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  • McGrath, Elizabeth
    Performance art influenced by Roman Catholic iconographic art, punk rock, and Edward Gorey.
  • Bohatch, Mike
    Specializing in horror and metaphysical illustration and dark and emotional impact art combining a mixture of drawing, painting, assemblage collage, photography, and digital compositing.
  • Bennett, Gordon [pick] [read review]
    Creates immobile robot sculptures made of found objects.
  • Bychkova, Marina
    Features galleries of her handcrafted, porcelain dolls plus examples of her polymer clay dolls, jewelry, and other artwork.
  • Catlow, Rik
    Uses found objects like discarded beverage cans as a canvas, to give his work an organic quality and a sense of whimsy.
  • Muniz, Vik (b. 1961)@
  • Kronenwald, Jason
    Jason Kronenwald's Gum Blondes exhibits creates images of famous blonde women using 100% chewed bubblegum on a plywood backing. Celeb blondes include Jessica Simpson, Paris Hilton, Anna Kournikova, Britney Spears, and the queen of all blondes, Marilyn Monroe
  • Santerineross, John
    Dark and erotic photography and mixed media assemblage works.
  • Lovett, John
    Works in watercolour and mixed media with detailed notes on methods, materials and techniques. Includes current projects, demonstrations and biography.
  • Dahlsen, John
    Environmental artist from Australia featuring recycled art, assemblage, abstract paintings, and installations.
  • Mecier, Jason
    Arguably the world's leading creator of bean-and-noodle art portraits of music and television personalities from the Me Decade.
  • van Mensvoort, Koert
    With artwork, webcam, thought, and bio info.
  • McCoy, Richard
    Commercial artist and web designer doing freelance and commissioned works.
  • Chromy, Anna
    Creates bronze sculptures, paintings, drawings, and stage and costume designs for theaters and operas. Also provides an exhibition schedule and a virtual art gallery.
  • Machida, Yoshio
    Features ambient noise and photobatik from the Tokyo based artist. Includes exhibition details, news, and gallery.
  • Brady, David
    Paintings, assemblages, collages, and limited editions.
  • Barminski, Bill
    Online headquarters of multi-media artist Bill Barminski.
  • Byron, Kari@
  • LaRotonda, Craig
    Featuring mixed-media, collage, and paintings. Includes gallery, bio, and contact information.
  • Vagina Lady
    A feminist arts-and-crafts endeavor that pays homage to the vagina. Includes pictures, a blog, and approximately 1,500 words related to the vagina with rough definitions and dates of first use.

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Mixed-Media > Artists

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