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  • Abzug, Bella (1920-1998) (4)
  • Acheson, Dean (1893-1971) (4)
  • Adair, Red (1915-2004)@
  • Adams, Henry (1838-1918)@
  • Addams, Jane (1860-1935)@
  • Agnew, Spiro T. (1918-1996)@
  • Al-Amin, Jamil Abdullah (H. Rap Brown) (3)
  • Albright, Madeleine (2)
  • Alinsky, Saul@
  • Atkins, Robert (1930-2003)@
  • Balch, Emily Greene (1867-1961)
    1961 New York Times obituary for Emily Greene Balch, International President of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom and co-winner of the 1946 Nobel Peace Prize.
  • Barkley, Alben W. (1877-1956)@
  • Barton, Clara (1821-1912)@
  • Benga, Ota (1883-1916)@
  • Bensten, Lloyd (1921-2006) (4)
  • Berkman, Alexander (1870-1936)@
  • Bethune, Mary McLeod (1875-1955) (1)
  • Black, Hugo L. (1886-1971)@
  • Blackmun, Harry (1908-1999)@
  • Blackwell, Elizabeth (1821-1910)@
  • Bly, Nellie (1864-1922)@
  • Bond, Julian@
  • Bono, Sonny (1935-1998)@
  • Bork, Robert (3)
  • Borlaug, Norman Ernest@
  • Boudin, Kathy (1)
  • Bradlee, Ben@
  • Brady, James
    Features a biography of the former White House Press Secretary, victim of the 1981 assassination attempt on Ronald Reagan, and gun control advocate.
  • Brand, Neville (1920-1992)@
  • Brandeis, Louis D. (1856-1941)@
  • Bridges, Harry (1901-1990)@
  • Brown, Molly (1867-1932)@
  • Bryan, William Jennings (1860-1925)@
  • Bunche, Ralph (1903-1971) (6)
    Learn about Ralph Bunche, the American political scientist and diplomat who won Nobel Peace Prize for his 1940s mediation in Palestine. Sites provide biography, political and historical achievements, photos, documentary film, and obituary for the civil rights advocate.
  • Bush Family (14)
  • Buttafuoco, Joey (1)
  • Byrd, James, Jr.@
  • Byrd, Richard (1888-1957)@
  • Capone, Al (1899-1947)@
  • Carlson, Evans F. (1896-1947)
    Founder of the 2nd Marine Raider Battalion.
  • Carson, Rachel (1907-1964)@
  • Carter, Jimmy@
    Find sites for Jimmy Carter, the39th President of the United States and the 2002 Nobel Laureate. Sites offer biography, family, history of his presidency, online exhibits, manuscript collection, documentary film, and humanitarian services of the U.S President whose major international initiatives include the negotiation of SALT II Treaty and the historical Camp of David Accords.
  • Carver, George Washington (1861?-1943)@
    Learn about George Washington Carver, the African American African American botanist and chemist. Sites provide biography, articles, and pictures of the inventor whose work led to advances in agriculture, chemistry, and textiles.
  • Ch?vez, C?sar (1927-1993)@
    Learn more about Cesar Chavez, the labor leader, civil rights activist, and co-founder of the United Farm Workers, through sites providing biography and articles.
  • Chamberlain, Joshua Lawrence (1828-1914)@
  • Chief Joseph (1840-1940)@
  • Chisholm, Shirley (4)
    Read about Shirley Chisholm, the first African American woman elected to Congress. Sites provide biography, political profile, quotes, speech, and documentary of the 1972 presidential campaign by the Democratic Presidential Nomination candidate, educator, and author.
  • Clark, Wesley (18)
    Retired General and former candidate for the 2004 Democratic nomination.
  • Cleaver, Eldridge (1935-1998)@
    Find sites for Cleaver Eldridge, one of the prominent American civil rights leaders and a dominant member of the Black Panther Party. Sites provide biography, political profile and interview of the former Minister of Information for the BPP.
  • Cleland, Max (1)
  • Clinton Family, The (9)
  • Cochran, Jacqueline (1908-1980)@
    Know about Jacqueline Cochran, the American pioneer pilot who broke records all along her distinguished aviation career.
  • Cochran, Johnnie (1937-2005) (6)
  • Cohen, William (3)
  • Cohn, Roy (1927-1986)@
    Learn about Roy Cohn, the ambitious American lawyer who was the right-hand man of Senator Joseph McCarthy, through sites featuring biography, articles, biopics, and the political career of the controversial Jew lawyer known for his prosecution of several Communist leaders.
  • Coleman, Bessie (1896-1926)@
    Learn about Bessie Coleman, the first African American woman to hold international pilot's license. Sites include biography, achievements, and more about the aviator popularly known as '"Queen Bess".
  • Cook, Frederick (1865-1940)@
  • Coolidge, Calvin (1872-1933)@
  • Cranston, Alan (1914-2000) (3)
  • Cuomo, Mario (1)
  • Czolgosz, Leon (1873-1901)@
    Find sites for Leon Czolgosz who assassinated the U.S. President William McKinley. Sites offer biographical profile, photos, and trial details of the Polish murderer who was heavily influenced by anarchist writers such as Emma Goldman.
  • Darrow, Clarence (1857-1938) (7)
  • Davis, Angela (6)
    Learn about Angela Davis, the American communist organizer, professor who was linked to the murder of Judge Harold Halet during an attempted Black Panther prison break. Sites feature biography, articles, interviews, transcripts, and critique of the leftist activist and founder of the anti-prison grassroots organization Critical Resistance.
  • Davis, Benjamin O., Jr. (1912-2002)@
  • Davis, Benjamin O., Sr. (1877-1970) (1)
  • Day, Dorothy (1897-1980)@
  • Debs, Eugene V. (1855-1926) (7)
  • Dillinger, John (1902?-1934)@
  • Dirksen, Everett McKinley (1896-1969) (6)
  • Disney, Walt (1901-1966)@
    Find about Walt Disney, the producer, director, and animation pioneer who created cartoons like Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, Snow White, Donald Duck, and many more. Sites feature biography, filmography, trivia, fan sites, obituary, and more.
  • Dole, Bob (10)
  • Donovan, William J. (Wild Bill) (1883-1959) (2)
  • Doolittle, Jimmy (1896-1993)@
  • Douglas, William O. (1898-1980)@
  • Du Bois, W.E.B. (1868-1963) (10)
  • Duke, Doris (1912-1993) (1)
  • Dulles, John Foster (1888-1959) (2)
  • Dwyer, R. Budd (1939-1987)@
  • Earhart, Amelia (1898-1937?)@
    Find about Amelia Earhart, the first woman pilot to cross the Atlantic Ocean. Sites include her biography, achievements, as well as urban legends surrounding her life and mysterious disappearance during a flight across the Pacific Ocean.
  • Earp, Wyatt (1848-1929)@
  • Edison, Thomas Alva (1847-1931)@
    Explore the sites for Thomas Alva Edison (1847-1931), the American inventor of electric bulb and many more who was one of the first to apply mass production to the process of invention. Sites feature biography, family mementos, inventions, numerous patents, photos, motion pictures, sound recordings, and commemoration of Fort Myers' most famous citizen who was dubbed as "The Wizard of Menlo Park."
  • Eisenhower, Dwight D. (1890-1969)@
    Learn about Dwight D. Eisenhower, the 34th President of the United States and the first supreme commander of NATO. Sites feature biography, historical documents, audiovisuals, musuem exhibits, speeches, and reference material for the President who ended the Korean War, kept up the pressure on the Soviet Union during the Cold War, launched the space race, enlarged the social security system, and built the interstate highway system.
  • Escalante, Jaime@
  • Evers, Medgar (1925-1963) (4)
    Find sites for Medgar Evers, the African American civil rights leader and field secretary for the NAACP who was assassinated at the age of 37. Sites offer biography, publications, media productions, essays, and articles about the legacy of civil rights leader and army veteran.
  • Farnsworth, Philo Taylor (1906-1971)@
    Read about Philo T Farnsworth, the inventor of the fusion device called fusor. Sites offer biography, timeline, galleries, and articles on the inventor of the electronic television.
  • Ferrari, Enzo (1898-1988)@
  • Ferraro, Geraldine (5)
  • Fields, Dorothy (1905-1974)@
  • Fisher, Carl
    Meet Carl Fisher, the Indiana entrepreneur who turned Florida swampland into an American Riviera.
  • Fleischer, Ari (4)
  • Floyd, Charles Arthur - Pretty Boy Floyd@
  • Flynt, Larry@
  • Ford, Elizabeth Bloomer (Betty)@
    Find sites for Elizabeth (Betty) Ford, the wife of the American President Gerald R. Ford. Sites feature biography, photographs, humanitarian activites, and resources for the former First Lady Betty Ford who was a model and fashion designer who also organized her own dance group.
  • Ford, Gerald R. (1913-2006)@
    Learn about Gerald R. Ford, who became the 38th President of the U.S. with the resignation of Nixon in the wake of the Watergate scandal. Sites feature biography, political career, history of administration, museum exhibits, speeches, vice-presidency, and political events which led him to the power and the legacy of his Presidential tenure.
  • Ford, Henry (1863-1947) (16)
  • Frank, Leo (1884-1915) (5)
  • Frankfurter, Felix (1882-1965)@
  • Franks, Tommy (6)
  • Fry, Varian (1908-1967) (4)
  • Fulani, Lenora (3)
  • Garner, John Nance (1868-1967)@
  • Garvey, Marcus (1887-1940) (6)
  • Getty Family, The@
  • Getty, J. Paul (1892-1976)@
  • Gillis, Lester M. - Baby Face Nelson@
  • Gingrich, Newt (10)
  • Giuliani, Rudolph@
    Browse sites about Rudolph Giuliani, the lawyer, businessman, and former Mayor of New York City. Sites feature career profile, articles, blog, audio and videos, and news related to the 2001 Time Person of the Year.
  • Glass, Carter (1858-1946) (1)
  • Glenn, John@
  • Goldman, Emma (1869-1940)@
  • Goldwater, Barry (1909-1998) (1)
  • Gore Family, The (5)
  • Graham, Katharine (1917-2001)@
  • Grant, Jane (1892-1972)
    User-created biograpy tracing the life and legacy of Jane Grant, the Twentieth Century feminist and Lucy Stoner, a member of the Algonquin Round Table, and co-founder of The New Yorker magazine. Includes background on Grant's husband Harold Ross.
  • Guinier, Lani (1)
  • Hanssen, Robert (3)
  • Harding, Warren G. (1865-1923)@
  • Hart, Gary (2)
  • Hay, Harry (1912-2002) (1)
  • Hayes, Ira Hamilton (1923-1955)@
  • Hearst, Patty (6)
  • Hearst, William Randolph (1863-1951)@
  • Hefner, Hugh@
  • Helms, Jesse (7)
  • Helmsley, Leona (6)
  • Henson, Matthew (1866-1955)@
  • Hill, Joe (1879-1915)@
    Learn about Joe Hill, the martyred Wobbly from the Industrial Workers of the World through sites providing biography, articles, and pictures.
  • Hinckley, John, Jr. (5)
  • Hiss, Alger (1904-1996) (2)
  • Hobby, Oveta Culp (1905-1995) (2)
  • Hoffman, Abbie (1936-1989)@
  • Holland, John Philip (1841-1914)@
  • Hollerith, Herman (1860-1929)@
  • Holmes, Oliver Wendell, Jr. (1841-1935)@
  • Hoover, Herbert (1874-1964)@
  • Hoover, J. Edgar (1895-1972)@
  • Huerta, Dolores@
    Read about Dolores Huerta, the co-founder of United Farm Workers. Sites provide biography and info on the Dolores Huerta Foundation, a nonprofit organization.
  • Hughes, Howard (1905-1976) (6)
  • Hull, Cordell (1871-1955) (2)
  • Humphrey, Hubert (1911-1978)@
  • Ishi (1860?-1916)@
  • Jackson, Jesse (10)
    Read about Jesse Jackson, the professional civil rights activist and a prominent leader of American Christian Left. Sites provide biography, political and religious profile, writings, speeches, commentary, archived essays, and audio clips of speeches by the famous African American spokesman for civil rights issues.
  • Jenkins, Charles Robert@
  • Johnson, Claudia Taylor (Lady Bird) (1912-2007)@
    Learn about Claudia Taylor (Lady Bidr) Johnson, the wife of the U.S President Lyndon B. Johnson and the First Lady of the United States from 1963-1969. Sites offer biography, pictures, awards, honorary degrees, and the botanical garden named after the former First Lady of the United States nicknamed "Lady Bird."
  • Johnson, John H. (1918-2005)@
  • Johnson, Lyndon B. (1908-1973)@
    Find out about Lyndon B. Johnson, who became the 36th President of the United States following John F. Kennedy's assassination. Sites offer biography, oral history interviews, photos, audio archives, obituary, and essay about the U.S President who designed social reforms called Great Society.
  • Johnson, Sergeant Harry@
  • Jones, Jesse H.
    Transformed the city of Houston into a hub of international commerce for the South, and acted as Franklin D. Roosevelt's fiscal right hand.
  • Jones, Mary Harris (Mother Jones) (1830?-1930)@
  • Jordan, Barbara (1936-1996) (5)
  • Kefauver, Carey Estes (1903-1963) (5)
  • Keller, Helen (1880-1968) (16)
  • Kelly, George - Machine Gun Kelly@
  • Kelsey, Frances Oldham@
  • Kennan, George F. (1904-2005) (9)
  • Kennedy Family (95)
  • Kerrey, Bob (2)
  • Kimmel, Husband E. (1882-1958) (3)
  • King, Coretta Scott (1927-2006) (8)
    Find sites for Coretta Scott King, the civil rights leader and wife of the assassinated civil rights activist Martin Luther King, Jr. Sites provide biography, political profile, civil rights activities, obituary, and bibliography of works by and about the politician and recipient of Congessional Gold Medal.
  • King, Martin Luther, Jr. (1929-1968) (46)
    Learn about Martin Luther King Jr., the renowned American Civil Rights Movement leader who won Nobel Peace Prize for peacemaking and for promoting nonviolence and equal treatment for different races. Sites offer bio, political career, writings, historical speeches, letter archives, interviews, and online library resources about the political activist and Baptist minister who is regarded as one of America's great orators.
  • Kissinger, Henry (13)
  • Kroc, Ray (1902-1984) (2)
  • La Guardia, Fiorello (1882-1947)@
  • Land, Edwin Herbert (1909-1991)
    American physicist and inventor of the Polaroid Land Camera in 1947.
  • Landon, Alfred M. (Alf) (1887-1987) (5)
  • Lansky, Meyer (1902-1983)@
  • LaRouche, Lyndon (6)
    Candidate for the 2004 Democratic Presidential ticket on his 8th run for the nomination.
  • Latimer, Lewis Howard (1848-1928)@
  • Lay, Ken (1942-2006)@
  • Leopold, Aldo (1887-1948)@
  • Liddy, G. Gordon@
  • Lindbergh, Charles (1902-1974)@
  • Lomax, Alan and John@
    Learn about John Lomax and his son Alan Lomax through sites which feature their biography, collection of regional and traditional music, as well as ethnographic field notes documented by the pioneering folklorists and musicologists.
  • Long, Huey (1893-1935)@
  • Luciano, Charles "Lucky" (1897-1962)@
  • Lummus, Jack (1915-1945)@
  • Lynch, Lt. Col. Leonard P.
    Lynch and 4,000 National Guard troops opened the road from Selma to Montgomery to enable Martin Luther King, Jr. and thousands to reach Montgomery on March 21-25, 1965.
  • MacArthur, Douglas (1880-1964) (6)
  • MacCready, Paul@
  • Macy, Anne Mansfield Sullivan (1866-1936) (11)
  • Malcolm X (1925-1965) (10)
    Find sites for Malcolm X, the American Black Muslim minister and a one-time spokesman for the Nation of Islam. Sites offer biography, political and religious profile, ideology, quotes, interviews, historical clips, and chronicles of life and assassination of the politico-religious leader who was called 'Satan' for his vitriolic hatred for bible, God, and religion in general before his conversion to Islam.
  • Mallon, (Typhoid) Mary (7)
  • Marshall, George C. (1880-1959) (5)
  • Marshall, Thurgood (1908 - 1993)@
    Find sites for Thrugood Marshall, the first African American to serve on the Supreme Court of the United States. Sites provide biography, education, law career, opinions, interviews, speeches, and obituary for the jurist most remembered for his jurisprudence in civil rights and criminal procedure.
  • Masterson, Bat (1853-1921)@
  • McAuliffe, Christa (1948-1986)@
  • McCandless, Chris (1968-1992) (3)
  • McCarthy, Eugene (1916-2005) (10)
  • McCarthy, Joseph (1908-1957)@
    Discover Joseph McCarthy, the U.S. Senator and anti-Communist campaigner, through sites featuring history, photos, interviews, archives, audio files, life, and legacy of the American politician whose activities led to the coinage of word and concept, McCarthyism.
  • McClellan, Scott
    User-created biography of the former White House Press Secretary for George W. Bush.
  • McCorvey, Norma (Jane Roe) (5)
  • McNamara, Robert S. (8)
  • Mead, Margaret (1901-1978)@
  • Meese, Edwin (5)
  • Meredith, James@
    Read about James Meredith, the civil rights activist and author of Three Years in Mississippi. Sites provide biography, photos, participants' accounts of the Meredith March, and details of the civil rights activism of the first African American student of the University of Mississippi.
  • Milk, Harvey (1930-1978) (4)
    Learn about Harvey Milk (1930-1978), the city supervisor of San Francisco and a gay rights activist. Sites offer biography, timeline, and commemoration for one of the first publicly homosexual person to be elected to the San Francisco Borad of Supervisors. Also find sites for his assassin, Daniel White.
  • Milken, Michael
    Homepage of financier and philanthropist Michael Milken, including biography, speeches, articles, photo album, and links.
  • Mitchell, William "Billy" (1879-1936)@
  • Mondale, Walter@
  • Moore, Harry T. (1905-1951)
    Companion site to the documentary Freedom Never Dies: The Story of Harry T. Moore.
  • Morgan, Garrett Augustus (1875 - 1963)@
  • Moseley Braun, Carol (1)
    Former Illinois Senator and Ambassador, and withdrawn candidate for the 2004 Democratic Presidential nomination.
  • Moses, Bob@
    Find sites for Bob Moses, the pivotal civil rights movement organizer and developer of the mathematics literacy program, Algebra Project. Sites provide biography, political career, articles, and projects started by the political leader who is also an Harvard-trained educator.
  • Moynihan, Daniel Patrick (1927-2003) (9)
  • Murphy, Audie (1924-1971)@
  • Murrow, Edward R. (1908-1965)@
    Find out about Edward R. Murrow, the pioneering radio and television journalist best known for his reporting from London during WWII. Sites offer biography, audio and image archives, personal rememberances, obituary, and some of the famous radio broadcasts by the American broadcast journalist whose daring critiques contributed to the downfall of Senator McCarthy.
  • Nader, Ralph (8)
  • Ness, Eliot (1903-1957) (3)
    Read about Eliot Ness, an American Prohibition agent, famous for his efforts to enforce Prohibition in Chicago, Illinois. Sites offer biography, relationship with the FBI, writing credits, photos, articles, and trivia about the federal agent who led a group of eleven law-enforcement agents called The Untouchables.
  • Newton, Huey P. (1942-1989)@
  • Niebuhr, Reinhold (1892-1971)@
  • Nitti, Frank (1884-1943)@
    Learn about Frank Nitti, or Frank "The Enforcer" Nitti, the American gangster and one of the top henchmen of Al Capone. Sites offer biography, crime profile, photos, and articles about the barber turned mobster who led the Chicago mafia after the arrest of Al Capone.
  • Nixon, Patricia Ryan (1912-1993)@
  • Nixon, Richard (1913-1994)@
    Learn about Richard Nixon, the 37th President of the United States, the only person to be elected twice as both Vice President and President. Sites offer biography, history, political career, museum exhibits, notable events, bibliography, declassified documents, and the Watergate scandal which led to the impeachment of the only American President to have resigned from office.
  • Nunn, Sam (3)
  • Nutting, Wallace (1861-1941)@
  • O'Neill, Thomas P. (Tip) (1912-1994) (1)
  • Onassis Family@
  • Oswald, Lee Harvey@
    Read about Lee Harvey Oswald, the man considered responsible for the assassination of the U.S. President John F. Kennedy. Sites offer biography, chronology, interviews, research articles, bibliography, investigation documents, and conspiracy theories about Oswald's involvement in the assassination of JFK.
  • Parker, Bonnie and Clyde Barrow@
  • Parks, Rosa (1913-2005)@
    Read about Rosa Parks, the African American activist who was called the Mother of the American Civil Rights Movement. Sites offer biography, political life, video clips, news coverage, historical milestones, archived interviews, remembrances, and chronology of Rosa Parks' historical boycott which triggered the Montgomery Bus Boycott in 1955.
  • Patton, George S., Jr. (3)
  • Pauling, Linus (1901-1994)@
  • Pershing, John "Blackjack" (1860-1948)@
  • Pinchot, Gifford (1865-1946)@
  • Ponzi, Charles K. (1882-1949)@
  • Powell Jr., Lewis F. (1907-1998)@
  • Powell, Colin@
  • Powers, Francis Gary (1929-1977)@
  • Pulitzer, Joseph (1847-1911)@
    Learn about Joseph Pulitzer, the American publisher best known for posthumously establishing the Pulitzer Prizes and for originating yellow journalism.
  • Queen Liliuokalani (1838-1917)@
  • Quimby, Harriet@
    Learn about Harriet Quimby, the first American woman pilot to become a licensed pilot and the first woman to cross the English Channel.
  • Randolph, A. Philip (1889-1979) (7)
    Know about Philip Randolph, the African American civil rights leader and founder of the first black labor union in the United States. Sites provide biography, articles, interviews, museum archives, obituary, and the civil rights and trade union work of the labor activist and civil rights pioneer.
  • Ray, James Earl@
    Learn about James Earl Ray, who assassinated the civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Sites offer biographical profile, prison experiences, trial and retrial details, and online resources about the convict.
  • Rayburn, Samuel T. (1882-1961) (3)
  • Reagan, Nancy Davis@
    Learn about Nancy Davis Reagan, the wife of Ronald Reagan and the First Lady of the United States from 1981 to 1989. Sites provide biography, interview, photo gallery, personal accounts, news archives, articles, filmography, and TV appearances of the former First Lady who was an actress prior to her marriage.
  • Reagan, Ronald@
    Learn about Ronald Reagan, the 40th President of the United States whose economic and foreign policies have formed the base of American conservatism since 1980. Sites feature biography, movie roles, video archives, speeches, photo gallery, obituaries, and trivia about the America's oldest ever elected President who was called "The Great Communicator" for his persuasive speaking style.
  • Regan, Donald (1918-2003) (1)
  • Rehnquist, William (1924-2005)@
  • Reno, Janet (9)
  • Rice, Marion McCune (1882 - 1955 )
    Depicting the story of the WW I Red Cross nurse.
  • Richardson, Elliot (1920-2000)
    2000 New York Times obituary of Elliot Richardson, the attorney general who resigned in Richard Nixon's Saturday Night Massacre.
  • Rickenbacker, Eddie (1890-1973)@
  • Rickey, Branch (1881-1965)@
  • Robeson, Paul (1898-1976) (2)
  • Robinson, Jackie (1919-1972)@
    Read about Jackie Robinson, the African-American Major League Baseball player credited for breaking baseball's color barrier. Sites feature biography, career stats, articles, photos, and facts on the Brooklyn Dodgers legend who ended approximately eighty years of baseball segregation in 1947.
  • Rockefeller Family, The@
  • Rockefeller, John D. (1839-1937)@
  • Rockefeller, Nelson A. (1908-1979)@
  • Roosevelt, Anna Eleanor (1884-1962)@
    Learn about Anna Eleanor Roosevelt (1884-1962), the wife of the U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt, and the First Lady of the United States from 1933-1945 . Sites feature biography, quotes, photos, quotes, political activities and writings, radio and TV appearances, and the humanitarian contributions of the former First Lady who used her stature to promote her husband's New Deal and Civil Rights.
  • Roosevelt, Franklin D. (1882-1945)@
    Find sites for Franklin D. Roosevelt, the 32nd President of the United States who was elected to four terms in office. Sites offer biography, history, timeline, election results, political speeches, military and foreign policy, and records repository for the U.S. President whose legacies include the social security system and the regulation of the Wall Street.
  • Roosevelt, Theodore (1858-1919)@
    Explore sites for Theodore Roosevelt, the 30th U.S. President who brought about the economic growth of 'Roaring Twenties' in the United States. Sites feature biography, history, genealogy, writings, sound recordings, speeches and inaugural addresses, and quotes of the President who was known as Rough Rider, conservationist, naturalist, badlands rancher, and Republican/Bull Moose Progressive statesman.
  • Root, Elihu (1845-1937) (9)
  • Rosenberg, Julius and Ethel@
  • Rosenthal, Joe (b. 1911)@
  • Ross, Nellie Taylor (1876-1977) (2)
  • Rove, Karl@
  • Rubin, Jerry (1938-1994)@
  • Ruby, Jack (1911-1967)@
  • Ruess, Everett (1914-1934) (1)
  • Rumsfeld, Donald@
  • Rustin, Bayard (1912-1987) (2)
    Explore the sites for Bayard Rustin, one of the most influential African American civil rights leaders and gay rights activist. Sites offer biography, political profile, articles, and documentary film on the civil rights and labor activist who counseled Martin Luther King Jr., on the techniques of nonviolent resistance.
  • Rutan, Burt@
    Learn about Burt Rutan, the American aerospace engineer and designer of Voyager and SpaceShipOne. Sites feature biography, awards, interview, launch video clips, and SpaceShipOne, the world?s first privately funded manned space program which ushered in space tourism.
  • Ryan, Leo (1925-1978) (2)
  • Salazar, Ruben (1929-1970)
    Details of the journalist's life and tragic death. Part of the Heroes of La Raza series.
  • Sanger, Margaret (1883-1966)@
  • Schwarzkopf, H. Norman (3)
  • Seale, Bobby@
  • Shakur, Assata@
  • Sharpton, Al (10)
    Civil rights activist and former candidate for the 2004 Democratic nomination.
  • Shelton, Henry H. (2)
  • Sheppard, William Henry (1865-1927)@
  • Shriver, Sargent (1)
  • Simpson, Wallis (1896-1986) (4)
  • Sipple, Oliver (1941-1989) (1)
  • Sirhan Sirhan@
    Read about Sirhan Bishara Sirhan who murdered Senator Robert F. Kennedy in 1968. Sites offer biographical profile, background information, trial and retrial of the assassin.
  • Smith, Alfred E. (1873-1944) (2)
  • Spock, Dr. Benjamin (1903-1998)@
  • Stassen, Harold (1907-2001) (1)
  • Stevenson, Adlai (1900-1965) (13)
  • Stewart, Rockin' Rollen (2)
  • Stimson, Henry L. (1867-1950) (4)
  • Stockdale, James (1923-2005) (4)
  • Stryker, Roy E. (1893-1975)@
  • Taft, William Howard (1857-1930)@
  • Tarbell, Ida (1857-1944)@
  • Taylor, Frederick Winslow (1856-1915)@
    Learn about Frederick Winslow Taylor (1856-1915), one of the intellectual leaders whose dynamic "Taylorism" ideas highly influenced the Progressive Era in the U.S. history. Sites feature biography, career profile, time-and-motion studies for improved worker productivity, and other organizational psychology approaches initiated by the American engineer who sought to improve industrial efficiency.
  • Thurmond, Strom (1902-2003) (4)
  • Tibbets, Paul@
  • Till, Emmett (1941-1955)@
    Read about Emmett Till, the 14-year old African American boy whose brutal murder in 1955 is cited as one of the key events that triggered American Civil Rights Movement. Sites provide background information, abduction and murder details, investigation reports, news articles, photos, and documents of the murder of the boy after he reportedly whistled at a white woman.
  • Truman, Harry S (1884-1972)@
    Learn about Harry S. Truman, the 33rd President of the United States whose presidency was eventful in foreign affairs. Sites offer life, career, presidency, museum exhibits, photos, documents, speeches, and personal letters of one of the few U.S. Presidents who had to face too many domestic challenges marked by economic shortages, strikes, and more.
  • Trump, Donald (12)
  • Tuck, Dick (3)
  • Ture, Kwame (Stokely Carmichael) (1941-1998) (4)
    Read about Kwame Ture (Stokely Carmichael), the Trinidadian American black activist in the 1960s American Civil Rigths Movement. Sites offer life, political legacy, pictures, quotes, speech transcript, and obituaries to the "Honorary Prime Minister" of the Black Panther Party.
  • Vance, Cyrus (1917-2002) (4)
  • Walker, Madame C.J. (1867-1919) (6)
    Find sites for Madame C.J. Walker, haircare industry pioneer, philanthropist, and entrepreneur who founded the Madame C.J.Walker Manufacturing Company. Sites feature biography, achievements, pictures, and the haircare and grooming system developed by the beauty moghul who is cited as the first female American self-made millionaire by the Guinees Book of Records.
  • Wallace, George (1919-1998) (7)
  • Warren, Earl (1891-1974)@
  • Washington, Booker T. (1856-1915)@
  • Wells, Ida B. (1862-1930)@
  • Wellstone, Paul (1944-2002)@
  • Westmoreland, General William C. (1914-2005) (1)
  • White, Byron R. (1917-2002)@
  • White, Dan (1926-1985)@
    Read about Dan White, the San Francisco Supervisor who assassinated the mayor and a member of San Francisco city council. Sites feature biography, overview of crimes, timeline, photos, interview, and trial details.
  • White, Thomas E. (1)
  • Whitman, Charles@
  • Wigand, Jeffrey (2)
  • Williams, Rob (1925-1996) [pick] [read review]
    Companion site to the PBS documentary.
  • Wilson, Edith (1872-1961)@
    Explore the sites for Edith Wilson (1872-1961), the second wife of the U.S. President Woodrow Wilson, and the First Lady of the United States from 1915 to 1921. Sites feature biography photos, illustrations, articles, books, and speculative essays about the former First Lady who was labeled "the Secret President" for the decisive role she played while Woodrow Wilson was recovering from a stroke.
  • Wilson, William Bauchop (1862-1934)
    First U.S. Secretary of Labor.
  • Wilson, Woodrow (1856-1924)@
  • Woodhull, Victoria (1838-1927)@
  • Woods, Granville T. (1856-1910)@
  • Woodson, Carter Godwin (1875-1950)@
  • Wright Brothers@
    Read about Orville and Wilbur Wright, the two Americans bicycle makers, who invented and build the first successful airplane for human flight. Sites contain biographies, career and research, flight, first flight centennial, museum, photographs, and the cultural impact of the invention of flying machine by the Wright brothers.
  • Yeager, Chuck@
    Learn about Chuck Yeager, the noted test pilot and Brigadier General in the United States Air Force, who in 1947 became the first pilot to travel faster than sound in level flight and ascent. Sites feature biography, photographs, his exploits in World War II, and retelling of the events leading up to the first supersonic flight.
  • York, Alvin (1887-1964)@
  • Young, Andrew Jackson, Jr. (2)
  • Ziegfeld, Florenz (1869-1932)@
  • Zumwalt, Elmo R., Jr. (1920-2000) (2)

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