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  • (incli)NATION
    Blogging about art, architecture, music, technology, and a few other things. Features content mostly related to Seattle, Los Angeles, and NYC, but not exclusively.
  • (re)mark
    Blog of images from the sketchbook of Montr?al, Qu?bec, painter Mark Dixon.
  • All Art News
    Art news from around the world, covering events and exhibitions, museums and galleries, auctions, artists, and many other topics.
  • angry chicken
    Arts and crafts blog describing the various projects completed, with instructions and photos.
  • AntiCraft, The
    Creating a haven for all the sinister crafters of the world. Offers, and invites, projects in a variety of media, including weaving, metallurgy, crochet, soul-painting, and cooking.
  • Aret?
    A rhetorician shares her thoughts, poetry, and ideals.
    Hyper-local look at what's going on in the art world of Los Angeles.
  • Arts - The Spark of Yahoo!
    Collection of arts-related articles from The Spark, the Yahoo! Directory blog written by its Search Editors. Find awesome sites and blog posts on a variety of topics, including art, history, literature, photography, fashion, and architecture.
  • Between the Shots
    Ara Lucia blogs on photography, creative process, gender issues, and politics.
  • BookLust
    Blogger Patricia Storms is a children's book illustrator and cartoonist, graphic designer, and bibliomaniac writing from Toronto, Canada.
  • Christian Artist
    Blog of Fred Galloway, the christian artist who specializes in paintings of landscapes and wildlife scenes.
  • Crazy Aunt Purl
    Musings on knitting, life, and traveling.
  • Creature Comforts Design Blog
    Blogger chronicles her current enthusiasms in the world of art and design.
  • Curbed SF
    Blog about San Francisco neighborhoods, real estate, and architecture.
  • deputydog
    Frequently updated blog dedicated to showcasing weird and incredible examples of world's fascinating architecture, inspirational design, and natural oddities.
    Blog about design and architecture by Eizo Okada. Also in Japanese.
  • Drawn! [pick] [read review]
    Collaborative blog devoted to illustration, art, animation, and cartooning.
  • Eye Level [pick] [read review]
    Blog produced by the Smithsonian American Art Museum.
  • Eyes Wide Apart
    Blog from artist and incessant doodler Paige Pooler.
  • Fitzpatrick, Brad
    A sketchblog by this artist and illustrator.
  • Futuristicky
    Interspersed with paintings of robots, Lisa Beebe writes about futuristic art and technology.
  • GapingVoid
    Cartoons drawn on the back of business cards and commentary on blogging and technology, by Hugh MacLeod.
    Documents his filmmaking and writing projects, which include shorts, animation, and feature film scripts.
  • Gutter, The
    Blog featuring ill-mannered commentary on the architectural arts, including architecture news and designer gossip. From the creators of Curbed.
  • Hay in Art [pick] [read review]
    Blogging about, well, hay in art.
  • INKEDBlog
    Celebrates tattooing as a modern art form that incorporates art, fashion, style, and pop culture.
  • iola
    Redacted by Murph the Surf, aka Robbin Murphy, digital artist and designer, with a focus on the arts.
  • Lectio
    Blogger Heather riffs on writing, life, and knitting.
  • Life Without Buildings
    James Stamp writes about architecture.
  • Light Within, The
    Blog where Corbin Hollis Choate writes about her acrylic work with angels as the theme.
  • Mail Art Postcard Exhibition
    Features cards made entirely by hand as well as completely digital creations.
  • MoCoLoco [pick] [read review]
    Modern contemporary design and architecture.
  • Moleskinerie [pick] [read review]
    Blog dedicated to the Moleskine journal and the proposition that not all notebooks are created equal.
  • Monstercake
    Cast of the odd, unfortunate, and downright horrible, brought to you with daily monster drawings.
  • New York Times: ArtsBeat
    New York Times blog about the arts, music, theater, TV, and movies.
  • not martha
    Crafty Megan Reardon writes about her adventures in making various arts and crafts projects. Includes Craftster, a reader forum, as well as Instructables, a step-by-step guide for making things you never knew you wanted.
  • Open Wide
    A painter, Robert Bingaman, writes daily entries about art, music, film, and culture. His own art and photos are also on display.
  • Outofpaint
    Art blog offering tips to improve art skills.
  • Painter's Keys Community, The
    Robert Genn's archived letters of informed inspiration and artist perspectives for creative people worldwide.
  • Painting a Day, A [pick] [read review]
    Artist Duane Keiser paints one piece a day using a modified cigar box as an easel.
  • Painting A Day, A
    Artist Duane Keiser paints one painting a day, which he then sells.
  • Painting Place, The
    Blog featuring paintings and sketches by Jeff Ward.
  • Pongomania
    A hangout for creatures made of Pongo clay.
  • Rugs of War [pick] [read review]
    Project and blog investigating the history, iconography, production, and distribution of Afghani rugs depicting war.
  • Sellotape Files, The
    Blog offering original sketches and thoughts from Toronto illustrator Eliane Duvekot.
  • Sew Wrong
    Blog fostering a community of domestic artisans and their arts, with a focus on sewing.
  • sfgirlbybay
    Blog showcasing modern bohemian style and decor. Includes photos and drawings of the beautiful and the mundane.
  • sketchcrawl
    Drawing marathons from around the world.
  • So Bad It's Good [pick] [read review]
    Blogging the surreal and fanciful paintings on the windows and walls of carnicerias, taco stands, bars, and restaurants.
  • Solipsistic [pick] [read review]
    A blog of vintage and odd photos, old sounds, and curious writing.
  • Stretch Daily [pick] [read review]
    Daily exercise in creativity, shared online to increase personal accountability.
  • styleborg
    Covers wearable computing, design, fashion, and culture.
  • SunshinesHeaven
    A tattooist based in Arizona presents her work, crazy meanderings, and cool ideas.
  • Tattoo Blog
    Blog on tattoos including entries on acceptance, celebrity tattoos, artists, and exhibitions.
  • The President of Art
    Contemporary art blog with a philosophical and theoretical skepticism of art history and museology.
  • Tropolism
    Dedicated to loving the world of architecture and architects, the urban life, and proposing new alternatives.
  • Typographica
    Daily journal of typography featuring news, observations, and open commentary on fonts and typographic design.
  • we-make-money-not-art
    Blog tracking everything from art and architecture to gadgets, nanotechnology, robots, and trends.
  • we*heart*prints
    Blog features unique art prints found on the web.
  • What the Heck is Art
    Blog takes an irreverent look at the art world.
  • Whip Up [pick] [read review]
    Blog celebrating handcraft in a hectic world.
  • Witty knitter
    Knitting in Sydney and thoughts on a PhD.
  • xylostyle
    Web magazine on fashion, interior design, food and nutrition, media, kids, and more.
  • Yarn Harlot
    Knitting humourist Stephanie Pearl-McPhee "goes on and on" about knitting in her blog.
  • Your Daily Art
    A bite-sized serving of art history every weekday.
  • Zeke's Gallery
    The visual arts world in Montreal sliced and diced, or if you prefer, folded, spindled, and manipulated.

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