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  • Pollock, Jackson (1912-1956) (19)
    Find sites about Jackson Pollock, the American artist from Wyoming who popularized action paintings and drip paintings. Sites feature life, art career, museum listings, selected works, suggested readings, discussion list, and commentary about the painter and major force in the abstract expressionist movement.
  • Warhol, Andy (1928-1987) (14)
    Discover Andy Warhol (1928-1987), the avant-garde flimmaker, artist, writer, and film director through sites featuring biography, artworks, movies, museum holdings, essays, and analyses of the works of one of the founders of the Pop Art movement in the U.S.
  • van Gogh, Vincent (1853-1890) (28)
    Learn about Vincent van Gogh, the Dutch artist who pioneered Expressionism. Sites provide life history, art career, diary excerpts, annotated writings, self portraits, landscapes, and museum collections, and reviews of the some of the world's best known paintings and drawings which enormously influenced the Fauves and German Expressionists.
  • Dal?, Salvador (1904-1989) (19)
    Find sites about Salvador Dali, the widely recognized surrealist painter, sculptor, and writer. Sites offer artwork images, photos, chronology, and biography of the painter of The Persistence of Memory.
  • Haring, Keith (1958-1990) (6)
    Explore the labyrinthal graffiti art of Keith Haring, the pre-eminent artist and social activist whose work responded to the 1980s New York street culture through sites featuring artwork images, museum collections, biography, videos, books, and articles.
  • Picasso, Pablo (1882-1973) (25)
    Find sites about Pablo Picasso, the painter and sculptor considered one of the most recognized figures in 20th century art history. Sites feature personal profile, works, and articles about the co-founder of cubism.
  • Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) (39)
  • Mir?, Joan (1893-1983) (10)
    Learn about Joan Miro, the Spanish sculptor, painter, and ceramist. Sites provides photo gallery, artwork images, and biography of the surrealist artist and painter of The Harlequin's Carnival.
  • van Rijn, Rembrandt (1606-1669) (14)
    Learn about Rembrandt van Rijn, considered one of the greatest painters and printmakers in European art history. Sites include biography, timeline, career summary, museum collections, artwork images, self-portraits, reviews, and overview of the techniques and masterstrokes adapted by the painter known for his sense of composition and total mastery of light.
  • Giger, H.R. [Hans Rudi] (b. 1940)@
    Learn about H. R. Giger, the Academy Award-winning Swiss painter, sculptor, and film set designer known for his work on the film Alien. Sites provide biography, career summary, filmography, sculptures and paintings, books, and special projects of the fantasy and surrealist artist.
  • Lowry, L.S. (1887-1976) (4)
    Learn about L.S. Lowry, the English artist famous for painting scenes of life in industrial England during the early 20th century. Sites include biography, career highlights, galleries, online resources, and personal reflections of the artist who drew urban landscapes peopled with 'matchstick men.'
  • O'Keeffe, Georgia (1887-1986) (14)
    Read about Georgia O'Keefe, the American artist chiefly known for paintings where she systhesizes the abstract with flowers, rocks, shells, animal bones, and landscapes. Sites offer biography, career highlights, major artwork titles, painting images, museum collections, and reviews for the pioneer of American modernism.
  • Beksinski, Zdzislaw (1929-2005) (5)
  • Monet, Claude (1840-1926) (14)
    Learn about Claude Monet, the founder of French Impressionist painting and philosophy of expressing one's perceptions of nature. Sites offer biography, artwork images, career summary, musuem archives, and online resources about the French master whose painting "Impression, Sunrise" coined the term Impressionism.
  • Buonarroti, Michelangelo (1475-1564) (30)
    Learn about Michaelangelo Buonarotti, or Michaelangelo, the Italian Renaissance painter, sculptor, architect, and poet known for his fresco murals in the Sistine Chapel. Sites include life, chronology, artworks, suggested readings, sculpture, paintings, murals, and architectural works by the prodigious artist who trained at the Palace of the Medici in Florence.
  • Lichtenstein, Roy (1923-1997) (8)
    Read about Roy Lichtenstein, the American pop artist who borrowed heavily fron popular advertising and comic book styles for his expressionistic ventures. Sites offer bio, career highlights, paintings, drawings, sculptures, notebooks, reviews, and original comic book images that Lichtenstein utilized in his paintings.
  • Murakami, Takashi (b. 1962) (10)
    Discover Takashi Murakami, the contemporary Japanese master artist in both fine arts as well as digital and commercial media. Sites include biography, artworks, exhibition lists, schedules, news, and art samples by the painter who created the Superflat culture of flat colors and images with characters derived from anime and manga.
  • Rivera, Diego (1886-1957) (11)
    Read about Deigo Rivera, the Mexican muralist and painter best known for the 1933 mural "Man at the Crossroads." Sites provide biographical profile, political history, art career, galleries, image archives, fresco and mural collections, and reviews of the artist whose paintings instill a sense of greatness and nobility in the people of Mexico.
  • Roerich, Nicholas (1874-1947)
  • Mucha, Alphonse (1860-1939) (2)

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