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  • Dacklin
    History of the children of Jonas Dacklin and Ingrid Kajsa Backvall. Includes pictures, reunion information, and family tree.
  • Dackombe / Terry / Polton
  • Daish
    Also Dashe, Dash, and Daysh.
  • Dalton (1)
  • Daly (1)
  • Dameron / Damron
  • Dando
    Family research and photos of the Dando family.
  • Dash
    Focusing on the family of Barbados.
  • Davidson (1)
  • Davis (2)
  • Dawson
  • Dawson / Broughton
    Features information on families from Texas, Mississippi, and South Carolina.
  • De Fonseka
    Covers the surname and the Karava caste of Sri Lanka.
  • De Vries
    Genealogical home page.
  • Dead Persons Society (DPS) Melbourne
    Genealogists assisting others. Search our members' surnames, leave your queries in our guest book, or join us for a chat.
  • Dean (1)
  • Debenham
  • DeHart
    Genealogy and mailing list for researchers.
  • deMercado
    Also including information on the Andrade, Delgado, Seixas, D'Costa, and DaCosta families of Jamaica.
  • DeMerchant
  • Denke
    Resource for family tree information regarding anyone with the last name Denke or with ancestors named Denke.
  • Denny / Loftis
    Features genealogical information and photos.
  • Derrick
  • Deuel / Swayze
    Carns, Evens, Evans, Freeman, Mosher, Noland, Northrup, and more.
  • Deyo
    Information on the family history and the Deyo House.
  • Dicus / Dycus
    Family history 1680 to present.
  • Diffie / Cotten / Shuffield
    Including the surnames Herring, Hedrick, Wise, Armstrong, Braziel, Houser, Cheatwood, Chitwood, Cunningham, Echols, Taylor and others.
  • Dighero
  • Dillow
    Assists in the preservation of the early Peter Dillow family lineage and history.
  • Dismore
    Descendants of Henry Dismore and Martha (Smith) Dismore. Genealogy covers Dismore family members in Kentucky and Indiana.
  • Diviani
    History and research of the surname.
  • Dodge
    Lineage and history on Dodges dating from 1302, related surnames, family reunions, and continuing research.
  • Dodhia / Haria / Sumaria / Harania
    With roots in the Halari Visa Oshwal community, originating in Gujarat, India.
  • Dohner
    Includes history, photographs, news, and reunion information.
  • Dollarhide
    Genealogy, history, guestbook, and pictures.
  • Donald
    Official Clan site for descendents living in North Carolina.
  • Donley
  • Donshea / Dunshea / Dunshee
    Queries are welcome.
  • Dostal
    Chronicles the immigration of the Dostal family, including Hynek Dostal, who helped form Czechoslovakia. Includes an audio interview with Ken Burns.
  • Dougan / Dugan / Duggan
  • Doughty
    Researching the family from Greenwich in the 19th century.
  • Douglas@
  • Dove / Lion
    Cutright, Doyle, Drake, England, Feltwell, Flora, Hardesty, Hart, Holbrook, Johnson, Kuhn, Leach, Magill, Mcgill, Mckinnis, Pengelly, Prince, Shewalter, Skaggs, Skinner, Terry, Wheeler, and Wilson.
  • Dowd
    Provides genealogy, history, news articles, and forum about the Dowd surname.
  • Dowie
  • Downing / Harris
    Other surnames: Thurman, Cloyd, Morrow, and others.
  • Doyle
    Promotes and strengthens a mutual interest and fellowship between all persons bearing the family name of Doyle, Doyel, O'Doyle, or their relatives. Includes extensive Irish history.
  • Dreisbach
    Also Dreisbach, Dresbach, Dresback, Driesbach, Treisbach, Triesbach, and other variants.
  • Driscoll
    Tracing the family from County Cork, Ireland, to the Bendigo Goldfields of Victoria, Australia, from the 1850s to the present.
  • Drummond (1)
  • Duckmanton
    Includes an archive featuring parish records, wills, and family tree database.
  • Dudick
    3400+ names that include: Brinton, Bunnell, Clark, Coate, Cook, Dudick, Forte, Harry, Tharp, Underwood, Wells, etc.; includes royal lineages.
  • Dudley
    Descendents of William and Ellen Dudley. Also includes references to the Hudson, Mercer, Wenham, Collins, Rose, and Sacker families.
  • Duerinck
    Includes variants such as Deerinck, Durinck, Dierick, Duericx, and Duerinckx.
  • Duey
    Descendents of John Conrad Thuy, including surnames Duy and/or Dui.
  • Duffus
    Worldwide genealogy site - articles, family trees, Who's Who, military Duffuses, historical accounts, photos tartans and streaming video.
  • Duggan / Dugan / Dougan
    Includes family newsletter and archive.
  • Dunks
    Dedicated to the preservation of Dunks family genealogy and history.
  • Dunstan
    Details research into the family history in the U.K., with links to Dunstans in Canada, Australia, and the USA.
  • Dunton
    The study of the surname of Dunton and variants, i.e. Dunten and Dutton.
  • Dupee
    Dedicated to the descendants and families of Peter Dupee, born about 1810 in Canada.
  • Duquette (1)
  • Durand
    Relating to the genealogy of the Durand surname.
  • Durlene's Genealogy
    Researching the Germscheid surname from Winnipeg, Manitoba.
  • Durrenberger / Durenberger
    Genealogy and family history.

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