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Julius Caesar (100-44 BCE)

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  • Wikipedia: Julius Caesar
    Profile of Julius Caesar, the Roman military and political leader. Covers his early life, the Gallic war, his political career and his famous assassination. Also includes depictions of Caesar in art and literature.
  • Julius Caesar: Historical Background
    Timeline of major events of the life of Gaius Julius Caesar, the Roman general and political leader. Covers his military career, rise to power, and death by assassination.
  • Internet Classics Archive: Caesar by Plutarch
    Biography of Julius Caesar originally written by Plutarch in 75 A.D. and translated into English by John Dryden.
  • Ides of March@
  • Livius: C. Julius Caesar
    Detailed account of the life and legacy of Julius Caesar, the famous Roman dictator, featuring excerpts from classical texts.
  • Life of Julius Caesar
    From Suetonius, the Lives of the Twelve Caesars.*.html
  • Julius Caesar: An Annotated Guide to Online Resources
    Collection of resources and information about Roman dictator Julius Caesar. With primary sources, background on the Roman Republic, images of Caesar in statuary, and modern essays and historical fiction about his life and career.
  • Julius Caesar's War Commentaries
    Detailed descriptions by Julius Caesar of his campaigns in the Gallic and Civil Wars as well as commentaries by other authors on Caesar's later campaigns.
  • Phrenology of Julius Caesar
    Reading the skull of the Roman Emperor from a bust of his head.

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