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  • Bacon
    Other surnames include: Grady, Kitchin, Satterfield, Stack, and Travis.
  • Bagnall
    Dedicated to the history of the surname and placename of Bagnall.
  • Bagwell / Barham
    Other surnames include: Downen, Gregory, Gunn, Hammacher, Ledbetter, Ledford, Merrell, Newton, and Prather.
  • Bailey
  • Baird (1)
  • Baker (1)
  • Balfour
    Traces the history of the name in the Orkneys.
  • Balkcom / Monogue
    Genealogy of the surnames Balkcom, Franks, Monogue, Marshall, Gibbons, Murphy, O'Callaghan, Brannon, Galbreath, Cassin, Gann, Walsh, Galloway, McAdams, McKamie, St. Croix, Baldwin, and Mathews.
  • Ball
  • Ballard
  • Ballenger
    Ancestors and descendents of K. K. Ballenger, Sr.
  • Ballew (1)
  • Balli
    Organization created to unite Balli family members.
  • Ballinger
    Documenting the Ballinger family of Upton St Leonards, Gloucestershire, U.K., and related families.
  • Bankert
    Studying the Bankert and Graber families of Central and Upstate New York.
  • Banther
    Family history from 1618 to 1996.
  • Barbaras
    Information on people, places, and a family tree.
  • Bare Family Genealogy
    Created so Bare cousins everywhere can share their family stories, historical events, and even legends.
  • Barnes / Mclaughlin / Barker
    Family lines of Land, Barnes, McLaughlin, Barker, and Carter. Births, deaths, marriages, issues, etc.
  • Barney
    Information for descendants and researchers.
  • Barnhouse
    Provides charts, photos, researcher's list, original records abstracts, and queries.
  • Barrett
  • Barron
  • Barry - Chamberland - O'Connor - Pouliot Family Tree
    Provides Barry/Chamberland/O'Connor/Pouliot family tree.
  • Barrymore
    Presents a history of the famed acting dynasties of Barrymore, Drew, and Blythe. Includes information on actress Drew Barrymore.
  • Bartles / Williams
    Extensive surname database also including the Wallick, Cathey, Berry, Walk, Wilson lines.
  • Bartlett (2)
  • Bartold
    Genealogical resource center for the surname.
  • Barton (2)
  • Baseggio (2)
  • Bates (1)
  • Bauerle
    Family tree history.
  • Bayes
    Offers information on notable Bayes', the history of the name, and a case study in a specific Bayes family.
  • Bayless (1)
  • Baynham / Cale / James / Majumdar
    Features information on the Baynham family of Herefordshire, the Cales and James families of Monmouthshire, and the Majumdar family.
  • Beach
    Articles and links relating to the local Beach/Beech family history.
  • Beard
    Site includes the stories of George Hooker, Thomas Doyle and others.
  • Beaumont
    Descendants of William Beaumont (circa 1607 - 1698).
  • Beauregard (1)
  • Beeman
    Includes a bulletin board and feedback form and information on all variant surnames pronounced B-man
  • Beeson
  • Bell
    Nonprofit organization of Scottish descendants whose objectives are to foster and promote understanding and good fellowship among the descendants of Scots.
  • Bender
  • Bending
    Index of names from Bending genealogy research with links to personal histories and sources.
  • Benitz
    Follows Wilhelm Otto Benitz (1815-1876). Reunion in Argentina April, 2000.
  • Bennett / Drew / Hoggard
    Also Logie and Tirrell.
  • Bergin / Cleary / Dunne
    Also Eddy, Endacott, Harding, Hayward, Kearns, Kelly, Leggatt, and more.
  • Bernard
  • Bernthal
  • Bettinger Family
    Brief overview of the origin of a founding central NY family that are descendants of Philip Bettinger, Soldier of the Revolution.
  • Bevier / Eting
    Historical information and photos of the Bevier Elting family and historic stone house.
  • Bickham (2)
  • Biddlecombe
    For the family from the U.K.
  • Biele
  • Bilodeau / Billaudeau
    Genealogical information on the Bilodeau or Billaudeau family.
  • Bingham / Fife / Aldous
    Also Gates, Perry, Warner, Abbe, Odell, Fox, Mitchell, Leffingwell, and Wilkins.
  • Birch
    Sharing research into Birch families living in Oldham, near Manchester, England, during the 19th Century.
  • Birkenbach
    Also researching Buchele, Delworth, Kaylor, Kearey, Carey, Keehne, K?hne, Kuehne and others.
  • Bishop (1)
  • Bitting
    Information on the Bittings in America.
  • Bjerke
    Surname list includes Aslakson, Dahlgren, Fredriksen, Greenfield, Hanson, Kallevig, Nasset, Tanaka, Teigen, and Valderhaug.
  • Blackford
    Includes Blackford, Poundstone, Ross, Rider, Richey, Rankin, Scott, Braden, Gray, Reiner, Albright, Troutman, Burley, Porter, Jeffrey, Reese, & Dennison.
  • Blair (2)
  • Blair (1)
  • Blakey
    Other surnames include Hogg, Aitchison, Whitworth, Short, Softley, and Darling.
  • Blanchard (2)
  • Blanton
    Also includes Saunders, Prestridge, and McAnear surnames.
  • Blevins
  • Bliss
  • Blocher / Plocher
    Also spelled Blocker, Blucher, and Plocker.
  • Bloor
    Links to Blo(o)r(e) Society (One Name Study Group) and general Bloor Family items.
  • Blue / Farmer / Kirk
    Other surnames include: Martin, Bradbury, Downing, Gardner, Gough, Heuschkel, Shain, Porter and Villines.
  • Bluett
    Offers family history and other services for Bluetts.
  • Bluhm
    Other surnames include: Dosh, Libor, Phipps, and LeVesconte.
  • Board
    Contains copies of original wills for early members of the family, as well as pictures, and a descendant chart.
  • Boissonneau / Bussineau
    Four cousins doing research on the names Boissonneau, Cadotte, Boyer, St. Onge, etc.; Boissoneau lineage traced back to 1579.
  • Bollinger
    Striving to trace the roots of all Bollinger, Bullinger, Ballinger & Bolinger lines in North America.
  • Bonikowski
    Provides information about the Bonikowski family in Michigan as well as branches in Poland and France.
  • Bonner / Conrad / Stone
  • Bonugli
    Includes a family tree, photographs, and crest.
  • Boone (1)
  • Bordwell
    Other surnames include: Bruner, Collier, Cornforth, Hadley, Harger, McGaha, Garrigus, and Kensinger.
  • Borglum / Jensen
    Other surnames include: Chrestensen, Larsen, Christensen, and Lind from 1600s to present.
  • Boruta
    Information and news connecting members of the Boruta family around the world. Also in Polish.
  • Boulter
    Everything Boulter is a site about the history, people, things and places affiliated with the surname.
  • Bower
    Dedicated to worldwide research and discussion of the surname and its variant spellings.
  • Bowes
    Brief outline of Brompton family, with details of some 18th & 19th century members.
  • Boyd (1)
  • Boylan Webportal, The
    Shares genealogy, family history, and links.
  • Bradlee
    Bradlee family genealogy and history for Bradlees spelled "EE" with NO "Y"
  • Bradley (1)
  • Bradshaw / Bryant / Corn
    Also: Davies, Forshee, Suggs, Webb, Womack, and more.
  • Bragg / Shetterly
    Traces the descendants of Thomas Bragg.
  • Bramblett / Bramlett
    Dedicated to collecting and disseminating information on William Bramlitt, Sr, the earliest known American Bramlitt.
  • Bramhill
    Traces the history of this family, which dates back to 1700 and seems to have originated in Epworth, Lincolnshire, England.
  • Breadmore
  • Brew
    One name study of the surname.
  • Brickhouse
    Includes photographs, military history, and Eastern Shore Quakers.
  • Brindley
    Also Stansfield, Graham, Scott, Rowley, and more.
  • Briscar
    Family tree.
  • Brockett Family Heritage
    Focuses on the Brockett families of Virginia and Maryland whose immigrant ancestors were Robert Brocket and Anabella Burnet.
  • Brooksby
  • Brough
    Family history and genealogical information.
  • Brouwer
    Also: Brower, Verdon, Colyer and other early NYC area families.
  • Brown (3)
  • Bruce (1)
  • Bruis
    Genealogy for the surname Bruis.
  • Bryant (1)
  • Buchan
  • Buchanan
  • Bullock
  • Buratto
    Family genealogy in English and Portuguese.
  • Burt
  • Burton
  • Burval
  • Busey
    History of the Busey family in America, French Huguenots by way of Holland.
  • Bushfield
    Bushfield family historians are welcome to visit this page to exchange information. Genealogy links added regularly.
  • Bushnell / Clift / Moreland / Kocovsky
    Features index of individuals, GEDCOM file, photographs, and more.
  • Bushore / Bouchard
    Family genealogy site information on Buck, Eckert, Maiser, McCann, Oller, Patton, Reibly, Sylvester, Webb and many more surnames.
  • Butterworth
    History dating back to the 10th Century.
  • Bywaters
    Explore the family history through eleven generations.

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