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  • Jackson, Ellen
    Official site for the award-winning author of fiction and nonfiction books for kids. Site includes activities for children and resources for parents, teachers, and authors.
  • Jackson, Lisa (1)
  • Jackson, Monica
    Multicultural romance author.
  • Jackson, Phil@
  • Jackson, Shelley (4)
  • Jackson, Shirley (1917-1965)@
  • Jaco, Charles
    Novelist, war correspondent, network news anchor, radio talk host, and public speaker.
  • Jacobs, Harriet Ann (1813-1897)@
  • Jacobsen, Josephine (1908-2003) (2)
  • Jacobson, Howard (3)
  • Jacobson, Steve
    Website of Pulitzer Prize nominated sportswriter Steve Jacobson, author of Carrying Jackie's Torch, The Pitching Staff, and The Best Team Money Could Buy.
  • Jacoby, Kate
    Author of the Legends of Elita series.
  • Jacques, Brian (10)
    Learn about Brian Jacques, the British author best known for his Redwall series of fantasy books, as well as the Tribes of Redwall, and Castaways of the Flying. Sites offer biography, book information, writing process, interview, recipes, and encycolpedic information about the Redwall world.
  • Jaffe-Gill, Ellen
    Journalist, singer, and author of books for adults and teens. Aka Ellen Jaffe McClain.
  • Jaffe, Larry
    Co-host of PoeticLicense at Hollywood's Moondog Cafe.
  • Jaffe, Rona (1)
  • Jakes, John
    Author of historical fiction including Kent Family Chronicles, North and South, Homeland and American Dreams.
  • James Fenimore Cooper Society
    Includes texts, reference materials, and articles relating to the author's life and works.
  • James, C.L.R. (1901-1989)@
  • James, Clive
    Personal website of this Australian broadcaster and author. Includes audio and video.
  • James, Henry (1843-1916) (6)
  • James, Lily
    Author of High Drama in Fabulous Toledo.
  • James, P.D. (1)
  • James, Samantha
    Historical romance author.
  • James, Wayne
    Author of When Only The Moon Rages, a collection of science fiction and horror short stories and poems.
  • Jameson, Bronwyn
    Australian author of contemporary romances, including In Bed with the Boss's Daughter.
  • Jance, J.A.
    Author of the J.P Beaumont and Joanna Brady mysteries and the Hour of the Hunter and Kiss of the Bees thrillers.
  • Janicke, Gregory
    Offers information on Shadow Beasts, an illustrated sci-fi/fantasy series, and Fizzik Rules science cartoons, workshops, and paintings.
  • Janowitz, Tama
    Includes a biography, interview, and an extract from her novel A Certain Age.
  • Janson, Hank (1917-1989) (2)
    Find sites on Hank Janson, the author of pulp gangster novels. Sites include biography, bibliography, and reviews on the novels of the author who sold over 8 million in five years.
  • Jansson, Tove (1914-2001) (9)
  • Jarman. Mark (3)
  • Jarow, Rick
    author of "Creating the Work You Love."
  • Jarrell, Randall (1914-1965) (4)
  • Jarry, Alfred (1873-1907) (2)
  • Jarvis, Robin
    Offers information about the British children's fantasy author and illustrator whose work includes The Deptford Mice and Wyrd Museum series.
  • Jay, Ricky@
  • Jaye Lewis, Marilyn
    Author and editor of bisexual erotic fiction.
  • Jeffers, Robinson (1887-1962) (2)
  • Jeffreys, Colvin (2)
  • Jeffries, Sabrina
    Author of historical pirate romances.
  • Jelinek, Elfriede (2)
  • Jenkins, Emily
    Author of Tongue First: Adventures in Physical Culture.
  • Jenkins, Jerry
  • Jenkins, Peter
    For those interested in adventure, travel, and the author.
  • Jennings, Paul
    All the latest news, information and games relating to some of my books from the official Paul Jennings file.
  • Jensen, Emma
    Regency and Regency Era Historical author.
  • Jensen, Jane
    Author and game designer of Judgment Day, formerly known as Millennium Rising, and the Gabriel Knight series.
  • Jensen, Jens
    Features reviews, book details, selected chapters, research, and travels of the Danish author.
  • Jensen, Liz
    Official site featuring news, reviews, and information on Jensen's novel The Paper Eater.
  • Jernigan, Brenda K.
    Author of historical romance novels, published works include The Duke's Lady, The Wicked Lady, and Love Only Once.
  • Jerome K Jerome Society, The
    Dedicated to preserving information about the author of Three Men in a Boat.
  • Jerome, Jerome K. (1859-1927) (5)
  • Jewett, Sarah Orne (1849-1909) (4)
  • Jhabvala, Ruth Prawer (4)
  • Jim?nez, Juan Ramon (1881-1958) (4)
  • Jin, Ha (3)
  • Joans, Ted (1)
  • Johansen, K.V.
    Writer of fantasy books for children and adults.
  • Johanson, Donald C. (1943-)@
  • John Gray Online
    Information about the author of "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus" and his seminars.
  • John Powers
    Includes an excerpt and links to interviews with the author, John Powers.
  • John, Cathie
    Author of the Little Mexico and Kate Cavanaugh mystery series.
  • Johns, Captain W.E. (1893-1968)
    Home of the International Biggles Association, dedicated to the Biggles series, and other books by the author.
  • Johnson, Crockett (1906-1975) (1)
  • Johnson, Denis@
  • Johnson, Diane@
  • Johnson, James Weldon (1871-1938) (2)
  • Johnson, Linton Kwesi@
  • Johnson, Nancy
    Author of the historical novel My Brothers' Keeper. Site features a virtual tour of the Civil War with accompanying quotes from the book.
  • Johnson, Paul Brett
    Official site for the author/illustrator of such books as Bearhide and Crow. Includes biography and information on school visits.
  • Johnson, Phillip E.@
  • Johnson, Robert
    The lyrics of blues guitarist, Robert Johnson, examined in a literary context as poems. Includes words to Kindhearted Woman Blues, Stones In My Passway, Drunken Hearted Man, Honeymoon Blues, and Cross Road Blues.
  • Johnson, Samuel (1709-1784) (11)
    Discover biographies and writings of Samuel Johnson, an 18th century English writer and lexicographer.
  • Johnson, Spencer (1)
  • Johnson, Steven
    Emerging technology, news, and more.
  • Johnson, Susan
    Official site for the author Susan Johnson, whose books include Legendary Lover, Tempting, and Forbidden. Features news, excerpts, and biography.
  • Johnston, Brian
    Criticisms and translations of Ibsen.
  • Johnston, Erle
    Author of such books as Mississippi's Defiant Years and Politics: Missippi Style.
  • Johnston, Joan
    Official site of Joan Johnston, author of The Loner, Frontier Woman, and Never Tease a Wolf.
  • Jolley, Elizabeth
  • Jonas, George
    Journalist and writer who writes for the National Post and CanWest Publications.
  • Jones, Aphrodite
    Official site for the true crime author whose works include A Perfect Husband and All She Wanted.
  • Jones, Bridget
    Editor, food writer, and home economist.
  • Jones, Christina
    British author of contemporary fiction for women. Includes extracts from her books, a biography, and links.
  • Jones, Diana Wynne (3)
  • Jones, Edward P. (6)
  • Jones, J.V.
    Dedicated to an epic fantasy trilogy. with bad advice from the two strangest Medieval Guards on the NET and some truly unique wallpaper.
  • Jones, James
  • Jones, Sarah@
  • Jones, Terry@
  • Jones, Veda Boyd
    Author of nonfiction and fiction for adults and children, as well as romance novels.
  • Jong, Erica@
  • Jonnes, Christopher Bonn
    Author of the suspense novel Wake Up Dead.
  • Jonson, Ben (1572-1637) (6)
  • Jordan, Eric
    Former CIA agent and author of Operation Hebron, a spy novel.
  • Jordan, June (1936-2002) (1)
  • Jordan, Nicole
    Official website for historical romance novelist Nicole Jordan, author of Wicked Fantasy and The Prince of Pleasure.
  • Jordan, Robert (27)
  • Josephus, Flavius (37-100) (4)
  • Joy, Dara
  • Joyce, Brenda (1)
  • Joyce, James (1882-1941)@
  • Joyce, William@
  • Judah, Tim (4)
  • Julius Caesar@
  • Julius Caesar Web Guide
    Lesson plans, activities, and web resources for teaching Shakespeare's Julius Caesar in the high school classroom.
  • July, Miranda@
    Find out more about Miranda July, the filmmaker, musician, author, and artist through sites providing profile, articles, blog and short stories, bibliography, and filmography of the director of Me and You and Everyone We Know.
  • Junger, Sebastian (2)
  • Juster, Norton (6)
  • Justice, Donald (1925-2004) (2)

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