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  • Deviant Art
    Hub for online graphic artists to display their creations for feedback and exposure. Includes poetry, photography, Flash exhibits, wallpaper, and skins galleries.
  • GPS Drawing [pick] [read review]
    Project featuring a gallery of large-scale drawings derived from Global Positioning System data.
    A visual exploration on mapping complex networks.
  • 3DLuVr
    All the users on this site are involved in art in one shape or form.
  • Museum of Web Art
    Showcases web-exclusive art in a virtual-museum atmosphere, including counters, buttons, and wallpaper.
  • Art of Office [pick] [read review]
    For Mac users pushing the boundaries of what can be done in Mac Office. Explore. Contribute. Reuse. Remix.
  • bitforms
    Celebrating the nexus of art and technology, the gallery is devoted exclusively to digital and digitally-influenced art.
  • Boston Cyberarts Festival
  • Soundtoys
    Established to provide a space for the exhibition of exciting new works by a growing community of audio-visual artists.
  • Entropy8
    Exploring many modes of expression and a journal of the artist's evolutionary phases.
  • Braid Media Arts
    Explores art, vision, and the genius of friendship.
  • Proce55ing
    Environment for creating electronic media, and a sketchbook for developing ideas and context for teaching the fundamentals of computer programming.
  • Atelier Nord Electronic Gallery
    A workshop for electronic art sited in Oslo, Norway. We expose electronic art by professional artists from Norway and other countries
  • Earth Echo
    Enjoy a peaceful moment at this easy to explore online art gallery that reflects Earth's spirit. Updated monthly.
  • Glitch Art
    The aesthetics of digital corruption.
  • 3D Artists
    Extensive 3D art gallery featuring artists from around the world. Also provides tutorials, pictures, and interviews with artists.
  • Two Fifty [pick] [read review]
    Collection of 250 x 250 pixel digital art. Contributions are welcome.
  • IdealWord
    The product of new artistic societies with an aim to raise doubts within the digital art field.
  • Digital Salon
    Dedicated to the exhibition and promotion of digitally intermediated fine art.
  • direct2brain
    Celebrate your cerebral.

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Computer Generated Art > Group Exhibits

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