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  • Adelman, Gary
    Contains portraits of pets and people drawn in pastel, charcoal, and pencil.
  • Anderson, Michelle
    Paper girl. Online gallery features sketches, poetry, and more.
  • Atkinson, Nancy
    Features charcoal portraits drawn from photos.
  • Aur?lia
    Gallery of drawings from an artist who focuses on entertainment-related subjects, such as actors, musicians, Lord of the Rings characters, and others.
  • Bachers, Gary E.
    Colored pencil artist whose works include imagery of children, flowers, and the moon.
  • Ballard, Freda
    Hand-drawn Alaskan art.
  • Baltazar, Art - Electric Milk Creations
    Featuring the comics Patrick the Wolf Boy and The Cray-Baby Adventures, plus illustrations, paintings, and web strips.
  • Barnes, Larry
    Charcoal pencil portraits.
  • Bendock, Max
    Portraits hand-burned into wood.
  • Benoit, Martin
    Pen & ink artwork.
  • Benson, Burritt E.
    Sketch and digital artist based in North Carolina offering a showcase of colorful montages that can be hung in a variety of ways.
  • Billman, Blaine
    Northwest totems, nudes, dance, and wildlife.
  • Binebrink, Wilson
    An internationally respected portrait painter. This site offers a collection of his life figure studies.
  • Biro-Web [pick] [read review]
    Drawings, comics, and scrawls made entirely with pens. By Jon Burgerman.
  • Bishop, Basi
    Transforms photos of people and pets into individual works of art.
  • Blair, Mary M.
    Surfing art, cityscapes and pet portraits.
  • Boyd, Brandon
    Features a gallery of drawings by the lead singer of the alternative rock band Incubus.
  • Brooks, Jenny
    Features portraits, still life, and expressionist paintings, with rugby and polo drawings.
  • Brown, Rebecca
    Specialises in contemporary bead jewellery and embroidery, scientific illustrations, and botanical art.
  • Burns, John
    Features works of surrealist images.
  • Bursack, Jack
    Graphite pencil works of famous celebrities.
  • Byrne, T.J.
    Displays a gallery of watercolors and oil paintings.
  • Candon, Kevin
    Specializing in lifelike portraits from photographs.
  • Cantarella, Virginia
    Drawings and paintings of still lifes and ordinary objects. Also some abstractions.
  • Casey, John
    Creates fascinating and monstrous looking sculptures and drawings.
  • Caulfield, C.L.
    Features pen-and-ink drawings, and watercolors.
  • Cawkwell, Sarah
    Showcases large drawings by the figurative artist and sculptures of female images.
  • Centura, Anna Rita
    Sponsored by U2 Backstage Fan Club, with pencil drawings of the band.
  • Chao, Arnold@
  • Chesnut, Fritz
    Uses the mutated relationship of audience and performer as subjects for his works.
  • Chubar, Alexander
    Includes still lifes, portraits, and interiors. Some works comprise erotic and mythological themes.
  • Collins, Lucille
    Drawings and paintings.
  • Connearney, Katerina
    Exhibits a portfolio of charcoal drawings, oil paintings, photography, ceramics, and computer arts.
  • Cook, Elizabeth
    Court artist who attends the U.K.'s most notorious trials to capture images of criminals undergoing trial.
  • Cornell, Kevin
    A series of drawings and doodles presented in a Flash sketchbook format.
  • Cowan, Rick
    Collection of pencil drawings.
  • Crane, Ted
    Offering framed lithographs of many universities.
  • Crider, Jillian
    Features pastels, acrylics, watercolors, and illustrations.
  • Criste, Cleto
    Figure and portrait charcoal drawings, oil paintings, and graphic designs.
  • Cummings, Julia
    Features photorealistic charcoal and pencil drawings.
  • D'Aquino, Jason
    Creates drawings of a painstakingly miniature scale using a high-powered magnification glass.
  • David Bjurstrom Studio
    Specializes in Western art and commercial photography.
  • Dee, Natalie
    She likes to draw pictures and sometimes paint and play the accordion.
  • Deleget, Matthew
    Brooklyn-based visual artist's patterned black drawings.
  • Delpomdor, Robert
    Drawings of nude women in incantatory and sensual surroundings.
  • Dickison, Peter
    Oil paintings and charcoal drawings of figures in landscapes with architectural elements. Includes bio and gallery information in New York City.
  • Diehl, Annika R.
    Offers works in pencil, ink, watercolors, and acrylics.
  • Diehl, Kristine
    Samples of realism in pencil, charcoal, and oil.
  • DiTrapani, Jim
    Featuring drawings of lighthouses created with the stippling technique.
  • Egan, Pat
    Rustic western and southwestern-style pen and ink drawings and wooden pictures.
  • Eshkol, Giora
    Specializes in character design, modeling, and animation.
  • Fair, Jad
    Offers paper cuttings, drawings, photography, and music.
  • Figurative Drawing
    Features figurative drawings and painting of Siavash Mahvis, the Iranian artist.
  • Finan, Gerry
    Specializes in drawings of lighthouses from Long Island and Florida.
  • Fitzpatrick, Robyn Hannaman
    Portrait, landscape, and still life paintings and drawings.
  • Frankie
    17 image exhibition of Frankie's NYC/Boston sketchbook.
  • Freed, Lynn
    Oil, pastel, or mixed media with an emphasis on wildlife and Southwest themes.
  • Gagnon, R H
    Presents pencil prints of animals.
  • Garb, Isaac
    Franis Gallery: Israeli artist whose work depicts life in Old Jerusalem.
  • Giant Red Shoed Boy
  • Gillis, Celeste
  • Glenwright, Tony
    Includes works in pencil and pastel of celebrities.
  • Goldsmith, Lloyd
    Paintings, drawings, and prints of New York City by artist Lloyd Goldsmith. Site also gives biography, awards, and exhibitions.
  • Goncalves, Antonio Jorge - Subway Life
    Features sketches of people sitting in subway trains in cities around the world.
  • Goss, Bryten
    Gallery of oils, watercolors, and drawings.
  • Gray, Carol V.
    Exhibits pencil and watercolor hand portraits capturing life's stories including 19th century women of the plains and prairies.
  • Green, Elliott
    Specializes in fine art paintings and drawings of surreal cartoon characters.
  • Gregg, Joseph
    Artist from Massachusetts featuring drawings and paintings of people and landscapes in pencil, watercolor, and pastel.
  • Guthrie, RC
    Uses stippling technique to create his art.
  • Guyette, Chris
    Will create renderings of various commercial objects and properties, but favorite subject remains yachting.
  • H'Gral
    Erotic & spiritual drawings.
  • Harri, Mabel
    Offering pen and ink marine life images.
  • Harris, Jim
    Includes galleries of his paintings and drawings.
  • Hart, Tony@
  • Hawksbridge, Joan
    Canadian artist from Owen Sound, Ontario, shows her portfolio of images, drawings, paintings and sculpture.
  • Hillberry, J.D.
    Charcoal and pencil drawings, themes include western, still life, trompe l'oeil, portraits, and more.
  • Hipkiss, Chris
    Features works by the self-taught, contemporary artist. Includes details of upcoming shows, press. and agent information.
  • Hogan, Victor V. Sr.
    Offering pencil drawings from original photographs or pictures. Includes gallery and pricing and contact information.
  • Hoss, Sally Moluf
    Art inspired by everyday life experiences with nature and with human interactions.
  • Houston, Jeannie
    Texas-based artist working in various mediums.
  • Hughes, Lynn Lynch
    Pen and ink renderings of private homes, graphite portraits of people and pets.
  • Icking, Roland
    Galleries of drawings and paintings.
  • Joachim, Paul
    With examples of digital/computer illustration, studio art, 3d/2d animation and web design.
  • Jocson, Joan
    Portfolio of drawings and other artwork.
  • Jones-Riedinger, Crista - Spirit Wisp
    Site includes pencil sketches, artwork, meditation and links.
  • Jones, Peter
    Gallery of drawings, paintings, and 3D artwork by Peter Jones. Includes representations of urban scenes, landscapes, airplanes, ships, abstracts, figures, reliefs, and collages.
  • Kaelin, David Charles
    New York artist using oil, airbrush, charcoal, photography, and computer 3D models to create art focused on the occult, fantastic realism, and death.
  • Kalayci, Yurdaer
    Presents galleries of oil paintings and drawings from the Turkish artist, Yurdaer Kalayci. Features figures, portraits, landscapes, and cartoons. Also in Turkish.
  • Kelley, Marie Antoinette
    Freehand portraits of children, adults, and pets in pencil or pastel from photographs.
  • Keres, Peter
    Trying to capture the true beauty of female form and behaviour through the creation of an imaginary species, the catgirl, who merges innocence and mischief in one.
  • Khalily, Shawna
    Prints and drawings.
  • Klan, Wally
    Artist based in Kansas showcasing pen and ink drawings and oil paintings of farmlands and other landscapes.
  • Knowlton, Win
    New York City-based artist displaying his metal and concrete sculpture and drawings.
  • Kremer, Bruce
    Drawings and travel journals.
  • Kresge, Matt
    Egserk's Lair. Contains samples of comic and anime-related works.
  • Krol, Maciek
    Home page of Maciek Krol, an illustrator specializing in drawings, sketches, cartoons, wildlife illustrations, and architecture designs.
  • Langston, James
    Monochromatic landscapes attempting to capture balance of shape and pattern, challenging viewers to explore the labyrinth of psychological space.
  • Larcade, Pilar
    Portraits of people, dogs, horses and other subjects.
  • Lascurain, Shirlene
    Spirit, Word & Image.
  • Latremouille, Lori-ann and Bungay, Angus Mark
    Site encompasses the work of two artists. Latremouille draws with charcoal and pastel on paper. Bungay works with plaster, leather, brass, wood, and found objects.
  • Lee, Kang-Hyuk
    Features drawings, diary, profile, and more.
  • Liongoren, Avid
    Drawings, cover art, poetry, and more.
  • Liu, Frank
    Asian American artist showcasing paintings, drawings and mixed media works.
  • Lotz, Joe
    Realistic drawings in colored pencil, with themes such as rural America, islands and oceans, animals, and holidays.
  • Lucong
    Figurative oil paintings and drawings.
  • Macleod, Hugh
    Cartoons drawn on the back of business cards and commentary on blogging and technology, by Hugh MacLeod.
  • Mae Donna
    Offering colorful abstract prints. Includes gallery, privacy info, links, and contact information.
  • Maillet, Daniel
    Contemporary artist featuring figurative work in graphite pencil, oil pastel, and painted terracotta sculpture.
  • Manning, David
    Prints of army, air force, and civilian vehicles.
  • Manning, Pete
    Drawings and tattoo designs by a prisoner.
  • Marie-Elise
    Still lifes, portraits, landscapes, and tapestries. Also in Dutch.
  • Markanson, Mark
    Drawings and gifts exploring the world of the Power Lineman.
  • Matkovic, Matko
    Includes comics, sketches, and airbrush drawings.
  • Matthews, Janet
    Pencil drawings featuring Australian and African wildlife.
  • May, Christopher
    Native birds, fish, still life, and antiquities drawn with colored pencil.
  • McGill, Joe
    Brings a poetic realism to his painting, sketching, and sculpture.
  • McGuiness, Kathleen
    Site includes a gallery and information on the artist/teacher.
  • McKean, Dave@
    Browse the works of art by David McKean, the comic book artist and illustrator of the Sandman, Cages, and a series of CD covers. Sites provide bio and gallery of his works on various mediums.
  • McPherson, Tara
    Official site. Features illustrations, drawings, paintings, and comic book covers.
  • Menasco, Mike
    Specializes in Native American, wildlife, and surreal works.
  • Michael, Sean
    Taking a subtle yet erotic approach to male nudes and abstracts.
  • Mills, Steve
    Nude pencil art and fine art photography.
  • Mink
    Original art of dark emotion.
  • Mitchell, Mike
    Archive of Mike Mitchell's strange, bitter drawings integrating comic books, cartoons, pop culture, and science fiction.
  • Monikus
    Pencil and ink drawings, portraits, and perspective.
  • Moore, Carol
    Original colored pencil artwork by Carol Moore. Specializing in wildlife, canine, equine, and mystical portraits.
  • Morris, Robert
    Fine artist specializing in scratchboard and pen and ink drawings.
  • Mosser, Cynthia
    Abstract patterns blend with nature motifs in these paintings, drawings, and pastels.
  • Motelski, Robert
    Features landscape paintings, drawings, and photography.
  • Mullarkey, Maureen
    Oil paintings and drawings of the human figure, nudes, and urban scenes based on gay pride parades.
  • Mundie, James G.
    Drawings of sideshow freaks.
  • Murphy, James B.
    Features information on his dramatic plays, paintings, and drawings.
  • Murray, John Philip
    Drawings, paintings, and prints. Includes exhibition information and links to audio and newspaper reviews.
  • Musovic, Tafil
    Exhibits oil paintings, pencil drawings, and mixed media.
  • My Art Pad
    Features drawings and paintings, nude figures, portraits, and landscapes in pencil, colored pencil, and watercolor.
  • My Father's Hand [pick] [read review]
    Collection of drawings by Samuel Wray.
  • Nagel, Patrick (1945-1984) (2)
  • Naylor, Ian
    Working with diverse materials and projects, with interests in lifedrawing, nudes, and aeroplanes. Currently artist-in-residence at the RAF museum, Cosford.
  • Neel
    Gallery of sketches in black and white, reflecting various forms of human sentiments.
  • Ness, Mike
    Canadian illustrator, musician, and poet featuring a gallery of acrylic paintings and a sketchbook of figures.
  • Newlin, Tim
    Free cartoon drawings in black and white gif format for non-commercial use in schools, churches, and homes. Site features searchable database and directory of downloadable artwork and cartoons.
  • Nylund, Erik
    Swedish artist exhibiting surreal pencil drawings.
  • Oates, Darryl Z.
    Features charcoal drawings and oil paintings of Darryl Z. Oates, an artist from Connecticut.
  • Ong, Jimmy
    Archival portfolio of collected artworks in private and public collections, mostly figurative drawings.
  • Paint, Peter
    Contains paintings and pencil drawings of portraits and nude models.
  • Parker, Kate - ParkerInk
    Kate Parker creates original one-line pen and ink drawings. Composed of a single unbroken line, each drawing is freehand, spontaneous, and original.
  • Pearce, Dan
    Offers a large collection of fine-art prints by animal artist Dan Pearce. Artwork available for purchase online.
  • Peccolo, Ren?
    Figurative oil paintings and mixed-media drawings.
  • Pelfresne, Carine
    Galleries of red chalk portraits, landscape and still life drawings, various paintings, and Arabic calligraphy.
  • Phaizulline, Ilyas
    Russian academic artist offering mystical realist and religious paintings and drawings. In English and Russian.
  • Picture of Everything, The [pick] [read review]
    Artist Howard Hallis dares to create a picture of, well, everything.
  • Porter, Russell
    Images of the Mt. Palomar Astronomical Observatory by Russell W. Porter (1871-1949).
  • Prescott, Michael - Trilemma
    Collection of digital and scanned art.
  • Price, Gareth
    Sketches of cities and architecture from around the world in pen and ink.
  • Prinsloo, Henk
    Creates photorealistic pencil portraits.
  • Prout, Susan
    Angel inspired pieces of art work.
  • Quenin
    Realistic pencil drawings and illustrations.
  • Rachel
    A presentation of both contemporary and classic art.
  • Reynoso, Abel
    Specializing in law enforcement and military subjects.
  • Rice, Karen
    Drawings explore the social and environmental histories of the American West: boom and bust cycles; an economy based on extractive industries; toxic legacies buried beneath scenic vistas; and more.
  • Ritchie, Charles
    Drawings and prints inspired by the artist's suburban home.
  • Riviere, Marie-France
    French artist living in Paris exhibiting portraits and nudes.
  • Robinson, Michael
    Features portraits, caricatures, and cartoons.
  • Robles, Matthew
    Amateur comical sketches.
  • Romanini, Elizabeth
    Illustrations of birds of prey, song, and many other aspects of nature.
  • Russell, Frank
    Paints and draws Irish figural images.
  • Ruvalcaba, Wes
    Features sketchbook, traditional, and digital illustrations done by Wes Ruvalcaba.
  • Ryan, Mister Rob
    Beautiful and bizarre screen prints, "paper cuts", and drawings from Robert Ryan, artist from Ireland by way of Cyprus. Site includes links to Ryan's commissioned works and blog.
  • Salazar, Roland
    Abstract primitive impressions of Mexico and Maine in pastel, charcoal, and other mediums.
  • Samuels, Renee
  • Sanders, James - The Night Gallery
    Features surreal, four-dimensional ink art.
  • Saul, Aimea
    Creates her art through a mixed medium of scanned hand drawings and digital photography.
  • Schatzmann, Melissa
    Specializing in the techniques of pointillism and pen and ink.
  • Scheer, Mike
    American artist creating unique drawings in ballpoint pen and pencil.
  • Scott Jeffs Fine Art
    Features pastel landscapes and pencil drawings of Scott Jeffs from the U.S.
  • Sergeant, Emma
    Paintings and drawings of several subjects including human portraits, dolphins, gods, and more.
  • Shephard, Regis
    Orgy of postmodernism dripping with nappy idealism: Pop realism.
  • Shmeleva, Irina
    Russian artist featuring contemporary abstract and figurative work in paintings and ink drawings.
  • Shrigley, David
    Official site of the Scottish artist David Shrigley featuring drawings, sculptures, photographs, animations, books, and exhibitions.
  • Sketchbook [pick] [read review]
    A series of drawings by Kevin Cornell.
  • Sketches by Cheryl
    Military art action sketches of the Navy, Army, Marines, and Air Force. Available in prints and on T-shirts.
  • Slaters, Elizabeth
  • Smith, Aaron
    Features realist and figurative paintings on panel and charcoal drawings.
  • Smith, Douglas
    Travels with a sketchbook in watercolour and pen and ink.
  • Smith, Paul Cameron
    Pencil drawings of Western art.
  • Southerland, Ty
    Ball point pen cajun art.
  • Stainer, Olivia
    Painting and drawing portraits, as well as caricatures in either black and white or color.
  • Stephens, Virgil C.
    Pencil drawings and bronze sculptures with Western themes.
  • Stephenson, Cullen
    Home page of visual media artist Cullen Stephenson, who explores both photography and drawing as the medium of expression.
  • Strauss, Fernando
    Chilean artist offering paintings and drawings evoking solidified cosmic energy.
  • Stroman, Brad
    Incorporates the aesthetic of Japanese Zen Buddhism by transcending ways of looking and thinking about our world and our existence.
  • stupidpictures
    Bad art drawn daily by Dave Fass.
  • Suryawan, Soosan
    Painter and artist specializing in Asian spiritual art and commissioned portraits.
  • Svirely, Temo
    Ukrainian artist featuring contemporary abstracts with ink on paper and oil on canvas.
  • Taeha's Studio
    Contains examples of her computer generated artwork, cartoons and characters, and sketches mainly influenced by anime style art.
  • Talbot, Richard
    Drawings, sculpture, and writing by this contemporary U.K. visual artist who uses perspective and geometry, and is influenced by medieval and renaissance art.
  • Tan, Zimou Larry
    Features his work with oil paintings, drawing, and sculpture, as well as several step-by-step painting demos.
  • TenFingers Art
    Paintings, prints, and drawings by Belinda Chlouber, Darin Donovan, and Ava Donovan.
  • Theberge, Daniel
    Offering originals and copies of black and white photos and photo-sketches, including images of coastal scenes and buildings in Maine.
  • Theriot, Keith
    Expressionistic, figurative paintings, and drawings.
  • Thorpe, Jeri
    Equine, wildlife, and western art.
  • Treherne, Harold J. (1899-1975)
    Saskatchewan grassroots artist whose intention was to represent daily life as accurately as possible.
  • Treisner, George
    Pen/pencil doodles inspired by corporate meetings.
  • Tumber, Mark
    Photorealistic pencil illustrations of people, pets, and places.
  • Tutor, Ted
    Art From the Darkside. Sculptures and pen and ink drawings.
  • Valley, Robert
    Comics, life drawings, and animation from the artist.
  • Valso
    Drawings of landscapes, compositions, and nudes.
  • Valyndril
    Custom drawings of online RPG and MUD characters.
  • van Eeden, Marcel
    Drawings and exhibitions of the Dutch artist.
  • van Gaal, Ruud
    Pencil drawings of famous and less famous people.
  • Vector, Rob - Alien Hand
    To stop the hand from choking and slapping me, I must keep it busy doing things like artwork, drawings, sketching, and picking my nose.
  • Villa, Rosa
    Features chalk street painting reproductions of art masterpieces.
  • Vlosich, George
    Etch-a-sketch pop art created by George Vlosich.
  • Vong, B.
  • Walker, Chad
    Drawings to bring us together.
  • Wawro, Richard
    Severly autistic Scottish artist who creates detailed drawings with the unusual medium of wax oil crayons.
  • Weinstein, Joyce Ellen
    Concerned with the understanding of human relationships and speaks of the human measure and condition through prints, paintings, mixed-media, drawings, and sculpture.
  • Westhaver, Ken
    Includes paintings and etchings evocative of surrealism and fantasy.
  • Wet Brush Productions
    Featuring paintings, illustrations, sketches, storyboards, and creative writing.
  • Whalley, John
    American contemporary realist based in Maine offering highly refined graphite drawings and paintings in egg tempera, oil, and watercolor.
  • Whiteley, Brett (1939-1992)@
  • Wiesman, Philip
    Features biography, exhibitions, and gallery of the artist's etchings.
  • Wilkinson, Paul
    Specializes in celebrity pencil portraits. Site offers examples of work and tips on how to draw.
  • Willis, Wesley@
  • Wilson, Ty
    Specializes in figurative work.
  • Winick, Jerry
    Offering photorealistic pencil drawings.
  • Wollmann, Edmond
    Drawings from early teens to current university work.
  • Wong, Janice Hidemi
    Color pencil, oil, and comic art works.
  • Wong, Kai-Ming
    Contains gallery of sketches of cities, Chinese landscape paintings, and photographs.
  • Wood, Tony
    Featuring drawings, paintings, and prints.
  • Wyffels, David
    Features various galleries of art including sculpture, drawing, oil painting, digital art, and design portfolios of David Wyffels.

Drawing and Sketching Artists

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