, the U.S., and Singapore.
  • Brown, Sue
    Self-taught painter featuring colorful abstract figurative work.
  • Browne, Jeremy
    Personal exhibit of rural watercolor paintings.
  • Bruehmueller, Dagmar
    Explores the nuances of the abstract with bold colors inspired by her country of origin, Brazil.
  • Brugui?re, Sather
    Oil paintings and prints of landscapes and cities in different seasons. Also contains a list of recent exhibitions.
  • Bruin, Randolf
    Dutch artist taking the female nude as his subject, experimenting with oils and mixed media.
  • Brunner, Elizabeth Sass and Elizabeth
    Painters of Hungarian origin, travelled to India in 1929.
  • Bruno, Frank
    Specializes in religious, visionary, and apocalyptic art.
  • Brunow, G?za
    Richly colored oils, watercolors, and mosaics inspired by the patinas of mediterranean Europe and cultures of ancient Japan.
  • Brutsche, Jacquelyn
    Personal page of the artist from Los Angeles. Features photogalleries of landscape, seascape, still life and figures. Also give a profile of the artist.
  • Bruvel, Gil
    Featuring surrealist art prints and posters.
  • Bryan, Mark
    Satirical paintings that evoke disturbing emotions which are curiously tempered by a comic quality.
  • Bryan, Michael
    Original paintings, serigraphs, monoprints, posters, and commissions.
  • Brynja, Hj?rdis
    Contemporary and experimental watercolor, tempera, oil, and digital artist from Reykjavik, Iceland.
  • Bua, Justin
    Urban-flavored paintings combining graffiti-esque style, distorted realism, and urban themes.
  • Bubbles? Home
  • Bucci, Thomas
    Examples of the artist's work in watercolor, show schedule, and info.
  • Buchanan, Robert E.
    Works with watercolor, oil, and acrylic.
  • Buck, Heidi
  • Buehler, Jeff
    Includes paintings, sculptures, and illustrations.
  • Buenaventura, Nicholas Eric
    Offers galleries of paintings and photography.
  • Buhan, Paul J.
    Specializes in prints of oil paintings of landscapes, art genre, fishes, and a variety of other subjects.
  • Buhler, Gary
    Brilliant watercolors and acrylics of metaphysical landscapes, hills, streams, and canyons.
  • Bulder, Nico
    Features biography and gallery of works.
  • Bulzacki, Bogumil
    Gallery of abstract flat and three-dimensional contemporary artwork in acrylics and mixed media.
  • Buoscio, Christopher
    Original art works in oil, intaglio, and drawing. Depictions of the urban Chicago landscape.
  • Burchard, Cheri
    Post-impressionist colorist. Offers galleries of figures, florals, mountain scenes, and more.
  • Burd, Maria
    Specializing in humanoid-like figures, realistic portraits, pet portraits, still life, flowers, and butterflies.
  • Burlingame, Jonah
    Abstract paintings focusing on color depth and texture.
  • Burns, Gerard M.@
  • Burns, Gregory
    Features a gallery of paintings and new works by the artist and swimmer.
  • Burrell, Louie
    Dedicated to the life and works of a forgotten female artist, as presented by her daughter.
  • Burroughs, Beverly
    Offers paintings depicting the entire range of the human condition...while in Eden, and since The Fall.
  • Buselli, Ellen
    Realistic oil painter using her personal collection of antique vases, old Roman glass, pottery, and other artifacts for subject matter.
  • Bushell, William and Helen
    Works of two west coast Canadian artists.
  • Bute, Artis
    Featuring, biography, gallery, and contact information.
  • Butler, Janet
    Fine art original watercolors. Including portraits, European landscapes, animals, and more.
  • Butler, Tom
    Offering a look at the past with his southern art creations.
  • Butt, Alistair
    Featuring galleries of realist landscape and marine paintings.
  • Butterfield, Liz
    Prizewinning artist detailed watercolour paintings.
  • Butters, Eric
    Representational paintings and drawings of landscapes, figures and portraits, and still lifes.
  • Butterworth, Howard
    Scottish artist who specializes in landscape paintings.
  • Buxton, Dorothea
    Sells and displays limited edition prints and original paintings of wildlife portraits.
  • Byard, Wayne and David
    Features works from father and son artists, with Australian outback themes.
  • Byerley, Bob (2)
  • Byrne, T.J.
    Displays a gallery of watercolors and oil paintings.
  • Byron, Patricia
    Offers poetry, gallery, events, and links of the Florida artist.
  • Cabot, Mary Booth
  • Cabrera, Armand
    Specializes in landscapes and seascapes.
  • Cabrera, Esteban
    Specializing in portraits of people and pets in oil.
  • Cade, Chad
    Features paintings in acrylics and oil.
  • Cadieux, Arthur
    Features paintings and drawings in oils, acrylics, pastels, ink, and pencil drawings.
  • Cadwallader, Kenneth
    Impressionistic figures, still-lifes, and landscapes emphasizing color and light.
  • Cahlil, Jaimie Marc
    Features a selection of dreamscapes.
  • Calderon, Coqui
    Oils and pastels reflecting themes of magical whimsy and political protest.
  • Calhoun, Rebecca
    Featuring a gallery of expressionist works, reviews, and events.
  • Callaghan, Mark
    Contemporary plein air artist whose subjects include landscapes and cityscapes in the U.S. and Europe.
  • Callahan, Colin
    A parody virtual museum in pen and ink featuring galleries of landscapes, still lifes, and portraits.
  • Callaway, Amy
    Prints, drawings, and paintings by watercolor artist.
  • Camilleri, Francis
    Gallery of watercolors and oils by the quadriplegic artist who paints with a brush held in his mouth.
  • Camp, David
    Specializes in realistic compositions using acrylic, alkyd, and oil.
  • Campbell, Rosemary
    Three galleries, plus portrait commission information and contact details.
  • Campbell, Sandra Jones
    Paintings influenced by German Expressionism.
  • Campbell, Timothy
    Specializes in folk art, abstract, realism, custom house portraits, and painted furniture.
  • Cancio, Arcadio
    Cuban artist based in Miami recreating the female form in narrative paintings with patterns and intense lyricism.
  • Canetti, Michel
    Features images of gouache paintings and commercial works by the Paris-born artist and advertising illustrator.
  • Canger, Tony
    Features contemporary paintings and etchings of daily life scenes.
  • Caniglia
    Voyage through the surreal mind of Caniglia.
  • Cantais, Bruno
    Gallery of the French painter includes oil and acrylic works, as wells as drawings, pastels, and inks.
  • Cantarella, Virginia
    Drawings and paintings of still lifes and ordinary objects. Also some abstractions.
  • Cantor, Tim
    A collection of paintings in oil, writings, and conceptual works.
  • Cappel, Toni G.
    Includes landscapes, figurative, floral, and equine images in a style described as "positive versus negative energy that translates into visual excitement."
  • Caravia, Nicoletta Tomas
    Self-taught painter. Works in acrylic, watercolor, and pastel.
  • Cardinal, Lyn
    Includes biography and paintings of the artist from Somerville, MA.
  • Carigiet, Alois
    A Swiss artist.
  • Carlisle, Craig
    Big head paintings and a kids' section with interactive fun.
  • Carlito
    Presents his work, biography, and links.
  • Carlone, Pio
    Italian-born, Australian artist creating harbor, desert, and still life oil paintings.
  • Carlson, John R.
    Gallery of the award-winning paintings of this nationally recognized Southern watercolor artist.
  • Carmean, Harry
    Includes a collection work, educational background, and more.
  • Carmi, Ayelet
    Gallery of oil paintings on the subject of humor, fantasy, and creation.
  • Carmo, Maria
    Autodidact Brazilian artist.
  • Caro
    Abstract paintings.
  • Carol Ann
    Offers contemporary abstract and expressionist paintings.
  • Carothers, Cole
    Paintings in oil and mixed media combine interior spaces with still life and landscape.
  • Carr, Carolyn
    Offering scenes of Belize in giclees, offset, and enhancement mediums.
  • Carrick, Beverly
    Oil paintings of Southwestern landscapes. Also offers an instructional video on how to paint in a similar style.
  • Carter, Carol
    Bold, impressionistic watercolors and acrylic. Includes works, exhibitions and awards of the artist.
  • Carter, Jane
    Featuring a selection of works ranging from mixed-media, watercolors, oils, and miniatures.
  • Cassady, Jack
    Features paintings, prints, and CV.
  • Cassie, Marion
    Gallery and links.
  • Cassighi, Carmen
    Italian painter and sculptor featuring contemporary figurative artwork.
  • Castellanos, Laura
    Inlcludes biography, gallery of works, and resume for this contemporary artist.
  • Castellanos, Xavier
    Offering paintings and lithographs by a Mexican artist.
  • Castillo, Diosmel Gonz?lez
    Cuban-born painter living in the United States.
  • Castronuovo, Massimo
    Contains gallery of abstract oil paintings of shapes and figures.
  • Cataldo, Sally
    Watercolor artist creating her paintings in the heart of the wine country.
  • Cathelin, Bernard
    Paintings, lithographs & tapestries
  • Caulfield, C.L.
    Features pen-and-ink drawings, and watercolors.
  • Cavalli, Mirko
    Contemporary abstract painter and wood sculptor.
  • Cedrone, David
    Whimsical works.
  • Ceglowski, Maciej
    Provides information on the artist and his paintings and drawings.
  • Cembra, F?bio
    Features a collection of flower and landscape paintings in watercolors and oil on canvas. Also offers classes.
  • Ceytaire, Jean Pierre
    Catalogue, biography, shows, and images.
  • Chadra, Dennis
    Representational visual artist and teacher, paints in oils. Specializing in landscapes, still life, portraits and figures.
  • Chadwick, David
    Includes various subjects from landscapes of the Channel Islands to aviation, maritime, and sport.
  • Champion, Sebastien
    Features gallery of works about alchemy, mythology, the ancient world, and more.
  • Chang, Uc-Chin
    Features biographical information, photos, and works by a Korean artist.
  • Chang, Warren
    California artist specializing in realism paintings of interiors, figures, and still life.
  • Chao, Arnold (2)
  • Chaoui, Sallah
    Includes a gallery of atmospheric landscapes, figurative work, and portraits.
  • Chapiro, Mikhail
    Includes galleries of portraits, animals, cityscapes, landscapes, and more.
  • Chappell, Greg
    Features the artwork of this Louisiana artist. Paintings and prints of landscapes including bayous and swamp scenes, traditional wildlife, and plantation homes.
  • Chapurlat, Aline
    Contemporary oils on uniquely shaped panels.
  • Charon, Ken
    Fantasy paintings of Hawaii.
  • Chartier, Jaq
    Abstract paintings exploring science and art, how we view materials, and how the movement of materials becomes evocative.
  • Chase, Laurie
    Oils, watercolors, limited edition prints, and commissioned work combining realistic and detailed brushwork with an impressionist-influenced use of the palette knife.
  • Chase, Sally
    Modernist abstract oil and acrylic paintings.
  • Cheek, Emily
    Contemporary acrylic paintings of the Florida landscape.
  • Chen, Danny Han-Lin
    Contemporary painter blending his experience in traditional Chinese watercolor techniques with modern Western realism.
  • Chen, Jiqun
    Specializing in landscapes and portraits in the Ujumchin prairie.
  • Chen, Shiau-Peng
    Offering a gallery of works, prints, and resume.
  • Chesler, Richard
    Fantasies in Japanese tattoo art.
  • Chesnut, Fritz
    Uses the mutated relationship of audience and performer as subjects for his works.
  • Chester, Jenni
    Paints sensual and evocative abstractions of flowers and still life.
  • Chester, Jon
    Showcases his drawings, paintings, and designs.
  • Chester, Paul
    Paintings of natural landscapes and waterscapes.
  • Chew-Wallace, Christie
    Featuring works done in oilsticks, watercolor, and other media.
  • Childs, Colin
    Features signed prints of town and country scenes reproduced from original watercolors by this established U.K.-based artist.
  • Chimento, Tony
    Contemporary realist oil paintings and Giclee print collection.
  • Chimi, D.
    Recent oils and watercolors.
  • Chipman, Jack
    Features photos of paintings and sculpture, plus his biography and links to his books on California Pottery.
  • Chirinos, Yimy
    Paintings, drawings, posters, prints, and other works.
  • Chistiakov, Nicolai
    Seascapes, landscapes, and figurative works by Belarusian-American artist, curator, and painter.
  • Choma, Marika
    Online gallery of non-representational modern paintings and drawings.
  • Choudhury, Ketakee Roy
    Home page of an Indian artist, Ketakee Roy Choudhury, featuring glass and canvas paintings as well as pen and ink work. Includes artist profile, review, and contact information.
  • Christensen, Scott
    Plein air painter of large landsapes who resides and works in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Includes information about workshops.
  • Christian, Anthony
    Showcase for the paintings, drawings, and photography of the artist and his wife, Marian Fannon Christian, known as Fanny.
  • Christian, Giacomin
    Gallery of oils, collages, virtual art, and cartoons.
  • Christie, Keith
    Paintings, drawings, bronze sculpture, large reproductions, and postcards.
  • Christy, Larry
    Offers abstract art with vivid colors.
  • Chubar, Alexander
    Includes still lifes, portraits, and interiors. Some works comprise erotic and mythological themes.
  • Chudnovsky, Pavel
    Featuring a gallery of works.
  • Chulkov, Alexandr
    Presents the paintings and drawings of this USSR-born artist who lives and works in the Czech Republic. His work includes still life, abstraction, portraiture, and figurative art.
  • Churchill, Alexandra
    Offers prints of her original oils. Subjects include animals, fruit, flowers, balloons, and china.
  • Cicione, Robert
    Original acrylic paintings on canvas for home and corporate presentation.
  • Cilluffo, Joe
    Includes paintings of lighthouses, Machinac Island, freighters, and Michigan cities.
  • Cirino, Mollie Kellogg
    Featuring figurative works on canvas.
  • Civiletto, Paul
    Watercolor paintings of transportation subjects.
  • Clair, Donna
    Contemporary American impressionist painter specializing in landscapes, oil paintings, pastels and prints featuring the back roads and mountain villages of northern New Mexico.
  • Clamage, Marc
    Features portraits, landscapes, and nudes in oils and other media.
  • Clark, Bradley
    Watercolor paintings and illustration for advertising, packaging, children's books, and more. Subject matter includes animals, children, gardens, landscapes, food, and holidays.
  • Clark, Carolee S.
    Original watercolors and pastel paintings. Includes still-lifes, abstractions, landscapes, and purchasing information.
  • Clark, Rachel
    British contemporary artist featuring abstractions and portraits.
  • Clarke, C.D.
    Fishing and bird hunting thematic artwork. Oils and watercolors.
  • Clarke, Cindy
    Acrylic and oil photorealistic paintings of inanimate objects that convey a sense of lifestyle.
  • Clary, James
    Collection of marine art covering great ships from the oceans to the Great Lakes.
  • Clayton, Christian and Rob
    Brothers showcasing their collaborative work, created for exhibitions, group shows, and commercial use.
  • Clayton, Sam
    Work includes oil paintings on wood and canvas collage, and carved wood.
  • Clear, Deanna
    Focus on myth, dream, allegory, and stylized nature studies.
  • Cleary, Tim
    Features original oil paintings exhibited through Walker Fine Arts located in Denver, Colorado.
  • Clegg, Donald NWS
    Still lifes with contemporary design and traditional handling, garden themes coupled with vases and pottery.
  • Clement, Liliane
  • Clementson, Sarah
    Calendars, notecards, and originals.
  • Clemmer, John
    Contemporary paintings, works on paper, and sculpture.
  • Clifford, Jill
    Paints in a neoclassical form of French impressionism as applied to the night club scene. Includes galleries, biography, and exhibition listing.
  • Cline, Penelope
    Includes biography, artwork, exhibitions, and prices.
  • Cline, Stan
    Nostalgia Gallery; paintings that capture the nostalgic scenes of yesterday on canvas.
  • Cloake, Beatrice
    Personal online gallery. Showcasing works in watercolor, acrylic, oil, and pastel.
  • Cloe, Atmara Rebecca
    New World Creations. Includes images of dolphins, goddesses, spirit, mystic landscapes, fractals, deep space and more.
  • Clum, John M.
    Oil paintings, drawings, etchings, monotypes, and stained glass.
  • Coane, Robert
    Showcase of figurative paintings and drawings.
  • Cobane, Russell and Margaret
    Offers original paintings as well as prints of nature- and Christmas-themed paintings.
  • Cody, Raymond B.
    Offers originals, limited editions, and serigraphs.
  • Cohen, Barbara
    Presenting paintings of dogs on Cape Cod, sculpture, and portraits painted on Polaroid photographs.
  • Coleman, Claudia
  • Collier, Bryan
    Official site for the Caldecott Honor-winning artist and illustrator.
  • Collins, Ailbe
    Features the work of this Irish artist.
  • Collins, CJ
    Recent paintings and drawings.
  • Collins, Deb
    Hummingbirds, humphabets and magnolias from the north Georgia mountains.
  • Collins, Paul
    Michigan born, self-taught artist.
  • Colt, Mike
    Features artwork of Mike Colt from California. Themes include seascapes, jazz, tribal, music, African, and more.
  • Colyer, Ted
    Includes a biography, samples of his work, contact information, and more.
  • Combariza, Bertha
    Noted Colombian artist whose abstract expressionist oil paintings are a profound and passionate depiction of life and form.
  • Comben, Angela
    Photo-realist painter of Australian and African wildlife. Also offers classes.
  • Comici, Luciano
    Gallery of paintings, news, and statement by the artist.
  • Conde, Eduardo
    Latin American contemporary fine artist.
  • Condell, Scott
    Features contemporary art and sculpture. Includes biography and links.
  • Conklin, Eric
    Trompe l'Oeil artist who paints small-scale still life in traditional oils on Belgian linen or panel.
  • Connearney, Katerina
    Exhibits a portfolio of charcoal drawings, oil paintings, photography, ceramics, and computer arts.
  • Conners, Ryan
    Includes an online gallery of cat-themed paintings.
  • Conrad, Bonnie
    Original paintings and limited prints with western, Native American, and floral themes.
  • Contopulos, Amy
    Features a gallery of figurative expressionist paintings, drawings, and limited edition prints.
  • Contreras, Sal
    Features the landscapes, buildings, animals, and people of Bradford, Vermont.
  • Conway-Jones, Richard
    Paints abstract works, as well as portraits.
  • Cook, Beryl
    Offers gallery, biography, and more.
  • Cook, Beryl (2)
  • Cook, Beryl: Portal Gallery
    Features biography, press clippings, archive, paintings, prints, cards, books, and calendars for sale. Also includes details of the Portal Gallery.
  • Copeland, John
    Specializes in contemporary fine art inclduing oil and graphite on paper as well as illustrations on journals.
  • Copley, Ed
    Features realist oil paintings and giclee prints of the American West.
  • Coppieters, Kristel
    Creates abstract paintings with vibrant colors.
  • Corbani, Donna
    Information about the artist, works include oil painting, silk-screen, and sculptures.
  • Cordiner, Claire
    Oil paintings by Scotland artist Claire Cordiner. Includes gallery, guide to the price of paintings, exhibition dates, and contact information. Also includes a music site by the artist.
  • Corile, Mario
    A selection of paintings of London landmarks.
  • Corman, Joan
    Paintings inspired by childhood experiences in the Hawaiian Islands, camping trips on the east coast, and snorkeling in Laguna.
  • Cornett, Charlotte
    Gallery of watermedia and acrylic still lifes and abstract paintings.
  • Corno
    Paintings of the human body.
  • Correa, Federico
    Contemporary oil paintings by a California born artist.
  • Correia, Pilar
    Portuguese artist in the United Kingdom, who paints portraits, still life, and scenes based on literature.
  • Cortada, Xavier
    Cuban American artist.
  • Cortez, Miguel
    Abstract painter based in Chicago featuring curriculum vitae and chronological image gallery.
  • Cosentino, Rosemary Lucy
    Uses self-taught techniques in combination with old master techniques to achieve original art works.
  • Cosma, Lucia
    Urban landscapes, wooden churches, nature and flowers.
  • Cosnowski, Chris
    Includes a gallery of artworks, artist's statement, bio, and email contact.
  • Costilow, Virginia
    The Sandbox: specializing murals and Trompe L'oeil, in acrylic and mixed medium.
  • Cottew, Patricia
    Displays a wide spectrum of the artist's work in oil and pastel, including landscapes, portraits, and abstract.
  • Cotton, Brent
    Plein air artist residing in Montana painting land, seascapes, wildlife, portraits, and still lifes.
  • Couet, Daniel P.
    Paintings, lamps and French poetry.
  • Cougny, Nathalie
    Landscapes, nudes, and still lifes primarily painted by means of a knife.
  • Coulter, Anna
    Swiss-born artist focusing on large and colorful paintings for hotels, spas, medical clinics, offices, and homes.
  • Cox, Peter
    Official site of the realist painter. Features include a gallery of selected images, biography information, and reviews.
  • Cox, V.L.
    V.L. Cox creates powerful, textured, abstract pieces that represent movement, growth, and geometric structure.
  • Crawford, Judy
    Collection of still-lifes and portraits
  • Crawford, Lesley
    Offering fine realistic and expressive art inspired by Mother Earth.
  • Crehore, Amy
    Fine art and surrealist oil paintings and illustration from Oregon-based artist Amy Crehore.
  • Cressy, Benedict
    Specializes in landscape-based abstraction/surrealism with words.
  • Crider, Jillian
    Features pastels, acrylics, watercolors, and illustrations.
  • Criste, Cleto
    Figure and portrait charcoal drawings, oil paintings, and graphic designs.
  • Critchlow, Alison and Jonathan Trotman
    Features contemporary landscapes and portraits in oil and acrylic.
  • Crittenden, Guy
    Portfolio of landscape, wildlife and sporting art.
  • Crittenden, John
    Original paintings and limited edition prints.
  • Crittenden, Mary
    Includes inspirational religious prints, paintings from old photographs, portraits, cards, and works on burlap.
  • Crofton, Jacqueline
    Oil and mixed media paintings, galleries, exhibitions, and a biography of the artist.
  • Cronin, Richard
    Primarily a surrealist.
  • Crook, Gary
    Includes a resume, an art gallery, and criticism of the author's work.
  • Crosby, John
    Features contemporary figurative paintings.
  • Cross, Vernon
    Specializing in Alaskan wildlife, landscape, and nostalgic gold mining scenes.
  • Crossley, John
    Specializes in oil paintings of New York. Available for commissions.
  • Crudo, Albert
    New York artist creates vivid surrealistic pop art paintings.
  • Crutchfield, John J.
    Southern and Appalachia artist creating original water colors and etchings.
  • Cruywagen, Michiel
    Artist from South Africa.
  • Cruz, Alina
    Cuban-American artist offers paintings and stories with social commentary.
  • Cruz, John
    Contemporary and impressionist works.
  • Csontos
    Contemporary surrealism and fine art fantasy paintings.
  • Cuiying, Zhang
    Traditional Chinese ink and brush paintings.
  • Cullen, John
  • Cummings, Kyle
    Features a gallery of his acrylic on paper images, journal, and more.
  • Cummings, Liz
    Original oil paintings of the Mediterranean.
  • Cunningham, Danny
    Features river painting and seascapes of this Waterford based artist.
  • Cunningham, Lynne
    Oil and acrylic paintings of the California and western U.S. landscapes by Lynne Cunningham, a contemporary impressionist.
  • Curling, Peter
    Sporting artist best known for his depiction of the horse.
  • Currier, Alfred
    Impasto style from the Northwest.
  • Curteman, Jason
  • Cusimano, Joseph
    Metaphysical surrealist artist living in Canada.
  • Cutajar, Godwin
    Maltese painter Godwin Cutajar creating vivid abstracts with oils.
  • D'Elia, Anthony
    Contemporary American realist painter with a gallery of oil still lifes, figures, and portraits.
  • D'Hollosy, Hans
    Features colorful abstract paintings and exhibition photos.
  • D'Ore, Kathleen
    Specializes in resin paintings on illuminated glass.
  • Daconto, Roi
    Paints in a fresh style that makes use of vibrant color to promote her belief in a world full of beauty, hopes, and dreams.
  • Dadd, Samantha
    Features original and prints of her watercolours and landscapes paintings.
  • Daigle, Jim
    Features original watercolor paintings, laser prints, and greeting cards by Jim Daigle from New England and New Hampshire.
  • Dako, Pete
    Acrylic, enamel, and phosphorescent paints on stretched canvases and circular surfaces.
  • Dalmolen, L.J.
    Contemporary paintings in watercolor, acrylics, and oil.
  • Dalwadi, Aesha Kanaiyalal
    Modern artist exhibits her work, with subjects of nature, daily life, traditions, and more.
  • Daly, Dan
    Specializing in landscapes, portraits, and illustrations.
  • Daly, James
    Hand carved, unique canoe paddles and stools, also murals, paintings and other fine art.
  • Danby, Ken
  • Dance, Robert
    Nautical artist site, featuring landscapes and still lifes.
  • Daniells, Moira C.
    Landscape, still life and commission work by the New England artist based in Essex, CT.
  • Daniels, Sunny
    Artist from Northeastern Oregon.
  • Danielson, Brad
    Postmodern American icon paintings of the Virgn Mary and various Saints.
  • Darawali, Jack
    Contemporary abstract paintings in mixed media and digital media.
  • Das, Jatin
    Indian contemporary artist specializing in paintings, graphics, murals, and sculptures.
  • Dauvergne, Evelyne
    Acrylics and oils of nudes.
  • Davenport, Ann Berry
    Paintings of Eastern seaboard landscapes and architecture. View available prints and originals online.
  • Davenport, Bill
    Houston-based artist whose passions include sculpturings out of a variety of media, paintings that feature books and book imagery, and macrame owls.
  • Davey, Matthew
    Contemporary painter/sculptor.
  • Davidoff, Maria Madonna
    Paintings, watercolor and prints.
  • Davies, Ashley
    Original oil paintings.
  • Davies, Mair
    Includes gallery of works, biography, and more.
  • Daviner, Jim
    Original watercolors and limited edition prints. Focus on wildlife and marine imagery.
  • Davis, Courtney
    Creates Celtic designs for books, fine art prints, textiles, tattoos, and stained glass.
  • Davis, Harry L.
    Paintings and limited edition prints and serigraphs. Includes Americana, African/tribal and spiritual themes.
  • Davis, Helen
    Tropical paintings from Puerto Rico.
  • Davis, Janet
    Compelling and humorous paintings.
  • Davis, Joan Elan
    Features paintings and information on exhibits.
  • Davis, Richard Thomas
    High-realist paintings in oil over egg tempera emulsion, and hand pulled serigraph prints.
  • Davis, Stan
    Painter of mordern art and nonfigurative images.
  • Davison, Paul
    Features oil paintings by the artist including landscape and portrait.
  • Dawn, Kimberly
    Offers abstract artwork of varying sizes, hues, and textures.
  • Dawson, Chris
    Selection of fine oil paintings, including landscapes and symbolism.
  • Dayton, Jude
    Featuring works inspired by Cro-Magnon cave art.
  • Dayton, Teryl
  • De Caso, Michel
    Offers paintings, sculptures, and writings of contemporary art.
  • de Castro, Bj.
    Portraiture of beautiful and historical places visited.
  • de Courval, Colette
    Works in oils, pastels, watercolours, and acrylics.
  • De Groot, Ellen
    Creates realistic oil paintings of portraits focusing on women and triptychs on panel. Features art works, museum links, and contact info. Also in French and Spanish.
  • de Rosette, Angela
    Featuring paintings which explore sexuality and desire boldly, without stigma or constraint. Includes gallery, statement, and contact information.
  • De Schwilgue, Odile
    Female contemporary figurative painter working on the French Riviera. Site features samples of Odile De Schwilgue's oil paintings along with current gallery exhibition information.
  • De Silva, Joao
    Native Namibian artist currently residing in Missouri. Features recent paintings and biography.
  • Dean, Graham
    Contemporary figurative works in watercolors and acrylics.
  • DeBaun, Barry
    Features the art of Barry DeBaun, an accomplished watercolourist since 1974. Also contains information about his watercolor workshops.
  • Decias, Karen
    Offers exploration and expressions of shape and color.
  • DeGarmo, Justin
    Showcases conceptual illustrations, painting studies, and sketchbook of Justin DeGarmo.
  • del Carmen Calvo, Maria
    Vibrant oil paintings by a Spanish-born California plein air artist.
  • Delamare, David
    Painter and children's book illustrator.
  • Delattre, Pierre
    Paintings, writings, workshops, lectures, and resume, with updates on shows and links to galleries.
  • DeLave, Mary
    Specializing in contemporary expressionistic art. Focus is on people, as the human species intrigues and fascinates her.
  • Delehanty, Lee
    Features paintings, biography, and a list of exhibitions.
  • DellaBeffa, Carla
    Multimedia artist and painter.
  • Deloney, Jack
    Creative watercolor painter from Alabama. Online gallery.
  • deLorge, Ann
    Depicts the colors and sounds of New Orleans and the Bahamas.
  • Delorme, Pascal Jean
    Features gicl?e sport paintings by the French artist Pascal Jean Delorme. Includes original paintings and limited edition prints.
  • deMar, Charlie
    Portraits, movie posters, celebrity and sports images, and wall murals in a range of mediums and styles.
  • deMontigny, Chantal
    Includes oil paintings by the artist from Vancouver, Canada.
  • Dempsey, John T.
    Features pop impressionism in still lifes, botanicals, and figurative paintings.
  • Dengel, Dianne
    Gallery of prints and dolls.
  • Denmark, Gary
    Offers a selection of works from the abstract artist.
  • Dennis, Marc
    Uses animals, mythology, and religion to state his modern social commentary.
  • Dent, Denny
    Unique performance artist specializing in portraits of celebrities.
  • Depew, Nancy
    Landscapes and nudes in oils, guoache, charcoal, silverpoint, and monochromes.
  • Dercksen, Jeroen
    Flowers, portraits, and abstract paintings. Also in Dutch.
  • Dery, Floro
    Featuring realistic and impressionistic paintings on canvas.
  • Descoteaux, Jacques
    Provides samples of works in oil, watercolor, and pastel.
  • DeTullio, Robert
    Prolific subjective realist using the pen name Oilluted.
  • Devine, S. Moler
    Featuring contemporary California landscapes, seascapes, and still lifes.
  • Dewhurst, Thomasin
    Contemporary figurative oil painter. Contains bio, resume, and gallery.
  • Dhar, Uday K.
    Gallery of botanica indica, abstract, portraits, and more.
  • Dhingra, Philip
    Features acrylic paintings influenced by abstract fascinations of computer science.
  • Diamantopoulos, Stelio
    Swiss artist creates Pop Art paintings inspired by movies, comics, and advertisements.
  • Diamond, Celena
    Featuring works of art and poetry inspired by the universe.
  • Dibbs, Tania
    Landscape paintings of the Rocky Mountain region and elsewhere.
  • Dickison, Peter
    Oil paintings and charcoal drawings of figures in landscapes with architectural elements. Includes bio and gallery information in New York City.
  • Dickson, Bonnie
    Her specialty is the Texas Bluebonnet, but she paints a variety of subjects.
  • Didier, Lydier
    Oils and watercolors by French artist.
  • Diehl, Kristine
    Offers archival prints of realist oil paintings.
  • Disabled Artist
    Offers paintings of landscapes and flowers in watercolors and oils.
  • Divine, Rena
    Featuring quail prints and wildlife art.
  • Dodson, Sandra
    Offers landscapes, still life, and figurative paintings.
  • Doggett, Moira
    Features contempory portraits painted from life and imagination, and iconographic works.
  • Dogoliatskaia, Julia
    Russian porcelain designer and graphic artist living in Germany.
  • Doherty, Doreen M
    Gallery of watercolour paintings, prints, and cards, as well as graphic design services.
  • Doley, Martin
    Australian artist working in oils, acrylics, watercolours, and sculpture.
  • Domondon, Frederico
    Creates still lifes, landscapes, and figurative works.
  • Doran, Juno
    U.K. visual artist using the photorealist system to create large paintings based on snapshot photography.
  • Dore, Benny
    Paintings and graphics.
  • Dorer, Jan
    Artist based in Michigan offering abstract paintings and screened prints.
  • Dorfhuber, Kristin
    Abstract modern paintings, objects, and design.
  • Dorman, Kuei
    Artist using Chinese brush work on silk and rice paper. Includes gallery, schedule of events, artist bio, and contact information.
  • Dorsett, Patsy Arrington
    Family, historical, and equine portraits by commission.
  • Dosen
    Features paintings, drawings, and illustrations in a variety of medias.
  • Dosio, Joseph
    Includes examples of sculptures and paintings.
  • Doss, David E.
    Realist artist whose work includes landscapes and still lifes. Notecards, Christmas cards, and posters available.
  • Doster, Greg
    Offers custom paintings of homes initiated by personal visits.
  • Dougherty, Jed
    Artist whose paintings and sculptures often depict women, and are concerned with creating images of female power, as expressed through physical mass and energy.
  • Douglas, Carol L.
    Classic realist currently emphasizing retro, religious, and vanitas paintings.
  • Dove, D.M.
    Features landscapes.
  • Dow Simpson, Gretchen
    Painter of over 65 New Yorker covers. Includes bio, gallery, and press.
  • Downs, Judy L.
    East African tribal portraits and wildlife paintings in watercolor, oil and acrylic.
  • Drake, Peter
    New York painter who sands away the surface of the paint to define images, referencing classical myth and contemporary lore. Represented by Claire Oliver.
  • Dransfield, Judy
    Works includes dwellings, seascapes, pets, and abstracts.
  • Dreimiller, Ryan
    Slightly twisted style heavily influenced by religion and comic books. Portfolio includes paintings and graphic design work.
  • Drukker, Sam
    Featuring a gallery of figurative contemporary paintings including scenes from The Parade in Amsterdam.
  • Drummond, David
    Specializing in Lake Powell watercolor paintings, southwestern landscapes, and flowers. Offers gallery, posters, notecards, and prints.
  • Drury, Trace
    Specializes in paintings of curious objects and dolls with intricate backgrounds in oil and watercolor.
  • Drysdale, Bill
    Specializes in watercolors of woodie automobiles, European landscapes, and Southern California surf and beach art.
  • Duarte, Tony
    Oil paintings, charcoals, and pastels for sale.
  • DuBock, Marshall
    Realistic watercolors of Nantucket, MA.
  • Dubreucq-Carlier, Nathalie
    Works in oils, watercolors, and pastels as well as sculpture and drawings.
  • Duesberry, Joellyn
    Offers landscapes of Red Rocks Park in Colorado and cityscapes of New York City.
  • Duggan, William
    Canadian realist painter featuring animal, landscape, and floral work.
  • Dumbsky, Christine
    Specializes in erotic-art paintings and bodypaintings.
  • Dumoux, Ray
    Includes drawings, engravings, and tempera paintings.
  • Dunbar, Amanda
    Oil on canvas by a young girl with an impressionist style.
  • Duncan, Dale
    Marine wildlife painter, specialising in whales, dolphins, seals, platypus, fish & corals. Also Illustration and Graphic Design.
  • Dunlop, Stefan
    Artist from New Zealand exhibiting contemporary, narrative paintings.
  • Dunn-Harr, Vie
    Contemporary realist paintings including florals, figuratives, architecturals, and landscapes.
  • Dunne, Joe
    Offers landscape and semi-abstract suburban interpretations.
  • Dunphy, Evelyn
    Paints American and Canadian landscape and still life paintings.
  • Dur?es?, Fran?oise
    Memories and snapshots of the artist's life. Includes artist's statement, curriculum vitae, and teaching philosphy.
  • Duran, Christian Gomez
    Includes copies of works by famous masters as well as individual works.
  • Durand, Andre
  • Durant, Robin
  • Durkee, George Allen
    Presents oil paintings of San Francisco street artist.
  • Durkin, Clay
    Offers acrylic works incorporating a contemporary design with an aboriginal, southwestern, bohemian flair.
  • Dvigoubsky, Nicolas
    Explores the art and life of the realistic painter.
  • Dyck, Paja van
    Contemporary oil and acrylic paintings, mosaics, and objects. Also in Dutch.
  • Dyke, Angel
    Expressionist painter with Latin influences.
  • Eamon, Hugh
    Featuring still life, landscapes, ships, and more.
  • Earl, Debrah
    Specializes in inner spirit paintings including sacred geometry, healing mandalas, angels, astrology, and more.
  • Earthy, Stephen
    Realistic paintings in both watercolor and acrylic of nostalgic, rural settings and scenes of natural beauty.
  • Easthope, Kirsten
    Adorns genuine bowling alley pins with kitsch ladies from the past.
  • Easton, Raymond J.
    Specializes in the birds of North America.
  • Eberle, Dick
    Gallery of oils, watercolors, and pen and ink cartoons.
  • Eble, Peter
    Features expressive paintings that focus on fundamental elements symbolically depicted.
  • Ebster, Manfred
    Displays paintings and offers biographical information on Manfred Ebster.
  • Eck, Francis
    Exhibition of works by a contemporary French painter.
  • Eclectic Art
    Offers a gallery of oils, acrylics, inks, and more. Includes copies and originals.
  • Edelman, Joseph
    Offering portraits, landscapes, and more.
  • Edwards, Christy
    Local watercolor artist. View paintings of boats, beaches, seascapes, gardens, and children.
  • Edwards, Paul
    Exhibits abstract paintings with extraordinary colours.
  • Egan, Felim
    Contemporary Irish painter.
  • Egeli, Arthur
    Fine art paintings by this California artist.
  • Egeli, Carolyn
    Features portraits, landscapes, and still lifes.
  • Eikholm, Tiia
    Landscape, nature, and travel photography, watercolor paintings, and calligraphy from Europe.
  • Einerssen, Jonn
    Features artwork, a biography, and exhibition listing.
  • Elaine, Claire
    Paintings and prints of landscapes, portraits, and still lifes.
  • Elam, Mikel
    Subtly humane and spiritual work coupled with bold contemporary folk art images.
  • Electric Synapse
    Features the artworks of Eric Brock. Includes gallery, photographs, and web site designs.
  • Eleonora
    Landscapes, portraits, and other images, painted in cities around the world.
  • Eleyan, Nasr
    Palestinian artist whose work reflects a traditional Palestinian and Arabic lifestyle.
  • Eleykaa
    Watercolor artist and illustrator creating colorful pictures of daily scenes in Hawaii.
  • Ellingson, Carolyn
    Artist who is known for her strong abstract images and clean, decisive and exciting color.
  • Ellington, Stewart L.
    Features work which comments on ideas of consciousness and life in a technologically advanced society.
  • Elliott, Greg
    Site features Greg Elliot's watercolor works of landscapes, murals, and sports. Also includes biography and contact information.
  • Elliott, Virgil
    Classical realist painter with a teaching atelier in Penngrove, California.
  • Ellis, Carson
    Paintings, pencil drawings, watercolors, and more. Best known for her album art for The Decemberists.
  • Ellison, Kevin
    Selection of works from an energy realist painter.
  • Ellman, Roger
    Features original abstract paintings with a strong use of color.
  • Embach, Edward
    Modern contemporary artist.
  • Emerson, Barbara
    Contains a gallery of still life paintings of fruits, beaches, and forests. Includes works done with acrylics, oils, and watercolors.
  • Emil Matulewicz Paintings
    Features figurative paintings including portraits, still lifes, and landscapes by the Dutch artist Emil Matulewicz.
  • Emrys, Merlin
    Gallery of abstract expressionist paintings.
  • Ender, Pauline
    Uses sketchy brush strokes with plenty of color for paintings of figures, landscapes, and other subjects.
  • Engel, Charlene S.
    Features watercolor paintings of landscapes and vegetation by American artist Charlene S. Engel.
  • Engel, Hana Barak
    Painter and sculptor.
  • Engel, Norman
    Features abstract and contemporary paintings of the artist Norman Engel.
  • Engelen, Leon
    Photographically detailed landscape and animal oil paintings using classical techniques.
  • Engelhardt, Alice
    Seattle artist using acrylics, pen and ink, oils, oil pastels, and watercolor.
  • Engle, Nita
    Dedicated to the work of American Artist Nita Engle. Her new teaching video "Painting with the Master" is available for sale on the site.
  • English, Michael
    Features originals, prints, and sketchbook from a self-taught artist.
  • English, Ron
    Subversive art of Ron English including Billboard Liberation Front projects, music, shows and events.
  • Enz, Donald G.
    Offering abstract, political, biological, space, and mask images.
  • Epstein, Bonnie
    Showcases paintings of Northern California, Jerusalem, and still life.
  • Epting, Gary
    a painter and sculptor.
  • Erb, Robert
    Artist Robert Erb paints about fantasy, abstraction, and humanity using oil, watercolor, and acrylic, as well as three-dimensional items. He uses bright, vibrant colors to frame contemporary subject matters.
  • Erback Fine Art
    Features abstract and surreal paintings by Shawna Erback.
  • Erbelding, Patricia
    Creates abstract paintings.
  • Erbert, Mary
    Features floral, still life, figurative, portrait, and landscape works in soft pastels.
  • Erchinger, Ursula
    Offers oil paintings, graphic art, art glasswork, and more in an impressionistic style using dark color.
  • Erdemsel, Murat
    Includes exhibition and commission information, biography, galleries of works done in acrylics and oils, and more.
  • Erickson, Reif
  • Erickson, Taylor
    Specializes in landscapes, sea scapes, portraits, and sports.
  • Ernst, Lisa
    Passionate florals and still lifes.
  • Erpino, Ann
    Fine art surrealism, romanticism, fantasy oil paintings, landscapes, and more.
  • Eshkol, Giora
    Specializes in character design, modeling, and animation.
  • Espinosa, Viredo
    Cuban painter.
  • Essenburg, Ben W.
    Florida land and waterscapes. Original acrylics and reproductions.
  • Essery, Eliana
    Modern works depicting a dream journey inspired by Greek mythology.
  • Estes, Don
    Artist based in Memphis featuring a series of abstract paintings and works on paper.
  • Etienne, Suzanne
    Features the impressionistic paintings of Northern California artist.
  • Eubank, Danielle
    Presents oil paintings and ink drawings on linen canvas.
  • Eusebi, Renzo
    Italian painter and sculptor, part of the trans-visionism movement.
  • Evans, Bonnie
    Features endangered species in prints and paintings.
  • Evans, Bryan
    Scotland-based painter and printmaker specializing in images of Glasgow and other Scottish towns.
  • Evans, Carol
    Watercolor paintings and prints of people, wilderness, shorelines, and coastal wildlife of the Pacific Northwest coast.
  • Evans, Christopher
    Contemporary realist primarily painting the human face and form.
  • Evans, Jessie Benton and Don Gray
    Features Plein Aire Southwestern landscapes, still-lifes, figures in giclees, acrylics, pastels, watercolors, and more.
  • Evans, Kyle M.
    Oil, acrylic and mixed media paintings. Abstract and Northwest impressionistic.
  • Evans, Thom
    Contemporary color expression of naturein oils from the coastal shores of Rockport, Texas.
  • Eveland, L.L.
    Gallery of acrylic paintings on canvas, by L.L. Eveland who considers his work to be Outsider Art.
  • Eveland, LL
    Showcases gallery of paintings featuring raw folk art, art brut, and abstract paintings by LL Eveland, self taught outsider artist.
  • Everest, Fonner, J.
    Color lithographic prints of watercolor paintings in editions of 1,000.
  • Ewing, Bill
    Specializing in classic portraits and still life paintings.
  • Exline, Eleta
    Specializing in portraits and still lifes.
  • Eydel, Alina
    Figurative acrylic, silk painting, and graphic design.
  • Ezban, Beatriz
    Painting as an ongoing language in the scope of contemporary art.
  • Fabrizio, Patricia & Dino
    View the paintings of Dino and the sculpture of Patricia Fabrizio. Also includes information on the Art School in NYC where they share their love of art with others.
  • Faegre, Brad
    Includes seascapes, wildlife, golf subjects, trains, national parks, and portraits in various media.
  • Faganel, Roberto
    Features the Italian painter's work from his travels around the world including paintings of Africa, Canada, Spain, Hawaii, Croatia, and others.
  • Fahey, William
    Realistically rendered interpretations of ancient mythology.
  • Failla, Sophia
  • Falconer, Judith
    Western paintings and prints of Native Americans and wildlife.
  • Falet, Fran?ois
    French painter living in Montreal. Includes acrylics, watercolors, gouaches, drawings, photos, and CV.
  • Fantazos, Henryk
    Imagination and protorenaissance love of the descriptive realism.
  • Farago, Stephanie
    Offers paintings, biography, and contact information.
  • Faridani, Lio
    Works with acrylics, watercolors, collage, and oils to create large canvases that range from realist to abstract.
  • Farrell, Holly
    Features works done in acrylic and oil.
  • Farrell, Patrick
    Retrospective exhibit of paintings, listings of current exhibitions, critics comments, and biographical information.
  • Farrell, Sean
    Inspired by the work of the old masters of the Renaissance and Baroque period. Showcase of still lifes, landscapes, and figures.
  • Farris, Katherine
    Colourful oil and acrylic works of gardens, animals, still-life, and landscape.
  • Farry, Jessica
    Includes artist statement and digital portfolio. She bases her work on cloud formations.
  • Faulkner, B.
    Original oil paintings and limited edition prints of Irish lanscapes.
  • Faulkner, Debra
    Features still life paintings in oil and watercolor.
  • Fausey, Shannon
    Paintings and limited edition prints.
  • Favarica
    French artist featuring raw, expressive paintings and sculptures.
  • Fazzino, Charles
    Posters, painted ties, jewelry and apparel in Fazzino's bright pop art style.
  • Fearnley, Mick
    Features paintings of the Yorkshire Dales.
  • Feldman, Lynne
    Jewish artwork and themes in paintings and limited edition serigraphs.
  • Feldstein, Al
    Editor, artist, and writer for EC Comics, creator of "Tales From The Crypt," and retired editor of Mad Magazine.
  • Felga
    Art focusing on Brazilian folklore and Amazon fauna and flora.
  • Felix, Will
    Oil and acrylic abstracts with high key colors and vibrant figurative celebrations. Site includes exhibition information, biography, and artist's diary.
  • Fellner, Gene
    Socially conscious paintings and stories.
  • Felton, Julianne
    Works include Florida landscapes in acrylic, oil, and watercolor, as well as faux finishes and murals.
  • Fely
    Features paintings by Fely and her late brother, illustrator and painter Tony Caravana.
  • Fendley, Karyn
    Exhibit of acrylic works on canvas.
  • Feng, Feng
    Features the abstract oil paintings of the Chinese artist Feng Feng.
  • Fenske, Gary
    Prints, sculptures and more. Including transitional seriagraphs that change from one scene to another.
  • Fenton, Michael
    Retrospective of oil paintings which stretch the boundaries of the human imagination.
  • Ferguson, Max
    Photo-realistic images depicting a vanishing side of New York.
  • Ferguson, Richard
    Gallery of classical realist paintings, portraits, and figurative sculpture.
  • Ferrante, Vito
    Impressionist paintings.
  • Ferrari, Pierluigi
    Features abstract paintings of the human form. In Italian.
  • Field, Joshua
    Features gallery of paintings and works on paper by narrative artist Joshua Field.
  • Fielder, Jane
    Features links to her work and lists galleries where her work is displayed.
  • Fielding, Hal
    Non-objective abstract paintings on canvas and paper.
  • Fields, Vikki
    Still life, figurative, and portrait oil paintings.
  • Fiero, Ray
    Self-taught artist working in acrylics and pastels.
  • Filatov, Dmitry
    Conceptual and traditional watercolors and oils.
  • Filer, Jane Robinson
    Visionary expressionist producing intense, detailed color acrylic paintings, intaglio prints, and mixed media sculpture.
  • Filippini, Laurent
    Includes abstract and figurative works inspired by the Australian landscape.
  • Filippone, Basil
    Original digital paintings.
  • Finer, Stephen
    Features contact information and exhibition listing.
  • FineWest
    Gallery of acrylic paintings, photos, and multimedia by Harley Smart.
  • Fink, David G.
    Paints oil on canvas, in style with those of Edward Hopper and John Register.
  • Finsen, Mattias
    Danish artist exhibiting abstract paintings in a Flash-based, computer-made gallery setting.
  • Fioretto, Giovanni
    Features artwork and biography.
  • Fisher, Linda G.
    Presents visionary paintings, prints, and greeting cards of animals.
  • Fisher, Simon
    Showcases an ongoing set of prints depicting many of the best known liners to serve the Atlantic route including the Titanic.
  • Fitch Jones, Jean
    Information about the abstract expressionist artist specializing in corporate commissions.
  • Fitch, Rik
    Vibrant paintings of Maui's people, flora and fauna.
  • Fitchett, Andrew
    Features bird illustrations, drawings, and paintings.
  • Fittipaldi, Lisa
    Blind artist who specializes in watercolor, oil, and mixed media projects.
  • Fitzpatrick, Robyn Hannaman
    Portrait, landscape, and still life paintings and drawings.
  • Flaherty, Colleen
    Includes original works, an artist statement, and a resume.
  • Flanagan, Chris
    Creates oil paintings featuring people and figures.
  • Flemming, Anna
    Specializes in web design, photography, paintings, animation, music, and more.
  • Flint, Sir William Russell
    Includes a gallery of prints, details of stockists, and the limited edition prints.
  • Floweree
    Sells paintings with flower motifs.
  • Foa, Maryclare
    Offers abstract illustrations and paintings for commission.
  • Follett, Bonnie
    San Francisco-based artist specializing in impressionist landscapes.
  • Folwell, Paul
    Gallery of his oil and acrylic works, as well as information on his workshops in Colorado, May 28 - June 1, and in Greece, September 24 - October 8, 2000.
  • Forbush, Sandra
    Features biographical information and a gallery of artwork including portraits, equine and canine subjects.
  • Ford, John Bevan
    Internationally recognised contemporary Maori Artist. Site contains a gallery of paintings and sculptures.
  • Forest, Crista
    Features realistic oil paintings of North American wildlife including the wolf, fox, coyote, deer, and elk.
  • Foret, Carole
    Gallery includes oil paintings and black and white photography: portraits, land and cityscapes, figures, and still lifes.
  • Forner, Tiffany
    Abstract works in oil and wax based on the details of ordinary objects.
  • Forrest, Jonathan
    Includes works on paper and canvas, biography, contact information, and links.
  • Forster, Craig
    Exhibition of paintings by the Australian artist and photographic work of his daughter Yvette Forster. Featured work includes the Tsunami set of paintings.
  • Fosler, Jason
    Features acrylic stain collages of butterflies, tantric images, and others.
  • Foster, Daisy
    Creative artist and illustrator specialising in watercolor painting.
  • Foster, Meg
    Abstract paintings in acrylic and ink, and acrylic/collage acrylic.
  • Foust, Charlotte
    Contemporary, figurative, abstract, and collage pieces.
  • Fowler, Judy H.
    Artist from Durham, NC that finds inspiration from people and places in her life.
  • Fowler, Pete
    British painter, illustrator, and designer whose work includes strange fantastical monsters and landscapes.
  • Fox, Bradley
    Offers expressive plein aire and studio landscapes from Red Hook, Brooklyn, and the Northeast County of Vermont.
  • Frace, Kip
    Offering paintings and limited edition prints.
  • Fradet Fine Art
    Francine Bradette offers a range of landscapes, still life, and abstracts in watercolor and acrylic.
  • Francesconi, Dennis A.
    California mouth-painter shares his story and paintings.
  • Francis, Simon
    Mostly abstract with figurative input, Simon uses human concerns to express a visual reality.
  • Francot, Magda
    Symbolic works of art and fine portraits in oils, watercolors, and pencils.
  • Frank Wilson Fine Art
    Paintings, murals, and illusions by the artist Frank Wilson, whose theme is wilderness.
  • Franklin, Karl
    Social commentary surrealism. PacSurreal Studio.
  • Fransen, E. Lynette
    Specializing in portraits of people and animals.
  • Franssen, Sherie
    Features abstract paintings from this Cuban-American woman.
  • Frantz, Melissa Scheid
    Features contemporary oil paintings of still lifes, landscapes, and Asian culture.
  • Franz, Stacy
    Depictions of whimsical or fantastic scenes in acrylic and oil, underpainted for additional light and color.
  • Fraser, Scott
    Featuring works of contemporary realism depicting everyday objects. Includes gallery, bio, and contact information.
  • Frazier, Sandy
  • Freeman, Thomas
    Watercolor landscapes of the California coast and Midwestern country backroads.
  • Freeman, Valerie
    Creates impressionistic landscapes, multi-media spiritual works, and Chinese brush paintings of wildlife.
  • French, Jeanette
    Creates images for contemplation, inspiration and healing.
  • French, Philip and Kate
    Online painting and sculpture galleries.
  • French, Susan E.
    Artist from Tucson, Arizona, exhibiting acrylic, watercolor, pencil, and charcoal paintings with a focus on flora and fauna of the Southwest.
  • Fresia, Jerry
  • Frey, Jerry
    Original paintings with Western themes.
  • Friesen, Chad - God's Eye Art
    Showing the acrylic paintings by this artist. Includes a selection of greeting cards.
  • Fritz, Nina
  • Frohwein, Joop
    Dutch ex-ceramics teacher creating monotypes and canvas works using oils and pastels. Also in Dutch.
  • Frontin, Ronald
    Realist artist from Maine.
  • Frugoli, Tracey
    Offering information about plein air painting, a gallery of artwork, and a biography of the artist.
  • Frushour, Thom
    Landscape, still life, portrait, and figure representation in a realist manner.
  • Fry, Ian
    Features vivid and moving images of BC.
  • Fujita, Rima
    Mythtical, surreal, spiritual and fashionable images serve to heal and bring peace within.
  • Fujiwara, Anju
    Creates contemporary works in acrylic. Site includes an artist profile, gallery, and schedule of exhibitions.
  • Fuller, Tara J.
    Specializes in portraits of people and animals, florals, and landscapes in oil, acrylic, watercolor, pastel, graphite, and pen and ink.
  • Fullmer, James H.
    Showcase of the wildlife, people, and landscape art of this young artist.
  • Furudoi, Koji
    Features a virtual gallery, biography, and more.
  • Fury, John
    Collection of hysterically bizarre paintings including killer robots, watermelon series, and more.
  • G?knil, Can
    Turkish artist interpreting myths from Central Asia and Anatolia.
  • G?mez, Obed
    Specializing in vibrant images to convey passion for his ancestral past and Latin traditions.
  • G?ng?r, F. Sedef
    Contains landscape paintings by this Turkish watercolor artist.
  • G. Rhea
    Exhibits various media including watercolor, oil, and acrylic.
  • Gaber, Antoine
    Creates impressionist works.
  • Gaiti, Ritch
    Commemorating Native American people and their spiritual world.
  • Gajwani, Gopi
    Contemporary abstract works.
  • Galardini, Renzo
    Contains Old World style paintings of ancient armaments, clothing, tools, and weaponry in theatrical settings.
  • Gallardo, M?nica
    Ink and watercolor on paper and other experiences.
  • Gallardo, Rafael
  • Gallery Pierre
    Impressionist and modern paintings.
  • Galletta, Giuseppe
    Virtual gallery of Giuseppe Galletta, a surrealist Italian painter. Also in Spanish, French, and Italian.
  • Galli, Sharon
    Features galleries of nature images and landscapes, abstract images, and flowers in oil, acrylic, watercolor, and more.
  • Galloway, Susi
    Features an exhibition list, biography, and information on projects including the piece Angelus Nocturnus.
  • Gamerman, Diana
    Specializes in oil painting, watercolor, ceramics.
  • Gammel, Jason
    Artist based in Arkansas offering abstract and impressionist paintings and black and white photographs.
  • Gammill, Bonnie
    Austin, Texas-based artist who uses oil paint on plywood as her primary medium.
  • Ganem, Cynthia
    Watercolors and oils of architectural scenes, portraits, and scenes of the southwest and of Europe.
  • Ganesh, Jayashree
    Artist from Tamil Nadu offering Tanjore paintings.
  • Ganz, Valerie
    Painting subjects include industry, landscape, mining, sport, theatre, ballet, circus, and jazz.
  • Garance
    Paitings featuring acrylic on canvas, paper, sculptures and other collections.
  • Garatt, Shelagh and Don
    Landscape and portrait painting, pottery, and sculpture.
  • Garcia-Ferraz, Nereida
    Features paintings, photographic work, and lists of awards and publications.
  • Garikow, Ivan (1918-1982)
    Online gallery featuring paintings of Russian painter, Ivan Garikow, which covers realism, impressionism, and neo-primitive styles. Also includes a biography of the artist.
  • Garnier-Geoffroy, Daniel
    French artist shows paintings, drawings and pastels.
  • Garratt, Irene
    Specializes in the depiction of roses, wild flowers, and seascapes.
  • Garrett, Gary D.
    Showcasing original realistic paintings and prints of the landscapes and wildlife of New Mexico.
  • Garrison, Tami
    Features galleries of works reflecting nature's nuturing instincts, love and protection, serenity, and more.
  • Garrison, Webb
    Collection of watercolor/gouache paintings including wildlife, landscapes, and architectural renderings.
  • Gartzman-Gooberman, Carol
    Includes resume, art information, and prices.
  • Garwood, Christopher
    Golf-related still-lifes with a historical theme.
  • Gary Baker
    Presents his personal exhibit of water colour paintings.
  • Gaucher-Thomas, Nancy
    Portraits, still lifes, and landscapes.
  • Gauvin, Dorothy
    Specialising in oil paintings of Australia's heritage and folklore.
  • Gaydos, Michael
    Illustration, painting, and sequential art.
  • Gaylord, Jim
    Paintings that serve as diagrammatic schemes for social observations, peeves, and neuroses.
  • Gazes, Brian Lee
    Offers contemporary works, including nature scenes, sporting figures, and cyber art.
  • Gee, Sharon
    Online gallery of modern abstract art.
  • Gehlert, Shane
    Produces surrealist works involving the Australian outback, and native fauna and flora.
  • Geiser, David
    New York-based oil and mixed media painter.
  • Genn, Robert
    Canadian painter featuring landscapes of strong design with patterns of color and form.
  • George, Jo
    Produces vibrant abstract paintings and art works that seduce the senses.
  • George, R.B.
    Showing works in progress. Specializing in figurative oil paintings.
  • Gerasimon, Peter
    Features realistic paintings of subjects and views in Australia by the artist from Argentina.
  • Gerbert, Peter R.
    Painting detailed wildlife art. Originals, prints, and limited edition prints available.
  • Gerlach, Christopher S.
    Features a biography and galleries of paintings from France, Italy, California, and Colorado.
  • Gernatt, Kytha
    Artist based in San Francisco featuring colorful abstract and surreal paintings.
  • Gerzabek, Ernie
    Colorful, decorative, and optimistic contemporary paintings.
  • Getson, Jennifer L.
    Features oil and pastel paintings of landscapes in Colorado and Nebraska as well as abstract works.
  • Gevorgian, Garen
    Stage design, paintings, and murals from New York artist.
  • Ghali, Myriam
    Landscapes, abstract, flowers, and still lifes.
  • Gharaie, Mohammad Kazem
    Featuring pastels, watercolors, and airbrush works for advertising, illustration, and graphic design.
  • Ghielmini, Aurora
    Offers gallery of recent figurative works.
  • Ghirardo, Dino
    Italian artist specializing in landscape and still life paintings of the Andes and Peru.
  • Ghislaine, Anding
    Oils and china ink.
  • Ghosh, Dipak
    Contemporary artist from India working with many mediums including oil, water, serigraphs, and murals.
  • Ghosh, Tapan
    Tapan Ghosh is regarded to be one of the finest exponents of contemporary Indian visual art. Apart from acrylic medium, he explores pencil, ink, oil, and pastel too. Site features a photo gallery, and artist profile.
  • Giana, Alan
    Includes paintings of country hideaways, coastal waterways, and more.
  • Gianluca Franzese
    Includes biography, gallery, and purchasing information.
  • Gibboney, Gregory
    Includes watercolors, acrylics, prints, and mixed-media works.
  • Gibbs, Graham
    Watercolor and acrylic wildlife painter specializing in dolphins, whales, and landscapes.
  • Giesler, Tom
    Colorful paintings of hybrid toys, tools, and junk piles.
  • Gildar, Carol
    Contains watercolor galleries of landscapes, seascapes, and still life paintings with a impressionist realism style. Also includes sumi-e and Japanese floral paintings.
  • Gill, Charles
    Charles Gill makes use of ordinary observations to inspire creations in oil and other media. Work is featured in Boise, Idaho.
  • Gillette, Mitch
    Strange, boldly colorful paintings by Philadelphia artist.
  • Gilray, Guy
    Specializes in nocturnal urban landscapes.
  • Gilson, Betty
    Personal online art gallery.
  • Giovanopoulos, Paul
    Official site of the contemporary Greek American artist.
  • Girard, G. George
    Features recent paintings, portraits, oil drawings, gouache, and dry media.
  • Girvan, James
    A Manitobe artist painting in egg tempera and gouache. He paints landscapes of the Whiteshell and Nopiming Provincial Parks in Manitoba, Canada.
  • Gittelsohn, Shirley
    Paintings, biography, exhibitions and collections.
  • Giuliano, Gianni
    Contemporary figurative works.
  • Giuseppe Mariotti
    Oil paintings, illustrations, digital art of Giuseppe Mariotti
  • Gjefle, Colleen D.
    Surrealist paintings.
  • Gladish, Michelle
    Oils, watercolors, portraits, & prints.
  • Gladitsch, John B.
    Digital reproductions of acrylic paintings of bio-morphic, abstract compositions in brilliant color.
  • Glasgow, Justine
    Gallery of works by Holywood artists.
  • Glasper, Jerrie
    Features the works of the artist, including landscape, oil portraits, and murals. Based in Mississippi, U.S.
  • Glassman, Mitch
    American contemporary artist engaging space and line to reveal a personal linguistic philosophy through paintings and drawings on paper and canvas.
  • Glinski, Andre
    Features contemporary abstract acrylics and oils. The images are non-objective, gestural, geometric, and colorful expressions of the metephysical nature of modern living.
  • Glover, Jenne
    Washington, D.C. native creating figurative oil paintings and mixed media work with bold color.
  • Glowacki, Connie
    Catalog of artwork by a Wisconsin watercolorist.
  • Godbout, V?ronique
    Inspired by nature: animals, flowers, birds, and fish.
  • Goddard, Linda B.
    Offers oil painting portraits.
  • Godden, Ernie
    Paints landscapes and seascapes in watercolors, pastels, and mixed media. Also runs workshops and his own gallery in North Bovey, Devon.
  • Godfrey, Michael
  • Golan, Roni
    Paints in the abstract expressionism style.
  • Gold, Jeffrey
    Offers biography and gallery of this figurative and still life painter.
  • Golden, Rolland
    Offering paintings and original lithographs.
  • Golden, Sheila
    Bright, lively watercolors and collages.
  • Goldsmith, Carolyn
    Creates large-scale and colorful figurative and abstract paintings.
  • Goldsmith, Lawrence C.
    Watercolors painted in a bold and free manner. The artist paints in Fairfax, VT and Monhegan Island, ME.
  • Goldsmith, Lloyd
    Paintings, drawings, and prints of New York City by artist Lloyd Goldsmith. Site also gives biography, awards, and exhibitions.
  • Gonser, Amie
    Offers gallery of figure paintings, artist statement, exhibitions, and resume.
  • Gonzales, Edward
    Focuses on Mexican American culture and the Southwest. Offers books, posters, and more.
  • Gonzales, Frank
    Showcases the art of emerging artist Frank Gonzales, featuring figures, landscape and bird paintings
  • Gonzalez, A. Andrew
    Transfigurative and esoteric art. Featuring fantastic, surreal, and visionary sensual art.
  • Gonzalez, Anthony A.
    Representational oil paintings and portraits.
  • Gonzalez, Fedra
    Features wildlife paintings. Also includes information on available originals, prints, and classes.
  • Gooch, Linda Glover
    Paints landscapes and still lifes.
  • Goodfellow, Elana
    Provides a porfolio of work including animals, figurative, and landscapes.
  • Goodnight, Paul
  • Goodridge, Carolyn S.
    Oils, acrylics, and watercolors inspired by Zen, music, and love.
  • Gordon, Alan
    Paintings, illustrations, narrative themes, and journalistic drawings.
  • Gordon, Edward B.
    Specializes in impressionistic realism, theatre scenes, and portraits.
  • Gordon, Rob
    Creates vivid works featuring people, flowers, and landscapes.
  • Gordon, Stanley
    Showcases Stanley Gordon's renowned painting of Jesus Christ.
  • Gorlicky, Jessica
    Female artist based in Toronto, Ontario, displaying her collection of abstract acrylic paintings.
  • Gorrie, Christian
    Work includes cityscapes, abstracts, southwest subjects, and still lifes.
  • Goss, Bryten
    Gallery of oils, watercolors, and drawings.
  • Gossman, Joanne
    Atlanta based artist specializing in original watercolor and acrylic art. Subjects include landscapes, seascapes, still life, and abstracts.
  • Gostin, Olga
    Watercolour artist specialising in Australian heritage architecture.
  • Gotay, Zulia
    Specializing in paintings of women with Hispanic themes.,
  • Gourley, Roark
    Humourous 2.5 dimensional works.
  • GPArts
    Contemporary artist working in paintings and prints.
  • Grabarsky, Sheila
    Expressionist/fauvist colorist paintings in oil and mixed media.
  • Graber, Abe
    Biographical information and original watercolor paintings.
  • Grace, Joyce
    Work is often narrative and uses the elements of irony and whimsy to express the artist's feelings about human nature and its foibles.
  • Graham, Justine
    Impressionistic and textured landscapes.
  • Granirer, Pnina
    Features paintings and mixed media works.
  • Grant, Anjali
    Works that build upon the artist's interest in gesture and its relationship to painting.
  • Grant, Ron
    Presenting his new vision in dental art, he creates colorful miniature designs on patient's porcelain crowns.
  • Grant, Val
    Artist and photographer offering Sandstracts sand art, photographs, and surreal watercolor and oil paintings.
  • Granucci, Peter Allred
    Portrait, landscape and figurative paintings.
  • Grass, Kevin
    Features landscape paintings and figurative works done in acrylic and oil.
  • Gray, Jane
    Paintings created from living in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand.
  • Gray, Jim
  • Gray, Luke
    Brooklyn-based painter and muralist.
  • Gray, Steve
    Photo-realistic watercolours from a self-taught artist.
  • Greaves, Lynn Marie
  • Greaves, Susan F.
    Includes landscapes, horse, and floral canvas paintings. Specializes in a blend of traditional and contemporary styles, including impressionism art.
  • Grebe, Hank
    Surrealistic Pop Art paintings, silkscreens and collages representing a span of my work over the past 25 years.
  • Green, Elliott
    Specializes in fine art paintings and drawings of surreal cartoon characters.
  • Green, Randy
    Painted illustrations which depict aviation events through the eyes of a pilot.
  • Greene, Gretchen
    Features figurative and non-objective images done in an expressionistic style using oil paint, acrylic, and mixed media.
  • Greene, Jason
    Creates paintings that explore how lines and forms can depict the schemes of small plastic toys and their unique environments.
  • Greenier, Sarah
    Watercolors of the Maine coast and native flowers.
  • Greenleaf, Richard W.
    Impressionist paintings of historic areas, the Atlantic coast, and universities using watered acrylics on illustration board.
  • Greensweig, Barbara
    Northern California painter specializing in Sonoma landscapes.
  • Greer DiGirolamo, J.
    Offers paintings of animals, cowgirls, portraitures, landscapes, still life, and structures.
  • Greer, Ronald
    Features works in oil.
  • Gregg, Joseph
    Artist from Massachusetts featuring drawings and paintings of people and landscapes in pencil, watercolor, and pastel.
  • Gregg, Tonya
    Includes gallery of paintings.
  • Gregory, Bruce
  • Greinke-Mack, Geri
    Offers works including portraits, dreamplaces, animals, and landscapes.
  • Greve Wolf, Teresa
    Features the artwork by this Chilean artist. Collections include colorful boats, horses, flowers, still life, and landscapes.
  • Grey, Sandi
    Features commissions, prints, and greetings cards.
  • Greyson, Phoebe
    Surrealist based in Colorado offering intricate biomorphic paintings.
  • Greywolf, Dan
    Offers unicorn and Pegasus artwork and includes a printable unicorn coloring book.
  • Gric, Peter
    Austrian artist who combines surrealism with science fiction to create exotic landscapes in both oils and acrylics.
  • Griffin-Scott, Janet
    Original watercolor paintings and prints.
  • Griffin, D. Ray
    Paintings about dreams, euphorea, and beautiful illusion.
  • Grome, John Patrick (1911-2004)
    Archives the oil and watercolor-based artworks of the deceased Anglo-Irish painter John Patrick Grome.
  • Groovy Gallery
    Presents art work by Kay Lewis, in a 3D gallery format.
  • Gross, Alex
    Paintings inspired by Chinese advertisements and Japanese culture.
  • Gross, Mike and Jennifer
    Features hand blown glass and acrylic paintings.
  • Gross, Phil
    Original oil paintings celebrating the landscape and scenery of Northern California and the Sacramento Valley.
  • Grube, Gunleif
    Features abstract paintings of the human face and form. In Danish.
  • Gruelle, Martin
    Artist and illustrator Martin Gruelle presents a collection of fine art and giclee prints. Subjects include portraits, inspirational art, abstracts, nauticle, motorcycle art, and more.
  • Gruenert, Harry
    Displays modern art paintings.
  • Gruetzmacher, York
    New works. Oils, watercolors and mixed media.
  • Gruffy, Claude
    Gallery of spiritual paintings inspired from the infinite worlds that exist beyond our dreams.
  • Grundig, Mark
    Includes Death of Jacques Pierre series, paintings, murals, and short stories.
  • Grupe, Debi
    Captures emotion with colour and texture using monotypes, collographs, etching, acrylics, and oils.
  • Gryczan, Helen Lewis
    Offers lithographic cards and prints, as well as original garden watercolors and Rocky Mountain landscapes.
  • Grzyb, Zbigniew
    Features abstract paintings by the artist from Poland. Based in Farmington, Connecticut.
  • Guarnaccia, Louis
    Features Nantucket Island portraits and marine scenes.
  • Guay, Jean
    Original oil paintings featuring Lake Tahoe, Yosemite, and other beautiful landscapes.
  • Gudmundsen, Mark
    Paintings of America's National Parks.
  • Guell, Manel
    Gallery of Manel Guell Leal's fine and conceptual visual art including oil paintings, art installations, and sculptures.
  • Guenthner, Elizabeth M.
    Working in acrylics, oils, watercolors, and intaglio prints.
  • Guenyven
    Natural landscapes, houses, and still lifes.
  • Guerrera, Tania
    Spiritually and culturally diverse art.
  • Guerrero, Eleanor
    Creates works carrying Native American and wildlife themes. Features a September 11th commemorative painting.
  • Guffogg, Shane
    Abstract illuminated oils, watercolors, pastels, and gouaches.
  • Guidace, Robert
    Includes wall-hanging collage panels, books, and paintings.
  • Guillot, Mildrey
    Cuban artist's oil paintings.
  • Guillot, Valerie
    Artist based in Canada creating paintings depicting musicians and musical instruments.
  • Guinn, Cerise
    Oil paintings with alternative religious and controversial themes.
  • Guizzetti, Elizabeth
    Subjects include landscapes, figurative work, still lifes, animals, and fantasy.
  • Gujral, Satish
    Home page of the Indian painter, muralist, and sculptor. Website showcases some of his art works. Also provides the list of the authorized art galleries for buying Gujral's works.
  • Guo, Yongqun
    Showcases a collection of Chinese watercolor paintings, specializing in landscapes, flowers, and animals.
  • Gurnack, Dean H.
    Gallery of oil paintings.
  • Gutierrez, Hilario
    Visual artist from Arizona offering an abstract style expressing the harmony in the desert's chaotic emotion of line, color, and form.
  • Gutierrez, Peter
    Offers abstract and figurative paintings.
  • Gutyrya, Vyacheslav
    Artist based in Ukraine offering narrative, surreal paintings and figurative sculptures.
  • Gutzwiller, Bill
    Offering paintings and prints of landscapes and seascapes from around the world.
  • Guy, W.A.
    Paints jazz and blues musicians from the south of France and Montana.
  • Guynes, Monte
    Presents original watercolors and limited edition giclee prints.
  • Haas, Tom
    Plein air oil painter specializing in the American southwest.
  • Haber, Matt
    Diverse collection of work ranging from paintings, illustrations, and digital photography.
  • Hackney, Tom
    London-based artist who specializes in photo-realistic paintings.
  • Hadley, Kathryn
    Features pastels, oils, and monoprints inspired by the archetypal symbolism of the pomegranate.
  • Hafftka, Michael
  • Hagan, Carol
    Original paintings featuring angels, wildlife, and Montana western scenes. Limited edition prints, greeting cards, and shirts also available.
  • Hagan, John
    Teacher, illustrator and author focuses on maritime and eighteenth century themes.
  • Hagtvedt, Henrik
    Norwegian painter now living and painting in Italy.
  • Hai, Sergiy
    Ukrainian contemporary painter based in Lviv exhibiting figurative abstracts.
  • Haines, John
    Featuring paintings, photographs, exhibition history, and more.
  • Haka, Janusz
    Design, fine art, and a collection of vintage motorcycles.
  • Hall, Amanda
    Expressionistic figurative pieces, still lifes, and portraiture.
  • Hall, Jeremy
    Featuring surrealism and realism inspired portraits and landscapes.
  • Hall, Tracy
    Features paintings of flowers, animals, birds, and rural life.
  • Hallam, Kerry
    Provides a sampling of the artist's oils, acrylics, watercolors, mixed-media, and serigraphs.
  • Haller, Kevin M.
    Specializes in landscape and still life paintings. Includes biography and paintings by the artist.
  • Halovanic, Marija and Vladimir
    Features paintings in oil, ink, dry pastel crayons, and pencil.
  • Halpin, Declan
    Specializes in abstract acrylic paintings on fabricated aluminum. Site includes an online gallery, an exhibition schedule, and biographical information.
  • Halverson, Peter
    Galleries of works by the Mississippi artist.
  • Hammerstein, Oscar Andy
    Scenic artist, storyboard artist, and muralist for theatre, television, and movies.
  • Hammerton, Sally
    Specializes in painting flowers; other subjects include trees, gardens, houses, churches, streetscapes, and animals.
  • Hammond, Thekla
    Abstract minimalist featuring textured, large-scale work.
  • Hampton, Anita
    Painter and instructor of fine art featuring compositions in the California plein air style. Also offers workshops.
  • Hanafi
    Includes biography, galleries, and exhibitions.
  • Hanamoto, Jean
    Watercolor artist from "The Garlic Capital of the World."
  • Haney, Enoch Kelly
    Includes Native American prints, sculptures, and more.
  • Hanna, Shelley
    Specializing in post-impressionist portraits of people and pets.
  • Hansen, Rick
    Plein air landscape artist continually chasing nature's elusive play of light and shadow, trying to capture that specific moment in time.
  • Hansen, Woody
    The exhibition, appreciation, study, and encouragement of watercolor painting, drawing, and pen & ink.
  • Harden, Luann
    Water scenes and maritime compositions. Originals, prints, and greeting cards available.
  • Harder, Eileen
    Paints pet portraits, florals, and fun subjects in acrylic, soft pastel, and oils.
  • Hardman, James
    Information on the artist's paintings and new age recordings.
  • Hardwick, Trisha
    Produces oil paintings based on traditional values combined with modern colors.
  • Hardy, Michele Devereaux
    Original oil paintings inspired by the sea including 18th century Clipper ships, seascapes, and lighthouses.
  • Hargrove, H.
    Paints images of America on canvas.
  • Harmon, Jody
    Surreal paintings in the sharp focus tradition.
  • Harmon, Krista
    Paints ocean and beach scenes on surfboards and canvases in Florida.
  • Harms, Robert
    Contemporary fine art.
  • Harper, Chris
    Specializes in scenic paintings of Mayo and Ireland's west coast. Also commissions cartoon animations and paintings from photographs.
  • Harris, Jim
    Includes galleries of his paintings and drawings.
  • Harris, Rolf@
    Learn about Rolf Harris, the British/Australian musician and television host. Sites feature biography, news, and setlists for the entertainer who was named by Radio Times as one of the top 40 most eccentric TV presenters of all times.
  • Harris, William C.
    Features gallery of portraits, murals, and illustrations.
  • Harrison-Tustain, Susan
    Specialises in watercolours featuring garden flowers, still lifes, and figures.
  • Harrison, Victoria
    Landscape artist based in Washington offering realistic, detailed watercolor paintings of gardens, pathways, and other nature themes.
  • Harsh, William
    Offers surreal paintings that disorient perceptions and disturb habits of seeing.
  • Hart, Pamela
    Landscape paintings, done with oil paint on canvas and linen.
  • Hartman, Jan
    Impressionistic style landscapes, seascapes, waterscenes, florals, and some unusual abstracts.
  • Hartman, Ruth
    Toronto artist whose painting is intended to recreate or capture a feeling, while her use of themes and installations is conceptual and analytical.
  • Hartnett, Michael
    Original paintings of American Art pottery.
  • Harvey, Ellen
    Features forty 5 x 7 inch oval landscapes painted in oils without permission on graffiti sites throughout New York City.
  • Harvey, Michael
    Selection of paintings, plays, stories, and articles.
  • Harwood, June
    Includes early hard-edge paintings and transitional paintings.
  • Hasan, Saba
    Painter from India. Site contains images of works, biography and critics' reviews.
  • Haskel, Liz
    Abstract oil paintings of nudes, self-portraits. Current and upcoming shows and gallery exhibits, contact info.
  • Haslam, Annie
    Dream Expressionist creating flowing paintings with vibrant colors.
  • Hattori, Naoto
    Colorful paintings with a bizarre, surreal, and psychedelic edge.
  • Haught, Amy
    Features the original abstract paintings of Amy Haught. Specializes in contemporary fine art, minimalist paintings, floral and landscape abstacts, functional art, geometric abstracts, and more.
  • Hawkins, Carol
    Offers custom murals, faux finishing, and trompe l'oeil as well as commissioned paintings and drawings including portraits and illustration.
  • Hawse, J.R.
    Includes landscapes, portraits, and still lifes.
  • Hayhurst, Liisa
    A source for original watercolor paintings that depict wildlife and scenes of the Tennessee River Valley.World Wide commission service.
  • Haynes, Chris
    Paints and sketches natural landscapes, still life, and portraits.
  • Haynes, David Rayburn
  • Hazarika, Jiten
    Jiten Hazarika has carved a niche for himself in form of figurative abstract which he portrays in oil medium. This site features some of his works, profile, and contact details.
  • Hazeltine, Donald
    Showcases the artworks by Donald Hazeltine. Features his paintings, acrylic works, charcoal, and pastel.
  • Healey, Patrick
    Contains samples and limited edition gilcee prints.
  • Healing, Jill
    Paints equine subjects as well as impressions of architecture.
  • Heard, Graham
    Painting in an expressionistic style with strong and striking colors which slash across the canvas.
  • Heaton, Gillian
    Diverse collection of paintings including wildlife paintings, beach paintings, dogs, and seascapes. Mediums explored include oils, acrylics, watercolours, and pastels.
  • Hecht, Laurel A.
    Specializing in vivid flowers, fruits, and vegetables, as well as landscapes.
  • Hegyi, Evan
    Tasmanian artist offering colorful, whimsical images.
  • Heighton, Brent
    Featuring works of marine scenes, fishing, golf, floral, and landscape paintings. Includes originals, prints, and gicl?e pieces.
  • Heim, Brenda
    Abstract expressionism with Asian overtones. Specializing in site-specific commissions and large scale works.
  • Heimann, Steve
    Contemporary iconographic figurative paintings.
  • Heinen, Lee
    Showcasing impressionistic paintings of animals, landscapes, lilypads, and tress.
  • Heinrichs, John G.
    Specializes in landscape scenes.
  • Helliwell, Paul
    Presents paintings, television set design and scenery, and workshops.
  • Helms, John
    Featuring landscapes inspired by rural Tennessee.
  • Helsaple, Mary
    Original watercolor paintings, nature photographs, and limited edition prints.
  • Hemming, Peter
    English artist based in Kefallonia. Includes oil paintings, diary, and descriptions of some local places.
  • Henderson, Kelvin W.
    Offering a range of works including many with a spiritual theme that feature bold primary colors.
  • Hendrix, Dianne
    Featuring artworks inspired by the Northern Lights, native American portraits, and nudes.
  • Hennon, Robert D.
    Contains bio and gallery of large still life paintings in oil.
  • Henriques, Stephen
  • Henschel, Gordon
    Specializing in watercolor paintings of the Canadian west coast.
  • Henslee, Julie
    Paintings and quotes.
  • Herbert, Ian
    Surreal oil paintings with a humorous approach.
  • Herbert, Martin
    Featuring visionary and astrological artwork. Includes prints, cards, biography, and contact information.
  • Herbert, Marv
    New York nostalgia including paintings and illustrations from the 1930s to 60's, of places and things that do not exist anymore.
  • Herbst, Patrice
    Focuses on the interaction of light and shadow guided color.
  • Hering, Peggy
    Nature-inspired contemporary realism. Oil paintings, watercolor, acrylic, and mixed media.
  • Hernandez, Gary J.
    Classical realist works including nudes, portraits, and landscapes.
  • Herrington, Nancy
    Work ranges from large format paintings to performance art.
  • Hersey, Andrew
    Artist and writer Andrew Hersey's work is all about a series of recurring characters. They invite you to join them on their adventures!
  • Hersh, Howard
    Includes examples of painting, collages, artist's statements, reviews, contact information, and current exhibitons.
  • Herth, Emmanuel
    Includes gallery and biographical information.
  • Herzog, Linda LeDily
    Offers paintings in the theme of "Angel, Acre, and Monstrance".
  • Heseltine, Michael
    Based in London and Edinburgh. Offers oil paintings and limited edition prints.
  • Heuberger, Jacques
    Oils on canvas of landscapes and scenery.
  • Heyd Wharton, Jennifer
    A biography, gallery of watercolors and contact information.
  • Higgins, Louis IV
    Contemporary paintings; dreamlike quality which drifts and dances across the page.
  • Higham, Brian
    Offers landscapes, portraits, and wildlife works.
  • Hill , Alison
    Features works of the artist including portraits, landscapes, and still-life paintings. Based in Lancashire, England.
  • Hill, Alan
    Shetland born artist specialising in watercolour and fine line ink drawing.
  • Hill, Barbara Willingham
    Featuring views of Appalachian culture in pencil, watercolor, and oil renderings.
  • Hill, Brian
    Features landscapes, nostalgia, football, and other sporting images.
  • Hill, Darrell
    Featured artist at the Country Frame Shop Gallery.
  • Hilling, Cathy
    Including paintings, drawings, works on paper, sculptures and more.
  • Hills, Steve
    Original watercolor paintings of subjects in California, Florida, and Louisiana. Reproductions available with online ordering.
  • Himmelstein, Shelley
    Offering a modern minimalist vision of landscapes and cityscapes.
  • Hinnant, Vandorn
    Ambient paintings and landscapes of the inner eye.
  • Hinoma, Hiroko
    Modern acrylics on canvas.
  • Hinz, Klaus-G.
    From figurative paintings to abstract expressionism.
  • Hinzen-R?hrig, Doris
    Painting and drawing in both the figurative and abstract method.
  • Hirano, Barb
    Paintings capture historic, spritual, and symbolic aspects of sacred places and landscapes.
  • Hird, Valerie
    Artist's works inspired by her travels through Europe and Asia.
  • Hirsch, Marian
    Focuses on pastel landscapes and watercolors inspired by nature and color.
  • Hischke, Tammy
    Texan painter specializing in colorful and abstract dog portraits.
  • Hoard, Linda
    Original paintings and prints by photorealist from the Pacific Northwest.
  • Hobson, Patricia
    Specializes in rural landscapes.
  • Hodges, Jennifer
    Plays with colour, texture, design, and the quality of light through landscape, abstract, floral, and figurative paintings.
  • Hodowsky, Steve
    Oil paintings of Los Angeles and its environs.
  • Hoek, Annelies
    Portraits, landscapes, still lifes and figures.
  • Hoey, Wayne
    Oil painter based in New York City offering contemporary, figurative work.
  • Hoff, Gary
    Portrait, still life, and landscape paintings by Gary Hoff.
  • Hoffman, Martina
    Featuring visionary works of magical realism. Includes CD and book covers, workshops, exhibitions, biography, and bibliography.
  • Hofmann, Heli
    Paintings of German and California landscapes depicting panoramas, clouds, sunsets, and gardens.
  • Hofmann, Steven
    Biography and gallery of contemporary paintings.
  • Hoglund, Kris
    Surreal pop art paintings in oil and acrylics.
  • Hohenlohe, Bo von
    Bright colorful abstract expressionist painting and painted wood and steel sculpture.
  • Hohimer, RJ
    Features jazz, blues, and dance prints and posters.
  • Hokanson, Eric
    Includes painting, illustration, photography, a burning bunny, and a hidden fart.
  • Holcombe, Don
    Painting on gemstone slabs and spheres, using the natural stratification and colors as the background landscape.
  • Holden, David
    Representational paintings.
  • Holdsworth, Anthony
    Specializes in cityscapes. Offers classes in oil painting.
  • Holdway, John
    Online portfolio of still lifes and landscapes.
  • Holehouse, Jim
    Vivid watercolors from a Key West artist.
  • Holland, David R
    Copies the old masters for practice and paints still life, wildlife, and portraits.
  • Holland, Natalie Radina
    Norwegian figurative artist.
  • Hollick, Christopher
    Features seascapes and landscapes. Also includes artist's bio.
  • Hollins, L.A.
    Exhibits oil paintings in the following styles: primitive, distressed, impasto, fauve, textured, and female nude art.
  • Hollis, Mary
    Personal interpretation of the traditional pictorial cards of the Tarot.
  • Holloway, Kent
    Focuses on portraits and landscapes of the Coquille River.
  • Holowka, Deborah
    Contemporary Canadian artist showing abstract paintings.
  • Holt, Karen
    Displays portraiture, landscapes, and figurative paintings.
  • Holt, Warren
    Featuring figurative, psychological works built from manipulated photographs. Includes statement and contact information.
  • Holton, Jeremy
    Representing Western Australian artists Jeremy Holton, Inta Goddard, and Rodney Boyle.
  • Hondos, Nikos
    Features an artist seeking the divine in the common and the extraordinary in the ordinary.
  • Hong, Quang
    Versatile artist featuring contemporary abstract and narrative paintings.
  • Hopkinson, Paul
    Offers oil painting, watercolors, portraits, animals, landscapes, and commissions.
  • Hopper, Pegge
    Hawaii-based artist noted for her paintings and prints of distinctive Island women.
  • Hopper, Toby
    Features recent acrylic and oil paintings on canvas.
  • Horan, Robert G.
    Aviation artist located in Nova Scotia specializing in all types of aircraft.
  • Horne, John
    Gallery of dance inspired paintings.
  • Horsfall, S.
    Artist who creates striking, colorful works of beautiful men and women. Includes gallery, biography, and contact information.
  • Horton, Arlene
    Featuring various subjects.
  • Horton, Gail
    Displaying scenic watercolor paintings of nature.
  • Hosch, Kathy
    Collections include florals, nature scenes, gardens, seascapes, and lighthouses.
  • Hot, Georges
    Contemporary lyric abstract artist. Site includes gallery of his work, biography, and contact information.
  • Houghton, Eric
    Weird Scenes. Original paintings from Jackson Square and beyond. Also features samples of writings, including novels, short stories, and screenplays.
  • Howard-Page, Deborah
    Gallery features mixed media, beeswax, and oil paintings.
  • Howard, Gabi
    Paintings, watercolors, pastels, dry point, and drawings.
  • Howard, Susan B.
    Features oil paintngs of animals on canvas or wood.
  • Howard, Tom
    Realistic paintings and drawings by the North Carolina artist.
  • Howe, Delmas
    Paintings and prints of the male figure.
  • Huber, Don
    Original prints available on paper or canvas.
  • Hud, Jacqueline Rieder
    Paintings with horse and ranch imagery. Also offers a cabin rental.
  • Huddy, Margaret
    Watercolor paintings of worldwide landscapes, seascapes, monuments, and more.
  • Hudson, Robert A.
    Features paintings of the people and the land of the American west.
  • Hudson, Sharon
    Features figures, portraits, patterns, still lifes, and abstract works created through collage, pastels, painting, and mixed media.
  • Hudson, Sheila
    Includes abstract paintings, mosaics, images from the artist's 'Joe' series, bio, contact information, and more.
  • Hughes, Elaine
    Features impressionist oil paintings of children at play, southern California beaches, landscapes, and still lifes.
  • Hughes, Mary Sorrows
    People, plants, animals - anything alive.
  • Hull, J.
    Watercolor landscapes, seascapes, and golf courses.
  • Hulse, Caroline
    Offers 'Flowerbed' paintings built up with acrylic paint and mixed media in layers of patterns, shapes, and forms.
  • Hume, David
    Australian visual artist, best known for abstract landscapes of the outback.
  • Hummel-Marconi, Debbie
    Offering originals and prints, as well as earrings.
  • Hung, William Shih-Chieh
    Asian painter whose work reflects the restraint and refinement of the Chinese tradition.
  • Hunt, Darrell
    Specializes in the style of photorealism.
  • Hunter, C.D.
    Features selected paintings and poetry.
  • Hunter, Jennifer
    British artist featuring fantasy, figurative, symbolic, equestrian, and seascape paintings.
  • Hunter, Patton
    Landscapes, florals, figures, and still lifes in a loose, impressionist style.
  • Hurley, John
    Specializes in abstractions inspired by the wild landscape and elemental forces of Kerry, Ireland.
  • Hurst, Megan
    Paintings on canvas representing flowers.
  • Husain, Maqbool Fida (6)
  • Hussain, Mumtaz
    Pakistani-American artist featuring contemporary paintings.
  • Huvajan
    Features spiritual artwork of the artist's life and soul experiences.
  • Hyoda, Jiro
    Oil painter from Osaka featuring paintings of Japanese landscapes, seascapes, flowers, and figures.
  • Illing, Tim
    Paintings of the techno-genetic meltdown.
  • Ingham, Tracy L.
    Specializes in portraits, aviation, military, and equine painting.
  • Ingram, Alison
    Paints wildlife and landscapes in an expressionist style.
  • Insaurralde, Rodolfo
    Still lifes, fruits, and flowers in a realist manner.
  • International Plein Air Painters
    Advances the execution and enjoyment of plein air painting without the restrictions and limitations of borders or regions.
  • Inyard, Gordon
    Artist who creates photo-realistic paintings of vintage diners and other nostalgic roadside attractions.
  • Irene
    Featuring oil and watercolor paintings.
  • Iriks, Berenice Happe
    Offering pastel and watercolor paintings that describe the beauty of objects, landscapes, and people.
  • Isolica, Dario
    Abstract paintings featuring geometrized and interlaced figures creating a theme of company, union, and support.
  • Issaly, Francoise
    Contemporary abstract painter using acrylics and different media.
  • Iwasaki, Takako
    Site has samples of her work. Will paint commisioned portraits.
  • Jackson, Ashley
    Paints evocative and distinctive images of Yorkshire's brooding moorlands.
  • Jackson, Jane
    Depicting the southern lifestyle and historic landmarks in Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina.
  • Jackson, Paul
    Featuring images of vases, bugs, architecture and light.
  • Jackson, Robert C.
    Contemporary realist still life paintings with a narrative and sometimes humorous twist.
  • Jacobs, Karen
    Abstract paintings, plus contemporary still lifes and landscapes.
  • Jacobs, Patty
    Watercolor artist specializing in pet portraits and paintings of domestic animals and wildlife.
  • Jacobs, Peter
    Presents photographs of works and a biography.
  • Jacobson, Diego
    Argentinian-American artist creating spontaneous, vibrant abstractions.
  • Jacquier, Yvo
    Oils, watercolors, drawings, and calligraphy in primitive, classic, and modern styles.
  • James B. Janknegt
    Original oil paintings including urban landscapes, suburban landscapes and religious work.
  • James Dean Art
    Paintings of Pete-the-Cat doing a variety of feline pastimes.
  • Janicke, Gregory
    Offers information on Shadow Beasts, an illustrated sci-fi/fantasy series, and Fizzik Rules science cartoons, workshops, and paintings.
  • Janisch, Barb
    Specializes in abstract figurative paintings with tropical and Christian themes.
  • Jankowski, Diane
    Original landscapes, impressionist, and abstract works.
  • Jansen, Bobbie
    Showcasing the work of Portland painter, Jansen, who paints objects that vacillate between tight, claustrophobic interiors, or through endlessly expanding exteriors.
  • Janson, Randy
    New pop art paintings and stickers.
  • JAO Art
    Offers live painting performances, speed painting in the back of a pick-up truck, radical printmaking, and large, bold paintings.
  • Jarjam Artworks
    Drawings, paintings and prints including fairies, dragons and other fantasy images.
  • Jasinski, Aaron
    Features artwork including oil and acrylic paintings by Aaron Jasinski. Includes illustrations and music.
  • Jastremski, Michael
    A database of just about every photo I've taken since I bought my digital camera.
  • Javaheri, Maryam
    Contemporary, abstract, non-objective paintings by the Iranian born artist.
  • Javaherian, Pilan
    Creating sculpture, paintings, and design for textiles, rugs, ceramics, and china.
  • Javid, Farhang
    Impressionistic and realistic paintings of rivers, mountains, and flowers.
  • Jayne, Sarah
    Features landscape and still life oil paintings from the garden and countryside in an earthy palette.
  • Jean-Baptiste, Daniel
    Caribbean artist uses wildlife as inspiration and silk as the canvas.
  • Jeffers, Oliver
    Artist, writer, and illustrator.
  • Jeffrey
    Self-taught artist featuring metaphysical watercolor and oil paintings exploring the human figure and humanity.
  • Jehle, Bill
    Painter from California exhibiting representational paintings derived from spiritual sources.
  • Jehle, Ian
    Revolving collection of paintings, etchings and drawings.
  • Jelene
    Pop art featuring silly characters, animals, nightmares, dreams, portraits, and more.
  • Jelley, Lindsay
    Includes landscapes, still lifes, and abstract art.
  • Jennings, L. Tryon
    Showcasing works that represent life and relationships, including landscapes, figuratives, still lifes, interiors, and commissions.
  • Jennings, William Scott
  • Jeon, Kyung
    Featuring works on rice paper and vinyl, completed projects, and pictures.
  • Jessett, Doreen
    Specialises in watercolours for botanical studies, and oils for landscapes.
  • Jin, Dongfang
    Oil paintings and paintings created from ancient Chinese inscriptions in characters. Also includes an essay on embracing history.
  • Jin, Li
    Features the Chinese artist's biography and contemporary ink artworks.
  • Jiye, Xue
    Chinese contemporary artist offering oil paintings and bronze sculptures.
  • Jo-Ellen
  • Joanna, Singer M.
    San Francisco Bay Area figurative artist and metaphysician. Features a collection of paintings, print sales, and biographical information.
  • Job, Susanna
    Jobart features pen and ink Australian wildlife. Artwork includes prints, cards, and T-shirts.
  • Joblin, Elizabeth
    Contemporary work that uses extravagant color, pattern and design.
  • Joffe, Harriette
    Gallery of contemporary, richly colored oil paintings, drawings, and decorative furniture.
  • Joffe, Jasper
    Home page of the British contemporary artist Jasper Joffe. Includes exhibition photos, artist profile, and press reviews.
  • Johannissen, Eva Ryn
    Offers abstract works in oils, acrylics, and watercolors.
  • John Furches
    Exhibits watercolors and etchings.
  • Johnson, Ben
    Showcases the ultra-realistic work and career of this London based artist and includes examples of his paintings, biographical details, and more.
  • Johnson, Carl
    Watercolor images of European landscapes and street scenes.
  • Johnson, Charlie
    Features gallery of paintings of Charlie Johnson, abstract artist, including exhibitions, reviews, and biography.
  • Johnson, Dennis
    Contemporary artist featuring colorful, sophisticated abstract compositions.
  • Johnson, Dolly
    Features Skysong Studio's online gallery, upcoming shows, and clients.
  • Johnson, Eban Hieronymus
    Drawings and paintings in oils and acrylics inspired by the surreal and grotesque figures found in the works of Bosch.
  • Johnson, L. Diane
    Impressionistic and realistic American and European landscapes, and still life in oil, pastel, and acrylic.
  • Johnson, Marnie
    Featuring still lifes, original portraits, and unique window paintings.
  • Johnson, Morgan
    Including an artist's statement and several permanent exhibits.
  • Johnson, Wendell B.
    Biographical information and gallery of paintings and drawings by the talented quadriplegic artist.
  • Johnsrude, Brian
    Online gallery of selected paintings in the abstract, expressionistic genre. Encaustic techniques and collage processes are described with biographical information.
  • Johnston, Neil
    Also includes a gallery of other artists.
  • Johnston, Wendel
    Colorful and energetic paintings.
  • Jonas, B.F.
    Uses bright colors to depict surreal, sometimes whimsical images in oils, watercolors, and monotype prints.
  • Jones Prall, Barbara
    Specializing in commissioned portraits and landscapes.
  • Jones, Aneurin
    Online gallery featuring horses, landscapes, people, and mythology.
  • Jones, Betsy
    Acrylics and watercolors of California's Central Coast.
  • Jones, Cindy Lee Jones
    Features figurative and floral paintings and biography of the artist from Palm Springs, CA.
  • Jones, Cynthia
    Impressionistic watercolors of varied subjects. Includes gallery, bio, and information for other artists to submit work.
  • Jones, Jane
    Includes artwork, shows, personal and professional profiles, and artist statement.
  • Jones, Jean Fitch
    Abstract expressionistic painter offering custom art work for corporate and private collectors.
  • Jones, Jonah
    Land and seascapes in oils applied in thick swabs by knife.
  • Jones, Myrtle
    Features gallery, writing, and ordering information.
  • Jones, Peter
    Gallery of drawings, paintings, and 3D artwork by Peter Jones. Includes representations of urban scenes, landscapes, airplanes, ships, abstracts, figures, reliefs, and collages.
  • Jones, Sam IV
    Artist from Austin, Texas offering acrylic paintings of human and architectural subjects. Also offers art classes from his local studio.
  • Jordan, Jim
    Paintings preserving local & locomotive history.
  • Jordan, Maureen
    Pastel paintings and giclee prints, covering flowers, gardens, landscapes, and botanical subjects.
  • Jordan, Miguel A., M.D.
    Southwestern and Indian art capturing in an Acrylic media the spirit of the American Indian.
  • Jorgensen, Agnes
    Canadian artist paintings Manitoba's landscapes, wildlife, and diversity of people.
  • Jorgo, Igli
    Specializing in archaic and mythology faces.
  • Joseph, Michael
    Features paintings and drawings that cover the world of sports and entertainment.
  • Joslin, Jared
    Husband and wife duo. He paints with acrylics, she creates animal sculptures from brass and antique lamp parts.
  • Joy, Becky
    Features landscape and still life oil paintings.
  • Joy, Joseph
    Uses household paints to create darkly comic images with references to cultural issues such as punishment, sexuality, and tragedy.
  • Jozami, Daniela
    Creates figurative paintings as well as murals. Site also in Spanish.
  • JPiret Gallery
    Collection of unique, original works by John Piret, ranging from large-scale textured acrylic abstract paintings to photography and small pen sketches.
  • Juchtmans, Jus
    Includes images and text on recent works, list of galleries, and exhibition information.
  • Jugashvili, Jacob
    Artworks, publicity material, articles and information about the great-grandson of Josef Stalin.
  • Julian, Edward C.
    Offierng nautical and nature watercolors and pen and ink pieces of sea shells, ships, fish, fishflies, and more.
  • Juliano, Tony
    Paints silly, sweet, sad, and scary things that revolve around everyday viewers.
  • Julien, Chantal
    Offers portfolio, recent paintings, and information about the artist.
  • Jump, Barbara Spencer
    Watercolors and acrylics of the Southwest.
  • Just Coffee Art
    Features artwork that is painted entirely in coffee, by artists Angel and Andy.
  • Justus, Wayne
    Specializes in Western and Civil War paintings in oil and opaque watercolor.
  • Kadlcikova, Helena
    Portrait artist featuring paintings of Michael Jackson, children, and other people.
  • Kaelin, David Charles
    New York artist using oil, airbrush, charcoal, photography, and computer 3D models to create art focused on the occult, fantastic realism, and death.
  • Kahiani, Nugzar
    Figurative oil paintings, portraits, landscapes, and still lifes by the Georgian artist.
  • Kaiser, Bev
  • Kaiser, Michael
    Features oil and watercolor paintings, golf art, painted furniture, and more.
  • Kaiser, S. Burkett
    Contemporary American impressionist. Website features available and sold paintings along with a biography of the artist.
  • Kako
    Modern paintings and figurative art by a Georgian artist living in France.
  • Kalayci, Yurdaer
    Presents galleries of oil paintings and drawings from the Turkish artist, Yurdaer Kalayci. Features figures, portraits, landscapes, and cartoons. Also in Turkish.
  • Kalb, Miriam
    Manitoba artist offering galleries of still life photographs, acrylic paintings, and digital art.
  • Kami
    Original and unique paintings by a California artist.
  • Kane, Liz
    Features a portfolio of recent work by the Irish artist who specializes in textured abstract paintings.
  • Kang, Kay
    Features abstract work incorporating calligraphy and pictograms.
  • Kanso, Nabil
    Features the expressionistic works and a biography of the Lebanon-born American painter.
  • Karabenick, Julie
    Features recent artwork, an artist's statement, and a resume.
  • Karakatsanis, Vassilis
    Includes image galleries and curriculum vitae.
  • Karayiannis, Vivian (2)
  • Kasemaa, Markus
    Paintings and drawings from Estonia.
  • Kasuba, Terezija
    Still life paintings and landscapes by an artist from Zagreb, Croatia.
  • Katayama, Takayuki
    Modern art painter offers his work in oils, watercolor, drawing, and print.
  • Kato, Noriko
    Gallery of beautiful and unique Japanese watercolor painting influenced by Etegami.
  • Katz, Morris
  • Katzman, David David
    Includes information about his genre-busting satire Death By Zamboni and a gallery of his paintings.
  • Kaufman, Charles
    Painting topics include: wine, toaster, and more.
  • Kavanagh, Paul
    Gallery of works whose inspiration often comes from literary sources.
  • Kaydanov, Olga
    Acrylic and gouache paintings containing vivid fantasies in rich colors.
  • Kazanskaya, Maria
    Landscape, still life, florals; colorful, and painterly oils.
  • Keeling, David
    Featuring figurative and expressionist paintings, drawings and prints.
  • Keenan, Kathy and Tom
    Features the color saturated surrealist paintings and photographs.
  • Keene, Steve
    Prolific artist who considers each piece a souvenir of a day.
  • Keirstead, James
    Canadian landscape and heritage artist painting with knives and oils.
  • Kelbaugh, Pat
    Specializing in marine art, custom work, including boat portraits.
  • Kellahan, Jane
    Features oil paintings from this contemporary artist from New Zealand.
  • Keller, Laura Alvarez
    Collection by Swiss-born artist whose work is influenced by the German Expressionist Brucke movement.
  • Keller, Mark
    Representational artist creating paintings and drawings that reflect how much music has impacted his life.
  • Kelley Jr., Frank
    Vibrant colors weave their way through original acrylic and oil paintings and lithographs.
  • Kellum, Betsy
    Virginian creating realistic still life, landscape, and pet paintings in pastel and oil.
  • Kelly, Ivan
    Plein air landscape oil paintings of Oregon and other western states.
  • Keltic Lady
    Oils done on everything from canvas to skulls and saw blades, primarily of animals.
  • Kemp, Hugh
    Features a selection of still life and landscape paintings.
  • Kemp, Paul
    Offers watercolours of landscapes and glass design creations.
  • Kemp, Rebecca
    Wildlife and fantasy painter with a love of mythology and nature.
  • Kemppainen, Viivi
    Finnish artist creates a collection of colorful, whimsical watercolor paintings.
  • Kennedy, Bridget
    Painter and jewellery artist. Includes portfolio of work.
  • Kennedy, Scott H.
    Portfolio of American graphic designer and fine artist based in Minnesota, Scott H. Kennedy. He is an art director by day and a sculptor by night.
  • Kenney, Tom
    Specializes in custom watercolor, acrylic, or pencil art for retirements, anniversaries, birthdays, and other special events.
  • Kenway, Zoe
    Offers prints of Bath, Little England, and the Cotswolds.
  • Kerkar, Subodh
    Sculptor, painter, and gallery owner based in India showcasing contemporary figurative and abstract artwork.
  • Kerr, Simon
    Includes art work, sketches, 3D Max renderings, animations, and tutorials on 3D Max, Max Script, and web authoring.
  • Kerr, Tiko
    Offers figurative and landscapes in acrylic and oil plus links to galleries.
  • Kesselmark, Peintre a Barbizon
  • Kessler, Glenn A.
    Land and seascapes, florals, post-modern, and surreal paintings and drawings.
  • Ketner, Jeremiah
    Colorful and fun paintings and drawings.
  • Key, Geoffrey
    Artist living and working in the North West of England with an international following.
  • Keyes, Ron
    Features landscapes, still lifes, and architecture as subjects. Painted the John F. Kennedy Memorial Portrait.
  • Kharma, Marina
    Subjects include people, flowers, and landscapes.
  • Kiely, Molly
    Underground cartoons, paintings, and illustration.
  • Kierstead, Janet
    Native American themes done with acrylics in a contemporary style.
  • Kilroy, John
    Representational oil paintings of figures, portraits, landscapes and still life.
  • Kim, Kyung Hwa
    Includes galleries of flower paintings, a biography, and links.
  • Kim, T.K.
    Expressionist world populated with warm shades and long-necked women.
  • Kimball, Stephen
    Romantic realist artwork with universal themes of myth, folklore, and history.
  • Kimura, Takahiro
    Includes paintings of faces, collages, and animation.
  • Kin, Tim
    Desktop publishing samples, web design projects, and a gallery of oil paintings.
  • King, Geoff
    Abstracts, landscapes, and other subjects in oil and pastel.
  • King, Patrick
    Offers portraits and narrative figure paintings focusing on domestic life and the suburban landscape.
  • King, Ruth
    Experimental, abstract collage paintings.
  • Kingman, Brant
    Cast bronze sculptures and oil & acrylic paintings. In English, Spanish, German and French.
  • Kinkade, Thomas (9)
  • Kinley, Shaun
    Featuring paintings that recreate the excitement of competition.
  • Kinsell, Robert
    Features biography, exhibitions, and portfolio of this Texas based artist.
  • Kinsella, Marilyn
    Specializing in watercolors of the Canadian Rockies and other landscape scenes.
  • Kirk, David
    British artist specializing in paintings of English country life.
  • Kirsch, Marilyn
    Abstract oil paintings, pastel drawings, and etchings influenced by architecture, photography, and the landscape, by artist Marilyn Kirsch.
  • Kirsop, Douglas
    Watercolours, oils, pastels and, gouache on various mediums of landscapes including Western Australia and various regions of Italy.
  • Kiser, Cody
    Self-taught abstract artist featuring colorful paintings.
  • Kiss, Andrew
    Paints realistic wildlife and landscape art.
  • Kiss, Miklos
    British artist creating colorful surreal landscapes with gouache.
  • Kissig, Robert
    Boats, lighthouses, flowers, fruits, and vegetables.
  • Kitsos, Georgios
    German-Greek artist based in Berlin.
  • Kladzyk, Pamela Ziemba
    Creations through various media. Specializing in portraiture, lighting and graphic design, and truck painting.
  • Klan, Wally
    Artist based in Kansas showcasing pen and ink drawings and oil paintings of farmlands and other landscapes.
  • Klein, Anita
    Features her paintings, prints, ceramics, and drawings.
  • Kleinpeter, Maggie
    Uses fake flowers, enamel paint, plastic animals, and other things to create works.
  • Klenow, Trish
    Works in oil on canvas, with an emphasis on representational portraits.
  • Kligman, Ruth
    Official site of the abstract painter who is commonly known as the ex-girlfriend of Jackson Pollock and Willem DeKooning.
  • Klikovac, Drasko
    Contemporary art gallery by Drasko Klikovac.
  • Klimas, Eva
    Features small paintings based on childhood photographs and vibrant abstract images.
  • Kline, Cheryl
    Pseudo-realist works including still lifes, nudes, landscapes, and more.
  • Klumb, Cindy
    Includes painting and photo gallery.
  • Knapp, Martin A.
    Watercolor paintings, pencil, pen and ink wash drawings.
  • Knauer, Brian
    Offers themes of neo-abstract expressionism and urban landscapes.
  • Kneale, Bill
    Features landscapes, seascapes, cityscapes, people, and places they visit.
  • Knecht, Bruce
    Contemporary figure painter.
  • Knegt, Ben J.
    Paints lyrical abstractions with explicit use of color. Artist biography is also in Dutch.
  • Knowles, David
    American Impressionist who uses knife and brush, contrasts, and vivid colors. Commissions available. Subjects include landscapes, still-life, and figures.
  • Knowles, James
    Abstract oil and acrylic paintings inspired by jazz and nature.
  • Knuttel, Graham
    Includes a gallery and details of his film work.
  • Knuttel, Jonathan
    Gallery from the contemporary Irish artist.
  • Koc, Belma
    In Turkish.
  • Kohn, Merry
    Self-taught artist paints with a whimsical style.
  • Koller, Helmut
    Bold, colorful animal paintings done with acrylic on canvas. Subjects include frogs, owls, leopards, tigers, and giraffes.
  • Komarov, Vitali
    Oil and watercolor landscapes, cityscapes, still lifes and portraits.
  • Kong, Alex C.
    Specializes in abstract painting, design, visual arts, decorative painting, and other original art.
  • Koningen, Svein
    Abstract and impressionist expressions.
  • Koopman, Caia
    Paintings and illustrations by California-based artist Caia Koopman inspired by color, dreams, politics, and life.
  • Koryagin, Gennady
    Photorealistic terrestrial and space landscapes, still-lifes, and flowers. In English and Russian.
  • Koscianski, Leonard
    Paintings and drawings of landscapes, nature, and wildlife, specializing in wild dogs.
  • Kosinski, George
    A journey in watercolors through Israel, Sinai, and Jordan.
  • Kosorukov, Valery
    View the artist's paintings by subject.
  • Kostelec, Andrea
    Features paintings and drawings of wild animals and pets.
  • Kostyal, Andrea
    Still lifes, nudes, and mixed media abstract geometric collages.
  • Koustov, Dmitri
    Includes gallery of works and resume.
  • Kovacik, Linda
    Features paintings, drawings, and lithographs of landscapes, portraits, redwood trees, botanical themes, still life, and abstract expressionist work.
  • Kovats, Geraldine
    Paintings include interiors, plein air, portraiture, and still life in a contemporary realistic style. The artist has also done animation work for feature films.
  • Kozicka, Magdalena
    Offering a gallery of abstracts, biography, and selected writings.
  • Kozlova, Tatiana
    Features landscapes, portraits, and still life.
  • Kral, Vivian
    Offering figurative paintings inspired by the mechanical universe.
  • Kramer, Allan Edgar
    Includes a biography and an online gallery of this prolific painter's representational artwork.
  • Kramer, Dave
    Displaying traditonal storybook art, prints, fine art, and portraiture.
  • Krebs, Betsy
    Offers oil paintings, graphite rubbings, and oil stick on paper. Also includes a recipe stories series.
  • Kremer-Stephen, Brigit
    Physicist presents galleries of her landscape and abstract paintings, as well as experimental and landscape photographs.
  • Kresman, Jacquelynn
    Decorative landscapes, seascapes and figurative paintings.
  • Kreutler, Elisabeth
    Offers background and training information and portfolio.
  • Krider, Jon J
    Specializing in original colored pencil artwork, portraits, landscapes, still life, animals, holiday cards, and more.
  • Krieger, Rachelle
    Abstract oil paintings and watercolors by a contemporary New York artist. View the Dream Series, Switzerland Series, and Central Park Series.
  • Krishan, Shuchi
    Contains biography, paintings, mud and glass murals, and comments by art critics.
  • Krivosheev, Vadim
    Features paintings, drawings, and fences with provincial and grief themes.
  • Krogle, Jim
    Scenes of the Southern California coast.
  • Krukar, Linda
    Offers artwork with brilliant colors that gives the subject matter intensity and character.
  • Kubasski, Leon
    Features oil paintings and graphics by the artist including portraits, murals, fresco, and landscapes.
  • Kucera, Carol
    Vibrant, contemporary abstracts inspired by the physical universe.
  • Kucynski, Matthew
    American artist experimenting with multiple two-dimensional mediums such as xerox transfers, pastels, and latex paint.
  • Kuhn, Vivian
    Whimsical, colourful watercolour world is presented with much 'tongue-in-cheek' humour.
  • Kukowski, Jaroslaw
    Surreal and grotesque paintings directed towards the in-depth study of human nature.
  • Kupiainen, Otso
    Finnish artist painting abstractions, figures, and portraits.
  • Kupyrova, Irina
    Creates paintings of female nudes with an emphasis on decorative lines and vivid color.
  • Kuronuma, Yasushi
    Paintings with watercolor.
  • Kurry, Victor
    Airbrush art, portraits, murals, and interiors.
  • Kuzmich, Alexei
    Featuring a gallery of Madonnas, a biography, and reviews.
  • L?hmus, Eda
    Modern figurative paintings and drawings.
  • La Mere Cocotte
    This small bilingual page describe a wonderful painting by a yet unknown painter. If you like art, check it out and maybe you could help us solve the mystery.
  • La Russa, Franco
    Home page of Franco La Russa, aka Thion, who specializes in acrylic paintings on canvas as well as photography.
  • La?ka, Pavel
    Gallery of works and biography describing La?ka's work as indicative of the main process of development undergone by Czech art between 1930 and 1980.
  • Labadie, Ed
    Watercolors and oils combining color, composition, contrast, and abstraction.
  • Ladeveze, Pascal
    Creates impressionistic paintings capturing the ambiance of Southern France with primary colors and rectangular brushstrokes.
  • Lafond, Mary
    Impressionist landscape painter who enjoys using strong color and light and paints outdoors around Santa Barbara.
  • Lafontaine, Maurice
    Features works of contemporary realism.
  • Laguna Plein Air Painters Association (LPAPA)
    Links the strong plein air movement of the early California painters to the present ones.
  • Lai, Poh
    Specializes in oils. Site includes online art galleries including commissioned murals and portraits.
  • Laing, Rowena
    Contemporary Scottish painter specializing in landscape and equestrian works.
  • Lamassonne, Karen
    Colombian-US artist exhibits recent mixed-media work and earlier works in acrylic, watercolor and photocollage.
  • Lamb, Jim
    Contemporary impressionistic plein air landscape painter.
  • Lamb, Matt
    Self-taught artist exhibiting colorful, expressionistic oil paintings. Subjects include whimsical creatures and expressive figures.
  • Lambert, David
    Contains gallery of acrylic paintings on wood, sculptures, and drawings. Also contains previous art exhibitions.
  • Lambert, Wayne
  • Lamey-MacDonald, Debbie
    Presents galleries of new work, prints, and plein air studies.
  • Landis, Lori
    Abstract impressionist paintings created with an array of mixed media including goldleaf and acrylic paints.
  • Lang, Eddie
    Offers painting holidays in Andalucia, Spain, and gallery of work.
  • Lans, Lorraine
    Features galleries, a personal history, and contact information.
  • Lara, Delia
    Offers paintings in a variety of styles.
  • Larcade, Pilar
    Portraits of people, dogs, horses and other subjects.
  • Larey, Timothy
    Nightmares & daydreams. Collection of works created through the years.
  • Larkin, Alan
    Services include portraits, custom made frames, and commercial art commissions.
  • Larmee, Kevin
    Contemporary artist based in Chicago offering expressive, narrative paintings.
  • Larocque, Michel
    Features a collection inspired by vacations to the East Coast of the U.S.
  • LaRotonda, Craig - Revelation Gallery
    Fine art gallery and studio, founded by artists Craig LaRotonda and Kim Maria. Includes painting, assemblage, mixed media, and illustration.
  • Larsen, Chris
    Display of acrylic nature paintings depicting the human spirit and how it relates to the landscape and nature surrounding it.
  • Larsen, Sarah
    Thangool multi-media artist and teacher producing works in contemporary, abstract, and traditional styles, including portraits, gem-art, and personalized paintings.
  • Larson, Larry
    Contemporary realist oil painter who paints dream images with deep roots in Symbolism, Pre-Raphaelite, and Victorian art.
  • Larson, Lynne M.
    Paintings of landscapes, sea scapes, and fantasy.
  • Lary, Diane
    Watercolors of natural landscapes, florals, historic buildings, gardens, and other nature scenes.
  • Lasmanis, Ojars
    Impressionistic landscapes, portraits, cityscapes and old master oil paintings.
  • Lassen, Christian Riese
    Official site of marine artist including galleries, biography, and more.
  • Lathrop, William
    Offering landscapes and portraiture exploring the intersection of Realism and Symbolism.
  • Lattimore, Anne
    Specializes in intaglio color prints.
  • Lattuada, Raffaele
  • Laur, Agnia
    Painting in the style of expressive radicalism.
  • Lauranne
    Visual art and texts representing outsider, primal art.
  • Lawrence, Jodie
    Realist painter working primarily from photographs of old apartment buildings.
  • Lawrence, Rod
    Offering wildlife paintings and prints, bronze sculptures, and more.
  • Lazo, Rachel
    Abstract painter based in California using vivid color, irregular patterns, and shifts in spatial depth.
  • Le Goff, Michel
    Oil on canvas paintings exploring the ambiguity of flesh and marble.
  • Leach, Wendy
    Specialising in landscapes from around the world.
  • Leahy, A Michael.
    Combat paintings by an ex-marine.
  • Leary, Tim
    Collection of abstract paintings in acrylic on various surfaces.
  • Leavy, Anna Marie
    View the gallery, visit other Irish art and culture related sites, and order paintings.
  • Lee, Candace
    Hawaii-based watercolorist specializing in paintings and prints that depict sea and land animals, both wild and domestic.
  • Lee, Kyungsoo
    Features a gallery of contemporary paintings using a combination of traditional formalism and innovative post-modernism styles.
  • Lee, Ron
    Oil paintings inspired by the landscapes, scenes, and horses of the Southwest.
  • Lee, Sandra Sunnyo
    Offers paintings and resume.
  • Lee, Terry
    Features African and North American nature and wildlife.
  • Lees, Michael
    Traditional country life and sailing compositions.
  • Leestemaker, Luc
    Landscape watercolor paintings and impressionist art work focusing upon the harmony between environment and art.
  • LeFrak, Ellen
    Includes background details about this jazz-inspired artist.
  • Legarew, Guy
    Oil paintings by Canadian artist.
  • Leidenthal, William
    Featuring natural scenes in an abstract style.
  • Leitch, Mary Ann
    Offers exhibits of her work with acrylics.
  • LeMessurier, Marty
    Southwestern, Native American, and international themes.
  • Lempert, Taliah
    Features a gallery of bicycle paintings and portraits.
  • Lennon, Stephen
    Paints the landscapes of the Yorkshire Dales and Pennines in Northern England.
  • Lennon, Valerie
    Specializes in watercolors and acrylics.
  • Leo
    Surreal, fantasy paintings.
  • Leong, Sharon - Queen of B-Paintings
    Pop, pulp, erotic, and low-brow art by San Francisco pop culture queen.
  • Leoni, Margherita
    Gallery of watercolors capturing the flowers of the Brazilian forests.
  • Leppan, Pierre
    Features paintings of landscapes, seascapes, and architecture in the U.K. and South Africa.
  • Leroy
    Art that will make you smile.
  • Leski, Myron
    Studio gallery of figures, landscapes, still life, and genr? subjects.
  • Lessenich, Jean
    Contains morbid drawings of Native Americans and oil painted landscapes of Indian reservations.
  • Lessord, Gary
    Includes wildlife posters and paintings.
  • Lethom
    Displays several styles of art including his folk, naive, child-like style. Offers original works for sale.
  • Levenson, Simon
  • Leverett, David
    Contemporary modern landscapes.
  • Levin, Alex
    Surreal and realist works using tempera and oil.
  • Levin, Dana
    Website features classical realism artist Dana Levin and showcases a few of her works in still life, figures, florals, and portraits. Also offers drawing courses in Bargue copies and figure drawing in Pawtucket, Rhode Island.
  • Levine, Phil
    Offers expressionistic oil paintings of figures, still life, and city scenes.
  • Levy-Polis, Jaynee
    Artwork focusing on people and what they do. Paintings are often humorous and always celebrate the human spirit.
  • Lew, Doug
    Award-winning artist specializing in capturing motion, working in watercolors and acrylics.
  • Lewis, Brian
    Painting local scenes of Norfolk, England, Europe, and the USA.
  • Libert, Jean-No?l
    Offers a gallery of realist paintings and biography.
  • Licsko, Frank
    Virtual gallery featuring paintings, prints, and posters.
  • Liddell, Vivian
    Features oil paintings with an emphasis on feminist imagery. Sifted from pop culture, personal experience, and art history.
  • Lieberman, Joyce
    Features painted works on paper and canvas displaying flower-filled vases in luscious colors with colliding and overlapping patterns.
  • Liesbet's atelier
    Oil paintings, computer art and illustrations, text is Dutch and English.
  • Lillo, Ginette
    Offers realistic paintings.
  • Lilly, Donia
    Specializes in fine art working with pastels, oils, watercolors, ink drawings, and other media.
  • Limapornvanich, Taveepong
    Thai artist and illustrator with multi techniques. Site includes a gallery of his works.
  • Lincoln, John
    Showcases original contemporary fine art paintings in oil and acrylic. Features lanscape and abstract art for sale.
  • Linsteadt, Stephen
  • Lintelo, Tino
    Painter of female nudes, birds, and landscapes, using many brilliant colors.
  • Linton, Jerry
    Offers contemporary abstract art and acrylic on canvas paintings.
  • Lipman, Anneke
    Explores the merging of art and spirituality through the technique of intuitive painting. Offers workshops in Redbourn, Hertfordshire.
  • Liron
    Offers gallery of recent works, listing of current exhibitions, and commission information.
  • Lisle, Elaine Moynihan
    Virtual exhibit of figurative cityscape and landscape paintings.
  • Litras, Amalia
    Features artwork in acrylic, and charcoal, contact information and more.
  • Liu, Che-Jin
    Creates paintings with vibrant colors and vivid symbolism inspired by Chinese philosophy, divine enlightenment, and deep meditations.
  • Liu, Frank
    Asian American artist showcasing paintings, drawings and mixed media works.
  • Livonen, Marja-Liisa
    Offers fine art available for licensing and publishing.
  • Liz Gribin
    Abstract art on acrylic.
  • Llord?n, Demetrio
    Reproductions of the watercolors and oils by the Mexican artist.
  • Lo Jacono, Caroline
    French-Swiss artist presents paintings in oil and watercolor. In German.
  • Lo Pinto, Marcelo
    Surrealist from Argentina exhibiting colorful paintings in various mediums.
  • Lo, Circle
  • Lobe, Jude
    Home page of Jude Lobe, a North Carolina-based artist who uses acrylic on canvas to paint landscapes and abstractions.
  • Locke, Elizabeth
    Uses a loose impressionistic style in her paintings of landscapes and figurative works.
  • Lockwood, George
    Wildlife and landscape artist offering stamps and prints.
  • Lockwood, Jason
    C - thru: plexiglass paintings.
  • Loe, Laura Kathryne
    Representational oil paintings.
  • Loeb, Damian
    Unofficial site for the painter, whose works have been described as a fusion of Edward Hopper and David Lynch.
  • Loghmani, Morteza
    Collection of drawings and paintings.
  • Lombaert, Philippe
    Exhibits expressive dark art.
  • Lombard, Betsy
    Northern California painter who creates landscapes.
  • Lombard, Mary Lee
    Expressionist oil painter from New Orleans, Louisiana. Offers commissioned paintings and classes.
  • Lona and Jerry Blank
    Paintings by Lona and Jerry Blank. Themes by Lona include wine, women, floral, and eclectic. Themes by Jerry Blank include jazz, Europe, Las Vegas, and nudes.
  • Londroche, Judith
    Original oil paintings of wildlife, nature scenes, portraits, and Christian art.
  • Long, Benjamin
    Pictures of mixed media paintings and career information.
  • Long, Brad
    Features gallery of surrealist paintings and sketches.
  • Long, Paulette
    Visual paintings distilled down to color and light as well as line and gesture.
  • Lonvig, Asbjorn
    Presents his world wide initiatives in a newsletter format with exhibitions, world wide representations, concepts, and art projects.
  • Lorcher, Keith T.
    Abstract acrylic and mixed media paintings.
  • Lord, Roz
    Creates a variety of work, from intimate works on wooden panel to large scale oil and acrylic paintings on canvas.
  • Lorna Mclean's Arts and Crafts
    Silk scarves, cards, paintings, watercolours, etc.
  • Losch, George
    Features wildlife and outdoor scenes.
  • Lota, Kathleen
    Original works created using an abstract expressionist technique.
  • Loudon, Tasha
    Features murals, decorative painting, portraits, and fine art.
  • Louie, Brenda
    Artist and educator.
  • Lovett, L.
    Specializing in Spirit of the Old West and Jesus Christ themed oil paintings and prints.
  • Loving, Laura
    Featuring naive style color saturated paintings infused with vitality.
  • Lowder, Marlene
    Features an online gallery of original watercolor paintings using flowers, landscapes, animals in the wild, and animated human life.
  • Lowe, Kath
    Gallery of still life canvases concerning religious rituals as well as commissioned portraits.
  • Loy Gallery, The
    Eclectic collection of paintings, castings, ceramics, masks, and bottle gourds in a variety of themes.
  • Lublinski, Diane
    Hand-painted images on silk. Including tropical and southwestern themes.
  • Lucas, Helen
    Featuring flower paintings about life.
  • Lucey, Ed
    Enjoys showing the brushwork or "structure" of painting with a technique known as alla prima.
  • Luciani, Stefania
  • Lueza, Cecilia
    Homepage of Cecilia Lueza, an artist based in Miami, Florida, whose works reflect surreal and abstract images. Site offers bio, exhibits, and gallery of her paintings and sculptures.
  • Luffarelli, MG
    Selection of paintings of an artist who loves nature, traveling, colors, and every expression of art.
  • Lui Liu
    Combining classical and realistic techniques with contemporary concepts.
  • Luiz, Peter.
    Shamanistic and environmental art.
  • Lukkenbaum, Eriq
    The art and philosphy of shaping without the constraints of rectangles. Also in German.
  • Lundgren, Chase
    Murals, frescoes, trompe l'oeil, and more.
  • Lynch, Derek - lynchart
    San Francisco artist working at Hunter's Point Shipyard.
  • Lyons, David C.
    English artist specialising in paintings capturing the pastoral environment.
  • Lytovchenko, Natalia
    Display of the work in tapestry and painting, personal biography and album related to this Ukrainian artist.
  • Ma, Yixing
    Featuring his oil paintings and digital art.
  • Mabry, Mary
    Creates florals/still lifes, landscapes, and portraits in the painterly-realism style.
  • MacClure, Chris
    Uses landscape as a language to express his romantic view of life. Features biography, gallery of works, and information on exhibitions.
  • MacCormaic, Paul
    Gallery of modern realist painter.
  • MacDonald, Don
    Watercolorist based in Massachusetts who paints portraits and comics.
  • Macedo, Ronaldo
    Vivid oils and prints depict local Hawaiian scenes and experiences, landscapes, and seascapes.
  • Macellari, Dion
    Contains fantasy paintings, drawings, and murals of dancing women and posing men.
  • Machado, Sylvia Am?lia de Hungria
    Images of flowers, especially orchids.
  • Mackie, John
    Scottish artist who works primarily in oil on canvas.
  • MacLean, Bonnie
    Specializes in oil paintings of nudes and still life.
  • Maclean, Fiona
    Art work in the form of greeting cards, T-shirts, paintings, giftware, boxes calander images of nude woman, cafe scenes and Bondi Beach.
  • MacNicoll, Eleanor
    Watercolor and oil landscapes, seascapes portraits, and more.
  • Macpherson, Angus
    Books and posters by this New Mexico artist.
  • Madden, Aggie
    Watercolors and pencil drawings illustrating the artist's travels throughout the world.
  • Maddox, Jeannie
    Photorealistic swimmer series.
  • Madsen, Shauna
    Agency that produces designs for trade show displays, print advertising, and illustrations. Includes gallery of art by Shauna Madsen.
  • Maes, Agnes
    Moves to and from in the fascinating abyss between signifier and signified in her abstract paintings.
  • Mager, Bonnie
    Features full-color images of recent oil paintings, watercolors, and pastels by this Northern California artist, portraying landscapes, cityscapes, and other realistic subjects.
  • Magnani, Franco
    Paintings from memory of the artist's childhood home, a village in the hills of Tuscany.
  • Magnuski, D.H.
    Fine arts, portraits, and impressionism.
  • Magnuson, DeDe
    Original oil paintings featuring contemporary abstract or surreal images of the landscape, figures, or imagination.
  • Mahmoud, Ben
  • Mahood, Julia
    Specializes in oil paint portraits, figures, and still-life.
  • Maier, Shirley
    Contemporary oil paintings of landscapes and still life.
  • Maiman, Stephanie
    Charcoals, pastels, and oils.
  • Maisano, Patrick
  • Maity, Paresh
    Showcases various art works by painter Paresh Maity. Site features artist profile, image gallery, and reviews.
  • Majors, Lou
    Contains a collection of explosive and powerful acrylic and mixed-media abstract paintings.
  • Maksymyk, Jerry
    Original watercolors and giclee prints that capture the beauty and diversity of the Canadian prairie.
  • Malaney, Jeanine
    Features galleries of the artist's work on fabric and in watercolors.
  • Malcolm, Suzan
    Explores color, light, and form through vibrant watercolors and mixed media.
  • Malley, Cathal O.
    Features the acyrlic and oil paintings of the Irish artist Cathal O. Malley, whose themes are landscapes.
  • Mallory, Ronald
    Creates abstract paintings, kinetic sculpture, holograms, prints, and photographs.
  • Maloof, Louise
    Ohio-based artist presenting a series of contemporary fruit paintings.
  • Malpass, Philip
    Featuring a gallery of fantasy and realism with bio and contact information.
  • Maness, Gregory Michael
    Includes oils, acrylics, water colors, drawings, and more.
  • Mansfield, Fiona
    Features oils and acrylics including portraits.
  • Mantra Art
    Contemporary work in oil, watercolor, mixed media, and digital art.
  • Manujlovich, Alexandr
    Surrealist paintings and drawings. Also in Russian.
  • Marathon, Gary
    Features landscapes, still lifes, and Native American subjects.
  • Marchand, Olivier
    Includes landscapes, still lives, and portraits.
  • Marchand, Philippe
    Uses oil, dry pigment, and watercolors. Infuenced by Indochinese, Asian, and Thai themes.
  • Mardon, Allan
    Concentrating on the beauty and spirituality of North American indigenous cultures of bygone times, and landscapes inspired by the desert.
  • Margretardottir, Hildur
    Includes paintings, photography, and free wallpaper to download.
  • Marie, Patrick
    Impressionistic landscape paintings.
  • Mariotti, Giuseppe
    Offers paintings in both classical and modern styles. Also features illustrations and works created digitally.
  • Maritz, Hugo
    Features selected paintings and biography of the southern African artist.
  • Mark, Stacy
    Features pictures and comments from the artist.
  • Markman, Lori
    An artist who expresses her psychological mindset through her art. Features a portfolio of works in varied mediums.
  • Markosyan, Lev
    Ukrainian artist creating multi-layered abstractions.
  • Marks, Honor
    Features botanical oil paintings.
  • Marohnic, Alanna
    Uses watercolors and ink to celebrate the natural beauty of the world.
  • Marosi, Gil
    Features surreal and abstract paintings of females nudes and other works.
  • Marquez, Don - Cartune Land
    Oil paintings and ink drawings in comic book and fantastic art styles. Offers artwork by commission, fantasy jewelry, and ceramic sculptures of dinosaur skulls.
  • Marriott, John
    Featuring figures, landscapes, still life, and nudes. Includes links, bio, and contact information.
  • Marrone, Todd
    Paintings, sketches and graphics designs.
  • Marsee, Todd
    Offers semi-abstract contemporary watercolors with nature and cathedral themes. Later works focus on the ginkgo leaf.
  • Marsha
    Gallery of feather painting that includes animals and nature.
  • Marshall, John
    The cow painter on Brighton Beach.
  • Mart?nez Lozano, Josep (1923-2007)
    Official site of watercolor painter Josep Mart?nez Lozano. Features biography and works. Available in English, French, Castellano, and Catal?.
  • Martens, Meridith
    Animal portraits, abstracts, and other works in oil and graphite.
  • Martin, Linde B.
    Lyrical abstractions done with oil on linen.
  • Martin, Nick
    Features the paintings and collages of the artist, Nick Martin.
  • Martinez, Donnie
    Artist from Colorado creating dream-inspired, narrative paintings of his Native American ancestry.
  • Martinez, Soraida
    American artist of Puerto Rican heritage who created Verdadism, a hard-edge abstract expressionist style with social commentaries.
  • Martins, Ricardo
    Online gallery of figurative oil paintings and drawings.
  • Martyn, Carol
    Gallery of works by the late Canadian painter Carol Martyn, 1916-1995.
  • Masa-aki
    Includes works, photographs, philosophy, profile, and chat.
  • Mascherin, Carlos
    Offers sensual depictions of women and Flamenco dancers in acrylic and oil paintings.
  • Masek, Robin
    Equine paintings and portraitures in oils, pastels, and watercolors.
  • Masiker, J. Ann
    Visionary artist takes providing a spiritual journey with her healing spirit paintings and thoughts.
  • Mason, Max
    Featuring landscape, still life, and baseball paintings, as well as murals.
  • Massey, David
    Paintings of faces and figures in acrylic and oil.
  • Masson, Barry
    Watercolors and photographs.
  • Masters, Carol
    Offers realist landscapes, portraits, and still lifes.
  • Matar, Joseph
    Presents the work of Lebanese and French artist Joseph Matar as well as other artists. Pieces include oil paintings, watercolors, poetic verses, postcards, and canvas prints.
  • Mathews, David
    Featuring pastel, oil, and sculpture portrait art of David Mathews. Offering classes and commission work.
  • Mathiesen, Pat
    Specializing in paintings and bronze sculptures that capture the essence of the contemporary West.
  • Mathis, Tommy
    Impressionist artwork of scenes from the Caribbean, Mediterranean, and Europe.
  • Matsen, Jollean T.
    Creates intricate images of "creation" myths and Goddesses.
  • Matson, Bob
    Using the visual language of automobiles.
  • Matsumoto, Hiroshi
    Features dogs and bears, abstract, landscape, and still life work.
  • Mattera, Joanne
    Features recent encaustic paintings and drawings.
  • Matthew, Laura
    Features news and gallery of her detailed landscapes.
  • Matthews, Alan
    Specializes in capturing life and landscape in and around the Yorkshire Dales.
  • Matthews, Mael
    Contemporary paintings.
  • Matthys, Juerg D.
    A surealistic (phantastic realism) painter from Freienbach, Switzerland.
  • Mattson, George
  • Mau, Helen
    Selection of oil paintings depicting the south of England and the town of Brake in Germany
  • Maverick, David
    Gallery of thought-provoking and inspirational surrealist and visionary paintings.
  • Mayer, Betsey
    Offers watercolor floral, landscape, and cityscape paintings.
  • Mayer, David W.
    Colorado-based impressionist landscape painter.
  • Mazzon, Massimo
    Virtual gallery of paintings.
  • McAdam, Agnieszka
    Offers female nudes in black and white pastel and still life paintings in oil.
  • McAfee, Sean
    Fantasy art, motorcycle paintings, and portraits.
  • McAfee, Tommy
    Original watercolors of the French Quarter.
  • McAllister, Patrick
    Offers contemporary paintings, etchings, and biographical information.
  • McCallum, Winton
    Offers contemporary paintings, sculpture, and drawings.
  • McCamant, David
    Creates ethereal worlds in acrylics.
  • McCann, Barbara
    Featuring impressionist style representational and abstract paintings created with a palette knife.
  • McCarthy, Brian
    Specialises in surrealist still life oil paintings, featuring Venetian masks and birds such as macaws, falcons, and canaries.
  • McCartney, Patrick
    Showcases prismacolor paintings of animals and bronze sculptures.
  • McCauley, Christopher
    Features a gallery of figurative and landscape pastel paintings, exhibit information, and design portfolio.
  • McCloskey, Paul
    Irish figurative artist.
  • McClure, Cheryl
    Offers galleries of modern, abstract, non-objective paintings, and mixed media collage by Texas artist, Cheryl McClure.
  • McCormack, David
    Cornish seascapes and coastal scenes. Gouache, inks, and watercolours.
  • McCoy, Richard
    Commercial artist and web designer doing freelance and commissioned works.
  • McCrea, Derek
    Paints in a whimsical impressionistic style. Includes lighthouse, flower, barn, and landscape paintings.
  • McCrea, Stephen
    Including paintings, poems, and short short stories.
  • McCullough, Val
    Presents portraits, landscapes, and still lifes.
  • McCully, Eric
    Artist from Northern Ireland showcasing figurative and landscape paintings.
  • McCurry, Cyn
    Paintings with sensual realism.
  • McDill, Wyatt
    Focuses on ordinary objects, framing one simple aspect and allowing the viewer to supply the rest.
  • McDonald, Brian
    Gallery of naive and expressionistic mixed media portraits and illustrations exploring identity in contemporary culture.
  • Mcdonald, Les Jr.
    Realistic watercolors specializing in wildlife art, landscapes, and seascapes.
  • McDonald, Marci
    Work on the Wild Side.
  • McDonnell, Kathryn
    Goal in art is to manipulate the perception of space, asking the viewer to explore the interaction between personal and public space.
  • McElroy, Steve
    The artist behind Barbie art.
  • McEneaney, Sarah
    Autobiographical paintings.
  • McFarland, Robert D.
    Utah artist whose paintings range from landscape to still life.
  • McGarry, Pip
    International wildlife artist best known for his paintings of big cats and African animals.
  • McGee, Dennis
    Acrylic, watercolor and oil pastel works.
  • McGee, Kathleen
    Watercolor abstracts, landscapes, florals, and tropicals.
  • McGehee, Paul
    Painter of wildlife, Americana, landscapes, and historical scenes.
  • McGill, Joe
    Brings a poetic realism to his painting, sketching, and sculpture.
  • McGinley, Vincent
    Plein-air landscape painter offers original artwork of Northern California and the Southwest in acrylic and watercolor.
  • McGrath, William R
    Specializing in Civil War era paintings of the Southern United States.
  • McGuiness, Kathleen
    Site includes a gallery and information on the artist/teacher.
  • McGurk, Michele
    Offers original artwork and customized web site design and development.
  • McIntosh, Laurie
    Artist based in South Carolina featuring vibrant paintings of landscape, food, and fish images.
  • McIrvine, Neil
    Comprehensive site of the last few years to present of oil paintings.
  • McKay, Lois
    Collection of Native American Sioux art including paintings, drawings, and portraits.
  • McKee, Julia
    Featuring the impressionistic plein air oil paintings of Mckee and her vision of the Western United States.
  • McKeon, Louise
    Featuring landscapes, seascapes, portraits, and more.
  • McLaren, Deborah
    Offers gallery of landscapes, still lifes, vintage cars, and wildlife.
  • McLaurin, Tommy
    Acyrlic paintings and pencil drawings by Tommy McLaurin, inspired by organic shapes and the work of Georgia O'Keefe.
  • McLean, John
    Deals with archetypes and symbols through evolving media treatment.
  • McLean, Mary
    Offers miniature watercolours. Specializes in birds, poultry, waterfowl, dogs, and flowers.
  • McMahon, Kathleen
    Offers paintings of Northern California landscapes, seascapes, and cityscapes.
  • McMahon, Kathryn A.
    Creates impressionistic art, scenic oil paintings of nature, cities, and people.
  • McMunn, Hugh
    Portraits and still lifes seeking to examine the details of urbanized life.
  • McNabb, Trena
    Transparent overlapping images forming a kaleidoscope of colors. Paintings which depict allegorical thoughts or stories the depth of which deepens with study.
  • McNamara, Laurence
    Specializes in landscape and figurative paintings in oil on wood.
  • McNicholas, Dan
    Colorful, "unrealist" fantasy and space art.
  • McNulty, Marc
    Creates expressive abstract paintings and ambient soundscapes.
  • McNulty, Shawn
    Features large-scale oil and acrylic abstract paintings as well as limited edition art prints.
  • McPhedran, Letitia
    Watercolor and oil paintings by realist artist depicting fireworks, landscapes, still life, and urban themes.
  • McPherson, Joni
    Artist portrays landscapes, seascapes, florals, portraits, animals, and angels in oil, with mini-lessons and links to purchase prints of her work.
  • McPherson, Tara
    Official site. Features illustrations, drawings, paintings, and comic book covers.
  • McSweeney, Mary
    Cape Cod-based Irish-born oil painter who paints the landscape and everyday life of Ireland.
  • McWhirter, Ishbel
  • McWilliam, Gordon
    Specializes in fine detailed art, including heraldic coats of arms, railway heraldry, painting from photographs, pet portraits, and miniatures.
  • Mead, Bill
    Contains paintings and drawings of homes in casein on wood.
  • Meads, Arthur R. (Mickey)
    Features galleries of his work, current exhibits, and his resume.
  • Mealer, N.J.
    Classical realism in oil and pastel portraits, landscapes, and still life.
  • Mecray, John
    Paintings and limited edition prints of classic sailing vessels and large racing yachts.
  • Medad
    Artist from Denmark specializing in murals and paintings of still life, portraiture, and surrealist ideas.
  • Meese, Carol Anna
    Extensive online galleries of work in various media.
  • Meijer de, Bram
    Trompe l'Oeil by Bram de Meijer - Wandschilderingen, cursussen, walldecorations, 3D schilderingen, 3D paintings.
  • Meirelles, Fernanda
    Features nudes and goddesses from mythology.
  • Meisel, Bunnye
    Exhibiting abstract paintings.
  • Mejia, Cyrus
    Contemporary paintings and retablos.
  • Melaine, Krystii
    Specialising in the birds and animals of North America, Australia, and Africa.
  • Melssen, Ernest
    Contemporary landscape-inspired paintings and sculptures from this Sydney-based artist.
  • Membery, Stuart
    Former fashion designer showcasing paintings of intricate interiors featuring vases, fancy chairs, and decorative wallpaper.
  • Memhard, Sue
    Works in a variety of media including painting, photography, and silkscreen.
  • Meminger, Gerome Sr.
    Painter, poet, and illustrator.
  • Menasco, Mike
    Specializes in Native American, wildlife, and surreal works.
  • Menczer, Erico
    A gallery of surrealistic paintings and photographs.
  • Mendjisky, Serge
    Specializes in mosaic-type paintings of reflected scenery, as well as photographic paintings of city life.
  • Meng Chun, Wu
    Chinese artist showcasing his contemporary self-portrait oil paintings inspired by his Buddhist teachings.
  • Menger, Jasper
    Original paintings made with pastels or acrylics are available for downloading as desktop wallpaper. Also in Dutch.
  • Mensah, Timmi A.
    Shares surrealistic oils and tattoo designs.
  • Menuie, Julien
    Offers examples of watercolors, oils, and pastels.
  • Menzies, Simon
    Collection of oil portraits and figuratice work including some decorative pieces.
  • Menzies, Susan
    Painting the great northern landscape, sometimes with a hint of wildlife in acrylic or watercolour.
  • Merigeau, Claire
    Offering oils on canvas and paper.
  • Merkel, Kurt
    Offers abstract calligraphy.
  • Mero, Eve
    Artist whose abstract oil paintings, collage, and fine art prints incorporate the techniques of musical composition into the creative process.
  • Merriweather, Allison Lee
    Presents paintings with whimsical, social, and religious subject matter to communicate her personal visions.
  • Merrow-Smith, Julian
    Landscape, still-life, and portrait artist with an open studio in Provence.
  • Mesicki, Jiri
    Features portraits and murals from this Czech painter.
  • Messa, Frank
    Uses abstract and figurative elements to articulate a magical vision.
  • Messa, Lou
    Contains limited edition prints and original paintings.
  • Messina, Lillo
    Official site. Includes galleries, biography, bibliography, and news.
  • Metzler, Ted
  • Meyer, Randy
    Inspirational Christian art, original paintings and prints.
  • Meyer, Vivianne
    Specializes in Chinese brush, watercolor, and oil paintings.
  • Meyers, Beverley Peter
    Features contemporary abstract and figurative art.
  • Meyers, Linn
    Includes an online portfolio, resume, bibliography, and information on future exhibitions.
  • Miao, Wu
    Paintings are based on traditional Chinese painting techniques.
  • Micallef, Antony
    British painter who has exhibited widely throughout the U.K. and has work in private collections in Italy, Denmark, USA, and Canada.
  • Miccio, Katherina
    Includes portfolio, artist profile, and contact information.
  • Michael Scott
    Pictures, works in progress, bio and resume.
  • Michael, Thomas
    Includes oil, watercolor, pen and ink paintings.
  • Michaels, Quinn
    Abstract paintings from this Oregon painter. Site contains portfolio, biography, artist's statement of intent, and journal.
  • Miciu-Nicolaevici, Georg
    Specializes in palette-knife paintings and lithographs.
  • Mid-Atlantic Plein Air Painters Association (MAPAPA)
    Promotes an appreciation of, and participation in, the art of outdoor painting.
  • Miedema, Carla
    Studio by the Pond - paintings, drawings, cards, and calendars reflecting the landscape and nature of the Canadian Shield.
  • Miel, Carla
    Features commissioned paintings available in any medium, for any subject, in any style.
  • Mierte
    Official site of the Montreal artist working on ink drawings and paintings with an environmental message.
  • Mihanovic, Zvonimir
    Featuring prints and posters of contemporary realism paintings from the coast and Islands of Croatia.
  • Mikasen, Marjorie
    Abstract, geometric, hard-edge painter working in acrylic on canvas.
  • Milazzo, Amelia
    Features Amelia Milazzo's oil paintings with themes from the late medieval and early renaissance. Site also includes her students' work.
  • Miles, Matthew
    American impressionist.
  • Milkewitz, Sun?
    Swedish colorist featuring raw abstract paintings conveying a personal and emotional world.
  • Milla, Mariona
    Includes bio, reviews, and upcoming exhibits.
  • Miller, Brian
    Graphs of qualitative data. Action over time.
  • Miller, Curt
    Figurative expressionist oil paintings and commissioned portraits done in pointillism style.
  • Miller, Hillary
    Featuring contemporary landscapes, portraits, still-lifes, and more. In watercolor and mixed media.
  • Miller, Richard
    Custom painted portraits, limited edition prints, and sculptures.
  • Miller, Sally
    Presenting original works in watercolor. Offers instructional workshops.
  • Millet, Mark
    Watercolor and oil paintings by this Southern artist.
  • Millman, Craig
    An exhibition of paintings using woodblock prints of computer tools and icons.
  • Mills, Elaine
    Offers works in acrylics and watercolors.
  • Mills, Steve
    Photo-realistic works featuring still lifes, landscapes, and wildlife.
  • Milou, Perry
    Philadelphia-based Impressionist creates portraits, city scenes, and more with oils and acrylics. Lithographs of selected paintings also available.
  • Milunovic, Dragica
    Australian artist who creates contemporary, large scale textured modern artworks in rich, vibrant color.
  • Minaev, Denis
    Works inspired by a visit to the estate of Lev Tolstoy.
  • Minthorn, Michael
    Landscape, cityscape, and figurative paintings in oil and acrylic.
  • Miracola, Jeff
    Showcases his graphic design work, paintings, and photography.
  • Miripolsky, Andre
  • Miro, Avrahami
    Colourful, dreamlike paintings with abstract and symbolistic subjects in oil and pastel.
  • Missakian
    Contemporary cubist paintings inspired by jazz.
  • Mitchell, Betty G.
    Specialises in floral still life paintings. Site includes samples of her work, galleries, and limited edition prints.
  • Mitchell, Bruce
    Contemporary artist producing representational and abstract oil paintings including landscapes, telephone poles, clouds, and more.
  • Mitchell, Janna
    Paintings inspired by dream images, in honor of The Great Goddess.
  • Mitchell, Richard
    Original paintings and drawings for sale. Range of work includes portraits and landscapes, Studio is located in Buckinghmshire.
  • Mizne, Markus
    Features virtual gallery and online poster shop of Markus Mizne paintings. Also includes abstract art wallpaper.
  • Moats, Roger Allen
    MoatsArt: featuring realist works by a Long Island painter.
  • Modesitt, John
    Showcases plein air impressionist paintings of landscapes in France and California.
  • Modlinski, Dominik J.
    Painting Journeys - oil, acrylic, and watercolour paintings, and photographs from journeys taken by the artist.
  • Moeller, James
    Selections that reflect one person?s imaginings and impressions.
  • Moeller, Kevin
    Contemporary expressionistic paintings.
  • Moerland, Antonetta
    Home page of Antonetta Moerland, an artist and industrial designer who specializes in esoteric, abstract, flowers, and Buddha paintings in oil and casein tempera on masonite. The site features her design collages as well as collection of paintings. Also in Dutch.
  • Mohn, Eric
    Quadraplegic watercolorist who paints the Amish, still lifes, buildings, and nature scenes.
  • Mojzes, Igor
    Offers biography and galleries of figures and landscapes.
  • Moller, Shona
    Bright, modern, original artworks.
  • Moller, Thomas
    Collection of series by the artist.
  • Mollomo, Alexis
    Explore the imaginative world of Alexis Mollomo through her oil paintings using classical technique to capture the hope, sadness, and paranoia of motherhood.
  • Mollov, Alexander
    Showcases the artist's surrealistic works of art.
  • Molnar, John
    Presents finely detailed landscape paintings, primarily in casein and oil.
  • Mondal, Samir
    Includes profile and online exhibition.
  • Mondin Keller, Andreia
    Gallery, biography, and photographs from the past.
  • Monet, Don
  • Monet, Patrice
    Includes paintings and sculptures. In English, French, and German.
  • Monikus
    Pencil and ink drawings, portraits, and perspective.
  • Monks, Paul
    Portfolio of artist Paul Monks from U.K., featuring paintings in acrylic, charcoal and ink sketches, and mixed media.
  • Monros, David
    Offers a gallery of current and early works, biography, and more.
  • Monroy, Bert
    Photorealist painter who creates incredibly detailed digital images in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop that look almost like real photographs.
  • Monsma, Cornelis
    Featuring originals and prints of contemporary Christian art.
  • Montague, Allen
    Art work from the Carolinas.
  • Montague, Christine
    Diverse Canadian-based painter works in a variety of mediums and genres. Including, oil, watercolor, acrylics, landscapes, illustrations, and portraits respectively.
  • Montague, Michelle
    Contains a gallery of drawings and acrylic paintings influenced by abstract expressionism and African art.
  • Monteferro, Moises
    Abstract and minimalist works.
  • Montegrande, Juan Jose
    Features oil paintings depicting people and places from around the world.
  • Monteiro, Jacky Alves
    Artist located on a French Caribbean island showcasing whimsical, saturated abstractions of multiple subjects. Also in French.
  • Montgomery, Pam
    Subject matter includes historical structures, rural settings, and old-fashioned barns.
  • Moolpinit, Chuang
    Thai painter and sculptor working in various styles, traditional Thai, surrealism, and detailed line drawing inspired by Buddhism and love of nature. The studio is located in Bangkok.
  • Moon, Joye
    Art instructor based in Wisconsin specializing in figural, landscape, and floral paintings. Offers workshops, original paintings and prints.
  • Moore, Ben
    Richly colored canvases in oils in the tradition of the French post-impressionists. Subjects include nudes, landscapes, cityscapes and still lifes.
  • Moore, Brian
    Limited edition prints featuring a series on game fishing and bronzes of New Zealand wildlife and people.
  • Moore, Daniel A.
    Sports themed paintings .
  • Moore, John L.
    Abstract painter based in New York feauring resume, artwork images, and public collections.
  • Moore, Martin Stuart
    Offers a gallery of the artist's city paintings and prints, a biography, news, and purchase details.
  • Moore, Richard
    Oil and watercolor marine and ship paintings.
  • Moore, Scott
    Features gallery of lithographs and a biography.
  • Moran, Max
    Offers originals and prints of American regional landscapes and New York street scenes.
  • Morana, Jim
    Gallery of abstract paintings, as well as biographical information.
  • Morcillo, Dolores
    Spanish painter established in Brussels. Oil paintings on canvas.
  • Morgado, Victor
    Patriotic themed works in watercolor and oil.
  • Morgan, Joan
    Impressionistic watercolor landscapes and still lifes.
  • Morioka, Juri
    Features abstract oil paintings and drawings.
  • Morris, William E.
    Specializing in paintings and giclees of Canadian and American still life, landscapes, and street scenes.
  • Morrison, Bee
    Offers gallery of work, painting holidays, lessons, and handy tips.
  • Morrison, Brian
    Figurative expression of humanity on canvas featuring color, form, and content.
  • Morrison, Richard
    Creates surrealist imagery that combines still life, flowing lanscapes, and contrasting geometric shapes with archetypal forms in a sublime visionary process.
  • Morshuis, Odelle
    Abstract works. Site features biography and gallery.
  • Morton, James
    A variety of acrylic paintings of nature, Boston and Florida: cityscapes, aerials, etc.
  • Moser
    Featuring paintings and commentary.
  • Moser, Monica
    Art collection by Monica Moser, a painter and writer inspired by her birthplace, Peru. Includes Spanish children's stories and poems written by the artist.
  • Moses, Michael
    Features organic ink abstract paintings.
  • Moskowitz, Joel
    Offers prints from original art and calligraphy.
  • Mosley, Kim
    Offers galleries of sculptures in alabaster, wood, and bronze, and oil paintings.
  • Mosley, Walter Lynn
    Features traditional works of the artist including still-life, landscape, portrait, and figure paintings in oils and watercolor. Based in Brooklyn, New York.
  • Mossaed, Mahvash
    Expressionist paintings that explore the light and dark side of human nature.
  • Mosser, Cynthia
    Abstract patterns blend with nature motifs in these paintings, drawings, and pastels.
  • Mossman, Hugh
    Sporting art, including fly fishing and golf paintings.
  • Motelski, Robert
    Features landscape paintings, drawings, and photography.
  • Mothes, Lee W.
    Offering Oceans and Dreams, a collection of seascape prints and original watercolors.
  • Mount, Tim
    Figurative work in a contemporary pop style. Including nudes, landscapes, and portraits.
  • Mourad, Faher
    Contemporary Orientalist oil paintings representing landscapes and sceneries of Morocco.
  • Mowat, Linda
    Exhibits photographs to oil paintings of people, pets, and places.
  • Mowder, John
    Offers originals and prints in several themes including the circus, beach, abstracts, and nude subjects.
  • Moyer, Kurt
    Artist based in Pennsylvania offering plein air and studio landscapes in oil and watercolor.
  • Moysan, Olivier
    Offers a gallery of landscapes and fantasy art featuring heroic women.
  • Mozer, Karoly
    Offers his style of revived mannerism.
  • Muchnick, Arseny
    Paints modern and unconventional works inspired by the relationship between color and sound.
  • Muir-McCarey, Liz
    Northern Beaches Sydney-based oil and acrylic artist. Subjects include abstract, impressionist, figure studies, beaches, and boats in the Hobart yacht race.
  • Mulder, Johanna - Park Studio Gallery
    Watercolors, oils, charcoal, and pen and ink.
  • Mullane, Christine
    Art gallery in Des Moines, Iowa showcasing abstract expressionist paintings of landscapes and portraits in oil.
  • Mullarkey, Maureen
    Oil paintings and drawings of the human figure, nudes, and urban scenes based on gay pride parades.
  • Munk, Loren
    Exhibits paintings, drawings, and mosaics.
  • Munne, Marijke
    Features biography and artwork in both English and Dutch.
  • Munro, Alan
    Includes galleries, resume, and a statement by the artist.
  • Munro, Ross
    Watercolor and acrylic landscape paintings.
  • Murden, John
    Collection of original works and limited editions from Ontario's playground, Muskoka.
  • Murfee, LaWanda
    Floral and landscape watercolors.
  • Murphy, Bill
    Offers watercolor and oil paintings and prints.
  • Murphy, Derek
    Contemporary surrealist painter whose images are both shocking and humorous.
  • Murphy, James B.
    Features information on his dramatic plays, paintings, and drawings.
  • Murray, John Philip
    Drawings, paintings, and prints. Includes exhibition information and links to audio and newspaper reviews.
  • Murray, Judith
    Abstract, modernist oil paintings and drawings.
  • Musovic, Tafil
    Exhibits oil paintings, pencil drawings, and mixed media.
  • Myer, Gayla
    Site showcases the acrylic based abstract art paintings by Gayla Myer. Includes artist profile, contact details, and a guestbook.
  • Myers, Steve
    Landscape and still life oil paintings from New England.
  • Myers, Winslow
    Features mixed media paintings and drawings in which subtle geometry and color evoke places, seasons, and weathers both present and imagined.
  • Mythmaking from the Other Side
    Blog featuring drawings and paintings by Lynette Vought.
  • Mytholoria
    Features a gallery of Greek mythological paintings.
  • N?jera
    Includes locations and galleries showing his work, exhibitions, collectors, group and individual exhibitions.
  • N?meth, G?za
    Hungarian abstract artist featuring contemporary acrylic paintings and a variety of other artwork.
  • Nacher, Jean Pierre
    French artist producing lyrical abstract work.
  • Nadeau, Donna
    Contains erotic watercolor paintings of strippers and drag queens.
  • Nadirashvili, George
    Vibrant paintings of animals and insects.
  • Nagel, Mary Ann
    Oil abstracts, landscapes, portraits, and more. Also includes a sculpture gallery.
  • Nagle, Georgia
    Features abstract interiors, landscapes, still lifes, and pet portraits.
  • Nagui
    Egyptian painter, with biography and gallery.
  • Najaka, Marlies Merk
    Specializes in luminous watercolor paintings of tropical scenes available in limited edition Giclee prints.
  • Namors, Rick
    Features mixed media paintings and drawings.
  • Naomi
    Specializes in depicting Jewish holidays, the Hebrew and English alphabets, opera, theater, ballet, and children's stories.
  • Nardini, Peter
    Plays on light and atmosphere through varied landscapes and other images.
  • Nasosov, Serapion
    Disturbing and macabre paintings.
  • Naujokas, Joe
    Mini-retrospective of a contemporary realist painter.
  • Naza
    Brazilian-American artist featuring figure abstraction and wildlife paintings.
  • Neate, Adam
    East London-based street artist who has painted hundreds of individual canvases and hung them on nails on buildings throughout the city.
  • Nechita, Alexandra (2)
  • Negri, Sandro
    Information about his exhibitions and works.
  • Negrin, Juan
    Site features the work of opera and film director Francisco Negrin, as well as artist Juan Negrin.
  • Negulescu, Irina
    Expressionist oil paintings, murals, and faux finishes by this Romanian-born artist. Accepts commissions.
  • Nehrbass, Jennifer
    Contemporary artist exhibiting detailed surreal paintings on wood panels.
  • Neireiter, Kevin
    Features oil paintings and flash animations of some of the greatest legends in jazz.
  • Nelson, Carolyn
    Oil paintings of Native American and Mexican Indian peoples.
  • Nelson, Jim
    Creates images of Native American culture, wildlife, and legends.
  • Nelson, Kim
    Inspired by using symbolism and spiritual figures from the great works of the past.
  • Nelson, R. Kenton
    Artwork that has its origins in American Scene painting, Regionalism, and the work of the WPA artists of the '30s.
  • Nesbitt, Carol
    Acrylic paintings in a variety of styles, including folk art, nature and wildlife, expressionism, and abstraction.
  • Neubig, Henry
    Features art created by pigment made from Louisiana soil.
  • Neuse, Jon
    Original abstract, landscape, and figurative paintings, drawings, and monotypes by this Minneapolis artist.
  • Nevala, Johannes
    Creates oil and watercolor paintings of birds.
  • Newberry, Michael
    View paintings, drawings, and essays.
  • Newberry, Tina
    Combining topless women with Scottish and golfing motifs.
  • Newcomer, Kelly
    Features innocent images intermingling with futuristic machines.
  • Newman, Kathleen Putnam
    Impressionistic realism portfolio of pastel, oil and watercolor paintings.
  • Newman, Tim
    Includes biography and gallery of male and female nudes.
  • Newton, Natasha
    Home page showcasing landscapes and still life in acrylic.
  • Newton, Tonya and Sande
    Creating retro pop works.
  • Nguyen, Dinh Dang
    Specializing in still lifes and nudes. Includes personal story, biography, and galleries of works.
  • Niagara
    Pulp fiction and pop art inspired images of women.
  • Nichols, Jack
    Combines color with motion synergy to generate a unique depth of field imagery.
  • Niebrugge, Gail
    Landscape and still life posters, prints, cards, and originals.
  • Niedermeyer, Heiko and Selina
    Singapore-based artists and couple who paint and collaborate on the same canvas.
  • Nielsen, Derek - Daementia
    Features paintings showing the quantum transactions of creative thought.
  • Nigro
  • Nikolic, Zoran
    Contains a gallery of surreal paintings of imprisoned figures and emotions.
  • Nilan, Miki
    Creative art from the imagination.
  • Nilsson, Leif and Katherine
    Contemporary impressionist paintings in oil and watercolor.
  • Noe, Ignacio
    Demonstrating concepts and techniques of drawing and painting, with an emphasis on illustration and comic book art for children and adults.
  • Noordijk, Anne Miek
    Strives to convey a feeling of cheerfulness through the use of bright colors.
  • Norlin, Erin
    Site includes a gallery of illustrations and paintings.
  • Norman, Nancy
    Exhibits whimsical, colorful, humorous paintings in acrylic and watercolor.
  • Norton, Charlie
    Specializes in Western culture and wildlife bronze sculpture and paintings.
  • Norton, Linda
    Creates paintings with acrylic, masking tape, collage, pencil, and other materials. Subjects include roosters, rabbits, cats, clowns, fairies, and more.
  • Novak, Caz
    Includes gallery of work and contacts.
  • Novak, Joe
    Lyrical abstract paintings of color & light.
  • O'Beirne, Megan
    Features contemporary exploration of color and marks in oils and acrylics.
  • O'Brien , Ann Patrick
    Features paintings in oil, water, and egg tempera by artist Ann Patrick O'Brien.
  • O'Brien, Judy
    Paintings in the styles of Impressionism, Abstraction, and Fauvism.
  • O'Brien, Kellianne
    Creates figurative, abstract, and impressionist works.
  • O'Connell, Lucinda
    Based in the Caribbean, Lucinda O'Connell specializes in watercolors, transforming images of light and pattern onto canvas and paper. Lessons offered locally in St. Thomas.
  • O'Connor, Birgit
    Creates floral and landscape watercolors.
  • O'Kelley, Nicole
    Vivid gicl?es in the impressionist tradition.
  • O'Mahony, Chamain
    Featuring prints and acrylics of the Creole Cat at New Orleans landmarks.
  • O'Neill, Peter
    Contains artist bio and oil painting gallery of figures, landscapes, beach scenes, and historical moments.
  • O'Shea, R?is?n
    Collection of original watercolour paintings from around Ireland.
  • O'Sullivan, Phillip
    Artist based in New Zealand offering minimal abstract artwork.
  • Ober, Leslie
    Creates original oil paintings with bright colors in Cincinnati, OH. Includes her biography, artworks, and contact information.
  • Ochs, A.G.
    Brilliantly colored, energetic paintings depicting the beauty of natural energy and motion only visible only through technological lenses.
  • Odessa, Jo
    Australian artist based in Bali featuring figurative and abstract paintings.
  • Ofan, Irkan
    Biography and gallery of work from this neo-romantic Turkish artist. In English and Turkish.
  • Ogata, Terry
    Figure and narrative paintings, and graphic design.
  • Okter, Eia
    Features works from current and past exhibitions. Also includes a brief biography and a section on the artist's philosophy.
  • Oldhams, Tim
    Oil paintings and sculpture by a London-based contemporary figurative artist with Bipolar Disorder.
  • Oliver, Doug
    Specializes in landscapes, desert scenes, mountains, and clouds.
  • Olivieri, Irene Hardwicke
    Symbolist paintings depicting nudes and landscapes with the interweaving of text.
  • Olsen, Mark
    Distinctive, expressive portraits.
  • Olsen, Rachel
    Contemporary painter living in Cooks Beach on the Coromandel Peninsula in New Zealand. Presents a portrait of the artist and her works.
  • Olsen, Skot
    Work that deals with the human condition through paintings which are cartoonish in style with somewhat realistic rendering.
  • Olson, Eunice M.
    Floral, still life, and landscape watercolors from the Northern California artist.
  • Olson, Wendy
    Featuring paintings and ceramic creations. Include gallery, bio, and contact information.
  • Omelian, C.J.
    Displays oil, acrylic, lithocrayon, and mixed media paintings.
  • Omiros
    Includes abstract fashion, Byzantine, Greek mythology, zodiac, and pool works.
  • Onisa, Silvia
    Also featuring landcapes and flowers.
  • Onsi, Omar (1901-1969)
    Artist biography and gallery.
  • Orange, Peter
    Painter, storyboard artist, and filmmaker. Features a portfolio of differents works.
  • Orback, Craig
    Contains portfolio of editorial and publishing work, as well as portraits.
  • Orchowski, Allen
    Offers several figurative, realist pieces.
  • Original Artwork
    Strange paintings and drawings for you to enjoy.
  • Ortego, Blanquie
    Gallery of oil paintings and resume.
  • Ortiz, Joe
    Selected paintings and drawings with a Western theme.
  • Osserman, Georgette L.
    Painter based in California who works in oil, pastel, and mixed media. Features figurative, landscape, and abstract collections.
  • Ossiander, Glenn
    Portfolio of large scale abstract color-field paintings in acrylic by PAFA trained, Los Angeles-based painter. Includes images, pricing, descriptive information, and a biography.
  • Osterloh, Ulrich
    Colorful abstract paintings.
  • Otmane, Pascale
    Includes portraits and still life.
  • Otschik, Angelika
    Featuring dream and fantasy inspired fabric paintings.
  • Otsuka, Hisashi
    Images by a contemporary Japanese artist.
  • Ottevanger, Susan
    Contemporary and impressionistic marine wildlife paintings.
  • Otto, Guttorn
    Includes biographical information, work samples, and more.
  • Overholtz, Nancy
    Offering wildlife works and nature scenes.
  • Overton, Chuck
    Features landscapes, harbors, towns, and further subject matter.
  • Pace, M. Diana
    Acrylic floral paintings.
  • Pace, Viola
    Contains a gallery of marsh landscapes and native wildlife by this acrylic painter in Florida.
  • Page, Colin
    Landscape, figure, and abstract oil paintings in bold colors including scenes of Maine and Long Beach Island.
  • Paik, Anna
    Creates still lifes, portraits, and nudes in oil.
  • Paintings of Vorheier
    A gallery of oil paintings, murals, photography, sculptures and more.
  • Palmer, Charly 'Carlos'
    Home page of Charly Carlos Palmer, who specializes in acrylic paintings, florals, and b&w water colors. Site features bio, paintings gallery, virtual tour of paintings, and contact information of the artist.
  • Palmieri, Patricia
  • Pan, Xi
    Chinese graduate from the Moscow Academy of Fine Arts featuring female figurative and floral paintings.
  • Pan, Yihang
    Modern Chinese painting using ink and gouache on rice paper.
  • Panichi, Leonardo
    Offers biography and gallery for this Florentine painter.
  • Pannunzio, Marta Laurentina
    Paintings of flowers and landscapes.
  • Panton, Paul R.
    Features a biography, image galleries, exhibition listings, and essays by the Canadian artist.
  • Papiro-Fean, Kathie
    Presenting house portraits, detailed landscapes, and historical sites, especially in Philadelphia.
  • Park, Christina
    Offers exhibition information and a gallery of fine art figurative paintings, portraits, and murals.
  • Parla, Jos?
    Works inspired by the anonymous art found in the streets.
  • Parlante, Dennis
    San Francisco-based artist offering abstract acrylic and mixed-media paintings on canvas.
  • Parsons, Carol Ann
    Includes impressionistic garden, southwest, floral, and meditation paintings.
  • Parsons, Elizabeth
    Focuses on portraits, floral displays, and animals.
  • Parsons, Sue
    Features figurative paintings and portraits in a colourful and contemporary style, plus life drawings in charcoal and pastel.
  • Parsons, Tambralyn
    Offers works displaying the artist's passion for nature.
  • Parsons, Tim
    Uses layers of paint and India ink to create colorful paintings.
  • Parvu, Ron
    Original watercolors and giclee prints.
  • Paschke, Ed
    Virtual gallery, biography, articles/interviews, and calendar of upcoming shows and events.
  • Pasek, Jeff
    Images and sounds from Cleveland painter and digital musician Jeff Pasek.
  • Passman, Emily
    Features works of the artist including figurative, landscapes, and still life paintings. Based in Lexington, MA.
  • Passmoore, Works of Alexander & I.V.
    Two starkly different styles, united in their intent: speaking volumes with mere images.
  • Pastuhov, Stefan
    Plein air painter inspired by the beautiful landscape in Maine.
  • Patel, Mukund
    Contemporary artist based in Texas featuring acrylic paintings.
  • Patterson, Carrie
    Abstract colorist. Works ranging from oil paints to prints and collages.
  • Patterson, Geneva
    Galleries of watercolors, collages, and oil paintings featuring American scenes, florals and still lifes, and more.
  • Patterson, Neil
    Uses an impressionistic "Alla Prima" style of painting to convey his ideas through landscapes and florals.
  • Patterson, Reiko
    Surrealist paintings with metaphysical themes.
  • Paul, David G.
    Offers a gallery of original oil paintings. Specializing in landscapes and figurative landscapes.
  • Paulik, Gunter
    Featuring the artist's oil-paintings and poems.
  • Pavlos, Vazakas
    Showcase for the contemporary Greek oil painter. Also includes critical responses to his work as well as a brief artistic statement. Also in Greek.
  • Payne, Jesse
    Fusing the initial conception into residual images of many decisions and actions, sharing a deeper level with the viewer.
  • Paz, Sonya
    Official site of the artist Sonya Paz. Includes online gallery, upcoming events, and art pieces for sale.
  • Peake, Virginia
    Featuring vividly colored contemporary landscapes, still lifes, and animals in impressionistic style.
  • Pearce, Bryan
    Includes print and book details, a biography, and more.
  • Pearce, Michael
    Featuring saints and sinners, nudes, rappers, and rock stars.
  • Pearson, Lester
    A selection of paintings.
  • Peavey, Barbara
    Painter of intimate floral scenes of Nantucket Island and other New England coastal landscapes.
  • Peccolo, Ren?
    Figurative oil paintings and mixed-media drawings.
  • Pedder-Smith, Rachel
    Selection of watercolor paintings of botanical specimens.
  • Peel, Diane Paton
    Artist specializing in oil paintings of Yukon and Washington wilderness landscapes, Fireweed wildflowers, and Okanagan vineyards.
  • Peeples, Patricia Ann
    Oil paintings of figures in nature. Also contains cartoons, animations, and photography.
  • Peerlings, Frans
    Canvases exploring a variety of symbols, including time, keys, and pyramids.
  • Peikon, David
    Features original realism acrylics and prints.
  • Peil, Bruce
    Paintings in oil, pastel, and watercolor.
  • Peirce, Zachary
    Features oil paintings of Chernobyl and Pripyat by Zachary Peirce, an artist from London.
  • Peiser, Kurt (1887 - 1962)
    Featuring figurative works from the Belgian painter.
  • Pelfresne, Carine
    Galleries of red chalk portraits, landscape and still life drawings, various paintings, and Arabic calligraphy.
  • Peller, Delphine
    Features collage and acrylic artworks of the artist, Delphine Peller. Includes abstract, Judaica, and works inspired by nature.
  • Peller, Joseph
    Figurative images of modern urban life, myth, and allegory. In paintings, sculpture, pastels, and etchings.
  • Pendergast, Holly Mae
    Artist based in Utah offering impressionistic portrait, landscape, and figurative oil paintings.
  • Pendray, John
    Marine painter of oil paintings, watercolors, and gouaches, focusing on portraits of ancient and modern sailing boats and cargo vessels from around the world.
  • Peng Peng Bears
    Miniature handmade teddy bears, unique collector quality bears from traditional to whimsical.
  • Penland, Jean Wall
    Offering paintings, silk paintings, greeting cards, and custom-designed postage stamps.
  • Penner, D.H.
    Portraits and commissions of people, pets, and places, as well as paintings of landscapes, still life, and wildlife.
  • Pentak, Stephen
  • Pentelovitch, Robert Alan
    Paintings and prints from New York-based artist.
  • Penuel, Jean
    Features biography, picture gallery, expositions, and guestbook.
  • Pepicello, Kathleen
    Features oil and resin paintings by Kathleen Pepicello, artist from Ohio.
  • Perez-Rubio, Jorge
    Site of the Cuban-American artist and educator. Creates paintings and drawings of landscapes, figures, and still lifes.
  • Perez, Juan
    Presents the artistry of a physician and abstract painter in Hoboken, NJ painting primarily in oils and acrylics.
  • Perez, Raphael
    Painter of the human body, exploring relationships between men and women, two men, and two women.
  • Perkins, Elliott
    Contains a gallery of sublime acrylic paintings by this post-digital artist in Washington, D.C.
  • Perrault, Benoit
    Features abstract and expressionist artwork in acrylics, ink, pastels, gouache, and mixed media.
  • Petchnick, Linda Walsh
    Notecards, prints, and original orchid watercolor paintings.
  • Peter Drake Studio
    Features paintings, prints, and information about the artist.
  • Peters, Fred
    Featuring biographical information, gallery and dealer listings, and artwork.
  • Peters, Ger
    Featuring modern paintings inspired by American pop symbols, cartoons, and an interesting curio cabinet.
  • Peterson, David
    Gallery of botanical and landscape watercolor paintings.
  • Peterson, James J.
    Paintings by artist James J. Peterson. Also includes biography, resume, and news about art exhibitions.
  • Petkovic, Mihailo
    Serbian artist featuring abstract oil paintings.
  • Petrie, Brian
    Paintings and cartoons by a Scottish artist.
  • Petrie, William
    Madwillow Creekhouse Gallery. Dedicated to the work of this American artist.
  • Petro, Marina
    Visionary artist and psychic.
  • Petrov, Andrei
    Pays homage to ancient writing and painting styles at the crossroads of abstraction and reality. Works include acrylic and oil on canvis and pencil and mixed media on paper.
  • Petty, Anawanitia
    Features esoteric art and landscape acrylic paintings by Anawanitia Petty.
  • Petty, Bill
    Argentinian painter who recreates rural, gaucho, and polo scenes.
  • Petty, Karen
    Features abstract, spiritual, and nude-inspired images.
  • Petty, Ralph
    American artist based in France featuring landscapes of the French countryside, still life, and other oil and watercolor paintings.
  • Phaizulline, Ilyas
    Russian academic artist offering mystical realist and religious paintings and drawings. In English and Russian.
  • Phillips, Bryan
    Gallery of oil paintings featuring tall ships from the great age of sailing.
  • Phillips, Chris
    Automotive racing art including Formula 1, Indy, Classics and Sportscars.
  • Phillips, Walter J. (1884-1963)
  • Piar, Richard
    Work is comprised of three distinct periods.
  • Picard, Rae - Raenbow Water Gallery
    Features traditional and Chinese brush paintings.
  • Pickering, Byron
    Paintings inspired by the sea.
  • Pierce, R.E.
    Work reflects the influence of the early and contemporary west. Includes works and upcoming shows.
  • Piermarini, Marco
    Features realistic paintings and drawings.
  • Pigeontoestudio
    Features ceramics and mosaics by Lou Moser and paintings by Gus Scott.
  • Pigott, Stephen
    From abstract ideas about colors, mood, and composition to personal visions of people and feelings.
  • Pilar, M. Del
    Spanish painter presenting contemporary oil, acrylic, and mixed media paintings by series.
  • Pitre, John
    Modern surreal works.
  • Pittman, Jeff
    North Carolina-based artist. Features landscape, seascape, and cityscape paintings.
  • Pitts, Richard
  • Piunno, Matthew
    Painted by a red/green color blind artist. Ranges from abstract to photo-realistic.
  • Platzer, Michael
    Features oil, acrylic, watercolor paintings and computer generated art.
  • Plein Air Florida
    Network of Florida artists who paint on location and participate in events, workshops, exhibits, and more.
  • Plein Air Scene, The
    Newsletter on California plein air painting, as well as list of galleries, events, and other regional resources.
  • Plein-Air Painters of America
    Featuring a group of on-location painters recognized for their exhibitions and workshops.
  • Pletan, Burnette G.
    Fastest artist in the world.
  • Plum, Kristine
    Original watercolor paintings of landscape, floral, and equine subjects.
  • Poli, Nicoletta
    Utilizes oil and specializes in pets.
  • Polito, Kay
    Original watercolor and acrylic paintings, including landscapes and images of animals and birds.
  • Polo, Franco
    Features biography, artistic profile, exhibit information, and gallery of still lifes, portraits, and landscape reproductions.
  • Polomis, Ted
    Realist painter from Massachusetts specializing in still life oil paintings.
  • Pommier, Andrew
    Paintings in oil, acrylic, and watercolor, plus a selection of drawings from artist Andrew Pommier.
  • Ponce, Ricardo
    Artist creating surreal landscapes and custom work by using spray paint, fire, and a little magic.
  • Poniarski, Ruth
    Sample of works expressing her vision and life.
  • Pooley, Carole
    Specializes in landscapes and animals in a variety of materials.
  • Poor, Kim
    Painter, designer, and illustrator whose work includes album cover art.
  • Popei, Ioan
    Romanian artist featuring non-representational abstractions and traditional Christian icon portraits.
  • Popovic, Tea
    Features contemporary fine art paintings, drawings, and installations in a style described as spontaneous play with color.
  • Porter, Claudia D.
    Specializing in landscape and human figure oil paintings starting at $40 are available online.
  • Porter, Helen Radaker
    Portraits and personal scenes.
  • Posehn, Cath
    Figurative paintings and drawings employing the lyrical use of color. Rendering the nude from a woman-centered perspective.
  • Postel, B.F.
    Impressionistic and pointilistic landscape oil paintings of Morocco, Delaware River, waterfalls, rocks and other subjects.
  • Postlethwaite, Mark
    Aviation art by a Leicester artist.
  • Potapoff, Peter
    Canadian wildlife and landscape artist, and winner of the 1998 Ducks Unlimited Artist of the Year award.
  • Potters, Neil
    Watercolor paintings.
  • Poulin, Bernard A.
    Offers a gallery of portraits, landscapes, murals, and more.
  • Powell, Stephen
    Wildlife artist; works in oil and watercolour.
  • Powers, Jerry
    Landscapes, seascapes, and original art paintings of Block Island.
  • Powers, Laura
    Singer-songwriter offers Celtic inspired songs and portraits, landscapes, and still life oil paintings.
  • Powers, Roy
    Offers paintings of Nevada historical landmarks.
  • Powers, Susan
    Trompe l'oeil still lifes that have been compared to those of 19th century American academic artist William Harnett.
  • Pradhan, Shobha
    Features profile and collection of paintings.
  • Prakash, Vinutha
    Features biography and gallery of miniature, Mysore, Tanjore, and Ganjifa paintings.
  • Pratorius, Bianca
    Contemporary minimalist paintings on canvas and paper.
  • Pratt, Lucy
    Includes oil paintings, acrylic paintings, exhibition details, and more.
  • Preece-Dawson, R.E.
    Offers watercolors and pen and ink work featuring houses, landscapes, flowers, and more.
  • Preiss, Helmut
    Oils, acrylics, pastels, and collage originals, lithographs, and prints.
  • Prendergast, Kasy
    Artist in Burlington, Vermont, who is inspired by Lake Champlain through the seasons.
  • Prey, Barbara Ernst
    Gallery of the American watercolorist's works.
  • Price, Daniel
    Offers paintings and reproductions of military oriented works.
  • Price, Richard
    Watercolor exhibit featuring wildlife and textures.
  • Pristas, Tracy Lynn
    Oil paintings, watercolors, pastels, and prints.
  • Pritchard, Larry
    Displays prints, drawings, and paintings fousing on the human figure, landscapes, and other subjects.
  • Pritchett, Jill
    Limited edition prints and selected original works of subjects including horses, Africa, landscapes, and portraits.
  • Pro, Anthony
    Specializes in Impressionistic landscapes and figure painting. Also includes original drawings.
  • Proferes, Jo
    Offers selected originals and reproductions of her western, wildlife, seascapes, and recreations of historical events paintings.
  • Proidl, Sylvie
    Features major projects, including exhibitions, murals, and additional works of art.
  • Prudnikoff, Djordje
  • Pryduvalova, Olena
    Structures her paintings through a cacophonous contrast of vibrant color and primitive figures.
  • Przewodek, Camille - Plein Air Paintings
    Paintings, workshops. Studied with Henry Hensche.
  • Pugliatti, Carmelo
  • Pulford, Matt
    Artist from Chicago exploring emotions related to the Midwestern experience through minimalistic work in painting, drawing, and photography.
  • Pullen, Oswaldo
    Brazilian impressionist painter specializing in contemporary realism with oil over canvas, people, nudes, landscapes, and seascapes.
  • Puppo, Alessandra
    Offers works of landscapes and villages in Italy.
  • Puri, Antonio
    Features abstract paintings using a modified batik technique applied with mixed media.
  • Purim, Anette
    Features semi abstract paintings by the Danish artist Anette Purim. She works in oils and acrylic medium. Site includes a gallery showcasing some of her art works.
  • Putnam, Caroline
    Landscapes, animals, flowers, portraits, dreamscapes, and other subjects painted in oils and acrylics.
  • Quattry, Ange'la
    Visit the art studio of this Central Florida painter and sculptor. Works are highly vibrant and inspired by jazz music.
  • Quechell, Yasmin
    Featuring a gallery of abstract oils on canvas.
  • Queen, Dana
    Original works of an environmental conservationist artist focusing on nature and marine life.
  • Quek, Jimmy
  • Quek, Prabhakara Jimmy
    Paintings reflect artist's visual interpretation of Buddhist law of impermanence and change.
  • Querin, Jerrine
    Artist who creates watercolor paintings of home and businesses from photographs.
  • Quidley, Peter T.
    A traditional realist, focusing on marine scenes, still lifes, and figuratives.
  • Quigley, William
    Includes biography and gallery of work.
  • Quintas, Pedro
    Artist based in Portugal specializing in optical and minimalist abstractions. Also in Portuguese.
  • Quintin, Judith
    Gallery of realistic and abstract oil paintings as well as works on paper done with watercolor and graphite.
  • Quiroz, A. R.
    Emotion and perception are delivered in unique surrealistic paintings.
  • Rachov, Ilian
    Classical style oil paintings and Orthodox icons.
  • Radetic, Zlatko
    Offering examples of artwork, biographical information, and more. In French and English.
  • Radke, Gerard
    The Police Artist. Works on paper by a police officer and artist.
  • Rae, Nan
    Chinese Brush Painter and producer of greeting cards and prints.
  • Raetz, Pierre
  • Ragan, Jo
    Specializes in paintings of Jesus, landscapes, and toles.
  • Ragland, Ronald
    Art prints featuring dogs, beagles, and horses.
  • Ragsdale, Lafayette
    Watercolor paintings and prints with subjects from flowers to Civil War.
  • Rainey, Patricia
    Offers images of landscapes and buildings on the Atlantic coast.
  • Ramasami, Sridhar V.
    Art work and journal of Spider's (trail name) Eastern Continental Trail (ECT) hike.
  • Ranawat, Rajdeep
    My best oil paintings, photos and links.
  • Randel, Betsy
    Strives to express the flow and movement of nature focusing on plants and the sea.
  • Rankin, Bob
    An artist/educator and winner of Raleigh Medal of Arts, and Spectator Magazine's "Best In The Triangle, Local Artist-1996."
  • Rapoport, Patricia
    Specializes in joyous paintings of angels, cityscapes, and flowers.
  • Rassouli, Freydoon
    Fine art gallery of sensual surreal paintings by an international mystic artist.
  • Ratajik, Greg
  • Rau, Petra
    Contemporary neo-expressionist mixed media painting.
  • Ravella, Linda
    Specializes in painting New England scenes, hotels and resorts, and portraits.
  • Raviv, Ilana
    Gallery of paintings, bio, interview, and more.
  • Rawle, Chuck
    Offers landscape and still life paintings.
  • Ray, Ang
    Abstract expressionist compositions bridging East and West.
  • Ray, Bill C.
    Features andscape painting, pastel drawing, and figurative artwork.
  • Ray, Don
    Features painting, outdoor sculpture, and artistic furniture.
  • Ray, Oliver William
    Provides galleries of oil paintings by the Canadian artist.
  • Raymond, Lee-Anne
    Presents fantastic and surrealist paintings and drawings.
  • Razmadze, Ramaz
    Specializes in surrealistic paintings and drawings.
  • Reboli, Joseph
    Creates scenes of New England still lifes and landscapes.
  • Reda, Salvatore
    Fine art paintings, plus graphic design, and movie shorts.
  • Redman, Helen
    Address the shifts in body, mind, and spirit that accompany menopause and aging.
  • Redmond, Bebe
    Contains acrylic paintings of landscapes, religious tributes, and portraits.
  • Reed, Alan
    Offers original watercolour paintings and prints of famous bridges, castles, landscapes, seascapes, and cities.
  • Reeps, Rob
    Abstract paintings by the New England artist.
  • Reese, Ursula & Helmut Stroisch
    Gallery celebrating the works of separated brother and sister who developed into artists later in life.
  • Regensburg, E. A.
    Art to inspire thought, feeling, and transformation.
  • Rego, Nina
    Features the paintings, sculptures, and drawings of this Brazilian-born artist, residing and working in South Carolina.
  • Reider, Susan Wood
    Artist whose work celebrates the intricacies and challenges of daily life, relationships, and spirituality.
  • Reilly, Twyla
    Impressionistic paintings in oil. Includes pets, people, and landscapes.
  • Reiner, Kirstine H.
    Artist featuring still life paintings and portraits in the European realist tradition.
  • Remmelink, Sytske
    Gallery of contemporary works.
  • Reneson, Chet
    Features original paintings and lithographs from an acclaimed sporting watercolor artist.
  • Renssen, Erik
    Netherlands artist featuring portraits, abstracts, and still life.
  • Ress, Spike
    Watercolor paintings of the modern Amercan West.
  • Reville, James
    Portraits and landscapes by the late painter James Reville.
  • Rey, Pablo
    Includes paintings, drawings, biography, and essays.
  • Reynolds, Elise
    Struggling Amsterdam artist painting under influence of Matisse, Goya and Jack Daniels.
  • Reynolds, Mark
    Offers contemporary and abstract paintings in oils, acrylics, and watercolors.
  • Reynolds, Patrick J.
    Offers angel art in watercolor and oil.
  • Reynolds, William Dean
    Specializes in contemporary portraits, landscapes, and abstract compositions based on representational imagery.
  • Rezvani, Shahrokh
    Mixed media and live model paintings.
  • Rhodes, Ann
    Offers biography, gallery, and events about the artist based in Atlanta, Georgia.
  • Ricca, Elide
    Paintings by the Italian artist Elide Ricca.
  • Ricchi, Agnese
    Wide pictorial spaces coming from the stratification of backgrounds and forms created by children deriving from an imaginary world.
  • Rice, Jimmy
    Includes paintings and writings.
  • Rice, Lauren
    Paintings incorporating acrylics, pen, and lacquer.
  • Rich, Ray
    Sumi-e and gyotaku painting.
  • Richards, Elaine
    New Mexico scenes, landscapes, watercolors, multimedia (pre-computer) drawings and paintings.
  • Richards, J. Kirk
    Contemporary oil paintings of Judeo-Christian themes.
  • Richardson, Barry
    Watercolor artist from Frederick County, Maryland.
  • Richardson, Ilana
    Paints in watercolors and oils. Also makes silkscreen prints.
  • Richardson, Jean
    Specializing in abstract horse paitnings. Features biography, upcoming shows, information on her book, and more.
  • Riding, David
    South African artist creating three dimensional paintings from fiberglass and acrylics.
  • Riedel, Paul
    Oil paintings with Brazilian and German influence.
  • Rife, Jon
    Artist based in San Francisco featuring abstract prints and acrylic paintings.
  • Riley, Rebecca
    Features several abstract expressionist pieces.
  • Rios, Jose F
    Contains biography, gallery, and schedule of first showing.
  • Risch, Pierre
    Paints in pastel, watercolour, and lithograph.
  • Ritschel, Wolfgang A.
    Colorful, vibrant paintings with bold outlines in a figurative expressionist style. Also creates sculptures using recycled stainless-steel medical instruments and stained glass.
  • Ritson, Julia
  • Rittenburg, Johanna Smith
    Features galleries of landscapes, still-lifes, and portraits.
  • Rittmann, Karl
    Specializes in Rhode Island people, landmarks, and murals. Also includes sailing, carousel, and train station themes.
  • Rivera, Robert G.
    Includes a showcase of paintings and artist biography.
  • Roberson, Daryl W.
    Artwork reflecting the atmosphere of a scenic beach town.
  • Roberts, Antonius
    Contemporary painter and wood sculptor.
  • Roberts, Dorothy Lee
    Colorist and action painter of distinction whose painting 'Manhattan Winter' was a winner at Art'95 N.Y.
  • Roberts, Simon
    Contains a diverse collection of digital, watercolor, and oil paintings of battle tanks and helicoptors, mermaids, and plant life.
  • Roberts, Steve A.
    Fantasy art in acrylics and computer graphics.
  • Robertson, Sally
    Botanical watercolors and information on workshops offered in California, France and Tahiti.
  • Robins, Arthur
    Figurative paintings including images of cityscapes, dreamscapes, carnivals, parks, billiard rooms, subways, and Biblical images.
  • Robinson, Barbara
    English painter living in France offering whimsical, impressionistic paintings of landscapes, seascapes, still life, portraits, and more.
  • Robinson, Geoffrey
    Uses abstract composition and color to create narrative stills.
  • Robinson, Larry
    Portfolio and resume. Offers courses in studio painting, figure painting, and mixed media painting. Also shared, open studio space for rent.
  • Robinson, Martyn
    Paintings in acrylic and watercolor.
  • Robinson, Rod
    Alabama artist uses acrylic on canvas and on found objects, such as antique car tags.
  • Robinson, Sam
    Portfolio of work depicting urban landscapes from the Columbus, Ohio area.
  • Robinson, William MD
    Offers fine art lithograph prints with Western and nature themes.
  • Rockel, Helen
    Online gallery of paintings by Helen Rockel based in Christchurch, New Zealand.
  • Rodell, Don
    Wildlife art prints.
  • Rodgers, Terry
    Features paintings in a mythic realism style. Offers current and archived works.
  • Rodr?guez Amat, Jordi
    Contemporary Spanish artist featuring biography and stages of development.
  • Rodr?guez-Cigaran, Eva
  • Rodr?guez, Angel Mauro
    Specializing in watercolor. Includes portraits, landscapes, posters, and curriculum.
  • Rodriguez Maruca, Francisco
    Offers classical realistic-figurative paintings by Francisco Rodriguez Maruca.
  • Rodriguez, Carolyn Winsor
    Originals and prints of carousels and impressionistic landscapes.
  • Rogers, Lorraine
    Presents watercolor and acrylic on canvas, with picture framing service.
  • Rogovsky, Michael
    Features articles and reviews as well as a gallery of works including Massachusetts landscapes, figurative pieces, and nudes.
  • Roland, David
    Portfolio of oil and pastel paintings and reproductions of nature and genre environs of Florida.
  • Roles, Valerie Borg
    Focuses on flowers and local scenes in watercolors and acrylics.
  • Rolle, Catherine
    South African landscapes, beaches, game reserves, mountains, and cityscapes.
  • Rollins, Mike
    Stock ticker paintings by New York artist.
  • Romanello, Diane
    Specializing in romantic landscape scenes.
  • Roper, Stuart
    Gallery of European and American landscapes, still life, and portraits.
  • Rosamond, Christine
  • Rose, Bergen
    Landscapes, animal art, and much more.
  • Rosen, Erin
    Paintings include landscapes, citycapes, animals, and still lifes.
  • Rosenthalis, Moshe
    Oil paintings, serigraphs, mixed media pictures, and biography.
  • Rosner, Heidi
    Collection of landscapes, greeting cards, and limited edition prints.
  • Ross, Colleen
    Painter featuring portraits and classic cars.
  • Ross, D M
    Features exhibition of recent cubist work.
  • Ross, Michael
    Includes landscapes, murals, portraitures and more.
  • Rosse, Nicolas St. John
    Examples of work and links to galleries related to the painter.
  • Rossiter, Shawn
    Offers images, biography, exhibitions, and purchasing options.
  • Roth, Richard and Ikuko
    Richard's works are calligraphic, phonetic abstractions. Ikuko's works are modernist landscapes. Images and biographical information.
  • Roung, Shelley Anne
    Watercolors, limited edition prints, and commissions available.
  • Rounick, Della
    Creates works that combine realism and abstraction.
  • Roussan, Marv L.
    Specializing in male nude figures.
  • Rowley, Justin
    Specializes in contemporary urban art honoring the people who struggle daily to maintain their humanity in a violent urban landscape.
  • Rowsell, Joyce
    Painter in oils on canvas, linen and silk, specializing in miniatures.
  • Roybal, Antonio
    Visionary mannerism, fantastic realism, and surrealistic oil paintings.
  • Royo
    Featuring Mediterranean inspired paintings and sculpture by the Valencian artist.
  • Rubin, Deborah
    Features this watercolor artist's painting examples, resume, and gallery and collection information.
  • Rubinkam, Steve
    Bright, lively acrylic paintings in a range of subject matter.
  • Rubio-Acuarelas, Jes?s
    Features exhibition information, news, and a gallery of watercolors depicting southern Spain.
  • Ruckle, Ernest
    Official site of American artist Ernest Ruckle. Features image archives of Ruckle's acrylic paintings from the 1960s to now.
  • Rugh, Doug
    Realistic still life and landscapes.
  • Rule, Marci L.
    Specializes in painting realistic images of golf courses.
  • Rumencic
    In Serbian.
  • Rummel, Michelle
    Riginal contemporary watercolor paintings that embody the feminine forms in nature, including links to ketubah and chuppah designs.
  • Rupert, Paul
    Offers limited edition prints and oil paintings featuring golf scenes, landscapes, seascapes, paintings of children, and street scenes.
  • Ruse'l
    Conceptual paintings with roots in the French Fauvists and the new school of Hypothetical-Interactionalism.
  • Rush, Fanny
    Specializes in commissioned portraits.
  • Ruspoli, Francesco
    Presentation of his work in oil and watercolors. Includes curriculum, biography, and exhibitions.
  • Russ, Nadia
    Neopoprealist artist who pries with deft humor at the veils of symbolic interaction which cross between consciousness and circumstance.
  • Russell, Barrett
    Realist and abstract acrylic paintings of human figures.
  • Russell, Frank
    Paints and draws Irish figural images.
  • Russell, K. Joann
    Colorful paintings of flowers, sunflowers, horses, seascapes in acrylics, watercolors, oils, and pastels.
  • Russo, Dean
    Personal art exhibit featuring original abstract portraits.
  • Ryden, Mark (2)
  • Ryder II, George W.
    Creates still life, landscape, and illustration art in acrylic and oil on canvas or hardboard. Includes resume and gallery of works.
  • Ryder, Susan
    Paints commissioned portraits and unusual interiors.
  • Rymer, Tamara
    Gallery of western scenes.
  • Saade, Rania
    Featuring a gallery of mostly acrylic works, and a biography.
  • Sachi
    Dolphins, sea turtles, ocean art and florals.
  • Sadeh, Asher
    Features a selection of original figurative oil paintings.
  • Sadoyan, Alexander
    Features abstract paintings, biography, and resume of the Armenian artist.
  • Saenger, Mark
    Plein air artist based in New Jersey and Bob Ross Workshop instructor exhibits his work.
  • Saez, Felix
    Original paintings and carvings on stone of wildlife, American Indian, marine animals and celebrities.
  • Safran, Bernard
    Longtime Time cover artist; oil paintings depicting working class lives in urban and rural surroundings.
  • Saint Virgin, Peter
    Featuring surreal figurative paintings, drawings, and poetry.
  • Sakaguchi, Manabu
    Photorealistic acrylic on canvas paintings and pencil drawings.
  • Sakai, Isao
    Abstract paintings devoted to the various colors.
  • Saladino, Tony
    Original oils, acrylics, pastels, drawings, and prints, including etchings, mezzotints, and monotypes. From intrically detailed realistics to boldly colored abstracts.
  • Salamat, Amir
    Official site, gallery, and event information for the Iranian-American abstract artist based in the San Francisco Bay Area.
  • Saldutto, Anthony
    Paints scenes from the life of police officers. Offers prints and commissioned work.
  • Salituri, Gail
    Works depicting the vineyards and wineries of southern California.
  • Salman, Nawfal
    About Nawfal Salman, a London based professional artist who can be can be commissioned for portraits.
  • Salmon, Jr., Fred E.
    Features drawings, paintings in oils, and watercolors featuring landscapes, figures, portraits, nudes, and still life.
  • Samaniego, Edward - Buddha Belly Studio
    Features paintings, photographs, and pottery.
  • Samant, Mohan (1)
  • Samuels, Katrina
    Eden Art. Paintings on canvas and on ceramic vases.
  • Sanchez, Mariano
    A Cuban-American painter that works with everything from Afro Cuban themes to soft pastels.
  • Sand, Vebjorn
    The art and projects of this Norwegian painter and public creator of the Leonardo Project, which has begun with a bridge in Oslo.
  • Sanders-Garrett, Sally
    Includes a personal exhibit of watercolors inspired by Montana and various forms of calligraphy.
  • Sanders, Joop
    Contains art reviews, bio, and gallery of abstract oil paintings of figures and shapes.
  • Sanders, Judith Ellen
    View her acrylic paintings and prints that combine the expansive power of color and form with the scientific principles of synergy and renewal.
  • Sanders, Ron
    Traditional oil and watercolor landscapes, portraits, and romantic figure paintings.
  • Sanders, Shirley A.
    Features gallery of paintings using watercolors, mixed media, and pastels.
  • Sanderson, Linda
    Canadian artist featuring colorful, upbeat, narrative acrylic paintings on glass.
  • Sandor, Beate
    Features her work The Seven Prayers are seven triptychen, based on an own alphabet out of circle segments.
  • Sandri, Lynne
    Paintings of land, nature, trees, and themes.
  • Sandwith, Sylvia
    Features a gallery of vibrant lucid paintings.
  • Sandy Sandy
    Original paintings and prints interpreting the essence of landscapes, wildlife, florals, and cave art.
  • Sangal, Ritu
    Includes a collection of Tanjore paintings.
  • Sangastiano, Toni-Lee
    Paints sideshow banners.
  • SanjeevSaikiaArt
    Features paintings and thoughts of Sanjeev Saikia which open up a whole new world of perception.
  • Sant?, Kho
    Abstract expressionist painting based on mathematics, philosophy, religion, and geometry.
  • Santander, Cesar
    Photorealistic painter presenting his gallery of toys, movie stars, and still life.
  • Sante, Kho
    Offers a gallery of abstract paintings for meditation with online postcards available for emailing.
  • Santillanes, Dave
    Oils of western landscapes in a painterly yet realistic style
  • Santos-Solomon, Julia
    Multi-faceted artist based in New York.
  • Sardinha, Richard
    Dinosaurs, fantasy, horror, wildlife, landscapes, sculptures, and relief prints.
  • Saunders, Patrick
    Paintings and portraits in oil. Accepting commissions.
  • Saunders, Tony
    Oils, watercolors, and digital media by a NY based artist.
  • Saverio, Polloni
    Acrylic and oil paintings of animals.
  • Savides, Nick
    Includes oil painting, watercolor and works on paper. Landscapes, city scenes and life drawings.
  • Savio, Alicia
    Includes gallery, artist information, and resume.
  • Savoie, Francine
    Figurative art of women and people in today's world.
  • Sawyier, Paul
    Gallery of landscape watercolors.
  • Saxer, Urban
    Featuring abstract paintings, text, and project information from the Basel-based artist. Also in German.
  • Sayers, Robbie D
    Contemporary Impressionist whose work is energetic and lively.
  • Scarpace, Jason
    Raises money for teaching disadvantaged local youth about art by selling creative paintings of fish. Also includes a calendar of local art events.
  • Scarpitta, Lola
    Features the artist's biography and gallery of paintings, including a series of allegorical paintings of the life and death of Che Guevara.
  • Schad, Robert
    Offering a gallery of works.
  • Schaefer, Ron
    Exhibits contemporary still life, landscape, and Industrial realist paintings.
  • Schaefer, Virginia R.
    Online art gallery featuring the work of impressionist painter Virginia R. Schaefer.
  • Schaeffert, Val?rie
    Gallery, bio and more. In English, French, German and Spanish.
  • Schapel, Rebekah Lee
    Includes resume and gallery of work.
  • Schaps, Stephen R.
    Wildlife, landscapes, and deserts.
  • Schawel, Melinda
    American/Australian artist with paintings, works on paper, printmaking, current exhibitions, and artworks.
  • Scheinman, Nancy
    Featuring gallery of work and exhibition schedule.
  • Schleicher, Stephanie
    Watercolor, pen and ink, and collage works featuring bird, fish, reptile, and insect themes.
  • Schmich, William
    Gallery of artwork.
  • Schmidt, Maggie
    Blends traditional florals and contemporary abstraction to create works.
  • Schneider, Craig
    "shoescapes" portraits of women from a different perspective. Figurative works evoking a gritty sensuality.
  • Schneider, William
    Representational artist painting figures, landscapes, and still lifes in oils and pastels.
  • Schonbuch, Charles
    French artist featuring still life and figurative paintings.
  • Schor, David
    Includes portraits, landscapes, scenes of children, and scenes of travel.
  • Schuenke, Susanne
    Working in oil, watercolor, litho, and crayon.
  • Schuette, Lynn
    Explores the complex and inexplicable relationship between landscapes and the human body.
  • Schultze-Schnabl, Ingo
    Objects, relief paitings and carved drawings. Playing with light, space, perception and the relics of our our culture.
  • Schulz, MP
    Texas artist combines realistic and impressionistic techniques to create a feeling.
  • Scott, Brian
    Creating expressionistic oil paintings on location is his main passion.
  • Scott, David Settino
    Gallery of paintings by a former propmaker, modelmaker, and set designer in the film industry. Works include portraits, florals, and nudes.
  • Scott, Jan
    Gallery of floral and scenic watercolor paintings.
  • Scott, Jeanne Filler
    Offers paintings and drawings of wildlife, equine, and landscape art.
  • Scott, Mary Ellen
    Georgetown, Ontario-based painter. Includes list of shows, body of work, and more.
  • Scott, Michael
  • Scott, Patricia
  • Scott, Richard
    Colourful naive art.
  • Seabrook, Mark
    Presenting works slightly left of centre.
  • Seal, Sean
    Features fly fishing, wildlife, landscapes, lighthouses, and golf paintings.
  • Seaton, Frederick
    Contains gallery of surrealist paintings in oil, watercolor, and other graphic media created with classical techniques.
  • Sebor, James
    Portfolio of surreal paintings, prints, and Flash work. Includes a brief glossary of surrealism with quotations from the founders.
  • Sebring, Ron
    Featuring original works in watercolor, mixed media, and acrylic. Includes bio, statement, prints, and ordering information.
  • Sefcik, Belva
    Impressionistic oils and limited edition prints.
  • Segeral, Claude
    Offers oils, acrylics, and drawings.
  • Segerborg, Margareta
    Artist presenting floral, landscape, still life, portrait, and fish paintings.
  • Seghi, Tom
    Contemporary paintings of monumental fruits and vegetables on predominantly black background reflect the metaphysical wonder of life.
  • Segosa, J. Sergio Gomez Salazar
    Mystical paintings by the Mexican artist.
  • Seguin
    Acrylics, watercolours, drawings, and inks.
  • Selcuk, Lale
    Features gallery, biography, and contact information.
  • Selgin, Peter
    Gallery of paintings, watercolors, illustrations, and posters by contemporary New York artist and writer Peter Selgin.
  • Selvaggio, Sam
    Offers galleries, biography, and contact information.
  • Semakov, Dimitri
    Abstract and figurative images in acrylic and oil.
  • Semon, Jeanine
    Paintings in oils and pastels of a celestial world filled with spirits, nature's creatures, dolphins, and birds.
  • Semwaiko, Godfrey
    Home page of the artist experimenting with watercolors, oils, pastels, mixed media, cement casting, and photography. Based in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania.
  • Senatore, Joey
    Abstract paintings of portraits and more done with acrylics, oils, and pastels.
  • Sendor, Andrew
    Referencing art history, mythology, and pop culture, the New York artist's dreamlike oil paintings seek to engage and entertain the viewer.
  • Seon-Wilson, Holly
    Depicting jazz and calypso musicians and themes.
  • Sephton-Smith, Benjamin
    Works concerned with religious relevence in a post-modern society.
  • Sergeant, Emma
    Paintings and drawings of several subjects including human portraits, dolphins, gods, and more.
  • Serig, Dan
    Abstract artist based in New York featuring a statement, images, and biographical information.
  • Serota, Phyllis
    Features abstract and dream-based paintings. Includes recent and past work and information about the artist.
  • Serran-Pagan, Gines
    Recent paintings, nudes, ceramics. Also reviews, plus details of past and future exhibits.
  • Sesow, Matt
    Paintings, film, and art of this American contemporary artist.
  • Seward, Jamie
    Portraits, landscapes, and other subjects.
  • Sewell, Andrew H.
    Focus on flowers, landscapes, wildlife, windsurfing, western scenes, fly fishing, horses, portraits, and the area around Sun Valley, Idaho.
  • Seymour, Dermot
    Figurative Irish painter.
  • Seymour, Heath
    Includes a gallery of abstract works, a biography, and contact information.
  • Shahnawaz, Siddiqua
    Indian-born artist painting commissioned portraits, landscapes, still lives, and abstract works of art. Features pictures, biography, reviews, and contact info.
  • Shamma, Sara
    Displays strength and simplicity in expression and accuracy of painting in a daring surrealistic climate.
  • Shanahan, Joe
    Abstract? surreal? expressionist? Heck, I don't know! Just take a look at these oil paintings, acrylics, watercolors and pastels.
  • Shankar, S. S.
    Acrylic paintings and multimedia works with spiritual and traditional Indian themes.
  • Shano
    Paintings capturing the beauty and mystery of the night, and humorous situations with children and animals.
  • Shaofan and Zhuanghong
    Presenting the abstract artworks of two contemporary Chinese painters.
  • Shapiro, Zachar
    Contemporary Russian painter featuring abstract and narrative artwork.
  • Sharp, Martha
    Features an online portfolio of original oil paintings including floral arrangements, ballerinas, still lifes, nudes, figurative work, and South Carolina beach and marsh scenes.
  • Sharplin, Barry
    Creates colorful paintings based on fluid, geometric ideals.
  • Sharrock, Joan
    Specializes in oil paintings and prints of tigers, big cats, and North American animals and birds.
  • Shashaty, Yolanda
    Offers galleries, biography, and artist statement.
  • Shaw, Margaret
    Her own style of imagery and painting of American primitive folk art.
  • Shearer, Don
    Original art using a variety of media and imagery.
  • Sheffield, Phyllis
    Features maps with overlayed paintings, historic photos of the Miccosukee tribe, and fantasy art.
  • Sheldon, Ian
    Gallery of striking Canadian landscapes, evocative watercolours of Europe and Canada, illustrations, richly rendered oil paintings of orchids, and more.
  • Sheldon, Valentine
    Offers gallery of work, biography, and contact information.
  • Shelegov, Boria
    Surrealistic oil paintings from Ukraine.
  • Shemesh, Lorraine
    Creates realistic paintings and drawings. Includes exhibition schedule, biography, and bibliography.
  • Sherer, Robert
    Specializing in neoclassical, monochromatic, and nude male works.
  • Sheridan, Aidan
    Sells paintings of film and music memorabilia and limited edition prints.
  • Sherman, Felix
    Works with acrylics, oils, and stone. Also includes information about exhibitions.
  • Shersher, Zinovy
    Offers musical paintings and portraits in oil, acrylics, and pastels
  • Shestovsky, Ian
    Featuring works of erotica, surrealism, and fantasy. Also in Russian.
  • Shezen, Reuven
    Outsider Israeli artist.
  • Shiels, Charlie
    Contemporary British artist specialising in oil paintings and murals of people.
  • Shima, Alush
    Albanian artist and former Parliament member.
  • Shmeleva, Irina
    Russian artist featuring contemporary abstract and figurative work in paintings and ink drawings.
  • Shore, Jay
    Collection of fine art, exhibit, and artist information.
  • Short, Margret E.
    Specializing in 17th Century Dutch still life and floral painting using the chiaroscuro technique.
  • Short, Susie
    Includes a large image gallery.
  • Shortt, Desmond
    Features the works of this Irish based painter influenced by Jung, folktale, and mythology.
  • Shovis
    Includes flowers, animals, and fabulous women.
  • Shualy, Yoav
    Israeli expressionist art painter.
  • Shufro, Judith
    Paintings, mixed media, and fabric sculptures.
  • Sicignano, Raymond
    Features scenes from Italy, Paris, Alaska, New York, and New Jersey as well as portraits.
  • Sides, Henry
    Featuring limited edition prints and several galleries.
  • Sidione-Brown, Nora
    Peruvian painter incorporating elements of Pan American mythology and folklore in her work.
  • Sierra, Paul
    Contemporary Cuban/American painter of figures and landscapes using oil on canvas.
  • Sigafoos, Ken
    Painter who works include: pop art, portraits, pin up, and murals.
  • Sigler, Tammra
    Expressionist oil paintings ranging from figurative to abstract, and several series of monotypes including heads, dogs, foods, and toys.
  • Sikes, Bobby
    Limited edition prints of gardens, botanicals, golf courses, and beach scenes as well as faux finishes and murals.
  • Silin-Palmer, Pamela
    Includes images and information from the artist's Rabbits of the Rainbow and Bunny & the Beast series.
  • Silus, Rebecca
    Contemporary American artist addressing the constant fluctuation of structure and space in abstract urban landscapes.
  • Silva, Guillermo
  • Silvekoski, Antti
    Features acrylic paintings and drawings of the artist from Finland.
  • Simensky, Alan
    Colorful, Pop-Art acrylic paintings.
  • Simonson, Douglas
    Original paintings, drawings, prints, and other merchandise of the tropical male nude figure.
  • Simpadian, Leda
    Landscape and slice-of-life works in oil and watercolor.
  • Simpson, Catherine
    Features work reflective of childhood memories.
  • Simpson, Gregg
    Produces abstract, landscape-based, and surrealist art.
  • Simpson, Samantha
    Specializes in contemporary paintings and wall installations dealing with pleasure, femininity, and power.
  • Sims, Billy
    Paints large, vibrant oil paintings of people encountered, befriended, or observed in Kentucky, Atlanta, and New York.
  • Sindle, Carla G
    Symbolic expressionist.
  • Singletary, Ellen
    Presents poem-paintings of swimming pools, buildings, offices, and seasons.
  • Singletary, Michael J.
    Painter of figurative portraits with themes that include food, jazz, sports, and African American and popular culture.
  • Sinnige, Peter
    1st-Art. Oil paintings, exhibitions and links to related artists.
  • Sinnwell, Andy
    Paints wildlife, portraits, landscapes, and more.
  • Sipes, Ruby
    Gallery of traditional paintings, digital photography, and photo composites.
  • Skidmore, Donna
    Oil paintings of distorted realism.
  • Skierska, Eva
    Polish painter using oils to paint romantic figures and animals in imaginative settings.
  • Skinner Smith, Wendy
    Contemporary painter.
  • Skinner, Dale
    Features figurative, abstract paintings having the influence of ancient Taoist philosophy.
  • Sklaroff, Sonya
    Specializing in landscapes, cityscapes, and interiors.
  • Slaby, John
    Surreal, conceptual oil paintings and prints. Landscapes, still lifes, and figures.
  • Slavinskaya, Liliya
    Collection of contemporary art works of the Russian painter.
  • Sloan, Fanny L.
    Painter of landscapes and cityscapes. Features artist biography and gallery of works.
  • Sloan, Janet Pasin
    Still life artist with a modernist approach to design and color.
  • Sloan, Paul
    Lithographs and airbrush paintings by Seattle artist.
  • Sloane, Robert B.
    Includes galleries of oil paintings, watercolors, and portraits.
  • Sloper, Jon
    Watercolours of villages and towns in rural England.
  • Small, Dennis
    Includes duck decoys, wood sculptures, and paintings of birds.
  • Smart, Lisa
    Australian seascapes and still lifes.
  • Smets, Peter
    Landscapes and still life.
  • Smilskalns, Ruta
    Offers gallery of artwork and artist information.
  • Smira, David
    Features oil paintings and limited edition canvas prints in both Romantic Impressionism and Cubism styles of landscapes, figures, and still lifes.
  • Smith, Aaron
    Features realist and figurative paintings on panel and charcoal drawings.
  • Smith, Adam
    Selected paintings and drawings by this artist.
  • Smith, Alexander
    Oil landscapes and portraits by painter Alexander Smith, including paintings focused on the people and cities of Lebanon.
  • Smith, Andrea
    Original paintings and prints by a Maui artist.
  • Smith, Edmund
    Realist art of people and wildlife.
  • Smith, Linda
    Creates traditional Australian Aboriginal paintings.
  • Smith, Mary G.
    Features original acrylic and oil paintings of children in everyday life.
  • Smith, Nell Revell
    Contemporary impressionist painter.
  • Smith, Patrick
    San Francisco-based artist showcasing recent works, hospice portraits, and monoprints. Also includes poetry.
  • Smith, Paul McDonald
    Official site of Paul McDonald Smith from Australia. Includes a section on oil paintings, associated art groups, teaching experiences, awards, and biography.
  • Smith, Paula
    Offers plein air oil paintings from Sonoma County, California.
  • Smith, Sam
    Catalogues his paintings and sculptures. Also details exhibitions and documents his biography.
  • Smith, Steven
    Watercolor prints, tote bags, T-shirts, and notecards of local birds.
  • Smitt, Peter
  • Snow, Adrienne
    Nova Scotia-based artist presents scenes of the East Coast.
  • Snow, Duke
    Offers original paintings and limited edition prints from the historic Chadds Ford area of Pennsylvania.
  • Snyder, Valorie
    Offers drawing and painting classes for children and adults. Also displays artwork and prints by Valorie Snyder.
  • Sobol, Jonathan
    Features sculpture, oil paintings, and thoughts on art.
  • Sobrinho, Jos?
    Shows some aspects of Portuguese wildlife, his family members, history, and monuments.
  • Sodeau, Katy
    Specializes in equestrian art, including watercolors of horse racing scenes, and landscape paintings of East Anglia.
  • Soderlund, Karl
    Includes examples of work in oils and acrylics and a list of exhibitions.
  • Soga, Koji
    Specializes in painting landscapes, gardens, and florals seen in the U.S., Japan, and Mexico.
  • Sogomonyan, Vigen
    Uses oils and illustration to create works of fantasy.
  • Sokoloff, Valery
    Works described as associative abstraction and quasi-figurative archetypical painting.
  • Solberg, Morten E.
    Paintings in oil, acrylic, and watercolor. Techniques range from photo-realism to total abstraction, and the combination of both.
  • Solmssen, Kurt
    Includes resume, reviews, and links.
  • Sommer, Erik
    Site showcases some paintings by the New York-based contemporary artist Erik Sommer.
  • Sommer, Susan
    Gallery of works inspired by nature.
  • Sommer, Tana
    Oil paintings of California and Provence.
  • Sorren, Joe
    Paintings full of melancholy and music.
  • Sorrento, Charles
    Featuring original artwork in oil, watercolor, and a variety of printmaking techniques.
  • Soto, Jeff
    Visual artist proficient in painting, illustration, and graffiti work, and also in the growing and photographing of cacti and succulents.
  • Soto, Penny
    Gallery of watercolors and giclee prints.
  • Southern California Plein-Air Painters Association
    Meets weekly for painting landscapes in and around Orange County.
  • Southwest Interpretations
    Inspired by nature.
  • Spaic
    Picture gallery.
  • Sparacino, Linda
    Offers still lifes, floral arrangements, and scenes.
  • Spears, Dan
    Specializes in portraits, landscapes, and copies of old masters.
  • Spetz, Gary
    Watercolor wilderness landscape artist.
  • Spidale, Frank
    Features landscape paintings and drawings of the artist. Site includes resume and contact details.
  • Spielman, Gavin
    Gallery of still lifes, landscapes, portraits, drawings, and more.
  • Spillars, Crystol K.
    Features original paintings in oil and acrylic. Images include multicultural figures, landscapes, and seascapes.
  • Spindelaer, Leo
    Gallery modern paintings in an ultra dynamic style.
  • Springfield, Molly
    Paintings, drawings, and mixed media projects explore the link between memory and materiality and investigate the act of collecting and displaying objects.
  • Squire, Morris Bear
    Fine art gallery of oil paintings on cured wood with layers of lacquer, gold leaf, mother of pearl, and duck egg shells.
  • St. John, Marsha
    Features abstract painting art works by Marsha St. John. She uses oil painting as her medium of expression.
  • Stacey, David H.
    Australian artist depicting the beauty of unique flora and fauna in detailed abstractions, landscapes, and illustrations.
  • Stahl, Anne
    Environmentalist painter offering abstractions inspired by the natural world.
  • Stahl, Mary K.
    Featuring works on location in the San Francisco Bay area, landscapes, and still life paintings by the plein air landscape artist.
  • Stahl, Thomas
    Oil paintings and lithographs featuring riverboats, lighthouses, seascapes, military scenes, trains, and American Indians.
  • Stambaugh, Doug
    Features gallery, message board, ordering information, and more.
  • Standley, Max D.
    Offers oil paintings, engravings, and gicl?es.
  • Stango, John
    Contemporary pop artist.
  • Stanick, Peter
    Painter who specializes in figurative and symbolic imagery.
  • Stanko
    Colorful American art.
  • Staple, Sandra - The Great Canadian Dragon
    Offers original fantasy art work, sculptures, and doll art featuring dragons, unicorns, and fairies.
  • Staring, Winand
    Featuring abstract oil paintings inspired by the colors of water.
  • Starr, J.D.
    Specializing in motorcycle and portrait art.
  • Stats, Kathryn
    Displays landscapes, florals, giclee prints, and paintings of Southern Utah.
  • Staudinger-Loppukaarre, Kaarina
    Site showcases works and profile of the Finnish painter, Kaarina Staudinger-Loppukaarre. Also provides news of her upcoming exhibitions and contact details.
  • Stavrowsky, Oleg
    Paintings of western art.
  • Staz, Elizabeth
    Includes gallery and resume.
  • Steadham, Lydia
    Landscapes, florals, and figures.
  • Steck, Tom
    Expressive and painterly works in oil that are quiet and poetic.
  • Steckler, Len
    Includes gallery of paintings.
  • Stefan, Alix
    Impressionistic landscapes, deserts, florals, and abstracts.
  • Steiger, William
    Includes a biography, lists of galleries and exhibitions, prints, and reviews.
  • Stein, Shifra
    Unusual and colorful works in using mixed media and mesa paper. Includes samples and ordering information.
  • Steinbrunner, JC
    Portfolio of portraits, still lifes, public artwork, and teaching work. Commissions accepted.
  • Steinmetz, Peter
    Limited edition reproductions of watercolors.
  • Stephan, Bethanne
    Works inspired by nature painted on banana paper. Includes artist information and gallery.
  • Stephens-Bourgeault, Patrice
    Offers gallery of scientific illustrations, still life, cityscapes, and more from this artist and anthropologist.
  • Stephens, Martina
    Features a gallery of tropical Hawaiian watercolors and still life paintings.
  • Stern, Ned
    Gallery of bridges and highways, churches, landscapes, and portraits.
  • Steucke, Paul
    Oils, acrylics, and watercolors of military, Alaskan, western, and landscapes.
  • Stevens, Cameron
    Offers examples of his artwork, a biography, and information about his painting process.
  • Stevens, Guy
    Internationally acclaimed artist focuses in the mediums of oil and watercolor to create his vibrant and rhythmic painting style.
  • Stevens, Janis
    Presents nude paintings and sculptures, ceramic masks, as well as abstract, floral, and Key West sunset paintings.
  • Stevens, Mark W.
    Offers gallery of landscapes and abstract paintings.
  • Stevenson, Graeme
    Australian wildlife and nature artist's works include paintings, lithographs, and prints.
  • Stewart, Andrew C
    Specializes in space art, science fiction, and fantasy illustration.
  • Stewart, Bob
    Original oil paintings of airplanes, boats, and landscapes.
  • Stewart, Brian
    Fine artist who paints landscapes, genre, and scene paintings in the plein air tradition.
  • Stewart, Jacinta
    Australian artist specializing in contemporary paintings with strong color and rich texture.
  • Stewart, John N.
  • Stiefnu
    View works by Stefan De Battista. Collection includes paintings, 3D, ceramics, and mixed-media works.
  • Stillwater, James
    Paintings, novellas and stories.
  • Stimson, K
    Oil and watercolor paintings.
  • Stoakes, Shayne
    Depicts vivid scenes of American history, mostly train and railroad paintings.
  • Stoetzer, Leo
    Abstract, impressionistic, and symbolic pieces with vivid colors and blunt strokes.
  • Stokes, Jim
    Catalog of a recent exhibition.
  • Stokes, Van
    Offers gallery, current projects, biography, and resume.
  • Stoltzfus, Randall
    A portfolio of evocative oil paintings and works on paper by a Brooklyn-based artist.
  • Stone, Adam
    With gallery of works and an artist's bio.
  • Stoneham, William
    Features Bill Stoneham's paintings, digital art, sculpture, and writing. Also includes he famous haunted eBay painting, The Hands Resist Him, accompanied by the artist's comments and the sequel to that painting, Resistance at the Threshold.
  • Stork, Jackie
    Stork Cows. Realistic original oils and lithographs primarily of cows.
  • Storrow, John
    Imagined ideas inspired by the physics of wind and water.
  • Stover, Craig
    Includes paintings, prints and drawings, and information on exhibitions.
  • Strang, Michael
    Contemporary British artist, specialises in oil paintings of seascapes, landscapes, portraits and flowers.
  • Strauss, Fernando
    Chilean artist offering paintings and drawings evoking solidified cosmic energy.
  • Stroe, Gabriela
    Flowers are the major source of inspiration for these paintings.
  • Stroman, Brad
    Incorporates the aesthetic of Japanese Zen Buddhism by transcending ways of looking and thinking about our world and our existence.
  • Stuart, Sherry Blanchard
    Works in oil on linen and canvas. I enjoy varied subject matter, but concentrate on western themes.
  • Studio Quinn
    Offers fine art watercolors, prints, and illustration work of artist and design consultant Karin Quinn.
  • Stultz, Ric
    Examples of the artist's paper and print works including lithography and serigraphy.
  • Stutzman, Jill
    Showcase of work from an emerging painter.
  • Suarez, Javier Jr.
    Offers works, biography, and links
  • Suarez, Mariu
    Includes history, research, articles, and dream interpretation on surrealism. Also features the art of Mariu Suarez.
  • Suchiu, Ronald
    Offers celebrity, transporation, and history themed paintings.
  • Sula, Artur
    Images by the Albanian born artist, now based in London. Specializing in icons, murals, and commisions for oil portraits and landscapes.
  • Sullivan-Corbitt, Sheila
    Original paintings with post-impressionistic style.
  • Sullivan, Kelly
    Includes works inspired by global travels, music, sports, and more.
  • Sulzen, Julie
    Watercolor, oil, and charcoal works focusing on still lifes, landscapes, and portraits.
  • Sulzer, Scott
    Paintings, humorous T-shirts, and customized hockey jerseys.
  • Summers, Diz
    Also features gouache and acrylic paintings and limited edition prints.
  • Supina, Joey
    Paintings showcasing the journey of a recovering alcoholic.
  • Sures, Anne Ward
    Creates landscapes, coastal scenes, and portraits in oil.
  • Surreal Coconut, The
    Oil paintings, meat sculpture, the surrealist object gallery, and more.
  • Suryawan, Soosan
    Painter and artist specializing in Asian spiritual art and commissioned portraits.
  • Susco, John (Hanzer)
    Features paintings of life, nature, and portraits in a freestyle shadow framed format.
  • Sutherland, Kay
    Impressionist artwork and art classes.
  • Sutherlin, DJ
    Flyinghorse Gallery. Mystical paintings of unicorns, Pegasus and Biblical prophecies.
  • Sutherlin, Sue
    Creates detailed realistic paintings of landscapes in the South.
  • Suzuki, Tad
    Specializes in urban realism subjects, such as cafes, streets and sidewalks, cars, and more.
  • Sverdlove, Zolita
    Offers California landscapes and other paintings and prints.
  • Svirely, Temo
    Ukrainian artist featuring contemporary abstracts with ink on paper and oil on canvas.
  • Swartz, Susan
    An official artist for the 2002 Olympics.
  • Swartzentruber, Don Michael
    Focusing on narrative pop surrealism.
  • Swenson, Karine
    Oil paintings, watercolors, drawings, and abstract art, with impressionist, cubist, contemporary, and floral themes.
  • Swerdlow, Sue
    Originals, giclees, lithographs, and commissioned paintings by this Hawaiian artist.
  • Swies, Dorota
    Design and fine art artist based in . Pennsylvania showcasing a collection of paintings, photographs, web designs, logos, and illustrations.
  • Swindle, Steve
    Acrylics, oils on canvas, and sculpture for viewing and sale.
  • Symmes, Anna
    Offers abstract modern paintings from Anna Symmes, a visual artist based in New York.
  • Symons, Barb
    Features biography and recent art works that explore her interest in water and the human form. Also offers small group workshops in mono-printing in Toronto.
  • Sypesteyn, Adele
    Features works in acrylic and mixed media.
  • Szaggars, Sibylle
    Official site for Sibylle Szaggars, an artist specializing in mystical expressionist paintings inspired by the Hopi Indians.
  • Szalajda, Mara F.
    Personal gallery with lithographs and postcards, along with some original works for sale.
  • Szenassy, Sandor
    British contemporary painter featuring large scale portrayals of boxing celebrities.
  • Szoc, Max
    Surrealistic painter, theater director, scenograph, poet, and author of many happenings.
  • Szyszka, Roswita
    Presents abstract figurative works in oil and conte crayon.
  • T?gel, Conni
    Includes paintings of florals, landscapes, and fairytale creatures.
  • Tabatabai, Hadi
    Four series of works on paper, using inks, dyes, water colors, acrylic, graphite and prisma colors.
  • Taboada, Pablo
    Oil paintings of landscapes, portraits and figures.
  • Tachi, Katsuo
    Contemporary painter who gropes for "the way of the image".
  • Taetzsch, Lynne
    Contemporary abstract expressionist acrylic paintings. Bio, exhibitions, artist's statement, bibliography, and publications.
  • Taeubel, Erich, Jr.
    Abstract paintings inspired by observing surroundings then simplifying the subject beyond reality.
  • Tahedl, Ernestine
    Paintings and stained glass.
  • Tahon, Patrick
    Includes sketches, acrylic, and erotic drawings.
  • Talbert, Matt
    American painter showcasing portraits capturing the essence of his subjects with a focus on shapes and colors.
  • Talbot, Jonathan
  • Talbot, Robert
    Features still life paintings and life drawings by Robert Talbot. Site features some of his works and paintings for sale.
  • Tan, Chinkok
    Offers information on upcoming painting workshops plus a gallery of recent work.
  • Tan, Zimou Larry
    Features his work with oil paintings, drawing, and sculpture, as well as several step-by-step painting demos.
  • Tanguy, Marc
    French artist's recent works, news, and exhibitions.
  • Tanner, Anne
    Sculpted paintings constructed and balanced to hang freely from a wooden pole passing through the top of the canvas.
  • Taphoorn, John
    Offers paintings and graphite drawings of portraits, fantasy, still life, and other various works. Also in Dutch.
  • Tapi?zo
    Paintings made from sand, gravel, wood, wire grid, steel, and more.
  • Tapia, Javier
    Chilean contemporary artist demonstrating examples of his paintings and art projects.
  • Tapu, Victor
    Featuring paintings and prints.
  • Tar, Laszlo
    Impressionist artist working with watercolors, gouache, oils, drawings, woodcuts and Litho-prints.
  • Tarbox, Joel
    Offers contemporary realist work.
  • Tatsui, S. K.
  • Tavonatti, Mia
    Commissioned fine art, murals, illustration, and glass tile mosaics.
  • Tayber, Pavel
  • Taylor, Ania
    Paintings by Canadian artist with Polish background. Acrylics and mixed media.
  • Taylor, Gage & Uriel Dana
    Collaborative oils of metaphysical and spiritual themes, surreal landscapes, and dream inspired visions.
  • Taylor, J.A.
    Offering fine art prints and original oil paintings of the island of Maui, Hawaii.
  • Taylor, Ruth Mueller
    Offers landscapes with figures usually around water.
  • Tealdi, Laurent
    Contemporary paintings.
  • Tebben, Claudia
    Features biography and pictures of past exhibitions along with latest works.
  • Teeuw, Mo
    Includes galleries of works done in oil, watercolor, and pastels.
  • Tejblum, Indro Marek
    Personal expression ranging from subtle to bold.
  • Tejera, Angel
    Features a biography and galleries.
  • Tello, Griselda
  • Templeton, Robert
    Interactive display including the "Lest We Forget" series with images about the black civil rights movement.
  • Ten
    Art to stir the emotional depths, and to activate the brain.
  • ten Vaanholt, Marco
    Self-taught artist whose work combines symbolism and rich colors, and all works are accompanied by a poem allowing the observer to be part of the artist's disposition and inspirations.
  • Tennant, Craig
    Offers prints and originals of western landscapes, horses, and cowboys.
  • Tennant, Trevor
    Paints wildlife and landscape art in acrylic and watercolours.
  • Teo, Kim-Liong
    Oil paintings of landscapes, portraits and figures.
  • Teo, Samuel
    Oil paintings of roses.
  • Tepe, Tim
    Creates realistic impressionistic paintings in oil, pastels, and watercolors.
  • TerBush, Dale
    Dramatic landscapes using acrylic paints. Offers posters, paintings, and greeting cards.
  • Terelak, John C.
    American Impressionist artist, featuring vibrant Boston scenes. Originals and limited-edition prints.
  • Terranova, Elisa
    Sacred Heart Studios. A visual diary of self-portraits and paintings that combine classical, surreal and baroque styles.
  • Terry, Carolyn
    Selection of original paintings.
  • Terry, Randy J.
    Celebrities, sports stars, and fitness models.
  • Terry's
    Wildlife artist known for her painted rocks, lighthouse prints, and fine art prints.
  • Terzi, Sergio Nerone
    Italian artist creating expressionist paintings and sculpture.
  • Terzian, Missak
    Lebanese-American artist. Abstract paintings in mainly acrylic and oil.
  • Teteris, Georgia
    Watercolors characterized by bold strokes and vibrant colors.
  • Thatcher, Bryan
    Paints wet into wet watercolours.
  • Theis, Hermann
    (in German).
  • Thelen, Tara
    Self-taught artist featuring paintings inspired by spirituality.
  • Theriot, Keith
    Expressionistic, figurative paintings, and drawings.
  • Theuerkauf, Heinz
    Featuring original works of art, photographs of his studio, and an in-process video clip.
  • Thew, Allan
    Original oil paintings and prints of western wildlife and landscape subjects. Wildlife conservation tips.
  • Thinghuus, Ann
    Abstract expressionist artist Ann Thinghuus draws on her culturally diverse Asian, European, and Canadian heritage to generate a radical fusion of textures and styles in her painting and prints. Includes gallery, profile, and news.
  • Thistle, Rich
    Aviation, automotive, and Canadian landscape artist producing original art, limited-edition prints, and posters offered through an online catalog.
  • Thom Millsap
    Contemporary impressionist creating works of radiant color.
  • Thoma, Jo
    Creator of young contemporary pop art.
  • Thomas, Andy
    Exhibits realist historical paintings and prints. Specializes in depictions of Civil War battles west of the Mississippi River.
  • Thomas, Chris
    Specializing in contemporary realism.
  • Thomas, Ron
    Including landscapes, seascapes, harbour scenes, lakes and rivers, farmhouses, and cottages.
  • Thompson, Kathleen A.
    Features sculptures and watercolor paintings.
  • Thompson, Sharon M.
    Landscapes, figures, buildings, and more in oil & watercolor.
  • Thomson, James H.F.
    Gallery of landscapes and compositions, including works inspired by the legend of True Thomas the Rhymer.
  • Thorn, Bruce
    Abstractionist creating topographic or choreographic maps of a dancing heart and portraying positive vibrations and auras.
  • Thorp, Elaine B.
    Acrylic on canvas paintings.
  • Thrane, Poul
    Danish/Canadian artist works in oil and watercolour to capture natural scenes and landscapes.
  • Tiede, Laura
    Includes Africa-inspired oils, pastels, and works of acrylic on glass.
  • Tigrane, Marc
    Contemporary abstract painting and sculpture.
  • Tillenius, Clarence
    Paints on the theme of the singular beauty of animals as seen in the wild and the need to preserve their habitat, with an emphasis on Canadian wilderness.
  • Tilson, Viktor
    Produces abstract and graphic works of art, as well as decorative painting on ceramics and glass.
  • Tipton, Farrell
    Produces iconographic paintings and sculptures of animals with acrylic, wood, and plastic.
  • Tobin, Marni
    Oil and watercolor paintings with subjects that include ballet and modern dancers, figures, and abstracts using expressionism and realism.
  • Tofu
    Offers California landscapes, portraits and mixed-media work.
  • Tokunaga, Toko
    Abstract paintings that seek to tie all the elements of painting together.
  • Tolbert, Brian
    Vibrant abstract works and portraits.
  • Tolenaar, Deb
    Abstract expressionist painter, specializing in acrylics.
  • Tolman, Bruce
    Gallery featuring works of mixed media on wood and paper.
  • Tom, Beth
    Original paintings and prints by Beth Tom.
  • Tom, Cynthia
    Features galleries, calendar of events, artist resume, and more.
  • Tomas, Nicoletta
    Features images of lovers in acrylics. Other work in watercolor and pastels.
  • Tomasetti, Joni Lynn
    Original watercolor painting. Still life and landscape paintings available, as well as commissioned artwork.
  • Tosch, AA
    Pop-psychedelic watercolor and oil pastel octopus art for those with Bohemian pretensions.
  • Toshiro
    Paintings, drawings, illustrations, and mixed media.
  • Tosoni, Fiorello
    Traditional figurative art including landscapes and portraits.
  • Towles, Kelly
    Exploring social isolation and emotional captivity by creating paintings with acrylic, markers, and spray paint.
  • Towns, Heather
    Tribal Visions combines the spirit of Australian Aboriginal art with African and Fijian stories and themes.
  • Tranberg, Dan
    Includes examples of paintings and critical writings.
  • Traylor, Joel III
    Colorful and unique oil stick paintings.
  • Tregay, Susan Webb
    Original contemporary art and watercolor flower paintings.
  • Trelles, Rafael
    Surrealist from Puerto Rico.
  • Tremblay, Diane
    Features styles ranging from expressionist symbolism to fantasy and surrealism. Uses acrylic, ink, pencil, and mixed media.
  • Tremlett, Deanne
    Graduate of the Slade School of Art in London specialising in figurative, expressionistic nudes.
  • Trepanier, Cory
    Offers limited editions and original oil paintings from the natural world for homes and corporations.
  • Trevor, Tom
    Features paintings by the Vermont-based classical realistic painter including still lifes, portraits, and landscapes.
  • Trigg, James
    Southwestern impressionistic landscapes in oils, many done plein-air or from life.
  • Trigg, Rosalind
    Features biography, oil paintings, pastel and charcoal drawings, and prints.
  • Trivitt, Thomas
    Featuring current and older modern style work.
  • Trotman, Jonathan and Critchlow, Alison
    Contemporary landscapes and portraits in oil and acrylic.
  • Troutman, Marlin
    WWII aviation limited edition artwork signed by the American pilot who shot down German Ace Mietusch.
  • Trubisky, Mark
    Gallery of paintings in a variety of styles from abstract to impressionistic. Giclee prints and downloadable screen savers available.
  • Tsang, Philip
    Oil paintings for art lovers.
  • Tschantz-Hahn, Michael
    Painting in the style of the London School of Figurative Art. Also features monotypes and drawings on antique paper.
  • Tucker, Debbie
    Features a gallery of nature paintings. Also offers custom paintings.
  • Tucker, Jay
    Oil paintings of the female face and figure.
  • Tucker, Joan
    Colorful and emotionally engaging acrylic paintings and mixed media collages by an emerging Los Angeles artist.
  • Tucson Plein Air Painters' Society
    Documents the contemporary history of Tucson, its magnificent ranches, missions, historical sites, and unspoiled wilderness.
  • Tuhkanen, Heli
    Gallery of paintings and installations.
  • Tumer, Kaynak
    Still lifes and landscapes. Also in Turkish.
  • Tunedal, Stefan
    Portraits and landscapes. Also in Swedish.
  • Turcot, Mireille
    Includes acrylic and oil paintings of the artist from France.
  • Turnbow, Darlene
    Works featuring vintage planes, trains, and automobiles.
  • Turpin, Bruno
    Features paintings of seascapes and surfers.
  • Two Boats Gallery
    Features the watercolors of Tom Menihan, Ginny ONeil, and John C. Menihan, with updates on shows and workshops.
  • Ubben, Carol
    Including pictures of her impressionist oil paintings, watercolors, and drawings.
  • Ulinich, Anya
    Vivid contemporary paintings including interpretations of modern-day culture by this Brooklyn based artist.
  • Ulinski, Anthony
    Presents contemporary paintings of everyday objects and rituals of daily life. Also features functional and sculptural works based on different cultures.
  • Unsal, Metin
    Istanbul born artist of landscapes, portraits, and figures. Also in Turkish.
  • Usher, Samphan
    Chinese watercolor painter trained with masters and teachers throughout the world.
  • Vakras, Demetrios
    Featuring paintings and digital works by Australian surrealist Demetrios Vakras including Bryce 3D section.
  • Valentine, Steve
    Features paintings in watercolours and pen as well as body art.
  • Vallely, Dara
    Paints traditional Irish music singers, dancers, and Celtic mythological themes.
  • Van Bemmel, Vonnie
    Paints with oils, pastels, and watercolors to reflect her surroundings.
  • Van Berkom, Michelle
    Offering paintings and prints that reflect an adventurous life at sea.
  • van Berlo, Will
    Contains a gallery of oil, acrylic, and mixed media paintings of abstract organic images of human figures. Also in Dutch.
  • van der Grijn, Erik Adriaan
    Features a collection of paintings and installations based around the symbolic nature of walls.
  • van der Worp, Erwin
    Exhibition of this Dutch painter includes his colorful abstract modern paintings.
  • van Dyke, Sherard
    Portrays the music and atmosphere of American Jazz in her paintings.
  • van Glabbeek, Erik
    Inspired by colors, structures, and the effects of nature.
  • van Hall, Jurriaan
    Offering his paintings and a book for sale.
  • Van Holstein, Toos
  • Van Ingen, Adriana
    Online art exposition of G. Adriana Van Ingen's oil paintings.
  • Van Leeuwen, Cynthia
    Portfolio of paintings.
  • van Oostzanen
    Artist based in the Netherlands presenting surreal, narrative paintings.
  • van Osnabrugge, William
    Photography, etchings, watercolors and pastels.
  • Van Quickenborne, Thierry
    Presents paintings on canvas and artist biography.
  • van Reek, Bas
  • Van Ruyckevelt, Danielle W.
    Animations and paintings.
  • van Zyl, Adriaan
    Realist paintings by a South African artist.
  • VanBerkom, Bev Ulsrud
    Includes biography, quotes, and gallery.
  • VanKeith, Hollaye
    Offering floral images and scenes of romantic gardens.
  • Vanriet, Jan
    Galleries of paintings and murals, as well as biographical and exhibition information.
  • Varbanov, Valery
    Modern abstract and surrealistic paintings using oils and acrylics
  • Varbanova, Maria
    Oil paintings in the classical realism style.
  • Varga, Christina
    Spiritually inspired artworks. Featuring the triptych of Buddha, Jesus Christ, and the Prophet Mohammed.
  • Vargo, Keith
    Abstract pastels, oils, pen and ink, and acrylic works on paper and canvas.
  • Vaughan, David
    Showcases the work of the 1960s poster artist, including his more recent work dealing with the social and phobic problems of society.
  • Vax, Shosh
    Israeli artist showing a gallery of colorful acrylic paintings and drawings of festive figures in an ethnic style. Also in Hebrew.
  • Vaxman, Erez
    Expressionist works of nature, people, and still life.
  • Vazquez, Flo
    Specializing in plein air and studio artwork, all with a quietness theme.
  • Vazquez, Paul
    Features biography, photographs of artwork, and an artist's statement.
  • Veca, Mark Dean
    Specializes in large-scale acrylic and ink paintings and immersive installation work.
  • Vee, James
    Creates prints using watercolor in gelatin on archival paper.
  • Veedell, Victoria
    Features landscapes done in series.
  • Velesig, Christie
    Cape Cod artist who works in oils and watercolors.
  • Veliz, Carla
    Featuring a selection of figurative, abstract, and recent work from the Mexican-born artist who primarily utilizes oils and acrylics.
  • Venables, David
    Features galleries of murals, illustrations, restoration, and includes biographical information.
  • Venjar, Rune
    Oil, black ink, and watercolor paintings and photos.
  • Venosa, Robert
    Featuring works of fantastic realism. Includes history, books, CD and film work, and exhibition and ordering information.
  • Ventura, Salvatore
    Architectural watercolors and abstract paintings.
  • Verbist, Jacques
    Features paintings, comic strips, and films.
  • Verd, Carlos
    Collection of works by a Majorcan artist.
  • Verdelle
    Painter and muralist from South Africa.
  • Verhoeff, Jeroen
    Dutch wildlife artist.
  • Vernon, Mary
    American abstract painter.
  • Vesely, Susan
    Figurative paintings, oil on canvas, depicting dreamscapes.
  • Veskov, Evgeni
    Paintings and prints.
  • Vicary, Steve
    Freelance contemporary artist.
  • Vickers, Roy Henry
  • Victory, Poteet
    Contemporary Kachina images. Includes exhibit information, biography, and more.
  • Vigil, Jorge
    Experience a digital introduction to Peruvian artist's work.
  • Vign?, Pierre
    Features work from the Impressionist, Colorist, and Classic schools.
  • Vigoroso, Bruno
    French modern artist.
  • Villafuerte, Jose Maria
    Argentinian artist specializing in gouache paintings of vintage racing cars.
  • Villarreal, Joe
    Painter of Hispanic art.
  • Villeneuve, Daniel
    Canadian-born artist displays abstract paintings, multiples, and curatorial projects.
  • Vincent Kelly-Cox, Tanya
    Works in oils, pastels, acrylics, and charcoal.
  • Vincent, Michele
    French artist who creates fantasy and surreal landscapes and narrative paintings.
  • Vincent, S.
    Features gallery, short biography, and auction link.
  • Vincenti, Paul
    Featuring colorful tropical scenes.
  • Vinikoff, Sam
  • Vinsel, Mark
    Paintings of fishing locations.
  • Visker, Judith
    Acrylic and watercolor non-representational works on paper and acrylic, featuring fabric overlay pieces incorporating pattern painting.
  • Vistaunet, John
    Artist based in Washington offering paintings celebrating the sensual beauty of the female form.
  • Vitkovsky, Vladimir
    Displays oils, pastels, and inks.
  • Vivar, Maluchi
    Expresses feelings and experiences through intense colors and forms.
  • Vivian, Monique
    French artist whose subjects include Maria Callas, dance, and birds.
  • Vivian, Paul
    UK artist specialsing in cut paper artwork. Includes information on exhibitions, images, and news.
  • Vladimir, Medvedev
    Offers a contemporary art collection of realist oil paintings.
  • Voevodin, Sergei
    Landscapes in oil by this Siberian painter.
  • Vogel, Bernhard
    Features contact information and many online galleries.
  • Volpe, Jan West
    Features work including murals, mandalas, apparel, furniture, and more.
  • von Borstel, Susan
    Animal paintings and prints.
  • von Buhler, Cynthia
    Painter, illustrator, and sculptor striving to reach beyond the static image into the realms of chaos and chance, in order to study human behavior, thoughts, and emotions.
  • von Roten, Leonie
    Based in Switzerland and Turkey.
  • Voormeij, Peter John
    Dutch painter and printmaker. Site offers biography, gallery, artist's statement and contacts.
  • Vorheier
    Displays oil paintings and murals.
  • Vos, Herman
    Dutch artist specializes in wildlife subjects. Also in Dutch.
  • Vosberg, Stacy
    Impressionistic renderings of tropical landscapes and seascapes that artfully capture the dance of light over lush foliage and sparkling waters.
  • Vosburgh, Whitney
    Explores liquidity as a metaphor and the fleetingness of nature through paintings and photographs.
  • Voyajolu, George and Diana
    Byzantine iconography and painting by George and Diana Voyajolu, featuring their work in oil on canvas. Galleries include portraits, landscapes, and religious art.
  • Vrana, Ethel
    About the artist and her landscapes, still life, and abstracts in giclee prints.
  • Vranes, Jennifer
    Contemporary oil paintings painted with vibrant colors and expressive brush strokes in a semi-realistic style.
  • Vuorma, Juha
    New Ice, the art of Juha Vuorma, features colorful surreal paintings, comics, and illustrations from cold icy Finland.
  • Wackermann, Hubert
    Specializes in paintings of Native Americans in American landscapes.
  • Wagner, John Philip
    Specializes in fairy, fantasy, southwestern, Egyptian, and angel works of art.
  • Wagoner, Nathan
    Includes paintings, drawings, photographs, and Fat Betty.
  • Wagtmans, Frank
    Netherlands-based painter with a spiritual atmosphere and drawer of realistic aboriginal people from all over the world. Includes biography, paintings, drawings, and contact info. Also in Dutch and Polish.
  • Wahl, Patty
    Oil paintings with acrylic touches. Subjects include erotic art, portraits, and florals.
  • Wak
    Expressionist paintings of figures, jazz musicians, and the Hamburg harbor.
  • Waldron, Peter
    Includes biography and list of exhibitions.
  • Walker, Debra
    Includes images of urban landscapes, figurative, and still life genre.
  • Walker, George Alphonso
    Gallery of paintings by artist George Alphonso Walker that includes portraits and figures, abstracts, impressionism, inspirational fantasy, and landscapes. Also includes biography, awards, and reviews by critics.
  • Walker, Robin Ann
    Updated portfolio of original contemporary paintings.
  • WalkingStick, Kay
    Native American artist and art professor based in New York featuring contemporary paintings with gold leaf and works on paper.
  • Wallace, David R.
    Featuring abstract, surreal, actualistic, impressionistic, modern paintings by a young California artist.
  • Waller, Diane Hardy
    New York City-based photographer, painter, and clay artist. Diane Waller specializes in nature, wildlife, spiritual, and abstract photography, oil and acrylic painting, and functional and decorative ceramics.
  • Wallich, Richard
    Colorful American impressionist paintings.
  • Walraven, Lisa K
    Paintings of birds indigenous to southern Arizona. Also offers birding tours and products.
  • Walsh, Marty
    Specializing in original still life, landscape, and interior oil paintings.
  • Walsh, Paul
    Features a gallery, artist biography, and prints or canvas reproductions of his artwork including many images of firefighting.
  • Walton, Andrew
    Features biography, exhibition details, details of the artist's public collections.
  • Wang, Lee Boon
    Realist painter depicting cityscapes of Singapore and a variety of locations.
  • Wang, Xiaojin,
    Specializes in modern style paintings of women of the Ching and Ming dynasties. Site features portfolio, biography, and contact information.
  • Wanger, Markus
    Includes non-representational abstract works using 3D structuralism technique.
  • Wangkun Studio
    Features the artist's biography and oil paintings. Based in Beijing, China.
  • Waravka, Patrick
    Contemporary artist whose works include oil paintings and floral paintings.
  • Warburton, Holly
    Works incorporate mixed media of Cibachrome prints and oil paint, and acrylic paint on wood.
  • Ward, Halliday Holly
    Features a gallery of landscapes and figurative works.
  • Ward, Kim
    Watercolor paintings, pastels and prints of florals, landscapes, and Victorian still lifes.
  • Ward, Tyrone
    Specializing in florals, landscapes, and portraits.
  • Warner, Ann
    Still life and landscape work.
  • Warner, Tom
    Painter who tells stories in his works.
  • Warnke, Dave [pick] [read review]
    Colorful painting, illustration, and street art from this San Francisco-based artist.
  • Warren, Jean
    Paints watercolor landscapes of California, the Caribbean and New Mexico.
  • Warren, Jim
    Nudes, fantasy, and space themes inspired by the surrealist style.
  • Warsoldier, Bill Soza
    Native American painter and political activist displays his work, including a series on Aspen wolves.
  • Warunek, Ronald
    Incorporates modern and experimental work in art, science, and technology to create a variety of chemical, holographic and interactive art.
  • Washbourne, Rose
    Specialises in New Zealand landscapes.
  • Watson, Linda Anne
    Showcases paintings, portraits, and abstracts in oil, mixed media, and pastels.
  • Wattanapun, Wattana
    Profile, awards, and artwork by the Thai artist.
  • Waugh, M. Wesley
    Specializes in painting his native North Carolina landscapes and wildlife. Also provides details of artist workshops held in Boone, NC.
  • Waygood, Danny
    Gallery of images by the English artist living in France.
  • Wearn, Robert Morrison
    Specializing in Maui sunsets created in oils.
  • Weatherford, Robert
    Forests, flowers, and other still lifes inspired by the work of Marsden Hartley.
  • Weaver, Douglas
    Specializes in oil and watercolor paintings as well as sketches depicting the historical American west.
  • Webb, Jackie
    Paints pictures inspired by natural images including flowers, trees, living creatures, landscapes, seascapes, and more.
  • Webb, Martin
    Offers colorful abstractions using concrete panels and mixed-media paintings.
  • Weber, Eve Rosaire - Studio 2000/Pacific Arts
    Includes portraits, landscapes, and murals.
  • Weddington, Andy
    Features portraits, landscapes, and still lifes.
  • Wee, Chng Nai
    Artworks by a Singaporean artist about medicine, technology and 'biotechnoethics'.
  • Weilbacher, Susan S.
    Offers oil, watercolor, and colored ink and pencil prints, notecards, and bookmarks.
  • Weiner, Abe
  • Weinstein, Joyce Ellen
    Concerned with the understanding of human relationships and speaks of the human measure and condition through prints, paintings, mixed-media, drawings, and sculpture.
  • Weir, Bert
    Offers galleries, an artist biography, and contact information.
  • Weisenburger, Erik
    Artist creating narrative paintings of memorial gardens and homages to Midwestern artists and architects.
  • Weiss, Jerry
    Classically trained artist capturing the human figure and natural landscapes.
  • Welby, Alex
    One of England's new artists.
  • Welch, Audrey
    Faces and people rendered in a painterly style.
  • Welch, Michael
    Includes the artwork and biography of the artist from California.
  • Weliver, Howard
    Paintings by Howard Weliver in a self-titled abstract symbolism form.
  • Wells, F. Michael
    Abstract painter whose work is eclectic, challenging, stimulating, colorful, and sensuous.
  • Welsh, David
    Collection of French Impressionistic paintings.
  • Welter, Alain
  • Welton, Peter
    Paints vivid watercolors featuring landscapes, houses, cityscapes, and more.
  • Wendler-Predko, Victoria
    Artist based in the U.K. offering optical, geometric paintings.
  • Wertman, Israel
    Israeli artist and Holocaust survivor presents his work of abstract paintings and drawings.
  • West, Brian
    Commissions and paintings by professional artist Brian West in oils and acrylics covering many sporting themes along with corporate art, portraiture, music, and imagery.
  • West, Craig Alan
    Features catalog of contemporary works.
  • West, Don
    Featuring examples of his work, contact information, and more.
  • Westhaver, Ken
    Features paintings and etchings evocative of surrealism and fantasy.
  • Westray, Virginia
    Home page of Virginia Westray, an artist who specializes in copper and vitreous enamel paintings. Site includes her artwork and contact information.
  • Wexler, Daniella
    An art site arranged like an online visit to a gallery including different subjects, techniques, and exhibitions by artist Daniella Wexler.
  • Wezyk, Joanna
    Features gallery of colorful images that express her "crooked mirror" irony.
  • Whalley, John
    American contemporary realist based in Maine offering highly refined graphite drawings and paintings in egg tempera, oil, and watercolor.
  • Wheeler-Connolly, Barbara
    Features acrylics and watercolours.
  • Wheeler, Brian
    Depicts scenes in and around the Heads of the Valleys area of South East Wales.
  • Whelihan, Anthony
    Featuring fantasy, sports, and Bruce Lee related pieces.
  • Whitaker Watercolors
    Exhibits works on Guatemala, still life, figures, landscapes, and architecture.
  • White Falcon
    Offers oil paintings and bronze statues by Amrit, Nirbhe, and Rama Kaur Khalsa.
  • White, Angela
    The artist located in Washington, D.C., well-known for her evocative abstract paintings, provides an online portfolio of works and details for upcoming exhibits.
  • White, Anthony
    Read about Anthony White and his artwork which is conceptual in nature and is largely influenced by his previous work as a stockbroker.
  • White, Mira M.
    Impressionistic watercolors, pastels, oils, and drawings.
  • White, Mitchell
    Collection of commissioned reproductions and original pieces.
  • White, T.
    Signed and limited edition art prints, serigraphs, giclees, and more.
  • Whitehead, Paul - Galleria Testabianca
    Gallery of original works, including album covers produced for Genesis.
  • Whitehorse, Richard
    Offers colorful, vibrant, and slightly surreal works, featuring landscapes, florals, and Southwest themes.
  • Whiterose, Peter
    Using realistic techniques to present an intuitively experienced dimension inspired by nature scenery.
  • Whitten, Beverley Pietersz
    Contemporary images of landscape, figures, and still life.
  • Whitty, Patricia
    Photorealist artist featuring oil on linen paintings of flowers, trinkets, and portraits.
  • Wickenhiser-Schaudt, Carol
    Watercolors and botanical illustrations.
  • Wieben, H. Michael
    Watercolors, acrylics, and serigraphs of landscapes, florals, portraits, and nudes.
  • Wiemer, Dan
    Painter based in Minnesota offering pet portraits, landscapes, and seascapes.
  • Wilcox, Randal
    Includes news, photographs, and paintings.
  • Wiley, Lucia
    Reviews the life and work of the religious American painter and muralist, who often worked in fresco.
  • Wilinski, Marek
    Presenting colourful paintings depicting faces and figures characteristically elongated.
  • Wilkens, Kent
    Golden Gallery.
  • Williams, Dave
    Features an online gallery of painting in watercolour including mini dolls house paintings, scenes of Harvington and Chaddesley Corbett in Worcestershire.
  • Williams, Jeff
    Specializes in fine art, murals, and decorative painting.
  • Williams, Kent
    Paintings and illustrations.
  • Williams, M.C.G.
    Paintings and photographs of New Mexican flowers, landscapes, and wildlife.
  • Williams, Owen
    Featuring a gallery of sporting and wildlife art.
  • Williams, Robert
    Impressionistic oil paintings of women and children at play along the California coast.
  • Willingham, Mark Stephen
    Oil landscapes on fine linen, focusing on the rural Appalachian Mountains.
  • Willis, Lilly G.
    Oil paintings that radiate a mysterious power.
  • Willis, Tilly
    Features paintings and prints with subjects that include portraits, still life, English landscapes, and the people and places of Africa.
  • Wilson, Alexis
    Creates vivid works featuring nature, religious themes, doorways, and chairs.
  • Wilson, C.L.
    Exhibits sexually explicit erotic drawings, paintings, and sculptures from artist C.L. Wilson.
  • Wilson, Donald Roller
    Paintings in oil on canvas that portray a mystical, spiritual world.
  • Wilson, Evan
    Specializing in the realist tradition, includes portraits, floral still lifes, interiors, and more.
  • Wilson, Kathleen Atkins
    Fine artist, illustrator, publisher and distributor.
  • Wilson, Kay
    Eclectic site featuring oil and digital paintings, portraits, abstracts and symbolism.
  • Wilson, Sara
    Paints only when completely immersed in music from which she draws the inspiration necessary to transform her hand into a composer of pure iconic feeling.
  • Wilson, Tom@
  • Wilson, Yvonne
    Self-taught artist from Amsterdam featuring realistic paintings of buildings, landscapes, and people in street settings.
  • Wilton, Penny
    Offers acrylic, oil, and watercolor paintings of boats and flowers.
  • Wincup, Donald
    Offers gallery, biography, and ordering information.
  • Winden, William
    Watercolor paintings depicting nature, trees, water, and mountains of the Northwest.
  • Winkler, Richard
    Travel the tropics in Sri Lanka, and see how Bali influenced his painting style. Features detailed works.
  • Winnat, Marc
    Self-taught acrylic artist, specializing in New York City scenes.
  • Winrow, Carmelita Jaca
    Offers commissioned watercolour or pen and wash paintings from photos of houses or gardens.
  • Winter, Thelma
    Detailed country paintings and prints of covered bridges, sleigh rides, lighthouses and more.
  • Wirtz, Jan
  • Wise, Patrick
    Portraits and wildlife paintings in acrylic, oil, and watercolor.
  • Witnauer, Dennis
    Showcases various bird paintings by Dennis Witnauer. Site features artist bio and vision statement by the painter.
  • Witting, Rene
    Beautiful detailed paintings of colourful Australian birds, wildlife, schools, architecture and horses. Prints for sale.
  • Wittmer, Katja
    Vibrantly painted abstract landscapes and figurative works.
  • Wock, G. Rae
    Features painting and sculpture portfolio.
  • Wolf, Fred
    Features original oil paintings.
  • Wolf, Leon
    Acrylic paintings of sports heroes, personalities, pets, automobiles, and more. His paintings have been exhibited in the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY.
  • Wolinski, Nadia
    French artist's public and private art gallery.
  • Wollega, Ras
    Self-taught artist Ras Wollega offers stylized oil paintings of women, landscapes, pets, and children.
  • Wollmann, Edmond
    Featuring a range of works in oil, collage, pencil, charcoal, and tempera paints.
  • Wolton, Alan
    Includes galleries of impressionist images, biography, and more.
  • Wong, Hilary
    Featuring whales, women and waves, this surrealistic art is a moving blend of nature and the human figure.
  • Wong, Janice Hidemi
    Color pencil, oil, and comic art works.
  • Woo, Cathy
    A feng shui master whose paintings have been shown in galleries and museums throughout Asia and the United States.
  • Wood Feldman, Linda
    Offers pop contemporary mixed-media works and paintings.
  • Wood-Comarow, Austine
    Creates "kinetic light paintings," colorful changing figurative images using polarized light.
  • Wood, Andy
    Creates highly detailed, photo-realistic paintings inspired by local scenes and the artist's travels through Europe and the U.S.
  • Wood, Christopher
    Scottish artist.
  • Woods, Jo
    Featuring original oils and prints.
  • Woods, Lee
    Includes a gallery of images.
  • Woods, Roberta Lee
    Offers portfolio of mixed media paintings and collage works by the Santa Cruz based digital artist, Roberta Lee Woods.
  • Wooten, Vernon
    Offers limited edition fox hunting prints from original paintings.
  • Wooters, Chad
    Presents paintings of garage objects.
  • Wriggers, Adolf
    Gallery of works include harbor paintings in Hamburg, landscapes of Northern Germany, and portraits. In German only.
  • Wright, Jayne Samuelson
    Specializing in fresco paintings, murals, columns, and similar art.
  • Wright, Paul
    Trompe l'oeil furniture and murals, as well as contemporary paintings of Lake Como in Italy.
  • Wu, Sandra
    Contains portraits, still life, and religion inspired works with detailed commentary of the artist's personal experiences.
  • Wurmser, Ryan
    Balancing passages of rich color with delicate greys in landscapes, still lifes, and figurative works.
  • Wyatt, Joseph
    Original watercolor paintings of the people, the wildlife, and the landscape of Kenya.
  • Wyatt, Kim
    Contemporary representational art using bright clear colors and exploring themes of innocence and ignorance.
  • Wyffels, David
    Features various galleries of art including sculpture, drawing, oil painting, digital art, and design portfolios of David Wyffels.
  • Xela
    Features biography, gallery, and information on upcoming shows.
  • Xi, Xu
    Modern Chinese paintings.
  • Xiao Guofu, Morgan
    Chinese artist featuring oil paintings of figures half-submerged or floating in water.
  • Xinjian, Du
    Chinese surrealist artist presents his oil and acrylic dreamscape paintings.
  • Yak, Salwa
    Website of artist Salwa Yak. Includes a gallery of works along with personal and family information.
  • Yamaji, Kyoko
    Features the art works of Kyoko Yamaji, including oil paints, posters, and gilcee prints.
  • Yanke, Tim
    Provides oil paintings by Tim Yanke that focuses on a bright color palette.
  • Yanqun, Xue
    Features oil paintings of Asian beauty girls, portraits, and nudes with oriental style.
  • Yeates, Bill
    Still life, portraits, landscapes and prints from a Western Australian artist. Also organises outback painting tours.
  • Yefman, Boris
    Russian lyrical expressionist painter and designer living in Canada. Subjects include explorations of his new-found Judaic roots.
  • Yoakum, Delmer J.
    Gallery and store of exclusive artistic prints.
  • Yoder, Andy
    Features the large works and public art portfolio of Brooklyn, NY based artist.
  • yoffy
    Creates simple expressions of complex thought using clean lines, flat planes of color, and dynamic composition which pays tribute to the graphic simplicity of the 1960s and 1970s.
  • Yoju
    Landscapes, abstractions, still lifes, celestial objects, human and animal form.
  • Yonah, Eva Avi
    Uses a range of techniques to create paintings. Offers gallery of works and biography.
  • Yong, Cao
    Featuring a biography, artwork, and more.
  • Young, Carol
    Works in pastels, ceramics, and bronze.
  • Young, Caroline
    Classical Chinese and Japanese art.
  • Young, Drue
    Oil paintings online gallery.
  • Young, Jennifer - Art and Eclectics
    Expressive, figurative paintings.
  • Young, Ned
    Colorful acrylics and watercolors depict small town America, landscapes and community.
  • Youssef, Yahya
    Presentation of geometrical forms in paintings, wall objects and graphics.
  • Yu, Chit Fu
    Contemporary oil paintings and Chinese ink and brush calligraphy.
  • Yuniardi, Nino
    Oil paintings on wood panel, eerie and full of movement.
  • Yurov, Yuri Y.
    Russian Academy-trained painter.
  • Yvonne's Art
    Online gallery of the most recent artworks, featuring experiments in watercolors, oils, and acrylics.
  • Zaiko, Tamara
    Features a bio of the Russian artist, exhibition and project info, and an online gallery of work.
  • Zainal, Fran
    Paints figurative and contemporary works featuring both dreams and reality.
  • Zakharova, Olga
    Works in watercolor and oil.
  • Zalunardo, Franco
    Italian painter and ceramist. Gallery includes oil paintings and statues.
  • Zampedroni, Mario
    Landscape and floral paintings from Italian artist Mario Zampedroni. Figurative and abstract flowers and seasonal landscapes using acrylic on canvas.
  • Zampini, Rita
    Italian artist featuring landscape, floral, and cityscape oil paintings.
  • Zanella, Leon
    Paintings on porcelain, oils, acrylics, pastels, lithographs, and more by this French artist
  • Zantman, Theo
    Figures and abstracts.
  • Zaret, Elliot
    Realist/expressionist oil painter specializing in landscapes and striking cityscapes with vivid color and dynamic perspectives.
  • Zasloff, Lee
    Features watercolors, acrylics, and prints of landscapes, koi fish, and figurative subjects.
  • Zatiashvili, Akaki
    Classic reproductions, icons, landscapes, and modern art.
  • Zavala, Gail
    Exhibits a collection of vivid representational works featuring portrait, still life, and animal art.
  • Zed, Aggie
    Featuring images of original ceramic and mixed media sculpture and paintings.
  • Zener, Eric
    Figurative and still life oils.
  • Zeno, Jorge
    Offers a very personal style within the post-modern existenialism.
  • Zephyrs, Tom
    Features impressionist and post-impressionist landscapes, seascapes, still lifes, and more.
  • Zermeno
    Presenting Paris & Persona, an online art exhibition in painting, photography, and film dedicated to the Cabaret.
  • Zervou, Xanthie
    Original oil paintings including classic and impressionist styles.
  • Zetterstrand, Kristoffer
    Contemporary Swedish artist.
  • Zhiwei, Tu
    Oil painter and muralist from China. Features picture galleries of the artist's work on murals, Tibetian, and Dunhuang paintings. Also includes news and bio.
  • Zhuravel, Mykola
    Ukrainian artist featuring abstract figurative paintings.
  • Ziemer, Larry
    Original paintings and limited edition prints including Midwest scenes, lighthouses, and abstracts.
  • Zimiles, Murray
    Main bodies of work include the Holocaust series and the more recent Animal Paintings. Biographical info, essays, and plenty of images.
  • Zimmerman, Caroline
    Offering original still life and realist paintings of the landscapes of California and Italy.
  • Zinno, Dan
    Artist based in Los Angeles specializing in abstract paintings.
  • Zivkovic, Milica
    Paints watercolors and fine art depicting life in Africa, Latin America, and Serbia.
  • Zlotnik, Alexandre
    Featuring original oils and bronze sculpture.
  • Zokosky, Peter
    Painter whose fascination with anatomy allows him to create surreal, poetic images of people and animals.
  • Zuill, Charles
    Features paintings incorporating various landscape materials.
  • Zusters, Jane
    Offers gallery of photos and paintings, upcoming events, and contact information.
  • Zylak, Sue
    Includes figurative, portrait, landscape, and still life works. Commissioned artwork also available.

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