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  • Barnes & Noble: Meet the Writers
    Features author profiles, interviews, book lists, and suggestions for further reading.
  • B?ll, Heinrich (1917-1985) (4)
  • B., Cheryl
    Official site for writer Cheryl B. featuring poetry, prose, articles, and information on readings.
  • Babbitt, Natalie (1)
  • Babel, Isaac (1894-1941) (3)
  • Bach, Richard@
  • Bache, Ellyn
    Official site for the jounalist and fiction writer whose works include Safe Passage and The Activist's Daughter.
  • Bacon, Sir Francis (1561-1626)@
  • Baer, Will Christopher
    Author of Kiss Me, Judas and Penny Dreadful.
  • Bagnold, Enid (1889-1981) (3)
  • Baharloo, Morteza
    Author of The Quince Seed Potion, a novel about Iran in the midst of the 20th century.
  • Bail, Murray (3)
  • Baillie, Joanna (1762-1851)@
  • Bailyn, Bernard@
  • Bainbridge, Beryl (3)
  • Baker, Jeanette
    Celtic historical romances.
  • Baker, John
    Includes interview, biography, and bibliography for the British crime writer.
  • Baker, Ken
    Author of Brave Little Monster. Includes lesson plans and other teacher resources.
  • Baker, Nancy
    Features a biography, bibliography, list of short stories, and more.
  • Baker, Nicholson (3)
  • Balaban, John
    Official site for the poet and translator. Includes interviews, poetry, books, and book reviews, and information about Vietnamese poet Ho Xuan Huong.
  • Balan, Bruce
    Sample his books, read some poems, and find some surprises.
  • Baldacci, David
    Official site for the bestselling author of Absolute Power and Total Control.
  • Baldwin, James (1924-1987) (7)
  • Balgassi, Haemi
  • Ball, Ann
    Includes articles on Catholic traditions, history, and reference works.
  • Ball, Edward (1)
  • Ball, Marshall Stewart
    Author of Kiss of God.
  • Ballard, J.G.@
  • Balogh, Mary (2)
  • Balouch, Kristen
    Award winning children's book author and illustrator. Includes biography, information on school visits, illustration gallery, and classroom activities.
  • Baltimore Shakespeare Festival
    Producing quality classical theatre and introducing Baltimore students to Shakespeare through educational programs.
  • Balzac, Honor? de (1799-1850) (7)
  • Bambola, Sylvia
    Author of A Vessel of Honor and Refiner's Fire.
  • Band of Brothers Shakespeare Company
    Dedicated to performance of Shakespeare in the Western Pennsylvania area for the purpose of community education and enrichment.
  • Banerjee, Anjali
    Author of Maya Running. Includes biography, book list, information on author visits, and news.
  • Bang, Molly
    Official site for the award winning author/illustrator whose books include Ten Nine Eight and When Sophie Gets Angry.
  • Bank, Melissa
    Includes a biography, stories from the author's short fiction book, The Girls' Guide to Hunting and Fishing, and interviews.
  • Banks, Iain (2)
  • Banks, Lynne Reid (1)
  • Banks, Russell (1)
  • Bannon, Ann
    Official source for information and tour dates.
  • Bantock, Nick (3)
  • Banville, John (5)
  • Baraka, Imamu Amiri (LeRoi Jones) (13)
    Find out about Imamu Amiri Baraka (aka LeRoi Jones), the American poet, playwright, music critic, and writer of essays through sites featuring biography, photos, poems, and filmography.
  • Barbara Pym Society
    Provides information on activities and membership.
  • Barbauld, Anna Laetitia Aikin (1743-1825) (3)
  • Barber, Benjamin R.@
  • Barclay, James
    British epic/heroic fantasy writer. Includes an extract from his latest novel, message board, bibliography, and bio.
  • Bard Blog, The
    Blog dedicated to Williams Shakespeare's works. Includes review, books, movies, and news.
  • Bard of Avon: Shakespeare in Stratford-upon-Avon
    Offers personal guides to Shakespeare, Stratford-upon-Avon, and theatre, plus searchable quotation database, quizzes, polls, and visitor information. Also games, chat rooms, healthy Japanese diet guide, Japanese lessons, and more.
  • Barden, Dan
    Author of John Wayne: A Novel. Includes excerpt, essays by the author, and more.
  • bardware
    Information about the playwright's works, movie adaptations, and other resources.
  • Barker, Ann
    British author of historical romance fiction.
  • Barker, Clive@
    Find out about Clive Barker, the English author, film director, and visual artist known for his work on contemporary horror, modern day fantasy, and urban fantasy genres. Sites feature bio, photos, news, books, and games.
  • Barklem, Jill
    Creator of the mice of Brambly Hedge.
  • Barnes, David-Matthew
    Overview of the award-winning author of stage plays, fiction, screenplays, and poetry.
  • Barnes, Djuna (1892-1982) (6)
  • Barnes, Julian (1)
  • Barnes, Linda
    Author of the Carlotta Carlyle mystery series.
  • Barnes, Peter
    With educational guides, gossip, jokes.
  • Barnes?&?Noble: Read Before You Buy
    Presents a collection of first chapters, author interviews, and author essays.
  • Barney, Natalie Clifford (1876-1972) (2)
  • Baron, David
    Author of The Beast in the Garden, a book about cougars (mountain lions) in Boulder, Colorado.
  • Barr, Nevada (2)
  • Barrett, Andrea@
  • Barrett, Robert G.
    Visit the home of the infamous character Les Norton.
  • Barrie, James M. (1860-1937) (17)
  • Barrie, Shirley
    Playwright for adults, children, and communities. Co-founder of the Tricycle Theatre in London, England, and Straight Stitching Productions in Toronto, Canada.
  • Barry, Dave@
  • Barry, Lynda@
  • Barry, Max
    Author of Jennifer Government and Syrup.
  • Barth, John (4)
  • Barthelme, Donald (1931-1989) (3)
  • Barthes, Roland (1915-1980)@
  • Bartholomew, Vicki
    Author of youth plays such as Aunt Alice's Summer, Cool Mike, Someone to Love, Friends Forever, and The Last Gift.
  • William Shakespeare Collection
    Online versions of some of Shakespeare's most famous works. Includes e-texts of Hamlet, King Lear, Macbeth, and The Tempest, as well as the complete Oxford Shakespeare and Bartlett's Shakespeare Quotations.
  • Bartlett, Joan
    Author of the Nice Skates Ice Skating Mystery Series, a series of malice domestic murder mysteries set in an ice arena.
  • Bartlett's Familiar Quotations: William Shakespeare
    Quotations from all of Shakespeare's plays and many poems.
  • Barton, Ben
    Features biography of the young artist from Folkestone in Kent.
  • Bartram, William (1739-1824)
    American naturalist/artist whose work provides descriptions of the environment of the southeastern states in the 18th century.
  • Barzun, Jacques@
  • Bascomb, Neal
    Official site for the journalist and author of Higher: A Historic Race to the Sky.
  • Bash, Barbara
    Author and illustrator of books on natural history for children.
  • Basho, Matsuo (1644-1694) (3)
  • Basinski, Michael (5)
  • Bass, Rick@
  • Bastianich, Lidia
    Celebrity cook, teacher, cookbook author, and Manhattan restaurateur specializing in Italian-Istrian cuisine.
  • Bat Segundo Show, The [pick] [read review]
    Literary podcast featuring in-depth interviews with writers, comic book artists, and humorists. Stars one unemployed philosopher and a young, roving correspondent.
  • Bataille, Georges (1897-1962) (1)
  • Batali, Mario
    Master chef, restauranteur, cookbook writer, cooking show host. Also runs an eclectic Italian wine shop, cures his own meats, and makes fresh pasta.
  • Bates, Katherine Lee (1859-1929) (1)
  • Baudelaire, Charles (1821-1867) (6)
  • Baudet, Stephanie
    Official site for the author, proof reader, and tutor.
  • Bauer, Joan (1)
  • Baum, L. Frank (1856-1919) (14)
    Find L. Frank Baum biographies, pictures, news, organizations, and information. Also find sites with resources on his written works such as the famous Oz book series, written in the early 1900s.
  • Bawer, Bruce
    Author of books and essays about homosexuality, religion, film, and other topics.
  • Baxter, Charles (6)
  • Baxter, Stephen@
  • Bayer, William
    Contains information on the writer (also known as David Hunt), and his novels.
  • Bayley, Barrington (3)
  • Bayley, John (2)
  • Bean, Charles Edwin Woodrow (1879-1968)@
  • Bear, Greg
    Biography and bibliography of award-winning Sci-Fi author Greg Bear.
  • Beard, Charles A. (1874-1949)@
  • Beard, James (1903-1985) (4)
  • Beard, Peter (b. 1938)@
  • Interview Archive
    A collection of interviews with authors of contemporary fiction and nonfiction.
  • Beattie, Ann (2)
  • Beaumarchais, Pierre Augustin Caron De (1732-1799)
    Biography of the 18th century playwright.
  • Beauvoir, Simone de (1908-1986) (3)
  • Bechard, Gorman
  • Becke, Louis (1855-1913) (2)
  • Beckett, Fiona
    Food and wine writer specialising in food and wine matching and cooking with wine.
  • Beckett, Samuel (1906-1989)@
  • Beckham, Barry
    Offering several works of nonfiction and black student guides.
  • Beddoes, Thomas Lovell (1803-1849)@
  • Beebe, Charles William (1877-1962)@
  • Beerbohm, Max (1872-1956) (4)
  • Begley, Louis (4)
  • Behan, Brendan (1923-1964) (3)
  • Behn, Aphra (1640-1689) (2)
  • Behrman, S.N.
    Archive dedicated to playwright and essayist Samuel N. Behrman, author of such plays as Biography and No Time for Comedy.
  • Belew, Ellie
    Novelist, poet, and nonfiction writer based in Roslyn, Washington. Belew's work includes Run Plant Fly, About Wallowa County, and Fully Involved.
  • Belich, T James
    Original plays of playwright T. James Belich. All scripts available for download.
  • Bell, Eddie
    Author, poet, photographer, and educator.
  • Bell, Hilari
    Author of science fiction and fantasy for young adults, including A Matter of Profit and Songs of Power.
  • Bell, James Scott
    Information about his suspense novels and resources for writers.
  • Bell, Krista
    Author of children's picture books and novels for young readers.
  • Bell, Marvin (4)
  • Bell, Michele Ashman
    Official site for the author of An Unexpected Love, Love Lights the Way, and more.
  • Bellairs, John (1938-1991) (2)
  • Bellamy, Edward (1850-1898) (2)
  • Belle, Jennifer
    Bestselling author of Going Down, High Maintenance, and Little Stalker, talks about her novels, writing fiction, and life in New York.
  • Bellen, Martine
  • Belloc, Hilaire (1870-1953) (1)
  • Bellow, Saul (1915-2005) (14)
  • Bemelmans, Ludwig (1898-1962)@
  • Ben Jonson and Shakespeare
    Insight into Ben Jonson's friendship with Shakspeare.
  • Benchley, Peter (1940-2006) (3)
  • Benchley, Robert (1889-1945)@
    Find sites for Robert Benchley, the American humorist, drama critic, and actor. Sites offer biography, quotes, photos, film appearances, credits, short films, and radio rantings of the writer and founder member of Algonquin Round Table.
  • Bender, Aimee (1)
  • Benedetti, Mario@
  • Benedikt, Michael
    Contemporary American poet.
  • Benet, Stephen Vincent (1898-1943)@
  • Benford, Gregory (2)
  • Benioff, David
    Author of the novel 25th Hour which was made into a movie directed by Spike Lee and starring Edward Norton.
  • BenJava, Gustav
    Official site of the poet, author, and artist.
  • Bennet, James W.
    Official site for the author of young adult novels, including Plunking Reggie Jackson and I Can Hear the Mourning Dove.
  • Bennett, Alan (4)
  • Bennett, Cherie@
  • Bennett, Enoch Arnold (1867-1931)@
  • Bennett, William (2)
  • Benrey, Ron and Janet
    Authors of The Pippa Hunnechurch Mysteries. Site includes an excerpt from Little White Lies, as well as advice on hosting an English tea.
  • Benson, E.F. (1867-1940) (3)
  • Benson, Mildred Wirt (1905-2002) (8)
  • Bentley, Edmund Clerihew (1875-1950)@
  • Bentley, Toni
    Includes information on her books (including Sisters of Salome) and her journalism.
  • Berendt, John (2)
  • Berenson, Laurien
    Author of the Melanie Travis Mystery Series.
  • Berenstain, Jan & Stan (4)
  • Berg, Elizabeth@
  • Berg, Patti
    Author of contemporary romances and women's fiction.
  • Berkoff, Steven (2)
  • Berni?res, Louis de (3)
  • Bernstein, Carl@
  • Berry, Eleanor
    Author of Robert Maxwell as I Knew Him, and other books.
  • Berry, Steve
    Official site for the bestselling author whose books include The Amber Room and The Romanov Prophecy.
  • Berry, Wendell@
  • Berton, Pierre@
  • Bertot, Tony
    Official site for the author of the Assassin mystery books series. Also produces young adult and horror stories.
  • Beston, Henry (1888-1968) (1)
  • Betjeman, John (1906-1984) (2)
  • Betsy-Tacy Society, The
    Promotes the work of Maud Hart Lovelace, author the Betsy-Tacy books.
  • Bettencourt, Michael
    Seeks to fuse the political and emotional in order to create a theatre that prompts audiences to re-think their lives.
  • Beverley, Jo
    Author of historical and regency romances.
  • Bewick, Thomas (1753-1828)@
  • Bialosky, Jill (2)
  • Bibesco, Elizabeth (1897-1945)
    Biography of the writer.
  • Bickmore, Barbara
    Mainstream fiction featuring strong heroines who achieve greatness in spite of daunting odds.
  • Biediger, Eva
    Writes western contemporary romances under the name Sandi Storm.
  • Bierce, Ambrose (1842-1914?)@
  • Biggers, Earl Derr (1884-1933) (5)
    Learn about Earl Derr Biggers, the American author whose mystery and detective stories were adapted into movies and plays. Sites feature biography, photos, and Broadway adaptations of the plays and novels written by the creator of the Chinese American detective Charlie Chan.
  • Bilgere, George
    Collections include The Going and Big Bang.
  • Billingham, Mark
    Official site for the bestselling crime author of Sleepyhead, Scaredy Cat, and Lazybones.
  • Binchy, Maeve (2)
  • Binder, Mark
    Author of The Everything Bedtime Story Book, Crumbs Don't Count, and other books for children and adults.
  • Bingham, Linda S.
    Author of mystery series featuring Houston arson investigator John Bolt, and also the historical novel "Born On The Island".
  • Bingham, Robert
    Features an essay and a short story by the author.
  • Birch, Penny
    Official site of the author who specializes in spanking, ponygirls, and knicker-wetting stories.
  • Bird, Carmel
    Writer of novels and short stories, and literary editor. Includes extracts and biography.
  • Bird, Isabella Lucy (1831-1904)@
  • Bird, Sarah@
  • Bird, Tom
    Includes the books and background of this author, teacher, and speaker. Also home of the publishing company Sojourn, Inc.
  • Birdsell, Sandra@
  • Birmingham, John (2)
  • Bishop, Anne@
  • Bishop, Elizabeth (1911-1979) (10)
  • Bishop, Michael
    Bibliography of the award-winning author.
  • Bisson, Terry
    Complete stories and articles by a Hugo-winning SF writer, plus author info and announcements of upcoming publications.
  • Bj?rneboe, Jens (1920-1976)@
  • Black, Cara
    Includes biography, photographs, and excerpts from her novels.
  • Black, Holly@
  • Blackmore, Richard Doddridge (1825-1900) (3)
  • Blackwood, Algernon (1869-1951) (1)
  • Blackwood, Yvonne
    Author and columnist who also counsels and assists new and aspiring writers.
  • Blaise, Clark (1)
  • Blake, Jennifer
    Her latest books, tips for writing romance novels, lists the locations and times of her next speaking and autographing engagements.
  • Blake, Robert J.
    Author and illustrator of Akiak, Yudonsi, and Fledgling.
  • Blake, William (1757-1827) (10)
    Find sites for William Blake, the great English Romantic poet, engraver, and painter. Sites offer his biography, poetry archives, paintings, illustrations, as well as literary analysis of his works such as Songs of Innocence and Experience, and The Book of Job.
  • Blanc, Nero
    Author of the Crossword Mystery series.
  • Blank, Jonah
    Author of Mullahs on the Mainframe: Islam and Modernity among the Daudi Bohras.
  • Blatty, William Peter (4)
  • Blauner, Peter
    Official site for the Edgar Award-winning author of Slow Motion Riot and The Intruder.
  • Blaylock, James P.
    Cover art, reviews, summaries, and other material on the books of writer James P. Blaylock
  • Blea, Irene
    Sociologist and author specializing in women's issues and race and gender relations.
  • Blecha, Gregory
    Home page of the fiction writer Gregory Blecha, who penned 'Love in the Time of the Apocalypse'. Features author profile and new writing excerpts.
  • Blizzard, C.D.
    Official site for the author of Profile.
  • Bloch, Robert (1917-1994) (2)
  • Block, Francesca Lia (2)
  • Block, Lawrence
    Official site for the award-winning author of the Matt Scudder series.
  • Bloom, Amy (3)
  • Bloom, Harold@
  • Bloom, Rob
    Official site for the copywriter, cartoonist, and humor writer.
  • Blount, Roy Jr.@
  • Blume, Judy@
    Learn about Judy Blume, the American author who writes for children and young adults about controversial issues in real-life settings such as racism, divorce, and teenage sexuality. Sites feature biography, photos, interviews, reviews, lesson plans, writing tips, and bibliographies for the author whose works include Are You There, God? It's Me, Margaret, It's Not the End of the World, Deenie, and Forever.
  • Blunt, Giles
    Author of the John Cardinal series of crime novels featuring book excerpts, commentary, author biography, and contact information.
  • Bly, Robert@
  • Blyth, Myrna
    Official site for the author of Spin Sisters.
  • Blyton, Enid (5)
  • Boake, Barcroft Henry (1866-1892)
    Australian bush poet and author of the outback poem, Where the Dead Men Lie.
  • Board, Sherri L.
    Includes details of the Katlin LaMar mystery series of novels, appearances, and other works.
  • Boccaccio, Giovanni (1313-1375) (5)
    Find sites for Giovanni Boccaccio, the 14th century Italian poet and author who played a significant role in Renaissant humanism and known for his work, Decameron. Sites offer biography, paintings, historical perspectives, and English translations of his works.
  • Bodansky, Yossef@
  • Bodett, Tom
    Fiction and nonfiction author and radio personality.
  • Bogan, Louise (1897-1970) (3)
  • Bohjalian, Chris (1)
  • Boland, Eavan (1944-) (1)
  • Bolen, Cheryl
    Romance author for Harlequin.
  • Bolland, Craig
    Playwright and author, whose novels include I Knit Water, and Ki.
  • Bolt, Robert (1924-1999) (1)
  • Bombeck, Erma (1927-1996)@
  • Bond, Meredith
    Author of Regency romances.
  • Bond, Michael@
    Learn about Michael Bond, the British author who created popular characters such as Paddington Bear and the guinea pig, Olga da Polga. Sites feature biography, Paddington series, reproductions of original covers, vocabulary words, and study guide to the polite bear who speaks English, wears a battered hat and carries a battered suitcase always getting into endless trouble.
  • Bonner, Cindy
  • Bonsall, Crosby (1921-1995)
    Tribute to the author/illustrator whose works include The Surprise Party, Polar Bear Brothers, and the Wizard Private Eye Club series.
  • Bonta, Vanna@
  • Bontemps, Arna (1902-1973)@
  • Boof, Kola (6)
  • Books and Authors
    Interviews with both mainstream and small press authors, as well as reviews, contests, literary links, and more.
  • Books and Writers: Authors' Calendar
    Find biographies of top authors. Browse by author's birthday or name.
  • Boots, Gypsy (1914-2004)
    Fitness icon, author, and health guru who paved the way for generations of beatniks, hippies, and health-food junkies.
  • Boran, Pat
    Poet and writer whose works include The Shape of Water and Ireland: An Encyclopedia for the Bewildered.
  • Borden, Marian Edelman
    Website of Marian Edelman Borden, author of multiple books including mystery stories and informational books on college admissions and parenting.
  • Borges, Jorge Luis (1899-1986) (4)
  • Borton, D. B.@
  • Boston Book Review: Interviews
  • Boswell, James (1740-1795) (2)
  • Boswell, John
  • Bouch, Gareth
    Includes information about the author and his novel, Rivercity.
  • Boucher, Rita
    Unofficial website dedicated to the author of Regency romance and paranormal novels, including The Would-Be Witch and Lord of Illusions.
  • Bouchet, Bruno
    Titles include The Beauty of Truth and The Girls, and the email soap opera, Chiffon Galaxy.
  • Boulle, Pierre (1912-1994) (2)
  • Bourdain, Anthony@
    Collection of sites about Chef Anthony Bourdain including his official homepage, the No Reservations television series, and interviews.
  • Bourne, Mark
    Author of short fiction, budding novelist, planetarium guy, scriptwriter, designated happy mutant.
  • Bourne, Randolph (1886 - 1918)
  • Bova, Ben
  • Bowden, Mark@
  • Bowen, Rhys
    Author of the Constable Evans mysteries, set in a Welsh village.
  • Bowers, Edgar (1924-2000) (3)
  • Bowler, Tim
    Official site for the Carnegie Medalist whose books include River Boy, Dragon's Rock, and Storm Catchers.
  • Bowles, Jane (1917-1973) (2)
    Find out about Jane Bowles, the American writer and playwright known for her novel Two Serious Ladies and the play In The Summer House through sites featuring biography, catalog of her literary works, photographs, and other resources.
  • Bowles, Paul (1910-1999) (3)
    Find out about Paul Bowles, the American composer, author, and traveler through sites featuring biography, photographs, excerpts, and interview of the author who was also known for translating the works of a number of Moroccan authors and storytellers.
  • Boyd, Neil
    Criminologist, lawyer, and professor at Simon Fraser University whose publications include The Beast Within, Murder in Canada, and Sugar and Spice.
  • Boyd, Paula
    Author of the Jolene Jackson mysteries.
  • Boykin, Keith
    Author, lecturer, and educator. Focuses on issues of race and sexual orientation.
  • Boylan, Roger
    Author of Killoyle, An Irish Farce -- a satirical novel in the spirit of Swift, Joyce, Beckett, and Flann O'Brien.
  • Boyle, Elizabeth
    Author of historical romances. Site offers newsletter, monthly Top 10, excerpts, and more.
  • Boyle, T. Coraghessan (3)
  • Boyle, Tony
    Australian-born novelist, screenwriter, actor, and raconteur.
  • Boynton, Sandra
    Official site of the children's illustrator, includes merchandise and interactive games.
  • Brackett, Leigh (1915-1978) (3)
  • Bradbury, Ray (16)
  • Bradford, Barbara Taylor (2)
  • Bradley, Bill@
  • Bradley, James
    Official site for the author and motivational speaker whose books include Flyboys and Flags of Our Fathers.
  • Bradley, Marion Zimmer (2)
  • Bradsher, Keith@
  • Bradstreet, Anne (c.1612-1672) (5)
  • Bragg, Rick (1)
  • Branch, Susan
    Offers recipes, newsletters, and information about the author and her handwriting.
  • Branden, Barbara
    Author of the biography, The Passion of Ayn Rand.
  • Brandon, Paul
    Author of Swim the Moon.
  • Brandt, Anne
    Features work samples, fan club information, and more.
  • Branford, Henrietta
    Official site for the award-winning author whose books include Clare's Summer, Dimanche Diller, Birdo, and Someone Somewhere.
  • Brashares, Ann (6)
  • Brashear, Jean
    Author of contemporary romances.
  • Braslavsky, Dmitry
    News, information, and exceprts from the Russian fantasy novelist. In Russian.
  • Brathwaite, Edward Kamau (3)
  • Braun, Lilian Jackson (2)
  • Brautigan, Richard (1935-1984) (6)
  • Bray, Patricia
    Author of The Sword of Change fantasy series.
  • Breathed, Berkeley@
  • Brecht, Bertolt (1898-1956) (8)
  • Breining, Greg
    Minnesota-based author of books and articles about world-wide travel, adventure, and the environment.
  • Breit, Luke
    Includes some words by Norman Mailer, and complete literary listings for northern California.
  • Brent-Dyer, Elinor (1894-1969) (1)
  • Breslin, Jimmy@
  • Breslin, Susannah
    Official site for the writer and photographer.
  • Breton, Andre (1896-1966)@
    Find sites for Andr? Breton, the French writer, poet, and critic best known as the main founder of surrealism. Sites feature biography, bibilography, lectures, and excerpts from Breton's works who defined surrealism as 'pure psychic automatism.'
  • Brett, Jan (1)
    Learn about Jan Brett, the American author and illustrator of the celebrated children's books Fritz and the Beautiful Horses, Berlioz, the Bear, The Mitten, and others through sites featuring biography, projects, educational resources, bibliography, and excerpts.
  • Brett, Lily
    Official site of Lily Brett, the Australian-born author of You Gotta Have Balls. Includes a list of awards, interviews, reviews, and her published work.
  • Brett, Simon
    Creator of Charles Paris, Mrs. Pargeter, and other mysteries.
  • Bretton, Barbara@
  • Brian P. Cleary
    Author of Jamaica Sandwich? and other children's humor books. Site includes lesson plans and ideas for teachers.
  • Bridges, Robert (1844-1930)@
  • Briggs, Raymond (2)
  • Bright, Susie@
  • Brilliant, Ashleigh
    Official site of the UC Berkeley street philosopher.
  • Brimson, Dougie
    Writes fiction and nonfiction for lads on topics like football hooliganism.
  • Brin, David (2)
  • Brisbin, Terri
    Meet the romance novelist and learn more about her current and upcoming releases and appearances.
  • Brite, Poppy Z. (3)
    Find sites about Poppy Z. Brite, the gothic and horror novelist. Sites provide bio, bibliography, blog, news, and articles on the author of the Liquor novels, including Liquor, Prime, and Soul Kitchen.
  • British Authors on the Web
    Organized chronologically.
  • British Touring Shakespeare Company
    Performing plays in repertory at English country houses. Information on productions and tickets, as well as links to other Shakespearean sites.
  • Brock, David@
  • Brodeur, Adrienne
    Official site for Adrienne Brodeur and her novel Man Camp. Includes an excerpt and author profile.
  • Brodkey, Harold (2)
  • Brodsky, Joseph (1940-1996) (6)
  • Brokaw, Tom@
  • Bromell, Henry (1)
  • Bronk, William (1918-1999) (2)
  • Bronson, Po@
  • Bront?, Anne (1820-1849) (5)
  • Bront?, Charlotte (1816-1855) (9)
  • Bront?, Emily (1818-1848) (14)
  • Brook, Doug
    The DJ Booth. Offering a biography, resumes, and information on the actor, writer, director, and designer.
  • Brooke, Rupert (1887-1915) (3)
  • Brookmyre, Christopher
    Official site for the Scottish author of crime novels, including Boiling Frog and Quite Ugly One Morning.
  • Brooks, David (3)
  • Brooks, Geraldine (2)
  • Brooks, Gwendolyn (1917-2000) (2)
  • Brooks, Terry (4)
  • Brooks, Walter R. (1886-1958)@
  • Brower, David (1912-2000)@
  • Brown, Christy (1932-1981)@
  • Brown, Dale
  • Brown, Dan (22)
    Read about Dan Brown, the American author of thriller fiction and controversial bestseller The Da Vinci Code which explores the legend of Holy Grail. Sites provide biography, book list, interviews, news, critics, reviews, and further readings about the author whose other books include Angels and Demons, Digital Fortress, and Deception Point.
  • Brown, Debra Lee
    Author of The Virgin Spring, an upcoming release from Harlequin Historicals.
  • Brown, Frederic (1906-1972) (1)
  • Brown, Helen Gurley (2)
  • Brown, Larry (1)
  • Brown, Marc (1)
  • Brown, Margaret Wise (1910-1952) (5)
  • Brown, Rachel Manija
    Official site of the author of the memoir All the Fishes Come Home to Roost.
  • Brown, Rita Mae@
  • Brown, Sandra
    Author of Standoff, The Witness, and Unspeakable.
  • Brown, Sterling Allen (1901-1989) (6)
  • Browne, Anthony (2)
  • Browning, Dixie
    Author of romance novels such as The Bride-in-Law, Texas Millionaire, and A Knight in Rusty Armor.
  • Browning, Elizabeth Barrett (1806-1861) (1)
  • Browning, Josette
    Author of historical romances. Site includes an excerpt from her novel, Fairest of Them All, and several lists of writer's tips.
  • Browning, Robert (1812-1889) (3)
  • Browning, Sinclair
    Author of the Trade Ellis southwestern mystery series. Her other works include historical fiction, and horse training books.
  • Brownmiller, Susan
    Author of Against Our Will: Men, Women and Rape; and In Our Time: Memoir of a Revolution.
  • Broyard, Bliss
    Features audio excerpts, an essay, and a short story from the author of the short story collection My Father, Dancing.
  • Brunhoff, Jean and Laurent de (4)
  • Bruno, Anthony
    Features a biography and excerpts from the crime writer.
  • Brust, Steven (2)
  • Bryant, William Cullen (1794-1878) (2)
  • Bryson, Bill@
  • Bryson, Michael
    Offers fiction and non-fiction works, as well as biographical information and calendar of events.
  • Buchanan, Edna (5)
  • Buchanan, Jane
    Author of Gratefully Yours, a historical novel about the Orphan Train.
  • Buchanan, Robert Williams (1841-1901)
    Includes biography and selected poems by the Victorian poet, novelist, and dramatist.
  • Buck, Pearl S. (1892-1973) (9)
  • Buckley, William F. Jr. (1925-2008)@
  • Buckner, M.M.
    Official home page featuring excerpts and reviews of Buckner's novel Hyperthought. Also includes schedule of book signings and convention appearances.
  • Budbill, David
    Vermont-based poet, essayist, and playwright. Features calendar of events, biography, and bibliography.
  • Buechner, Frederick@
  • Bujold, Lois McMaster (3)
  • Bukowski, Charles (1920-1994) (11)
    Find out about Charles Bukowski, the prolific poet and novelist from Los Angeles who influenced contemporary authors and popular culture with his works like Ham on Rye, Love Is a Dog From Hell, Post Office, and the screenplay for Barfly. Sites feature biography, photographs, his works, bibliography, and tribute pages.
  • Bulgakov, Mikhail (1891-1940) (2)
  • Bull, Emma
    Half of the Flash Girls.
  • Bulychev, Kir (1934-2003)
    Official page for the Russian writer of science fiction books.
  • Bunting, Basil (1900-1985) (3)
  • Burcell, Robin
    Author of Every Move She Makes.
  • Burford, Pamela
    Author of contemporary romances.
  • Burgess, Anthony (1917-1993) (4)
  • Burgess, Thornton W. (1874-1965) (2)
  • Burgh, Anita
    Author of contemporary women's fiction and romantic sagas.
  • Burke, Alafair
    Official site for the mystery author whose books include Judgement Calls.
  • Burke, James Lee (2)
  • Burke, Jan
    Author of the Irene Kelly mystery series, including Goodnight, Irene; Hocus; and Liar.
  • Burke, Martyn
    Author of Laughing War, The Commissar's Report, Ivory Joe, Tiara, and The Shelling Of Beverly Hills.
  • Burnett, Frances Hodgson (1)
  • Burney, Fanny (1752-1840) (1)
  • Burnham, Nicole
    Official site, featuring news, excerpts, biography, upcoming releases, and more.
  • Burns, Kitty
    Playwright whose works include "Psycho Night at the Paradise Lounge" and "A Slice of the Blarney." Also the writer and guide of "The Vampire Tour of San Francisco."
  • Burns, Max
    Writes motorcycle, travel, and how-to books.
  • Burns, Robert (1759-1796) (19)
    Learn about Robert Burns, the 18th century Romantic poet, through sites featuring life, poems, songs, essays, bicentenary exhibits, literary reviews, and sites for Burns' Nights, celebrating the birthday of the Bard of Scotland who wrote Auld Lang Syne.
  • Burr, Catherine
    Author of both contemporary fiction and parenting humor. Includes biography, books, and reviews.
  • Burroughs, Augusten@
  • Burroughs, Edgar Rice (1875-1950)@
  • Burroughs, William S. (1914-1997) (3)
    Find out about William S. Burroughs, the American novelist, essayist, social critic, painter, and spoken word performer who was a primary member of the Beat Generation known for his semi-autobiographical works. Sites showcase analysis of his works, biography, photos, quotes, obituary, and investigation into the avant-garde master's ideas on the third mind and cut-ups.
  • Burrows, Abe (1910-1985) (2)
  • Burton, Sir Richard Francis (1821-1890)@
  • Burton, Virginia Lee (1909-1968) (3)
  • Busch, Charles@
  • Busch, Frederick (1)
  • Bush, Christine
    Romance and mystery author. Includes details about her life, views, upcoming releases and appearances, and contests.
  • Bushnell, Candace@
  • Buson, Taniguchi (Yosa) (1715-1783) (2)
  • Butler, Octavia (2)
  • Butler, Robert Olen (5)
  • Butler, Samuel (1835-1902) (3)
  • Byars, Betsy (2)
  • Byatt, A.S. (3)
  • Byrne, Donn (1889-1929) (2)
  • Byron Society, The
    Publishes the Byron Journal and runs an international conference.

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