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  • Packer, Ann
    From the Borzoi Reader. Includes a profile of the author and an excerpt from Packer's novel The Dive From Clausen's Pier.
  • Page ONE: Author Interviews
    Archive of articles from the literary newsletter.
  • Paglia, Camille@
  • Palac, Lisa (1)
  • Palahniuk, Chuck (6)
    Find sites about Chuck Palahniuk, the American satirical novelist and freelance journalist who wrote the award-winning novel Fight Club. Sites offer biography, essays, articles, excerpts, interviews, pictures, film credits, and reviews of the popular author who is known for his minimalist approach of writing.
  • Palatini, Margie
    Author of Piggie Pie!, Zoom Broom, Ding Dong Ding Dong, Moosetache, Bedhead, and more.
  • Paley, Grace@
  • Palin, Michael@
  • Palme, David
    Stories of gruesome horror.
  • Palmer, Diana
    Home on the web for the author of such series as the Long Tall Texans and Soldier of Fortune.
  • Palmer, Michael
    Features information on his books, family, and personal history.
  • Pamuk, Orhan (11)
  • Panhuyzen, Brian
    Author of an upcoming collection of short stories.
  • Pankey, Eric (1)
  • Paolini, Christopher (8)
  • Paretsky, Sara (1)
    Learn about Sara Paretsky, the American author of detective novels, the renowned V.I. Warshawski series. Sites provide biography, crime novels and other writings, photos, and news archives about the writer who transformed the image of women in the crime novel with her creation of the female private investigator, V.I.Warshawski.
  • Paris, Bob@
  • Park, Barbara@
  • Park, Linda Sue@
  • Parker, Barbara@
  • Parker, Dorothy (1893-1967) (7)
    Find sites for Dorothy Parker or Dottie, one of the primary members of the renowned Algonquin Round Table. Sites include biography, quotes, quips, poems, audio clips, and film credits of the American writer and poet known for her caustic wisecracks at urban foibles.
  • Parker, Robert B. (5)
    Read about Spenser, the fictional character in a series of detective novels and his creator, the American mystery writer Robert B. Parker. Sites include Spenser novels, book synopses, biographical profile, news, reviews, and fan sites for the smart-mouthed tough private eye with a heart of gold.
  • Parkhurst, Carolyn
    Novelist whose books include The Dogs of Babel. Site features news, tour info, reviews, and links.
  • Parks, Gordon (1912-2006)@
  • Parks, Suzan-Lori (2)
  • Parks, Tim (2)
  • Parr, Todd
    Illustrator, writer of kids' books, and designer of clothing and interiors.
  • Parrish, P.J.
    Official site for the author of Dark of the Moon and the Louis Kincaid detective series.
  • Parrott, M.R.M.
  • Parsons, Alexander
    Author of the prison novel Leaving Disneyland.
  • Parsons, Tony (2)
  • Paschen, Elise
    About the life and works of the Osage poet.
  • Pascoe, Bruce
    Australian author of short stories, and novels.
  • Pasolini, Pier Paolo (1922-1975)@
  • Passarella, Jack
    Author of the novel Wither.
  • Pasternak, Boris (1890-1960) (8)
  • Patchen, Kenneth (1911-1972) (4)
  • Patchett, Ann (5)
  • Patent, Dorothy Hinshaw
    Information about the author and her nature books for children.
  • Pater, Walter (1839-1864)@
  • Paterson, Andrew Barton (Banjo) (1864-1941) (3)
  • Paterson, Katherine (1)
    Read about Katherine Paterson, the award-winning American author who wrote books such as Master Puppeteer, The Great Gilly Hopkins, Terabithia, Jip, His Story, and many more. Sites offer biography, book list, summaries of all books, awards, events, reviews, and lesson plans for the children's author.
  • Paton, Alan (1903-1988) (6)
  • Patterson, James (2)
    Read about James Patterson, the award-winning author of detective fiction including the Alex Cross thriller series and Women's Murder Club series. Sites include biography, works, interviews, reviews, excerpts, and filmography of the writer who coined the slogan Toys R Us Kid.
  • Paul, Barbara
    Mystery novelist.
  • Paul, Caroline
    Female firefighter, novelist, and author of the memoir Fighting Fire.
  • Paulsen, Gary@
  • Pausch, Randy@
  • Pavese, Cesare
    Nel Mondo cosi' visse la solitudine.
  • Paxman, Jeremy@
  • Payne, C.D.
    Devoted to the comic novels of the author of Youth in Revolt: the Journals of Nick Twisp.
  • Paz, Octavio (1914-1998) (4)
  • PBS: In Search of Shakespeare
    Four-part series exploring the life of William Shakespeare, the poet and playwright who became known simply as the Bard. Includes episode guide, John Fribbling's slightly mad Shakespeare dossier, and the Playwright Game.
  • Peacock, Thomas Love (1785-1866) (1)
  • Peake, Mervyn (1911-1968) (5)
  • Pearson, Kit
    Official site of Kit Pearson, the children's author from Canada. Features biography and summaries of books.
  • Pearson, Ridley
    Includes profiles, biographies, photos, and more.
  • Pearson, T.R. (1)
  • Peck, M. Scott
    Author of The Road Less Traveled.
  • Peck, Richard@
  • Peck, Sylvia - Seal Child
    By Sylvia Peck. Site includes activities for children and an opportunity to see new books by the author.
  • Pelecanos, George
    Official site for the author of crime novels including Hard Revolution, Shame the Devil, and King Suckerman.
  • Pelevin, Viktor (1)
  • Pelzer, Dave (4)
  • Pence, Joanne
    Author of the Angie Amalfi mysteries, which combine mystery, romance, humor, and food.
  • Pendleton, Austin@
  • Pendleton, Don (2)
  • Penfield, Wilder Graves (1891-1976)@
  • Penman, Sharon Kay
    Author of historical novels and medieval mysteries.
  • Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival
    Professional, nonprofit company dedicated to making the masterpieces of Shakespeare and other classic playwrights accessible to all in our region.
  • Penobscot Theatre Company
    Presenting childrens programs and the Maine Shakespeare Festival.
  • Pepin, Jacques@
    Learn more about Jacques Pepin, the famous chef, cookbook author, and food columnist. Browse through sites featuring his biography, recipes, photos, artwork, and cooking tips.
  • Pepys, Samuel (1633-1703) (4)
    Find sites about Samuel Pepys, the English Member of Parliament famous for his diaries. Sites provide biography, articles, and transcipts of the diaries that provides eyewitness accounts of events, such as the Great Plague of London, the Second Dutch War, and the Great Fire of London.
  • Percy, Walker (1916-1990) (2)
  • Perec, Georges (1936-1982) (1)
  • Perelman, S. J. (1904-1979) (2)
  • Perez-Reverte, Arturo (2)
  • Pericles, Prince of Tyre@
  • Perkins, Emily (2)
  • Perkins, George
    Contains bibliography, biograpphy, photos, and books in progress of this Michigan author.
  • Perry, Anne (3)
  • Perry, Tyler@
  • Pessoa, Fernando (1888-1935) (3)
  • Peters, Cash
    Official site for Cash Peters, travel writer-turned-TV presenter.
  • Peters, Elizabeth (3)
  • Peters, Ellis (2)
    Learn about Brother Cadfael, the fictional detective monk and his creator Edith Pargeter with the nom de plume, Ellis Peters. Sites feature author profile, Cadfael novels, bibliography, cover gallery, and synopses of the series of murder mysteries solved by the Welsh monk.
  • Peters, Julie Anne
    Author of The Snob Squad series and other titles for young readers. Includes reviews, contact information, and links.
  • Peters, Mark (3)
  • Petit, Marianne
    Author of A Find Through Time. Site offers biography, excerpts, and writing tips.
  • Petrarch, Francesco (1304-1374) (5)
  • Petrucci, Mario
    Poet, writer, and teacher.
  • Philadelphia Shakespeare Festival
    Dedicated to performing the works of the Bard.
  • Philbrick, Nathaniel
    Official site for bestselling author Nathaniel Philbrick. Includes information on his books In the Heart of the Sea and Mayflower.
  • Philbrick, Rodman (1)
  • Philip Larkin Society, The
    Provides a forum for the discussion of all aspects of Larkin's work as poet, novelist, jazz critic, and librarian.
  • Philip Roth Society
    Devoted to the study and appreciation of the works of Philip Roth.
  • Philips, Ian (2)
  • Phillips, Caryl
    Official site for the British novelist, screenwriter, and journalist.
  • Phillips, Kevin (7)
  • Phillips, Laurence
  • Phillips, Susan Elizabeth
    Official site for the bestselling author of historical and contemporary romance books, including Just Imagine and First Lady.
  • Piazza, Tom
    Fiction writer, music critic, journalist, lecturer, and jazz pianist.
  • Picoult, Jodi
    Official site for the author whose novels include The Pact, Keeping Faith, and Plain Truth.
  • Pierce, Charles@
  • Pierce, Tamora (4)
  • Piercy, Marge@
  • Pike, Christopher@
  • Pilcher, Rosamunde (3)
  • Pilkey, Dav (2)
    Meet Dav Pilkey, the American illustrator and creator of Captain Underpants, Professor Poopypants, Dogzilla, Kat Kong, and other popular children's comics. Sites include autobiographical essay, illustrations, puzzles, and sample pages.
  • Pinchot, Gifford (1865-1946)@
  • Pindar (522-446 BCE) (4)
  • Pinero, Miguel (1946-1988)@
  • Pinker, Steven@
    Essays, book excerpts, papers, and biographical information for Steven Pinker, professor and researcher of language and cognition.
  • Pinkney, Brian@
  • Pinkwater, Daniel (4)
  • Pinsky, Robert (11)
  • Pinter, Harold (1930-2008) (17)
  • Pirandello Society of America
    Dedicated to the playwright and Nobel laureate.
  • Pirandello, Luigi (1867-1936) (6)
  • Pitt, Todd
    Complete text of the original poem Plum Flowers--I by Todd Pitt as well as an introduction of how the project started after taking a class with Carolyn Forche on the poetry of witness. The poem generator randomizes the text of the original Plum Flowers.
  • Plath, Sylvia (1932-1963) (24)
  • Platt, Randall
    Fiction for adults, young adults, and people who don't own up to being either.
  • Plautus, Titus Maccius (c.254-184 BCE) (7)
    Features William Shakespeare's biography, play synopses, and a discussion forum.
  • Plimpton, George (1927-2003) (7)
    Read about George Plimpton, the American journalist, writer, editor, and actor. Sites feature bibliography and filmography, book excerpts and interviews, articles, reviews, and biography of the editor-in-chief of The Paris Review.
  • Plutarch (c.46-c.120) (7)
  • Po Ch?-yi (772-846) (3)
  • Poarch, Candice
    The bestselling author presents her latest novel and chapter excerpts from her previous releases.
  • Poe, Edgar Allan (1809-1849) (48)
    Learn about Edgar Allan Poe, the American poet, short story writer, playwright, editor, literary critic, and essayist. Sites include bio, articles, research and criticism, and the works of one of the leaders of the American Romantic Movement.
  • Poetry With Video
    Video by Stuart Pound with poems by Rosemary Norman and Jane Michelson.
  • Poets and Writers: William Shakespeare
    Biography of playwright William Shakespeare, along with a list of Shakespeare's plays.
  • William Shakespeare
    Provides a brief biography of William Shakespeare, as well as selected sonnets and quotes.
  • Points, Larry
    Seashore naturalist and co-author of children's nature books. Site includes information on books and school visits.
  • Polacco, Patricia (1)
    Find sites for Patricia Polacco, the American author and illustrator of children's picture books. Sites feature biography, illustrations, excerpts, coloring pages, and about her storybooks such as Pink and Say, Meteor, and Thunder Cake.
  • Poland, Tim
    Features some of the author's short stories, poetry, and essays.
  • Polisar, Barry Louis
    One-man symphony of comic anarchy. Includes his books, videos and music.
  • Politt, Katha@
  • Pollack, Neal (1)
  • Pollan, Michael (5)
  • Polo, Marco (1254-1324)@
  • Pool, Maria Louise
    (1841-1898) Victorian lesbian author of novels about women set in New England and the South.
  • Popcorn, Faith (2)
  • Pope, Alexander (1688-1731) (6)
  • Porter, Dorothy@
  • Porter, Katherine Anne (1890-1980) (2)
  • Porterfield, Nolan
    Author of the novel A Way of Knowing, among others.
  • Posner, Gerald
    Includes previous books and new projects. Download earlier articles keep abreast of media spots,lectures, and bookstore signings.
  • Post, Sam
    Synopses, excerpts, production histories, reviews, and more.
  • Postrel, Virginia
    Writes the Economic Scene column for The New York Times business section. Includes details of her book The Future and Its Enemies.
  • Potok, Chaim (1929-2002)@
  • Potter, Beatrix (1866-1943) (2)
    Explore Beatrix Potter and her world of Peter Rabbit, Miss Moppet, Mrs. Tiggy Winkle, and Hunca Munca through sites featuring biography, influences, illustrated works, and characters from the British illustrator's bunny tales.
  • Potter, Dennis (1935-1994)@
  • Potts, Rolf
    Author of the Vagabonding column in Site features updates, archives, and information on radio appearances.
  • Potupa, Alexander S.
    Includes biography, pictures, and articles from the futurist, sociologist, author, and physicist.
  • Pound, Ezra (1885-1972) (1)
  • Poundstone, William@
  • Pournelle, Jerry (3)
  • Powell, Anthony (1905-2000) (3)
  • Powell, Dawn (1896-1965) (2)
  • Powell, Julie (2)
  • Powell, Randy
    Includes background, books, school visits, and what's new.
  • Powell's Books: Author Interviews
    Collection of interviews with visiting authors.
  • Powers, Richard (2)
  • Poyer, David
    Defense analyst and author of historical and modern maritime novels such as Black Storm and A Country of Our Own.
  • Prabhu, Gayathri
    Novelist and screenwriter, with excerpts from her first novel, Maya.
  • Pratchett, Terry (7)
  • Pratt, James Michael
    Author of The Last Valentine.
  • Prejean, Sister Helen@
  • Prelutsky, Jack (2)
  • Premchand, Munshi (1880-1936) (3)
    Learn about Munshi Premchand, one of the greatest authors of the 20th century Hindi and Urdu literature. Sites offer biography, short stories, novels, films and TV serials based on his books, and trivia about the literary doyen who used the common man's dialect for story-telling.
  • Prescott, Michael
    Author of the forthcoming suspense novel Comes the Dark.
  • Pressfield, Steven (1)
  • Preston, Douglas and Lincoln Child
    Learn more about the authors, their collaboration, and their books, past, present, and future.
  • Preston, John (1945-1994) (1)
  • Preston, Richard
    Bestelling author of The Hot Zone, Demon in the Freezer, and Cobra Event.
  • Price, Lia Scott
    Horror novelist. Also writes short stories and film scripts.
  • Price, Reynolds@
  • Price, Richard (1)
  • Priestly, J.B. (1894-1984) (1)
  • Princeton Rep Company/Princeton Rep Shakespeare Festival
    Nomadic company premiering contemporary plays and reinterpretations of classics, as well as producing free Shakespeare in the Square performances.
  • Procopius of Caesarea (490?-560?)
    Text of his "The Secret History," which concerns the reign of the Roman emperor Justinian.
  • Prosek, James
    Features excerpts from his books on fishing, and images of his fish watercolors.
  • Proulx, E. Annie (8)
  • Proust, Marcel (1871-1922) (4)
  • Pryor, Michael
    Writer of novels and short stories for adults, teenagers, and younger readers.
  • Pryor, William
    Writes fiction, poetry, and non fiction memoirs about '60s counterculture and drug addiction. Works include 'The Survival of the Coolest' and 'Stories on the Way Home'.
  • Puig, Manuel (1932-1990) (3)
  • Pullman, Philip (10)
  • Pulver, Robin
    Official site for the author of the Mrs. Toggle books. Includes biography and information on school visits.
  • Pushkin, Aleksandr (1799-1837) (2)
  • Putney, Mary Jo
    Official site for the bestselling author.
  • Puzo, Mario (1920-1999) (4)
  • Pym, Barbara (1913-1980) (1)
  • Pynchon, Thomas (12)
    Find sites about Thomas Pynchon, the American author who is distinguished by his dense and complex style of fiction writing. Sites offer biography, literary works, reading guides, reviews, online texts, plot summaries, and photos of the writer whose works include The Crying of Lot 49, Gravity's Rainbow, Vineland, Mason & Dixon, and Against the Day.
  • Pyne, Stephen J. (1)

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