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1930s U.S. History

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  • 1930 U.S. Census@
  • 1939-40 Golden Gate International Exposition, San Francisco@
  • 1939-40 World's Fair, New York@
  • America From the Great Depression to World War II [*] [pick] [read review]
    Archive of photographs from the U.S. Farm Security Administration-Office of War Information (FSA-OWI) which span the years 1935-45.
  • America in the 1930s [pick] [read review]
    Examines the years between Black Tuesday and the bombing of Pearl Harbor, through the film, print, radio, and design of the era.
  • American Experience: America and the Holocaust
    Explores the complex social and political factors that led the American government to turn its back on the plight of the Jewish victims of the Holocaust.
  • California Gold
    Listen to multicultural Northern California folk music from the 1930s. Collected as part of a WPA project and archived by the Library of Congress.
  • Dillinger, John (1902?-1934) (4)
  • Dust Bowl (5)
  • Floyd, Charles Arthur - Pretty Boy Floyd (2)
  • Gillis, Lester M. - Baby Face Nelson (1908 - 1934) (1)
  • Hindenburg Disaster@
    Learn about the Hindenburg disaster of the German airship, zeppelin. Sites include history, disaster details, theories regarding the disaster, and picture gallery.
  • Hoover Dam: Lonely Lands Made Fruitful
    Discussion of the cultural iconography and importance of the Hoover Dam's construction during Depression-era America.
  • Hoover, Herbert@
  • Kelly, George - Machine Gun Kelly
  • Lindbergh Baby Kidnapping (4)
  • Parker, Bonnie and Clyde Barrow (8)
  • Roosevelt, Franklin D.@
    Find sites for Franklin D. Roosevelt, the 32nd President of the United States who was elected to four terms in office. Sites offer biography, history, timeline, election results, political speeches, military and foreign policy, and records repository for the U.S. President whose legacies include the social security system and the regulation of the Wall Street.
  • San Francisco General Strike of 1934@
    Find sites for San Francisco General Strike of 1934 which triggered a unified strike of sailors along all the West Coast ports of the United States. Sites background information, magazine articles, virtual tour, and bibliography for the strike also known as West Coast Longshire Strike which lasted eighty three days.
  • Scottsboro Boys Trial (2)
  • The American Experience: Riding the Rails
    Film based on the story of ten teenage hobos who lived on the road during the 1930s, criss-crossing the country by illegally hopping freight trains.
  • Verda Galbreath Carter Diary 1934-1938
    Personal journal of life during the Depression on Northeast Ohio farm.
  • War of the Worlds Broadcast@
    Explore sites on War of the Worlds, the radio broadcast of the H.G Wells novel. Sites include audio and text of the broadcast and articles on the event that saw Americans gripped by panic as fictional Martian invaders devastated the New Jersey countryside.

1930s U.S. History

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