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    Resource for publishing, media, appearance, and contact information for authors.
  • L?nnrot, Elias (1802 - 1884) (5)
  • L.M. Montgomery Institute
    Dedicated to helping students and scholars learn about and study L.M. Montgomery's life, works, and influence.
  • L'Amour, Louis (1908-1988) (2)
  • L'Engle, Madeleine (7)
  • La Croce, James F.
    Office site of James F. La Croce, author of Escape from Hell and the Almighty White Guy with a Beard.
  • LaBute, Neil@
  • Lacey, Robert
    Official site for the biographer and historian whose books include The Year 1000, Grace, Princess, and The Kingdom.
  • Lackey, Mercedes (2)
  • Ladoo, Harold Sonny
    Features background on the life and work of this Trinidadian/Canadian novelist.
  • LaFaye, Alexandria
    Author of the Year of the Sawdust Man.
  • LaFlamme, Mark
    About the novel, the Pink Room, by award winning journalist Mark LaFlamme with teaser and sample chapter. Also includes short fiction stories, author biography, and more.
  • Lagerkvist, P?r Fabian (1891-1974) (1)
  • Lagerl?f, Selma (1858-1940) (5)
  • Lagier, Jennifer
    Includes links to online texts by the Italian-American poet.
  • LaGuire, Camille Allen
  • Lahiri, Jhumpa (5)
  • Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival at Sand Harbor
    Season, staff, and local information.
  • Lakshmi, Padma@
  • Lam, Andrew
    Essays and short stories by this Pacific News Service Editor and NPR commentator.
  • LaManna, Ross
    Biography, news, links, and information about his first novel, Acid Test.
  • Lamantia, Philip@
  • Lamb, Charles (1775-1834) (5)
  • Lamb, Wally (2)
  • Lamont, Billy
    Poet, lyricist, performance artist, photographer, philosopher, activist, and follower of Jesus Christ.
  • Lamott, Anne@
  • Lance, Peter
    Investigative reporter, novelist, and screenwriter. Author of Cover Up, a book about what the 9/11 Commission report left out.
  • Lanchester, John (3)
  • Lane, Anthony@
    Learn about Anthony Lane, the film reviewer of The New York magazine. Sites offer biography, articles, audio archives, and excerpts of Lane's writings known for 'fizzy' style and wit.
  • Langdo, Bryan
    Inspired by cartoons, and still drawing funny looking characters.
  • Langland, William (1332-1400) (4)
  • Langston Hughes Society
    National association of scholars, teachers, creative and performing artists, undergraduates, graduate students, and lay persons with a serious interest in the life and writings of Langston Hughes.
  • Lanier, Sidney (1842-1881)@
  • Lannes, Roberta
    Author of horror stories such as Goodbye, Dark Love, and the collection The Mirror of Night.
  • Lansdale, Joe R.
    Champion Mojo storyteller of horror, suspense, Westerns, and other stories.
  • Lanyer, Aemilia (1569-1645) (1)
  • Lao Zi@
  • Lapham, Lewis (3)
  • LaPierre, Janet
    Author of the Meg Halloran mysteries, set on California's Mendocino Coast.
  • Lardner, Kym
    Author, illustrator, and storyteller.
  • Lardner, Ring (1885-1933)@
  • Lardner, Ring Jr. (1915-2000)
    Novelist, screenwriter, and a member of the Hollywood 10.
  • Larke, Joe
    Writes both poems and children's stories. Also offers presentations on the writing process.
  • Larkin, Mary A.
    Belfast-born author of For Better, For Worse, The Wasted Years, and other titles.
  • Larkin, Philip (1922-1985) (4)
  • Larner, Monica
    Travel writer specializing in books about Italy, including In Love in Italy, Living, Studying, and Working in Italy, and Buying Property in Italy.
  • Larsen, Nella (1891-1964)@
  • Larson, Erik
    Author of Devil in the White City, a historical account of the Chicago World's Fair.
  • Larsson, Stieg (3)
  • Last Poets@
  • Latt, Mimi
    Author of the legal thriller Ultimate Justice.
  • Lauck, Jennifer
    Features information on Blackbird, a memoir of Lauck's complicated childhood.
  • Laurence, Margaret (1926-1987) (4)
  • Laurens, Stephanie
    Author of Regency and historical romances.
  • Laurents, Arthur
    Biography of the librettist of West Side Story, Gypsy, and Anyone Can Whistle.
  • Laux, Dorianne (2)
  • Law, Adhara
    Presents an archive of published and unpublished pieces.
  • Lawhead, Stephen R. (1)
  • Lawrence, D.H. (1885-1930)@
  • Lawrence, Jerome (1)
  • Lawrence, Martha C.
    Author of the mystery series featuring psychic P.I. Elizabeth Chase.
  • Lawrence, Michael
    Author of the Jiggy McCue books, the Baby Loves books, The Poppykettle Papers, and The Caterpillar That Roared, among others.
  • Lawrence, Thomas Edward (1888-1935)@
  • Lawson, Henry (1867-1922)@
  • Lawson, Julie@
  • Lawson, Nigella@
    Explore sites about Nigella Lawson, tv cook and author of cookbooks. Pages includes her official site, television sites, interviews, and biographies.
  • Laxness, Halld?r (1902-1998) (2)
  • Laye, Camara (1928-1980)@
  • Layton, Edith
    Writer of historical romances.
  • Lazarus, Emma (1849-1887) (3)
  • le Carr?, John (5)
  • Le Clezio, Jean-Marie Gustave (2)
  • Le Guin, Ursula K. (18)
  • Leacock, Stephen (1869-1944)@
  • Leaf, Munro (1)
  • Leakey, Louis S.B. (1903-1972)@
  • Leakey, Mary (1913-1996)@
  • Leakey, Richard (1944-)@
  • Lear, Edward (1812-1888) (6)
  • Leary, Timothy (1920-1996) (3)
    Learn about Timothy Francis Leary, the American writer, psychologist, and a 1960s counterculture icon who advocated psychedelic drug research and use. Sites feature biography, articles, news about the FBI files, a guided tour through his home, and obituary.
  • Least Heat-Moon, William (4)
  • Leather, Stephen
    Produces tersely-written exciting action thrillers full of mystery and intrigue.
  • Lebrecht, Norman
    Official site for the award-winning novelist, radio presenter, and music commentator.
  • Leclaire, Day
    Read excerpts from her latest releases.
  • Lederer, Katy@
  • Lee, Chang-Rae (2)
  • Lee, Darrien
    Author of All That and a Bag of Chips. Site features biography, excerpts, and news.
  • Lee, Harper (27)
  • Lee, Li-Young (3)
  • Lee, Mary Soon
  • Lee, Robert Edwin (1918-1994) (1)
  • Lee, Tanith (2)
  • Leebron, Fred
    Features an original short story and excerpts from his new novel, and from a novel in progress.
  • Leedy, Loreen
    Writes and illustrates children's picture books with math, science, and language arts content, and fun characters.
  • Lehane, Dennis (6)
    Learn about Dennis Lehane, the American author of mystery and thriller novels including the bestselling Mystic River. Sites provide biography, filmography, works, interviews, book summaries, discussion froum, and online resources for the mystery writer whose other works include Shutter Island, Prayers for Rain, and Gone, Baby, Gone.
  • Lehman, David (4)
  • Lehmann, Rosamond (1901-1990)
    Offers information about the English novelist and her works, including Dusty Answer and Invitation to the Waltz.
  • Lehrman, Karen@
  • Leiber, Fritz
    Covering all aspects of Fritz Leiber's work, including reviews, biography pages for every book, magazine illustrations.
  • Leigh, Ana
  • Leight, Warren (1)
  • Leinster, Murray (1896-1975) (2)
  • Lem, Stanislaw (1921-2006) (2)
  • Lemus, Felicia Luna
    Author of the novel Trace Elements of Random Tea Parties.
  • Lendennie, Jessie
    Poet founder of one of Ireland's major literary presses, Salmon Publishing. Contains biography, publications, photo gallery, and more.
  • Lenski, Lois (1893-1974) (2)
  • Leonard, Elmore (6)
    Find sites on Elmore Lepnard, the American novelist and screenwriter. Sites include biography, bibliography and filmography, reviews and articles, audio clips, and news on the author of Out of Sight, Get Shorty, and Rum Punch.
  • Leonard, Tina
    Reviews, excerpts, and upcoming news about the author.
  • Leopold, Aldo (1887-1948)@
  • Lermontov, Mikhail (1814-1841)@
  • LeRoy, JT (3)
  • Leroy, Margaret
    Works include Trust, Pleasure, Alison's Shoes, and Some Girls Do.
  • Lescroart, John
    Legal suspense.
  • LeShan, Eda (1922-2002) (1)
  • Lessing, Doris (9)
  • Lethem, Jonathan@
  • Leupin, Alexandre
    Preeminent critic who uses contemporary critical methods in reading Medieval French literature (in particular Arthurian romance, theater, provencal lyrics, and epics).
  • Levertov, Denise (1923-1997) (3)
    Learn about Denise Levertov, the British-born, American poet from the Beat Generation whose style has been described as "deceptively matter of fact". Sites include biography, photographs, review, and poems.
  • Levi, Primo (1919-1987) (5)
  • Leviit, Peter
    American poet, writer, and workshop leader living in British Columbia. Highlights include information on his books, interviews, and a schedule of appearances.
  • Levin, Ira@
  • Levine, Gail Carson (2)
  • Levine, Philip (7)
  • Levine, Shar
    Author of hands-on science experiments and activities for kids aged 5-12.
  • Levis, Larry (1946-1996) (2)
  • Levy, Andrea (1)
  • levy, d.a. (1942-1968) (3)
    Find out about d.a.levy, the American artist, poet, and alternative publisher known for his works like The North American Book of the Dead, Cleveland Undercovers, and Suburban Monastery Poem through sites offering biography, bibliography, poems, essays, and commentary on his unique style of poetry.
  • Lewin, Patricia
    Author of the suspense novel Running Blind.
  • Lewis, Bernard@
  • Lewis, Beverly
    Author of The Heritage of Lancaster County and the Cul-de-Sac Kids series.
  • Lewis, C.S. (1898-1963) (19)
    Learn about C.S. Lewis, the Irish author known for his medieval literature, Christian apologetics, and literary criticism as well as for his popular children's series, The Chronicles of Narnia. Sites offer biography, lists of fiction and nonfiction works, articles, news, forums, stage and screen adaptations, and reading group guides to Lewis' popular works.
  • Lewis, Gwyneth (4)
  • Lewis, Mathew (1775-1818) (8)
  • Lewis, Michael
    Homepage for the journalist and author whose bestselling works include Liar's Poker, The New New Thing, and Next.
  • Lewis, Sara
    Author of short stories and novels, including Heart Conditions and But I Love You Anyway.
  • Lewis, Sinclair (1885-1951) (3)
  • Lexington, Mick
    Writer of fiction and poetry.
  • Leyner, Mark (2)
  • Li Po (701-762) (2)
  • Li Shang-yin (813-858)@
  • Libera, Antoni (3)
  • Library of Russian Poets
    In Russian.
  • Lies, Brian
    Includes book lists, biography, art gallery, activities, and more fun stuff.
  • Life and Works of Famous American Poets
    Research project profiles famous American poets with biographies and sample poems.
  • Liftin, Hilary
    Author of Candy and Me and Dear Exile. Includes an online community for sharing candy reminiscences.
  • Lightman, Alan (2)
  • Lim, Catherine (2)
  • Lindbergh, Anne Morrow (1906-2001) (5)
  • Lindgren, Astrid (1907-2002) (6)
    Learn about Astrid Lindgren, the Swedish children's author and screenwriter, known for the Pippi Longstocking books. Sites offer biography, awards, filmography, bibliography, articles, and information about the theme park dedicated to her in Sweden.
  • Lindquist, Mark
    Author of Never Mind Nirvana, Carnival Desires, and Sad Movies. Includes reviews, articles, interviews, and more.
  • Lindquist, Susan Hart
    Poet and author of children's novels.
  • Lindsay, David@
  • Lindsay, Douglas
    Promotes Lindsay's comedy/crime Barney Thomson novels.
  • Lindsay, Norman (1879-1969)@
  • Ling, John
    Malaysian-born writer of romanticized action-dramas and high-concept pulp thrillers. Site offers bio, publications, previews, and reviews of his books.
  • Linz, Cathie
    Named Romantic Times Storyteller of the Year, she specializes in love and laughter. Site includes titles and order information.
  • Lionni, Leo (1910-1999)@
  • Lippman, Laura
    Creator of the Tess Monaghan series, set in Baltimore, Maryland.
  • Lisle, Holly
    Contests, preview chapters, online newsletter, cover art, and some other neat things.
  • Liss, David
    Author of A Conspiracy of Paper, a historical mystery set in 18th-century London that concerns the origin of modern finance.
  • Lisson, Deborah
    Award winning author of several books, including The Devil's Own and The Warrigal.
  • Literature Network: Authors
    Resources for many classic authors, including biographies and online works.
  • Literature Network: William Shakespeare
    Online texts of Shakespeare's plays and poetry, including selected tragedies, histories, comedies, and sonnets. Includes a Shakespeare biography and a plot summary for each work.
  • Literature-Map
    Enter an author's name and see the connections amongst other writers in fiction, nonfiction, and poetry.
  • Litt, Toby (5)
  • Littleford, Clare
    Nottingham-based psychological crime writer of Beholden.
  • Litton, Josie
    Official site for the author whose books include Believe in Me and Come Back to Me.
  • Lively, Penelope@
  • Llosa, Mario Vargas (1)
  • Lock, Kate
    Author profile including extracts from novelizations of The Bill and EastEnders.
  • Lodge, David (5)
  • Lofting, Hugh (1886-1947)
    Provides biography and photos of the author of the Doctor Dolittle books.
  • Loh, Sandra Tsing@
  • Lohrbeer, Trevor (museSpace)
    Focuses on inspiring other people and being inspired.
  • London, Jack (1876-1916) (8)
  • London, Julia
    Includes author bio, book excerpts, mailing list, and links to other romance web sites.
  • Lonergan, Kenneth (1)
  • Long Beach Shakespeare Company - Long Beach, CA
    Produces annual summer festivals and conducts workshops to introduce various authors and playwrights to students.
  • Long, Karawynn (2)
  • Longfellow Society, The
    Features a biography of the poet, as well as information on various Longfellow-related homes.
  • Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth (1807-1882) (6)
  • Longley, Michael (2)
  • Loos, Anita (1888-1981) (1)
  • Lopez, Barry@
  • Lopez, Erika
    Author of Flaming Iguanas, Lap Dancing for Mommy, and They Call Me Mad Dog.
  • Lord, Sherrie
    Author of Christian romances.
  • Lorde, Audre (1934-1992) (2)
  • Los Angeles Women's Shakespeare Company
    Produces all-female, multiracial productions of Shakespeare's plays.
  • Lott, Tim (1)
  • Love's Labour's Lost@
  • Lovecraft, H.P. (1890-1937) (21)
    Read about H.P Lovecraft, the American writer of fantasy, horror, and science fiction. Sites provide biography and bibliography, articles, guides, news, and search engines for the creator of for the Cthulhu Mythos.
  • Lovejoy, Sharon
    Official site of the gardening, herb, and nature author, columnist, illustrator, and lecturer offers a newsletter, educational and gardening resources, recommended readings, a list of upcoming appearances, and information on her books.
  • Lovelace, Earl (2)
  • Lovelace, Maud Hart (1892-1980) (1)
  • Lovelace, Richard (1618-1657)
    Biography as well as a collection of works and web resources for the seventeenth century Cavalier poet.
  • Lovell, Mary S.
    Biographer of Beryl Markham, Amelia Earhart, Jane Digby, Sir Richard Burton, Betty "Cynthia" Pack, the Mitford Girls, and Bess of Hardwick.
  • Lovett, Sarah
    Her novels have been described as thrillers, noir murder mysteries, psycho-thrillers, and a hard-edged forensic series.
  • Lowell, Amy (1874-1925) (10)
  • Lowell, Elizabeth
    Complete list of books, a guide to sequels, and a bulletin board for fans to interact with the author.
  • Lowell, Robert (1917-1977) (5)
  • Lowry, Lois@
  • Loy, Mina (1882-1966) (2)
  • Lubar, David
    Author of Hidden Talents, Monster Road, and other books for kids and young adults.
  • Lucado, Max
    Official site for the author, speaker, and pastor. Includes book excerpts and prayers and commentary on current events.
  • Lucas, John
    Author of humorous science fiction, including the novel Faster Than Light.
  • Luce, Claire Booth (1903-1987)
    1987 New York Times obituary for playwright and politician Clare Booth Luce.
  • Ludlum, Robert (1927-2001) (6)
  • Lumley, Brian (1)
  • Lunn, Hugh
    Writer of a childhood memoir, Over The Top With Jim. Includes book extracts and photos.
  • Luria, Alexander Romanovich (1902-1977)@
  • Lurie, Alison (5)
  • Lycurgus of Sparta (2)
  • Lydgate, John (1370-1451)
  • Lyly, John (1554-1606) (1)
  • Lynch, Anne C.
    Also known by her married name, Botta. Most of these poems date from the 1840s.
  • Lynnford, Janet
    Author of historical romances.

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